Chapter 82 – The First Test (xii)


The fist sized round orb flew towards the completely unconcerned killing machine that was the current Chui.

As people tried to flee the area, like a demon he would swiftly descend upon them before slaughtering them in a myriad of gruesome ways.

Seeing this, the already enraged Elder White Snow took out three more orbs and sent them to surround Chui.


The orbs then quickly stuck themselves onto Chui’s body and strangely enough, almost instantly his movements halted.

“Die!” shouted White Snow as he made a grasping motion.

The orbs began to lose their solid form, slowly turning into a metallic liquid substance. At first they only appeared like fist sized stains on the struggling Chui however, before long the mercury like substance had spread to the point that it was almost devouring him.

No matter how much strength the berserk Chui exerted he was unable to break out of the restraints and as expected, he was soon engulfed by the liquid.

Sizzling sounds could be heard coming from the now mass of liquid silver. Green smoke floated up into the air as horrifying ghastly wails escaped from the cocoon.

If one didn’t know any better, they’d think that hundreds of people were being burnt alive instead of just one monster.

“He’s shrinking…no…He’s melting!” exclaimed one curious person who’d turned back to take a look once the oppressive baleful aura had disappeared.

Soon more and more people stopped fleeing, turning to look at the steadily shrinking figure of Chui. Needless to say, they were shocked but it wasn’t until a puddle of silvery, blackish liquid was all that remained, that people’s attention shifted from the now deceased Chui to the person who caused all of this, Zilan!

Looking far into the distance, people could see that familiar Half-Breed walking away, not even turning around to assess the after math. It was if everything had nothing to do with him.

“Who is that guy?” asked one girl who out of fear stopped looking at Zilan’s back.

“It doesn’t matter, he’s going to be dead soon. Even if he passes this test, those people from the Sumu Alliance and that tiger’s Horde will definitely seek revenge.” Stated a much older Beast while laughing.

“Shut up! If you want to die then die alone. Don’t say those words so close to me, what if he hears you and attacks? Do you also want to turn into a monster?” cursed a very timid youngster who until now still hadn’t slowed his steps.

Who knows how far he’s planning to run?

Meanwhile, the person who had all of a sudden became a symbol of fear was steadily walking towards the inner red forest.

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The trio of Zilan, Kifo and Fujo travelled in complete silence but unlike Fujo who was perfectly fine with not talking, Kifo had a lot of things on his mind.

He moved up to Zilan and while whispering asked,

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“What did you do to that Chui guy?”

Zilan eyed the weirdly excited Kifo and couldn’t help but ask,


“I felt a very powerful Darkness energy inside him and then all of a sudden my body started feeling..uhm..ah..excited. So, what did you do?”

“Eh? You felt excited?”

Kifo hurriedly nodded.

“I placed a part of a curse on him, something Zaum left behind for research purposes. It’s only the weakest type of Primordial Witch curse but it’s extremely powerful.”

“Primordial Witches? How can their curses be so powerful? I’ve never felt anything like it. Are they similar to those powerful human witches?”

Zilan smiled wryly not knowing how to explain.

“Don’t compare the so-called witches on this world to the Primordial witches. The best way I can probably explain it to you would be to first inform you that there are a few eccentrics who’ve formed their own cliques or cults that follow a specific ‘way of the Universe’. Primordial witches are the same, they existed before Heaven ruled all and still exist to this day despite being against the Heavens way. In the distant past they may have been mistaken for being humans, but currently with the millions of transformations that they’ve experienced it’s probably impossible to make that error again. They’re closer to existences born from the Universal laws than human.

Most of them are of the way of Darkness. Killers, Necromancers, Dark Inscriptionists and Poison Masters. Basically anything in the way of Darkness, they’ve explored it and practiced it.”

Zilan then paused as he found himself unable to properly express his next thoughts.

“Don’t think too much about it! I’ll help you understand some of it when we’re done with the tests. Even I don’t know their true origins.

As for why you had such a great reaction when you sensed the energy within Chui, that is probably related to your Ancestor one of the Dark Feline Lords.”

Kifo nodded in understanding but he still wished to know something,

“Which one?”

Zilan could indeed make a guess from the reaction Kifo described however, after some thought he decided against telling him. He didn’t know why he came to such a decision but his gut told him that informing Kifo would not lead to anything to good.

“I’m not sure.”

“Oh.” Kifo shook his head in disappointment. He didn’t even think that Zilan had deceived him after all, it wasn’t that long ago that it was proven that seeing through him and his secrets was easier said than done.

It was at this time that the silent Fujo after staring at the whispering brothers couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Didn’t he say that he was the Elder Brother? What had Zilan done to him to make him afraid? Deliver him treasures? Protect himself when he was threatened?

He who was supposed to be the Elder Brother shied away once Chui appeared. Granted the other party was stronger than him but as a man such an action was absolutely unacceptable. The supposed to be weak, Zilan stood strong and prevailed yet all he did was stand and spectate, even feeling apprehensive towards the brother duo.

“Zilan, I apologise!” shouted Fujo as he came to an abrupt stop.

“For what?”

“The three of us are brothers and from today, we’ll face our enemies together. Even if I have to give this life of mine, I Fujo will never again hide from the enemy who threatens me and my Brothers.”

Without giving, Zilan a chance to say anything Fujo proceeded to slit his wrist and make a pact.

“With the blood spilt on this earth, I make my vow. Should I break it, may I die a horrible death!”

“Don’t worry Zilan, be it the Sumu Alliance or the Millennium Beast Horde, we’ll face them together!” Feeling the dark cloud around his heart disperse, Fujo took in a deep breath before breaking into loud hearty laughter.

Zilan also started laughing but his reasons were slightly different. It wasn’t that he was not touched by Fujo’s vow. It was just that Fujo was truly too hilarious.

“This fool, without knowing it he’s already cleared a path for himself that will allow for his cultivation to soar at extraordinary speeds. Pure hearted, straightforward and loyal. A resolute heart suitable for cultivation, perfect for lucky idiots like him.” Thought Zilan.

The scheming people were the ones who had problems with internal demons, for honest fools like Fujo, rarely would they suffer such setbacks.

Kifo also smiled but then remembering something he asked,

“What’s a Horde?”

Fujo smiled as he elaborated,

“In the human world they have factions that recruit all kinds of people from all walks of life to traverse the road of Ascending the Heavens. If I’m not wrong they’re called sects.

In the Gold and Iron sector there are a few similar type organisations, all with different realms of expertise.”

“The Millenium Beast Horde is one of the more standout Horde’s in the Gold sector and the number of disciples they have is equally staggering. Chui was an accomplished Alchemist with a borderline two cauldron pin qualification thus he was highly valued within the Horde. However, with his death many people will come for revenge but don’t worry like I said, I will stand beside my Brothers.”

“Oh! Let them come then.” Laughed Zilan.

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