Chapter 10: the passionate (k)night (2)

Numbers, symbols, and words flashed across Aleksandros’s retina. Something only he could see. The woman before him was not aware of this, and she shirked back slightly at his words.

“What… what do you want me to do?” She didn’t plan to say that so nervously, but she couldn’t hide the concern in her voice.

The man noticed her concern and said, “don’t worry, you have nothing to fear from me. This is my first time you see, and I have always wanted to try bondage. I want to tie you up, is that okay?”

Surprisingly, the man’s voice was gentle and soothing, there was no hint of violence in his voice. She visibly relaxed. She was used to clients who liked to tie up the prostitutes. It got them off and made them feel like they were dominating the women. It gave them a sense of power and superiority, at least this man didn’t seem as if he wished to harm her. She didn’t believe for a second that he was a virgin though, but she would play along.

“Of course, baby, you can tie me up any way you like. What position would you like?”

The handsome man seemed happy with her answer and replied, “just like that, don’t worry, I won’t tie it too tight.”

He proceeded to tie the woman’s arms and legs to the bedposts with the same cloth wrappings that he had used to hide his face. He was true to his word and didn’t tie the cloth tight enough that it would cut into her skin, but she was unable to break free. He had been very gentle while doing so which is why she felt relaxed with him. In fact, as he tied her, she continued to entice him with her body.

When he was done tying her up, he still had one piece of cloth in his hands, the others had all been used up, “this will be the most unpleasant part, I apologize in advance.”

She didn’t understand what he meant by those words, but never the less they sent a chill down her spine. What does he plan to do? That question lingered in her thoughts, and now she was afraid. The man leaned forward, stuffing the remaining cloth into the prostitute’s mouth. She reacted slowly as she didn’t fully realize what the man was doing. She tried to scream, but the sound was muffled. She was now terrified of what the man was going to do to her, and no one would be able to hear her scream.

While the woman’s body began to tremble in fear, the man stood up and then walked over to his belongings which were strewn across the floor. He removed a dagger from somewhere and walked over to the prostitute.

He looked down at her, he could see the fear deep in her eyes and he tried to calm her, “you have nothing to fear my dear, you will soon be free, that I promise you.”

These words did not alleviate the prostitute’s fears and she tried to struggle against the bindings that tied her to the bed. She could not break free, but she was not deterred, she was far from willing to just accept her fate and so, she struggled with all her might. The bed shook with her efforts, but no matter how she tried, it was in vain. She screamed, hoping that her voice might reach someone, but no one came. Her world felt small, and she thought it would soon come to an end. Even though her life had not amounted to much, she would regret losing it.

She ceased her struggle abruptly and looked up helplessly at the man standing over her, naked and holding a knife. There was no expression on his face, neither one of pleasure nor of pain. She couldn’t understand what was motivating him and all she could do was beg him with her eyes not to kill her.

What he did next was unexpected, he suddenly cut his left arm with the knife and began applying the blood that came out over her body. First, over her head, which caused her to wince in disgust. He then sprinkled his blood on her breasts, and down her body. There didn’t appear to be a pattern with how he was applying his blood on her. From what she could gather, all she could tell was that he did not seem particularly bothered by what he was doing.

After the man was done, he dropped the knife to the floor and applied pressure on the wound with his right hand and waited patiently. The prostitute who was now covered in blood could only stare in shock, not knowing what the man planned to do next. He seemed to be watching, observing her for some unknown reason. It was more than that though. He was analysing all of the data before his eyes and communicating with the system within his mind.

Tower of Babel activate, creation menu.

Creation menu activating…

Begin creation process.

Creation process begun… Scanning…

All of a sudden, her entire body was wracked with extreme pain. Her body started to convulse, but because of the bindings, her body could only move slightly. The cloth in her mouth also stopped her from biting her own tongue as her body violently spasmed. She could no longer think, it felt as if her brain was rattling against her skull. The pain she felt was greater than anything she had ever felt before. It was an indescribable and excruciating pain. What was worse was that she felt it in her entire body and within her soul.

Scanning of Human body and soul complete…

Begin soul purification process?

Only allowed on


Soul purification process activated…

The man stood over her once more, now with a twisted and smug smile on his face. The first real emotions he had shown since coming to the brothel. He looked down, satisfied, as if he had finally accomplished something he had been longing to do.

“Don’t worry dear girl. I will mold you into something truly beautiful. You will be untainted and pure in both body and soul. You will be mine and mine alone. The gods shall not have you!”

Soul purification complete…

Begin physical molding process?


Aleks went to work placing his hands over the body of the prostitute whose soul was now pure. No longer was it tainted by the mark of those foreign beings he hated. It wasn’t actually necessary for him to touch the woman, it was enough that his mind envisioned the changes. Her physical form had already been scanned into the system within his mind which had mystical and magical properties. This was only one of his abilities but certainly the one he considered the most important to his plans.

The power of creation.

It wasn’t quite as lofty as it sounded. He couldn’t create something from nothing, but the system granted to him by the Tower of Babel allowed him to create a new life using the shell of someone already living. His power would purify the soul, and then he could shape the body of the living. In turn, he would create a new life with a new consciousness and a pure soul untainted by the mark of the gods. They would truly and surely belong to him alone.

It is a power similar to a god. If I were my old self, I would certainly have laughed and criticized my hypocrisy. However, I can’t change the reality. This power has been granted to me. I am an Ascendant, one who could become a god. One who stands on the threshold of divinity. I only lack the fusion of laws within my body. At least this is what the system tells me. I do not wish to be a god, but this is the only way I can achieve my revenge. I don’t quite understand it all just yet. I’ll make it up as I go.

Aleks had come to terms with it. It had already been years since the death of his family in this life and the onset of his powers. He had studied them profusely, but there was still not enough information. If he could connect with the main tower core, perhaps he would gain some more answers. For now, he was pleased with the changes that were happening to the prostitute and was eagerly watching as her body was being molded and shaped in accordance with his will, her soul also being warped and purified by his influence.

Because this was his first time creating a new life, he didn’t want to make any mistakes. He had studied the details in his mind meticulously, looking through the various menus in his head, each one explaining the process of creation. He had already prepared the settings to shape the prostitute’s body into a form that he found aesthetically pleasing.

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The only issue is the cost. Several thousand SP. This is going to hurt. SP is necessary for me to use any of my abilities. It is the power I gain when I absorb the souls of the living. I have become a parasite, just like those despicable beings called gods. But I must fight fire with fire. It’s what I have chosen.

The shape of her face, the color of her eyes, race, hair, chest size, everything could be modified according to his will. Every change came with a cost, but at least the molding of the body was nothing compared to creating a higher level being. For his first creation, it would be important to empower her with enough strength to be of use to him. It would be relatively costless to create a low-level being, but she was to be his first commander and companion.

No, she must be great in every way. She must have beauty, strength, and skill. Nothing less will do! She must have blonde hair and sapphire eyes just like my mother. Long legs, graceful and well shaped. A bevy of curves and fine-tuned angles… F*** I sound like a pervert.

Aleks shook his head and composed his thoughts.

So what? Who would judge me?

Why wouldn’t his creations be anything but beautiful, and more importantly, aligned with his tastes? He continued to modify her body in his mind. Thankfully the settings were intricate, and everything could be changed down to the smallest detail. He found it enjoyable sculpting her body and once she was done, he would be familiar with every detail of her. He would be aware of every curve, and any small imperfections that were left out of fondness. Every single aspect of her.

The process was not as enjoyable for the former prostitute however, it was in fact, very painful. If it had been the him before his family died, perhaps he would have had some slight hesitation. As he was now, the only thing that mattered were the results.

Bah, 500 SP just to shape her body! That’s the equivalent of the souls of 5 basic class ranked Humans. Hmm… I hope I have enough SP to accomplish what I want. It’s worth it though, her beauty is unexcelled in this world.

She reminds me of my sister….

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