Chapter 2: Level Up Coup

Living a mundane life was similar to the likes of a pool of stagnant water.

To be able to transmigrate into another world, Qin Tian should be very happy but now he was feeling the opposite.

Qin Tian walked out of the pigpen-like room and headed to Furong Restaurant’s backyard to sweep the yard again. Being stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy, he had to lower his head. He understood this logic.

Despite Zhang Dafu’s potbellied appearance, he was a Rank 5 Warrior. To deal with Qin Tian would be as simple as crushing an ant.

However, Qin Tian was still one of Qin clan’s descendant so Zhang Dafu did not dare to go overboard. He would usually abuse Qin Tian verbally, and occasionally physically, but never too harshly.

Besides, it was Qin clan great elder’s order to banish Qin Tian from the Qin clan.

Qin clan had a rule and that was when a member had reached 18 years old and had not reached a rank 5 Warrior realm, he or she would have to give up training and be transferred to handle the clan’s business. Qin Tian was currently fifteen years old and it still wasn’t time for him to be transferred.

However, one day without an apparent reason, the Qin clan’s great elder, Qin Xiangtian, suddenly issued a transfer order. Qin Tian was to be immediately transferred to Furong restaurant as a handyman. Every day, his time was packed with chores until there was no time to remain idle.

Qin Tian couldn’t think of any reason why Qin Xiangtian would suddenly treat him in such manner and he wasn’t able to recall doing anything that will harm the clan’s reputation.

Unless it was the incident of him peeking at Qin Xiangtian’s wife who was preparing for intercourse with Qin Xiangtian after taking a bath.

While sweeping the floor, Qin Tian also thought about his own future. He did not wish to continue living in this condition for the rest of his life. Things have to change.

At sunrise, business had not started and the restaurant was deserted, but this was the time when the handymen became busy.

Wiping tables, mopping floor, cleaning dishes, killing chicken, duck, and fish, etc., and other series of trivial chores were all waiting for Qin Tian and Meng Lei.

Meng Lei had a tall stature and sturdy body, but he was very clumsy during work. Thus the majority of the work, except for those that require brute strength, were done by Qin Tian.

“Qin Tian, go kill these turkeys.” Zhang Dafu pointed at the bamboo-made chicken coop.

“Manager, let me kill it. Turkeys are low-level monsters. Young Master’s body has yet to fully recovered so I’m afraid ……”

Meng Lei immediately put down his current work and ran up to Zhang Dafu.

“That isn’t your job. Go back and do yours.” Zhang Dafu glared at Meng Lei. He thought, “No good ending will come to me if I offend the great elder, but if Qin Tian continues to live here, I will be in trouble.”

Qin Tian was transferred to Furong restaurant because he provoked the great elder. Hence, many people did not like him [QT], and Zhang Dafu was one of them.

Usually, the restaurant staff would deliberately make things difficult for Qin Tian. At this moment, the restaurant had requested for some turkeys so this job was left to Qin Tian as killing turkeys was quite challenging for a rank 1 Warrior.

Though turkeys were low ranking monsters and one would be unlikely to die from being attacked by one, the injuries received from those turkeys would be so painful that one would feel like dying.

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Qin Tian’s whole body was currently covered in soreness. When he heard that he was ordered to kill some turkeys, he felt his strength seep out of him and the broom in his hands slipped from his grip.

Zhang Dafu knew that these turkeys would pose a threat to him, but he was still ordered to kill them. Aren’t they just trying to embarrass him?

However, he still had to do it.

Qian Tian was dazzled when he saw the HP bar on the turkeys’ head. As he approached to confirm whether the HP bar was really there and not his imagination, the turkeys that were staring at him were suddenly stirred into panic. They kept on producing “ge, ge, ge” sound from within the chicken coop.

[Note: HP = Health Points]

Furthermore, right after Zhang Dafu ordered him to kill those turkeys, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Help Zhang Dafu kill turkeys, +50 experiences, +30 Qigong, +1 survival”

“Am I high on drugs? Isn’t this like playing online games?” Qin Tian was hugely shocked and thought that he was hallucinating. As he was hesitating, the voice system sounded again: “Please make your decision within 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, the system will reject the quest and there will be a penalty.”

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On hearing the word ‘penalty’, Qin Tian was immediately taken aback. His mind automatically replied ‘Accept’.

Even without the voice system’s explanation of the penalty, Qin Tian could guess that the penalty would certainly include getting kicked by Zhang Dafu. With his thin and weak body, he would not be able to handle the beating.

Qin Tian immediately went to work. His right hand took a kitchen knife and his left hand reached out to grab a turkey.

Strangely, all the turkeys in the chicken coop were desperately trying to dodge or hide. It was like Qin Tian was the cause of their fear. In the past, these turkeys would have immediately attacked Qin Tian with their claws; but now it was different.

“Turkey, sorry.” Qin Tian felt a little reluctant.

“…… gegege, gege ……” Frightened, the turkey cried.

After Qin Tian took out a turkey from its coop, he unhesitatingly slashed the turkey with the knife. When Qin Tian put down the knife, the turkey’s head fell off its body and a lot of turkey’s blood was sprayed onto him.

The system resounded in Qin Tian’s mind, “Mission Complete, Mission Reward, + 50 experience, +30 Qigong, +1 survival.”

“Congratulation to player Qin Tian for leveling up. Current rank is 2. +1 attribute points (free allocation)”

“Can I view my status?”


“Player: Qin Tian”
“Rank: 2”
“Life: 100”
“Qigong: 40”
“Survival: 101”
“Free attribute point: 1”
“Ability: none”
“Unique skill: none”


“I see, God hasn’t forsaken me. He actually gave me a level up system, ha ha ……”

Qin Tian was feeling so excited that he almost laughed out crazily. He continued to take another turkey out of the coop. He killed it with a slash and the system sounded: “Killed turkey, +25 experience, +15 Qigong, +0 survival.”

“Why is the experience gained reduced by half?” Qin Tian asked in his mind but the system did not reply.

Qin Tian tried again, but the experience and Qigong gained were half of the mission’s reward.

Although Qin Tian gained only half of the experience and Qigong of the mission, it was still enough to make him excited.

Zhang Dafu who was standing next to Qin Tian was dumbfounded as he watched Qin Tian kill three turkeys consecutively in one go. It was quite difficult to kill a single turkey and even some highly skilled butchers had to be careful when dealing with one. However, Qin Tian managed to kill three turkeys and those three turkeys did not even attack him.

Moreover, when Qin Tian was killing the second one, his force suddenly increased. It was sort of like he had broken through to Rank 2 Warrior. How was this useless person able to do it today? Was it after the previous beating that fixed his Dantian?

“Young master, you can actually kill turkeys! Awesome!”

As Meng Lei watched Qin Tian, his face was filled with worship.

“It’s only killing turkeys. What’s so great about it?”

“Before, you did not even dare to hold a knife, let alone kill turkeys.”

“I had been so weak?” Qin Tian could not help but be startled. He did not even dare to hold a knife? That was really too absurd.

Zhang Dafu who was in a bad mood originally wanted to make a fool out of Qin Tian. He did not expect Qin Tian to easily kill three turkeys and be so visibly excited. This made him really unhappy as he could not find any fault to explode on so he could only uncomfortably hold it within his heart.

“Manager, if there are any other things for me to kill just tell me. I will kill it for you.”

“I see that pig inside the pigsty is not bad. How about I kill it for you?”

“Do not look at me like that, I just want to help.”

“Hey! Hey! Don’t go.”

Qin Tian was very dispirited. All the turkeys inside the coop were already killed. The only thing left in the courtyard that could be killed was the sow in the old pigsty. Looking at the old sow, Qin Tian’s face revealed a lustful smile……

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