Chapter 4: A Butcher Is a Very Sacred Profession

As night approached, business began to dampen.

Qin Tian was sitting alone on the threshold of the backyard, lost in thought as he stared at the night sky.

What occurred during the day would definitely happen again in the future. If he did not want to get bullied, he must become strong. Otherwise, he would never be able to lift his head for his entire life.

“Tianyuan continent’s way of cultivation doesn’t suit me. Killing monsters is the only way for me to make a breakthrough.”

Monsters have ranks too. Today’s killed turkeys were rank 0 so they were easy to deal with. If they were monsters of at least rank 1, he wouldn’t even pose a threat to them.

Monsters are the same as cultivators; they are able to cultivate. Monsters that are below rank 5 would rely on their brute strength alone to tear down their foes and spread terror. However, starting from the rank 5, monsters that cultivate would be able to form their own crystallized demonic cores. These monsters would be very overbearing to an extent that destroying mountains and crushing rocks would become an easy task.

Currently, Qin Tian was only a rank 2 Warrior and it would be too dangerous for him to deal with even a rank 1 monster. It was actually common knowledge that rank 1 monsters were much stronger compared to cultivators of the same rank, as a rank 1 monster could easily slaughter three rank 2 Warriors.

Kunlun Mountain, a monster paradise, was an ideal place for Qin Tian to level up in, thus he was now very eager to enter. However, that certainly would not have been a good idea. Let alone those monsters that rampaged inside, even those low-ranked monsters outside the mountain could easily crush Qin Tian. If Qin Tian did attempt to venture into the Kunlun Mountain Range, he wouldn’t even stand a chance against those monsters.

Qin Tian quickly rejected the idea of going into the Kunlun Mountain Range.

The need to kill monsters in order to level up still remained. Qin Tian had tried to kill some ordinary chickens, ducks and fishes , but the quantity of experience gained was just too little. Who knows how long it would take for him to make another break through to rank 3 if a day’s worth of killing would only reward him with several dozens of experience points.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still experience points. It might not be bad if he was able to kill thousands or ten thousands of them.

As for chickens, ducks, and fishes, only the slaughterhouse would have those.

“Slaughterhouse?” Qin Tian immediately shouted out in surprise. “That’s it!”

“Young master, is there something that is making you happy?” Meng Lei ran towards Qin Tian to ask, after seeing his elated expression.

“Fatty, is there a slaughterhouse in Qinghe City?”

Qin Tian wanted to confirm whether Qinghe City had a slaughterhouse. If not, he would have gotten his hopes up for nothing.

“Yes, there is. It is located at the east side of the city. Young Master, why do you ask?”

“Of course there is a reason. If there isn’t a reason, why would I ask about it?”

Qin Tian was secretly delighted that Qinghe City had a slaughterhouse, no one would reject free help right?

After dinner and the cleaning of both the upstairs and downstairs dining area, a day’s work was over.

After working for a whole day, he was exhausted to the point that his bones were creaking. But thanks to this body’s previous owner training persistently , it was possible for his body to last up to another two days before collapsing from exhaustion.

Today, Zhang Dafu was dumping Qin Tian with any work he could find. He just wanted to work Qin Tian to death before he could feel satisfied. However, by the time night arrived, he had to admit that Qin Tian was very tenacious. Ever since he recovered, Qin Tian was able to persevere. Because of this, Zhang Dafu decided to increase Qin Tian’s workload.

It was also common knowledge that free workers should be exploited to death.

During the time at Furong Restaurant, Qin Tian was only offered three meals a day and not paid a single dime for his work. Qin clan’s decision to put Qin Tian in Furong Restaurant was not only to keep him from starving to death, but also to prevent him from changing his destiny.

In the end, Qin Tian could not help but wonder why they treated him so ruthlessly. Even waste like him wasn’t let off. Was it because he watched Qin Xiangtian’s wife as she bathed, or was it because Qin Xiangtian was found to be impotence so this was his punishment?

Even after he was transferred to become the handyman of a small restaurant, he wasn’t let off. Was someone afraid of him?

Afraid of a waste?


Qin Tian rejected the idea. Who would be afraid of a waste?

Other than the Qin Clan’s Patriarch, Qin Xiangtian was Qin Clan’s strongest expert. He had already reached Spirit Gathering realm and could be called a first class expert in Qinghe City. Would he be afraid of Qin Tian?

Qin Tian was simply too lazy to find an answer as the more important task now was to go to the slaughterhouse.

“Fatty, take me to the slaughterhouse.”

Even though Qin Tian was told that the slaughterhouse was located at the east of Qinghe City, Qinghe City was just too big. How would he know which part of the east Meng Lei was talking about? Not to mention he himself did not remember the location of the slaughterhouse. Hence, he might as well have Meng Lei take him there.

Meng Lei, without any complaints, agreed immediately.

In his mind, the things that the young master wanted to do were of importance. He would not question further but just execute it.

Qinghe City really was a big city. If not for Meng Lei accompanying him, he estimated that he would not reach the slaughterhouse even by dawn. With the help of the moon’s dim lighting, it gave a luminous look around the bluestone paved road. This made Qin Tian feel like he was in an ancient Chinese dynasty. It was exactly the same as those shown on T.V..

After half an hour, they finally arrived at the slaughterhouse.

At this time, the slaughterhouse was brightly lit and the bustling sound of livestock could be heard.

Qin Tian looked inside. Seeing HP bars above the livestock, he involuntarily felt excited.

To Qin Tian, these were all experiences, Qigong and survival value that will guide him to the path of becoming strong. How could he not be excited?

Currently, there were only three people in the slaughterhouse and all of them were very busy. After hearing that Qin Tian would help slaughter the poultry that would be supplied to the restaurants tomorrow without any pay, they hastily agreed.

Butcher wasn’t a typical job for many. In a day, they had to slaughter countless of creatures and in the process be stained with blood. Hence many people were afraid and few were willing to work as a butcher.

However, in Qin Tian’s eyes, a butcher was a very sacred profession.

With a knife in one hand and swinging it down, a dead duck lay on the board. The system sounded in Qin Tian mind: “Killed a duck, gained 10 experience, 3 Qigong, 0 survival……”

“Killed a chicken, gained 10 experience, 3 Qigong, 0 survival……”

“Killed a rabbit, gained 10 experience, 3 Qigong, 0 survival……”


Qin Tian with a knife in hand, kept swinging it all night; the sound of the system never ceased.

The other three butchers that were next to him were dumbfounded. They could not believe that Qin Tian’s thin body could be so ferocious. It was like he and the poultry were sworn enemies, a swing for a poultry’s life, he chops without even batting an eye.

When playing a game, who would take pity on those that were killed?

They were nothing but experience and Qigong, and he had to rely on them to level up.

Qin Tian hated that he did not have a hundred hands to behead ten thousands of poultry at once. That way, he would be able to gain experience smoothly; that would be really cool.

Only when the rooster crowed to signify the next morning did Qin Tian stop, but all the poultry in the slaughterhouse had already been slaughtered by Qin Tian.

At this time Qin Tian was covered in blood which made him difficult to be identified. It was as if he had just gotten out of a pool of blood. Scary.

When holding the kitchen knife, Qin Tian looked like a daunting, bloodthirsty devil.

After slaughtering the last chicken, Qin Tian looked at Meng Lei who was sleeping beside him and producing thunder-like nasal sound. Qin Tian smiled and whispered: “This fatty can really sleep.”

During the entire night, Qin Tian was killing non-stop till he lost count of how many he had killed and how much experience he had gained.

Suddenly, the voice system sounded in his mind: “Congratulation to player Qin Tian for leveling up. Current rank is 3……”

The prompt for leveling up sounded very soothing. Qin Tian was secretly excited.

In one night, Qin Tian was able to break through from a rank 2 Warrior to a rank 3 Warrior. Wasn’t this unprecedented?

Even the top genius in Qinghe City would still need three months to make a breakthrough from rank 2 Warrior; Qin Tian on the other hand only needed one night. Ha ha……

Qin Tian felt good. It would not be long before he could go back to the Qin Clan and trample on all those who had once ridiculed him.

Ten years wasn’t too late for a gentleman’s revenge. However, Qin Tian was not a gentleman so he could not wait for ten years. To him, revenge could not be left overnight.

Qin Tian tolerated only for the sake of revenge. The memories of those who had bullied him surfaced in his mind repeatedly. It made Qin Tian very unhappy. If he was strong enough, he believed he would be able to conduct a raid on the Qin Clan immediately.

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Looking at his body that was covered in poultries’ blood and was releasing a very unpleasant stench, it might be able to scare people to death if he were to go out.

Taking advantage that the day was still early, Qin Tian prepared to go to the river to clean himself.

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