Chapter 227: Marriage matters

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“Second Aunt!” Sang Wan’s face fell, as she chided her coldly. “Miss Gu isn’t someone you should mention, and don’t be too close to her! You don’t know what goes on in the Shi household, so don’t meddle in things that you are unfamiliar with! Just stay far away from her and never go near her if you get to see her ever again. Do you understand?” 

The thought of the incident today gave Sang Wan a headache. This Li Shi. Is her brain filled with sawdust or grass? You are neither a wealthy woman nor a respectable one. Not only that, the way you dress screams nothing but countrywoman! It’s so obvious that you’re nothing but a plain commoner! Why would Gu Fangzi treat you so nicely and affectionately when it’s the first time you’ve met her if not for her having something else in mind!  

“But, why? She seems nice. And from what I see, she is a polite and sweet-tempered girl.” Li Shi looked puzzled, obviously doubting Sang Wan’s words. 

Hearing Li Shi, Sang Wan was unsure if she should laugh or cry. Even if she were to cry, she was so exasperated that no tears would come out! Even to her sister-in-law, Fang Shi, she could not reveal the details of the grudges between herself and Gu Fangzi, so how could she say anything more to her second aunt? Sang Wan was sure that if she were to spill any beans, Li Shi would be able to create something out of nothing when she returned to the village and all Sang Wan could do then would be to watch her reputation be tarnished in no time! 

“Okay, let’s not talk about this! Just take my words to heart. It’s impossible to explain the Shi family’s household matters to you and knowing too much might bring trouble too so just remember my words! By the way, what brings you here today?” Sang Wang calmed herself down and hid her annoyance. 

Seeing the sudden change in Sang Wan’s attitude and her imposing manner instilled a slight sense of fear in Li Shi which made her feel inferior to Sang Wan. It then dawned on her that the status of Sang Wan had changed, and things would never be the same anymore. Where Sang Wan stood now was where Li Shi would never be able to reach in this life, and she could no longer treat Sang Wan as she once did, ordering her around by abusing her status as Sang Wan’s elder. 

The thought of it made Li Shi dejected, but there was nothing else she could do other than to accept her fate. She sighed and glanced over at Sang Yan. “Sang Wan, it’s Second Aunt Li’s fault for mistreating you in the past, but could we just let bygones be bygones? I know that you’re broadminded and I will apologize to you for all my mistakes right now! I’ll listen to whatever you say too. The next time I see Miss Gu, I will not go near her. Is that alright, Sang Wan?” 

Her words took Sang Wan aback. A trace of regret washed over Sang Wan for a split second but it quickly disappeared before she sighed. 

Second Aunt Li was still the same Second Aunt Li that she had years ago. Despite her words that sounded sincere and her showing her eagerness to listen to Sang Wan right now, as the saying goes, a leopard can’t change its spots. Therefore, Sang Wan never expected Second Aunt Li to really repent on her actions. 

If she had really repented, she would have included Sang Hong, Fang Shi, Sang Yufei and the rest in her apology. So what if you have mistreated me? The ones who deserve your apology the most are your nephews! Have you forgotten how you gloated over their misfortune, looked coldly from the sidelines, and even spread rumors? Oh, and forcefully took advantage of them whenever you could! All those bad memories were still fresh in Sang Wan’s mind. Thankfully, she had a powerful sister-in-law who confronted Li Shi, or else they would be broke thanks to Sang Wan’s Second Uncle and Aunt. 

“It’s all in the past now, so why do you still bring it up?” Sang Wan asked calmly. 

“Yes, yes, it’s all in the past. Just look at you, you’re enjoying a good life now. A good person would indeed not go unrewarded!” Li Shi nodded profusely and heaved a sigh of relief. “Your second aunt only has your third sister. Ai, I’m so worried about her future. Sang Wan, I’m sure you have forged many connections and have a huge social circle, could you please help Ah Yan find someone suitable? It would be good if she has somebody to rely on. It will ease your second aunt of many worries and Sang Yan may even be a good help to you in the future! A relationship by marriage is much more reliable than anything else!” 

“Mother, what you are saying!” Sang Yan’s face turned as red as an apple in no time as she looked to the ground in embarrassment. Sang Yan had never expected that after her parents’ quarrelled about the new stepmother, her mother would bring her to visit her cousin with regards to her marriage.  

“She’s your cousin, what’s there to be embarrassed about? It’s not like she’s an outsider!” Li Shi threw an angry glance at Sang Yan and pushed her forward. “Hurry up and plead with your cousin! She can get you a good family and let you be worry-free for the rest of your life!”

Sang Yan was not the only one who was shocked, even Sang Wan was too. Sang Wan initially thought that Li Shi came to ask for some money. Since Li Shi had made her way here, there wasn’t any reason for Sang Wan to refuse her. But who would have expected her request to be about Sang Yan’s marriage? 

This made Sang Wan’s head throb and she wondered whether to laugh or cry. Sang Yan’s parents are both alive and kicking, while I’m just a cousin who has been married to another family. Moreover, we are of the same generation! What would others think if I am to take charge of Sang Yan’s marriage? What is Second Aunt even thinking? 

“Mother!” With a nasal voice and red-rimmed eyes, Sang Yan called out to her mother. How she hoped that she could dig a hole in the ground right away and vanish in there! If she knew her mother was coming here to talk about this, then she would have refused to come no matter what! Just what was this? 

“Stop pulling me. Hurry up and plead with your cousin!” Li Shi ripped Sang Yan’s hand off her arms and pushed her forward, with the hopes that Sang Yan would show some sincerity. 

However, why would Sang Yan do so? She ran to a corner, and with her back facing them, she bit her lip as tears streamed down her cheeks. 

“Stupid girl! Useless girl!” Li Shi gritted her teeth in annoyance and turned to Sang Wan with an apologetic smile plastered on her face, “Sang Wan, Ah Yan has always been a shy girl. We are family, what’s there to be shy about? Thankfully it’s you, Sang Wan, and not anyone else. I’m sure you will not make a fuss about this. Sang Wan, your aunt will place this matter into your hands. Please help Ah Yan find a good family. Second Aunt will be grateful to you for the rest of my life!” 

“Second Aunt,” Sang Wan tried not to show her surprise and continued after a slight thought. “Second Aunt, a daughter’s marriage has always been planned by their parents. Second Aunt and Second Uncle are still alive and kicking, how could I take Sang Yan’s marriage into my own hands? Second Aunt, you may not mind about what others may think but I do! What would they then say about me if they knew about this? That I’m so bossy that I spread my control over my own family? I’m sorry, Second Aunt, but I really cannot do this. This concerns Sang Yan’s future, and how old am I to be able to choose a guy who is right for her? I cannot take on this responsibility, it’s too much for me to handle! Moreover, I have only just become someone else’s daughter-in-law, how would I possibly know how to choose a partner? Second Aunt, you’re putting me in a difficult position! Since Cousin Sang Yan is not young anymore, why not find a good family for her yourself? I’ll personally send a generous dowry for cousin. What do you think, Second Aunt?” 

Hearing Sang Wan’s refusal, Li Shi’s heart sank and she began to resent Sang Wan in her heart. Unreasonable! Looking down on us, your poor relatives, now that you are wealthy, huh? Are you afraid that my daughter would lead a life better than yours in the future and you are jealous of that? 

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Li Shi wanted to voice out her resentment, but after hearing Sang Wan promising Sang Yan a generous dowy, she did not dare to continue. 

Sang Wan was the only one who could help her now, and so what if she was unwilling? If she complained further, her daughter might not even get her dowry and it would be such a huge loss! If Sang Wan really gave a substantial amount of money, then I’ll be able to afford a few hundred hectares of land for my daughter. There would be no need for Sang Yan to worry about her future anymore after that! 

As Li Shi was deep in thought, she was cut off by Sang Wan’s laughter. “So it’s a deal! It’s not early anymore, Second Aunt should get some rest before hurrying back tomorrow morning. I don’t have much for you, but since you are already here, I’ll get Liu Ya to prepare a few pieces of fabric and makeup for my cousin!” 

Li Shi immediately grinned, “Thank you so much! I was still worrying about her dowy, but now there’s no need thanks to you! I want to give her four hundred hectares of land as dowry, but it’s hard to find a suitable one. Can I trouble Sang Wan to help me with this?” 

Hearing this, Liu Ya, who was at the side, rolled her eyes. She’s indeed unrestrained. Asking for four hundred hectares of land? That’s so costly! 

As for Sang Wan, she was unhappy with the request too. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “I’ll render any help that’s needed when the time comes. Right, how’s my elder cousin’s marriage going now?” 

Initially, Sang Wan did not want to mention their family matters. But seeing how thick-skinned Li Shi was as she tried to take advantage of Sang Yan’s marriage, it seemed unfair if she did not bring up Sang Rou. 

Li Shi’s expression turned ugly immediately. “Her bad temper is an issue! I’m worried that no family would want to take her. If there is, I’d be more than willing to pay for her to get married! It’s not my business to care since her father is still around! Ah Yan is already more than enough for me to worry about.” 

“Second Aunt mustn’t say that.” Sang Wan smiled. “Cousin Sang Rou addresses you as Mother too, so how can you not care about her too? How would Second Uncle know how to handle this? After all, what does a man know about marriage? The worry from you is absolutely needed. I have not heard of anyone’s younger daughter getting married before the elder one. Am I right?”  

Seeing Sang Wan speak up for Sang Rou, Li Shi felt extremely unhappy. She muttered a yes and an idea came to her mind before she patted her head, “Aiya, there’s something that I forgot to inform you!” Li Shi then exaggerated Sang Pingliang and Sang Rou’s intention on Shi Fengju when Sang Wan was at their house previously. She looked at Sang Wan with pride, “That shameless girl, she was grinning from ear to ear when she heard her father’s idea! I can’t stand that vixen and I scratched her face so hard that it bled! There’s still a scar that runs across her cheeks right now. Sang Wan, you’re so kind to think for her but look! That ungrateful girl is plotting against you behind your back!”  

This made Sang Wan fume with anger, but she was also surprised. For a moment, she was at a loss for words. I really am to blame for meddling into their family’s problems! 

She believed that Li Shi was telling the truth as that sounded like something that her second uncle might do. Although what Second Aunt did is really for Sang Yan, she’s trying to gain a favor from me now! 

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