Chapter 128: Preparing to Return

It was still early in the day, not even noon, and Vahn was unable to sleep after seeing the vision of Ais’s ‘Hearts Desire’. Vahn typically needed less sleep than normal people, but not his previously fatigued mind was fully awake as he stared at the two sleeping beauties. As they hadn’t dressed before falling asleep, both Ais and Tiona were still naked and in full view of Vahn. Seeing their figures, Vahn felt a little proud of himself, as both girls were incredibly beautiful.

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He just sat there watching over them as they slept until, around 2 PM, Ais woke up and looked around with a bit of confusion on her face. Seeing Vahn, she smiled a bit before moving a little bit closer to him. Vahn had noticed her awakening and had been watching over her as she investigated her surroundings previously. Seeing her move toward him, Vahn had a slight expectation and his hopes paid off as Ais put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him. The moment their mouths overlapped, Vahn felt a pleasant feeling well up in his chest as he savored the unimaginably soft sensation of Ais’s lips.

The kiss wasn’t one of passion, but something similar to a display of affection as Ais moved away shortly after she had initiated the kiss. She then leaned against Vahn’s chest with her back as she said, “My body still feels fluffy…” Vahn had made room so that Ais could sit between his legs, and he was a bit concerned after seeing the beautiful curve of her back and the pert butt near his presently sleeping member. To prevent himself from paying attention to the sight, he reached his hands around her abdomen and gently held her in his arms.

Ais leaned more of her weight into them and tilted her head so she could see his face. Almost like she had sensed from in his look, she asked, “Did you want to have sex?” Hearing her words, Vahn felt a little bit of anticipation building inside of him, but he managed to resist the urge as he gently kissed on the cheek before shaking his head. “Not right now. I’m just happy to be able to hold you like this…your body is very beautiful.”

Seemingly pleased by his words, Ais put her hands overtop his and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. She continued to sit in silence for a few minutes before saying, “I’m glad. I was scared at first, but now I’m happy I came here. It feels like my body is full of happy feelings…” Vahn was surprised at how clearly she spoke the words, as it was very unlike the usually curt Ais. To show her that he was listening, he gently squeezed her hands.

Ais’s smile grew a bit bigger, and then she spent another few minutes in silence before asking, “Do you want me to get pregnant?” Hearing her words, Vahn’s mind blanked for a moment before he nodded slowly and said, “Yes…” Though he didn’t want to have too many kids early on, he couldn’t deny that he wanted to have kids someday with the beautiful girl in his arms.

Ais tilted her head and she could see the serious look in Vahn’s eyes. She kept staring at him for a few minutes before moving her hand down over her womb. Resting her palm on the area, Ais said, “I can still feel it inside me…but I’m not sure if I want to be pregnant yet.” Vahn could feel Ais’s body begin to shake a bit as she spoke. After seeing the ‘vision’ of her past, Vahn knew that Ais had lost her family and was perhaps afraid of creating a new one while she still sought revenge.

Feeling the comforting embrace of Vahn, Ais’s shivering stopped a bit and she muttered, “I don’t think I can be a good mother…” Vahn was a bit confused by her words, so he asked, “Why?” When his words fell, Ais’s head followed as she tucked her chin and curled up her legs like she was trying to shrink her body. After another minute or so, she said in a quiet voice, “If I die…I am afraid they would be sad. I don’t want to leave my child behind all alone.”

Vahn leaned his head forward and kissed the top of Ais’s head while putting a bit more strength into his embrace. Afterward, he said in a gentle voice, “I swear, I would never let that happen. I may be unreliable now, but I’ll become stronger in the future. When you are ready, I will be there waiting.” Ais, hearing his words, tried to raise her head to look into Vahn’s face. Unfortunately, as Vahn had been leaning forward slightly when he spoke his words, Ais’s head slammed right into his nose and sent a jolt through his head.

Ais was also hurt by the unexpected collision, and she put her hands on her head and turned toward Vahn with tears in the corner of her eyes. Though she knew it wasn’t his fault, she still felt like he was slightly to blame since the mood had been improving. She wanted to say something, but seeing that Vahn’s nose was bleeding, Ais actually felt incredibly guilty instead. Watching Vahn try to stymie the blood flow with a shocked expression on his face, Ais wanted to do something for him…

Vahn had been caught by surprise by the unexpected headbutt and he got to experience his first nosebleed. He almost wanted to retort to Ais with a bit of humor and tell her that she got another one of his ‘firsts’. While he was healing the damage with his [Hands of Nirvana], Ais had moved closer to him and stopped in front of him while on her knees. Curious about what she was going to do, Vahn just watched her actions with a bit of intrigue.

Against any expectation he might have had, Ais leaned forward and began licking the blood that was flowing from his nose. Vahn was surprised by her actions and immediately pulled away from the strange interaction. With a somewhat incredulous expression, he asked, “What are you doing?” Looking at Ais in front of him, he could see a bit of blood on her lips and it made him feel a bit of fear well up inside of him.

Ais swallowed some of the residual blood that had been in her mouth and then responded, “I wanted to help…Saliva stops bleeding?” Ais tilted her head as she spoke the words and looked at Vahn with a ‘questioning’ look on her face. Vahn’s incredulity hadn’t faded after hearing her answer, and he instead wanted to retort that type of logic only worked for small scrapes. Having one of the most prominent beauties in the City suddenly lick his nostrils, it was hard to describe the experience.

At this point, Vahn’s bleeding had stopped completely and he tried to wipe away the blood with his hand. Ais gave him a somewhat sad look after seeing Vahn unwilling to let her ‘help’ him, and he felt a sudden pang of guilt. Vahn felt like his interactions with Ais were always very strange, and it was little things like this that made him both intrigued, but terrified, of her.

Ais seemed unwilling to back down, and she grabbed Vahn’s shoulders before looking into his face with sad eyes and asking, “Can I?” Vahn felt his mind begin to buzz at her insistence, and he tried to dissuade her by saying, “You can’t, it’s dirty…” Ais frowned a bit as she shook her head back and forth and refuted his words by saying, “Tastes strange…but it makes me feel happy here.” Ais put her right hand on her breast to indicate her heart.

Vahn felt even more guilty for denying her request, and after struggling for a bit he released a sigh as he said, “Fine…” Ais seemed to be happy that he was willing to accept her ‘help’ as she showed a slight smile before leaning in and licking around his nose and mouth. Vahn’s eyes were wide open as he allowed himself to experience the strange sensation. He could feel the slight roughness of her tongue as she ‘eagerly’ lapped up the remnant blood on his face. Her saliva was present on his now ‘clean’ skin and she continued licking him for nearly a minute after all the traces of blood had faded.

From the side, without either of them having noticed, Tiona had awoken as she said in an incredulous manner, “You two can be kind of weird.” Ais startled when she heard Tiona’s voice and she pulled away from Vahn’s face and sat on her knees with a slight blush on her face. Vahn too, also had a crimson touch to his cheeks, as he had started enjoying Ais’s ‘affectionate’ actions from earlier. By the time she had cleaned all the blood from his face, she had also started to lick his lips and it felt like she was subtly teasing him.

Issuing an awkward laugh, Vahn looked at Tiona who was sitting in her characteristic fashion as he made the excuse, “She was just helping me clean my face a bit…I had a bloody nose earlier.” Tiona nodded her head in ‘agreement’ with him, but then she showed a cheeky smile and said, “It looked more like a puppy ‘kissing’ it’s owner in excitement~”

Ais’s blush grew in intensity as she ‘glared’ at Tiona and said, “Muu…Tiona. Don’t be mean.” As it was his first time seeing Ais’s pouting expression, Vahn was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to tease her. Reaching out his hand, he placed it squarely atop her head and startled ruffling her hair a bit. Tiona started laughing at the side, and Vahn became mildly distracted seeing the tantalizing flashes of skin as she moved about.

Having her head ‘petted’ right after being compared to a puppy by Tiona, Ais didn’t know how to feel. She looked at Vahn while continuing to pout and said, “Vahn is mean as well…” In response to her words, Vahn smiled and looked lovingly at the adorable girl as he said, “Ais, you are just too cute right now. I couldn’t help but tease you a bit…will you forgive me?” The whole while he was speaking, Vahn continued to stroke her hair.

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Ais hung her head for a bit and seemed to be contemplating his words. She made no effort to stop his actions, so Vahn continued to gently stroke her silk-like golden hair. After a while had passed, Ais looked toward Tiona for a bit before turning her eyes at Vahn and saying, “Woof.” The moment the word hit his ears, Vahn’s hand completely stopped as he stared wide-eyed at the girl beneath his palm.

Noticing he had stopped, Ais bent forward and placed both her hands on Vahn’s chest as she began to ‘playfully’ lick his chin and lips. She had realized that he was teasing her, and after noticing he wasn’t going to stop on his own, Ais decided to tease him a bit as well. Seeing his stunned look, she felt a fluttery feeling in her heart that continued to well up until Tiona spoke out from the side, “Ais…you’re really bold today.” Tiona hadn’t expected her actions and felt a little intimidated when comparing her own feelings against the affections shown by Ais.

Ais stared at Tiona and squinted her eyes a bit as she finished up her ‘play’ by giving Vahn a light peck on the lips. Resuming her spot on the futon, Ais sat on top of her legs and said, “I win again.” Vahn was awakened by her words and looked over to see the normally expressionless Ais looking at him with a surprising amount of emotion on her face. She seemed happy, and her smile had even reached her eyes as they were slightly squinted. He had never seen such an emotive look on her face, and he couldn’t help but smile in response.

After everything had concluded, Vahn helped the two girls dress and noticed it was surprisingly difficult to put the clothes on as compared to taking them off. It also made him feel a little ‘sad’ every time he managed to fix a piece of fabric in place. It was almost like he was covering up a part of himself, but he also felt a slight anticipation at having the opportunity to reveal the hidden view again in the future.

The procedure hadn’t been without incident either, as both Tiona and Ais seemed to be competing to see who could get the bigger rise out of him. When he had been trying to clasp the bra of Ais, instead of allowing him to go to her backside, she made him latch it from the front. Similar to when he had taken it off, he had to get very close to her body to do so, and she used the opportunity to lean into him and lick his collarbone a bit. Tiona, not to be outdone, waited until Vahn was pulling up her white shorts and made the process more difficult by keeping her legs spread slightly. Vahn had to kneel down in front of her, and he could smell the fragrance coming from her v***** and it made the entire procedure difficult to complete. By the time he managed to conceal the moist mound, his emotions had been so wound up that he thought he needed to clear another section of the forest…

In their small personal battle to see who could get the biggest rise out of him, Tiona walked away with an astounding lead over the slightly frowning Ais.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Woof’, ‘A womanly fragrance’,’Buried Treasure’)

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