Chapter 133: Relaxation (2/2)

After answering Vahn’s questions, Hephaestus tried to clear the awkwardness she was feeling by approaching near Vahn and helping to undress him. Vahn was very surprised since it was his first time receiving such treatment from a woman. Though he had undressed a few people recently, he had only ever taken off his own clothes before. Having Hephaestus undress him made him feel very excited and a bit jittery.

Hephaestus seemed to be pleased by his reactions, as she slowed her hands and made the process take much longer. Unfortunately, her desire to tease Vahn ended up coming back to bite her as, with his excitement building, Hephaestus’s also continued to grow. The act of undressing a ‘man’, especially one that would be her lover one day, was a foreign concept to the goddess of forging. Just as Vahn had been distracted by her body, she too was distracted by his and, after removing his tunic completely, couldn’t help but trace her palms along his body in a slight daze.

Vahn had been growing a lot recently, and she found his previously young and supple body to be maturing and turning more masculine as of late. The muscles of his chest were incredibly flexible, but also very resistant when he tried putting force into her hands. It was a peculiar sensation since his healthy tanned skin almost had the tenderness of a woman while maintaining the firmness of a man.

Noticing that Hephaestus had stopped her attempts to undress him, Vahn became a bit amused and wanted to tease her while she had dropped her guard. Reaching his hands around her waist, Vahn gripped her butt and lifted her body up using a bit of his strength. Hephaestus immediately startled at the contact and fell forward until her breasts were pressed into Vahn’s chest. With a smile on his face, Vahn kissed the lips of the flustered goddess while putting more strength into his hands.

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Hephaestus leaked out a passionate moan before widening her eyes and pushing away from Vahn’s chest. She began to breathe heavily while she bent over slightly and ‘glared’ at him saying, “Don’t get carried away…” Vahn had an amused expression and just nodded his head while he began to unfasten his trousers. Hephaestus was still trying to calm herself down, but by the time Vahn had removed his briefs, any semblance of sanity she had remaining dissolved into oblivion as she took in the incredulous sight before her.

Though she had heard rumors from Tsubaki, this was the first time Hephaestus had seen the ‘hidden potential’ of Vahn. Since she had experience with other gods in Heaven, Hephaestus had some expectations, but seeing the size of Vahn actually surprised the several-million-year-old goddess. It wasn’t that it was unbelievably large, but the fact that, compared to Vahn’s height and figure, it stood out and almost unbalanced his appearance a bit.

A worry starting passing through Hephaestus’s mind and, against her better judgment, she couldn’t help but ask, “The two girls you had sex with earlier…are they okay?” As the words left her lips, Hephaestus felt more embarrassed than she ever had before and couldn’t help but avert her eyes from Vahn. Vahn, who had been asked an unexpected question, looked down at where Hephaestus had been staring and blushed deeply. He was unable to keep himself from coughing as he quietly said, “Yeah…they are fine…”

The atmosphere in the changing room became very awkward and Vahn began to suspect Hephaestus might not believe him, so he continued, “Ais was able to take the entire thing, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot.” Vahn’s words struck Hephaestus like a hammer as the vision of the golden-haired girl passed through her mind. Right now, Ais was much smaller and less mature than Hephaestus and, even though she should be annoyed by Vahn’s words, she actually felt a bit relieved.

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Vahn noticed the relieved sigh of Hephaestus, and he felt emboldened so he walked forward and grabbed her hands. “Lets take a bath…” He spoke the words softly and had a gentle and appreciative smile on his face. Every time he was with Hephaestus, he always felt more confident in his actions, and her presence also made him feel a strange sense of security. She worked so hard to help him, and he wanted to be able to return those feelings as much as he could.

Hephaestus, who had been bent over slightly, looked up at Vahn with her fiercely blushing face before saying, “Okay…Vahn.” She then allowed him to lead her toward the bath and, after stepping in himself, he held her hands and support her entrance in alongside him. It made Hephaestus happy to see how ‘thoughtful’ he acted, and she almost wanted to compliment his manners. However, his next actions prevent her from forming the words as he immediately grabbed the nearby soap and sponge and started lathering up her breasts.

She immediately thought that Vahn was teasing her again, and almost got angry before seeing that he had a naive and eager look on his face. Hephaestus could tell that he was genuinely just trying to wash her body and, imagining that she was the first person that Vahn proactively clean, Hephaestus forgave his lack of awareness. She just allowed Vahn to continue cleaning her as he pleased and enjoyed the feeling of being pampered by the boy she loved.

After helping Hephaestus into the tub, Vahn began washing her body in earnest. He knew she was a bit frustrated, and he didn’t want to set her off any further, so he paid full attention to his actions. Though he started with her breasts, it wasn’t because he wanted to fondle her, it was more-so because it was the first place his eyes were drawn to when he stared at her body. After lathering her up properly, he moved to other areas of her body and gently cleaned each part. He lifted her arms and rubbed the soap along them and even paid close attention to each of her fingers.

Hephaestus was writhing about periodically because of Vahn’s careful actions. She felt like a princess that was being attended to by a loyal servant, or perhaps even an infatuated prince? She noticed that Vahn paid careful attention to all of his actions, and he even seemed to be trying to gauge her reaction to make sure he didn’t make her uncomfortable. Hephaestus began to feel incredibly happy by his tender care, but it also made her body begin to ache a bit. She really wanted Vahn to get better at forging faster…

Vahn continued to clean her body carefully and the only came about when he tried to wash her butt and v*****. Though Vahn didn’t notice it himself, he paid extra attention to Hephaestus’s backside and became a little too excited while tending to the area. Though he washed every part of her body with care, he spent nearly twice the amount of effort on her firm butt. He felt like it even made Tiona’s look a bit small in comparison and even slowly passed his palm over the surface before Hephaestus swatted it away.

When he tried to clean her V*****, he noticed there was a bit of liquid leaking out of it that look distinctly different from water. Though he may not have noticed it before, now that Vahn had experience with women, he immediately understood it was because she was aroused. Though it made him feel happy and proud, he put the thoughts to the back of his mind and attempted to wash the area.

Hephaestus seemed to grit her teeth and closed her eyes in expectation but, the moment Vahn got near enough to inspect the area, his thoughts began to wander after recognizing a familiar scent. Though it wasn’t his original intention, Vahn curiously inhaled with his eyes closed which caused Hephaestus to open her’s and stare at him with shock. From her perspective, she could see Vahn’s head near her v***** and now he was ‘deeply’ inhaling her scent.

Before Vahn had been able to make the connection between the scent he was smelling and his memories, he felt a powerful impact on his head that pushed him down into the hot water below. Since he had been inhaling previously, he actually breathed in a bit of water and began to cough painfully as he rubbed the bump on his head. He looked toward Hephaestus with a confused and bereaved expression as she stared at him with an incredibly flustered look on her face.

Seeing that Hephaestus was now covering her crotch, Vahn suddenly had an epiphany and recognized both the source of the smell and the inappropriate nature of his actions. Remembering all the places he had smelled it recently, Vahn began to blush after imaging what Hephaestus had to do to cause such a powerful scent to build up in places like the couch and the bed. His muddle-headed thoughts prevented him from properly controlling himself as the submerged dragon peaked its head through the surface of the water and stared ‘angrily’ toward Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was so surprised by the emergence of the terrifying enemy that she fell onto her butt into the water and continued to make eye contact with the intimidating beast. She began to draw deep and heavy breaths as she quietly mustered up enough courage to say, “We…can’t…” Vahn was broken from his absentmindedness by her words and noticed where she was looking. His p**** had become erect at some point, and it seemed to have startled Hephaestus as she now had a bit of fear in her eyes.

Seeing how ‘afraid’ she was, a lot of the emotions that had been building inside Vahn immediately dissipated and the dragon returned to its slumber. Hephaestus showed a relieved expression, but Vahn noticed that she continued to draw heavy breaths for a while without saying anything. Out of concern, he waded through the water and began using the calming properties of his [Hands of Nirvana]. Hephaestus hadn’t shied away from his approach, and feeling the warm energy flow into her, she felt thankful that Vahn wasn’t the type to lose himself when he was aroused. She knew that most men wouldn’t have been able to return to clarity after having been sexually excited without a lot of ‘effort’. With the little resistance she had against him, if he truly wanted to take her, Hephaestus wouldn’t be able, or even willing, to stop him.

Vahn continued to calm Hephaestus’s body and started rinsing away the suds that had built up on her beautiful white skin. He enjoyed the firmness of her body while he continued to channel his energy to dissipate the tension she was feeling. By the time they bath had ended, she had become much calmer and relaxed than when they entered, and Vahn actually had to carry her tired body back to the bedroom. Whenever he put a lot of effort into helping people relax, he could pretty much remove all the tensions from their body using his massage techniques. Toward the end of the bath, Hephaestus had almost been like putty in his hands and he had to wrap a towel around her body because she was unwilling, and he unable, to put her clothes on.

Once he placed her into the bed, Hephaestus had slipped out of the towel and she gazed at Vahn in a dazed state while being entirely naked. Vahn noticed that, even though he had put in a lot of effort to calm her, she was beginning to get a bit excited based on the blush that started to appear. Vahn sat next to her on the bed and helped Hephaestus roll onto her stomach. She seemed startled by his actions and tried to raise her body to protest, but Vahn once again began to use his [Hands of Nirvana] to relax her body.

Hephaestus collapsed face-first onto the bed and started taking shallow and relaxed breaths as Vahn continued molding her body under his hands. Unlike when she had to ‘relieve’ her own stress, Hephaestus was surprised with how pleasant it was when Vahn was ‘helping’ her. Though his massage wasn’t sexual, it didn’t stop Hephaestus from feeling aroused, it just made her body both relaxed and aroused at the same time. She could feel the heat in her abdomen constantly increasing as a veritable tide flowed out from her v*****.

However, even though she felt in high tension, she couldn’t put any strength into her body at all and just felt the echoes of a powerful climax continually spread through her body. The only thing she could do was take sharp breaths and moan while Vahn continued inadvertently tormenting her body. By the time she eventually fell asleep, Hephaestus had lost count of how many times she had climaxed as the gentle image of the boy turned into a devilishly handsome man in her mind.

After Hephaestus had fallen asleep, Vahn continued to take care of her body for another half hour to ensure she would be able to sleep peacefully. He was surprised how sensitive her body had become while he was massaging her body, as all the muscles seemed to subtly twitch under his hands. It was almost like her entire body was vibrating slightly, and Vahn thought it was a very interesting sight. It wasn’t until he saw drool and a bit of snot coming out of her mouth and nose that he finally figured she was relaxed enough without his help. He wiped up the fluids from her face and then gently stroked her hair before laying in the best next to her.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Godhand SSS’,’RIP Hephaestus’,’Bath time with Bae’)

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