Chapter 147: Godhand Strikes

For the third day in a row, Vahn awoke with a painful headache. He couldn’t understand why Evangeline had suddenly lashed out at him, but it was probably because he had done something wrong. Deciding he would be more careful around his new ‘Master’ in the future, Vahn checked his system since several things had changed the previous night.


[[Stats]]Name: [Vahn Mason]Age: 14
Race: Human, *sealed*
Parameter: [Danmachi: 1-4]-Level:3(3)
-Power: 1906+(I30)
-Endurance: 2221+(H128)
-Dexterity: 1807+(I52)->(I53)
-Agility: 1959+(I33)->(I35)
-Magic: 3562+(E498)->(S934)
Soul Tier 2 (Hero Soul)->3 (Lord Soul)
[Karma]: 3,143

[OP]: 114,618
[Valis]: 3,271,630

Vahn felt excitement begin to well up inside of him as any misgivings he had about last nights events faded from his mind. When he had lost himself in a rage after Evangeline sucked his blood, his domain had evolved after reaching 100m and now his Soul Tier had increased to 3. He got a huge boost to his magic parameter and also noticed that his perception and senses had increased by an incredible amount. Even without activating his domain, he could sense the movement of Anubis in the next room and noticed she was quickly getting ready, likely so she would be able to receive him when he left his room.

Vahn couldn’t help but laugh a bit after seeing how adorable her actions were. She usually acted in a calm and cool manner, but there were times when she would turn ditzy and affectionate. If Anubis knew that he was able to ‘see’ what she was doing, she would probably be even more flustered. Though he couldn’t actually see her, he could sense her presence as an ambiguous shape, and he was aware that she was currently dressing.

As it was now Saturday, Vahn wasn’t in too much of a hurry to prepare. He had given the children the weekends to themselves, and he had a few hours before he had to head out himself. Today was the day he had agreed to meet with Eina, and he felt a little excited at the prospect of escorting the beautiful half-elf around the town. Vahn wondered if he would be able to tease her and see any interesting expressions on her usually calm, bespectacled, face. Remembering when she had blushed up to her ears, Vahn had a silly smile on his face before he splashed it with cold water.

Since he would be going on a date, Vahn dressed up a bit instead of wearing his normal clothing. He often wore light armor and his gauntlets even when he wasn’t in the dungeon. Even when he was forging or walking around town, Vahn was always in a pseudo-ready state for combat at any time. After his training with Tsubaki, his awareness regarding self-defense had increased to a decent extent.

Vahn wore a pair of expensive black trousers that he had purchased with Lili and Naaza in the past. He also wore a loose white collared shirt, very similar to the fashion Hephaestus liked to wear. He always thought she had a sharp style, even though she was a very beautiful woman. Seeing his figure in the mirror with a flared collar, Vahn admired his own form for a bit before smiling. He had noticed his height was increasing a lot recently, and he was now 161cm instead of the 150cm of the past.

He was happy because he always felt awkward around some of the older women when he compared his height to theirs. Now that his height was increasing, it made his figure stand out more, and even Vahn thought that his physique had been shaping well. Though he was still very lean, he had obvious muscles which he noticed drew the eyes of girls around him. He had wild, dark-brown, hair and aquamarine eyes that shone with a hint of confidence. Though he was just a level 3, Vahn knew that he would be a match for most Level 4s and even proved a threat to unprepared Level 5s. With his increased Soul Tier and enhanced senses, his confidence was at an all-time high.

After leaving his room, Vahn saw Anubis waiting for him and they both had surprised expressions on their faces. Anubis saw Vahn’s attire and confident appearance and felt her heart throbbing in her chest as her eyes widened. Vahn was having a similar reaction because Anubis had changed her outfit once again. Now, instead of the golden accessories, she now had on the black collar around her neck without any other adornments.

Though her outfit looked less ‘seductive’ than the previous one, she was actually showing even more skin now. She had on a tight black top that looked to be made of a stretchy black fabric as is accented her breasts. The cloth was so thin that, if she had been wearing a bra, it would easily be visible through the fabric. Vahn’s vision wandered down her uncovered abdomen and inspected the garment she was wearing around her waist.

Instead of a dress or a robe, she was now wearing a tight black fabric that looked like shorts that extended halfway down her thighs. Around her hips, she had on a white cloth with golden triangular embroidery hugging her hips and creating a stark contrast with the rest of her outfit. Interestingly, she was also wearing some kind of woven sandals that seems to be made of golden weave that accented the triangular patterns on her waist.

After her initial shock at his appearance, Anubis now waited patiently while Vahn inspected her clothes and figure. She noticed, when she had first changed outfits, Vahn didn’t seem to have any resistance against inspecting new things. With that thought in mind, she wanted to see if he had a similar reaction when she changed outfits again. Seeing the result, Anubis was very pleased and even slowly turned her body around so he could see the back as well.

Vahn continued to stare at Anubis with clear intrigue in his eyes, and when she turned around, he even tilted his head slightly to see her backside marginally faster. The cloth around her breasts hugged around her torso, but it left her back uncovered, same as her abdomen. When Vahn looked down at her tail, he took a critical amount of mental damage, because he had seen Anubis had tied a golden ribbon around her pitch-black silken tail. Vahn had an irresistible urge to want to pull the ribbon, almost like he was unwrapping a present.

Anubis felt her expectations increasing as she saw Vahn stretch out his hands in a mild daze. She was focusing all of her efforts on preventing her tail from wagging, and she could feel the muscles around her butt twitching because of the effort. Since her tail had snapped Vahn out of his intrigue previously, she was now biting the inside of her lip to prevent from giving into her instincts.

Vahn finally reached the tantalizing ribbon and, since Anubis hadn’t given him any strange reactions, he pulled the two golden strings and the entire white cloth around Anubis’s waist fell to the ground. Vahn’s eyes widened at the sight, but he couldn’t avert his eyes due to the shapely butt of Anubis. The fabric she was wearing, that looked like shorts, perfectly hugged the flesh around her hips and left nothing to the imagination. Just like she wasn’t wearing a bra under the top fabric, Vahn could tell that Anubis wasn’t wearing panties and it made his temples throb a bit.

Vahn could feel a pressure building at the bridge of his nose, and a tingling sensation in the middle of his forehead as his hands, which had been flanking Anubis’s tail, slowly made their way to the black fabric. Without any thoughts other than wanting to experience the sensation, Vahn stroked both of Anubis’s cheeks and felt the buoyancy of her plump bottom for the first time. Though she didn’t seem to have any fat on her body, her butt was incredibly soft like a satin cushion that conformed to the shape of his hands.

Anubis couldn’t resist her own urges anymore, and there was even a small amount of blood dripping from her lip as she let out a moan and leaned against the wall with her hands while her tail began wagging furiously back and forth. Her actions snapped Vahn out of his daze and he just stared at her bent over form with wide eyes and high brows.

Anubis was bent over at a steep angle and resting against the wall using her hands as support. Her butt was sticking out directly toward Vahn, and he could see the shape of both her butt as well as a soft looking mound between both of her thighs. Though he couldn’t see the shape of the v***** itself, Vahn couldn’t help but imagine Anubis’s nude form overlapped with her current figure. Since the clothing she was wearing hugged her figure so tightly, it wasn’t difficult to imagine at all.

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After stabilizing her breathing, Anubis looked back at Vahn and made no effort to stand as she whispered in a passionate voice, “Master…” Vahn locked eyes with Anubis when she spoke to him, and he could see her eyes were slightly glazed over as she looked at him with a ‘pleading’ look in her eyes. Vahn cursed at himself for his earlier actions, and the fact he had once again done something irresponsible. Right now, he very much wanted to continue and even had a mild urge to tear the stretchy fabric that concealed the spot his eyes had been drawn to earlier.

If not for the image of Hephaestus and her words, Vahn felt like he would have had no resistance against the current Anubis. He had long realized she was making advances and showed an interest in him, but he wasn’t willing to sleep with another goddess before he kept his promise with Hephaestus. For now, he thought the best way to take responsibility was the help ‘relieve’ her currently suffering state.

Though Vahn knew none of the children would come to this area, especially if they heard Anubis, he still stepped closer to her and lifted up her body in a princess carry. Anubis had noticed that he seemed to struggle with something, and she expected that he would once again refuse her. Just as she was about to lament about the situation, Vahn picked up her body effortlessly and held her close as he carried her to her own room. Anubis could feel her heart beating fiercely and couldn’t prevent a smile from appearing on her enraptured face.

Vahn opened the door with a bit of difficulty but managed to eventually make his way inside before setting Anubis down on her bed. The moment he put her down, Anubis began to breathe heavily as she stared at him with a passionate gaze. Vahn felt guilty under the intense gaze, but he continued forward without hesitation as he told Anubis, “Turn over on your stomach.”

Hearing the firm and commanding tone of Vahn, Anubis turned over to her stomach with her excitement reaching a critical level. As a goddess that had taken the form of a chienthrope, she had long adopted their cultures and traditions. Leaving her back to Vahn and pressing her body to the bed made her feel happy in her heart and she could feel a longing feeling in her womb. She knew Vahn was very well endowed, and she had a bit of expectation about what was going to happen. She even wanted him to wrap her up in [Enkidu] in the hopes that she would get pregnant.

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Vahn stared at the beautiful figure of Anubis for a few moments before pressing down on her butt which she had lifted into the air. Though Anubis was a bit confused, she didn’t resist as Vahn positioned himself behind her body. Her excitement continued to climb and, when Vahn grabbed her tail, she couldn’t help but moan out at how forceful his actions were. When he held her tail between her thighs, she was once again confused, but when she felt Vahn’s weight on the back of her thighs, she didn’t say anything and just buried her face into the pillow.

Vahn had pinned Anubis’s tail with his own body because it was wagging around so fast that it would get in the way of what he was about to do. Before he began, he couldn’t help but stare at the plump butt of Anubis for a few extra seconds before he sighed and placed his palms on her lower back. He began placing energy into his palms and slowly began making his way up her back as he began massaging her body.

When Vahn had put his hands on her lower back, Anubis thought he was about to remove her bottoms, but instead, she felt a warm and calming energy enter her body. Her mind blanked for a moment before she realized what Vahn was doing. Instead of having sex with her, he was trying to forcefully calm her body down. Anubis immediately wanted to resist his actions and even planned to pin him down if she had to, but in a manner similar to Hephaestus, she couldn’t put any strength into her body.

While her tensions were constantly increasing, Anubis was stuck in a cycle between incredible pleasure and absolute relaxation. Before now, she never knew how dangerous Vahn’s massage technique was. No matter how she tried to will her body to move, she couldn’t put any strength into her twitching muscles. It wasn’t long before she felt the insides of her v***** begin to clamp as a powerful climax began to rack her body all the way from her tail to her brain. Her thoughts began to fly, but no matter how much she struggled to find purchase to rest on, she was taken on a trip to greater and greater heights.

Vahn marveled at how soft Anubis’s body was, and noticed that she had ‘relaxed’ a lot now. After a few minutes of his massaging, she calmed down and was now just laying limp on the bed with a subtly happy expression while her body twitched about under his hands. He thought it was interesting how both she and Hephaestus had similar reactions to his massage technique and wondered if it was a characteristic of goddesses.

Since he had felt bad about setting her off earlier, Vahn continued to massage her body for a little more than half an hour until she had relaxed to the point where she fell asleep. When he removed his hands, he once again had the illusion that her body had turned to putty by the time he had stopped. He noticed that she was sweating quite a bit, and he could smell her aroma coming from his palms.

Since he didn’t want her to get sick, he took a towel and helped wipe down her body before covering her with a blanket. When he had rolled her over to wipe her front, it was like rolling over a human-shaped sack, since she made no efforts to resist or help move her body. Her front wasn’t as sweaty as her back since most of her sweat had soaked into the blankets. Since her sheets were a light green color, Vahn could see a dark stain shaped like Anubis, including an incredibly large stain around where her waist had been resting.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Poor Pupper’,’The Cruel Godhand’,’I wonder if anyone remembered that Vahn got Tier 3 in this chapter’)

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