Chapter 183: Solutions

After Loki left him behind in the room by himself, Vahn sat back down on the couch to contemplate everything that had happened. He now had a better understanding of why gods and goddesses acted the way they did, and Vahn was wondering if there was a way to help them. Unfortunately, unless he could re-write the laws of the ‘record’, there was no way for Vahn to change how Divinity functioned.

[Enkidu] could circumvent the laws to an extent, but the usage was extremely limited and the chains couldn’t even naturally exist in the world if not for the fact they were bound to his soul. Much like how his Innate abilities transcended the restrictions of the ‘record’, [Enkidu] had a similar effect. Vahn wouldn’t be able to develop an item to emulate its effects unless it transcended Tier 4, which would also result in the destruction of the record…

The only ‘practical’ solution seemed to be to find a way to inhibit their Divinity even further than their descent in the mortal world did. The fact that their Divinity was already heavily restricted compared to how powerful it was in Heaven showed that it should be possible. The problem was, Vahn had no practical way of doing so at the moment. Even if he could inhibit it further, there was no way of knowing what kind of long-term effects that would have on the gods and goddesses around him. In the worst case scenario, if their Divinity was inhibited for too long, they would cease to exist entirely since they were unable to fulfill their ‘purpose’.

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Another solution Vahn came up with was to potentially give them ‘more’ Divinity instead of inhibiting their current ones. Since gods could have multiple Divinity and it was something that could be developed over time, Vahn figured it should be possible for him to find a way to trick the laws and give them a new purpose. That way, even if the effects of their prior Divinity faded, they wouldn’t be destroyed since there was a secondary Divinity support their soul.

Surprisingly, this seemed to be more practical and could even potentially enhance the power of the ‘record’ and increase it’s Tier beyond 4. The problem with that was, if the fundamental laws of the world were altered to accommodate the change, there was no way to regulate the sudden influx of power. Not only would there be higher tiered gods roaming about, but even mortals would undergo incredible changes. Depending on how things played out, it might very well result in the end of the world and the destruction of the ‘record’ if it failed to adapt to the changes.

There was also the problem about who Vahn should help to begin with. The fairest result would have him alter or enhance the Divinity of every god and goddess, but that would obviously lead to the greatest amount of chaos. However, if he only selected a few gods or goddesses that he had a preference for, the end result wouldn’t be much better. There would inevitably be a war caused by the shift of power, even if the people that he empowered didn’t initiate it. Since the current pantheons had been in place for as long as six-hundred-million years, it wasn’t easy for them to stand idly by as other gods ‘usurped’ their power and authority.

In that case, not only would Vahn likely die, but all of the people he cared about and enhanced would likely become the enemy of the others gods. In the worst case scenario, they would be killed or imprisoned while all of Vahn’s children would likely be captured and experimented on so they could understand the origin of his powers. Vahn knew better than most that being born as a unique existence could heavily influence how you were treated from the moment of your birth. Imagining his children being experimented on in the same way that he was in his previous life, Vahn couldn’t prevent his domain from expanding due to his rage.

As if to respond to his ‘outburst’, Loki returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses as she stared at Vahn with a questioning look. Vahn noticed her presence and recalled his domain before inspecting her current attire. In twenty minutes or so he hadn’t seen her, Loki had changed into a more casual outfit that looked distinctly different from her usual self. She was wearing a white long-sleeved buttoned shirt with a short dark-blue skirt.

Noticing his gaze, she grinned and explained, “Even if I change my clothing, I don’t like to wear pants and stuff. I may not have much in the breasts department, but I like to show off my butt.” As she spoke, she turned slightly in the hopes that Vahn could get a better glimpse of her assets. Though the skirt covered half of her thighs, it did nothing to hide the curve of her butt. Vahn noticed that Loki did, in fact, have a rather pert and well-shaped butt.

Seeing that Vahn had indeed looked, Loki’s smile widened a bit before she walked over and sat down next to him before placing the two wine cups on the table. As she began filling the two cups with the ruby-red liquid, she asked in a cheeky manner, “So, what did you think? Like what you see?”

Vahn sighed in his mind and decided to pay her a compliment and said, “It looks strangely ‘healthy’ and well shaped.” Loki, hearing his words, laughed out loud as she considered how strange his compliment was. She could tell that he was being ‘serious’, but that just made it more hilarious to her since it was such an awkward way to compliment someone. She tried teasing him a bit further and asked, “How about it, want to try touching it? I don’t mean to brag, but I have confidence that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its feel.”

Though he considered it for a moment, Vahn still shook his head and even refused the wine glass she held out to him. Loki’s brows furrowed a bit and she said, “You don’t have to worry, I didn’t drug it or anything.” Almost as if to prove her claim, Loki downed her entire glass in a few short gulps before exhaling out with a happy ‘Paaah~’ sound.

Vahn explained how he never drank outside of his home or unless he was celebrating an event with several of his companions. Loki tried convincing him that they were celebrating the birth of their future children, but Vahn continued to refuse until she had gone through nearly half the bottle on her own. She quickly became drunk and started acting uninhibited while Vahn had to continually remove her hands from his body to prevent her from sticking to him. Unfortunately, the drunker she got, the bolder she acted until the point where Vahn decided to quiet her.

He turned toward the brazen goddess and asked in a casual manner, “Would you like a massage, Loki? I have been told I’m quite good at it. Even Hephaestus and Anubis have given me a number of compliments.” Vahn almost mentioned Eva in his self-promotion, since she had been the one to help him polish the skill to a new level.

Loki got very excited by his proposition and quickly laid down on the couch with her back facing Vahn. She gave him a teasing look with her drunk-blush and said, “Please, be gentle~.” Completely unaffected by her words, Vahn nodded his head with a smile and placed both of his palms on either side of her body. Though she laughed cheekily at first, the moment Vahn channeled his [Hands of Nirvana], she quickly changed her tone.

Since Vahn was trying to force her to calm down, he was giving her the same type of massage that he had given to Hephaestus and Anubis in the past. Though the shirt on her body prevented him from identifying the muscles and nerves effectively, it didn’t inhibit his ability to use the skill by much.

The moment Vahn had put his hands on her back, Loki began to panic as she quickly lost strength in her body. She couldn’t help but feel that Vahn had used some kind of strange magic on her, but the more he traced his hands on her body and pressed into her muscles, the more comfortable and pleasant she felt. Her previously drunken mind immediately regained clarity as she grits her teeth to resist the sensations wracking her body. She tried to look toward him and get him to stop, but he seemed completely focused on his task.

Because Vahn hadn’t used his [Hands of Nirvana] on anyone other than Eva after obtaining Rank S, he was unaware of the efficacy it had on other people. Since Eva had incredibly high resistance and recovered quickly, Vahn had become accustomed to chaining together the sensations in rapid-fire sequence. Less than a minute after he started working on the muscles in her back, Loki’s body began to have micro convulsions and she had become completely silent. Vahn could hear her gasp lightly and saw from the side of his vision that she was gritting her teeth in an effort to resist.

He chuckled a bit within his own mind as he traced the energy in his hands along her spine while targeting various nerve clusters in her ribs and shoulders. Loki’s body began to convulse even more and Vahn could feel the vibration of her muscles that showed that his massage was effective. Without skipping a beat, he continued to massage her back before turning his attention to the butt which she had so proudly touted earlier.

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Though he didn’t start with it directly, Vahn wanted to tease her a bit so he began to massage the muscles around her thighs and noticed she had a greatly enhanced reaction. At this point, Loki had stopped gritting her teeth and had a slightly glazed expression as her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. Vahn worked his thumbs into her thighs and pressed his energy deep within the muscles which caused them to twitch incessantly.

Satisfied with the results, Vahn moved on to the last bastion of Loki’s sanity as he began to press strongly into the nerve clusters around her butt cheeks. Vahn had to admit that, as she had proudly declared earlier, Loki’s butt was incredibly firm yet supple. It wasn’t like Hephaestus who had a very soft and pleasant feeling butt, nor was it like Anubis who had a very springy and fleshy butt. Loki’s was a mixture between feeling incredibly soft yet had enough resistance to make it tantalizing to the touch. Vahn felt like his description of it being ‘healthy’ was well suited to the feeling that was coming from his hands.

After around twenty minutes had passed, Vahn was preparing to stop since Loki had long since tried putting up any resistance. She had turned completely silent and docile as she lay on the couch with a relatively large drool stain on the white cushions. As Vahn was beginning to cease his actions, he caught the presence of several people about to make their way into the room. Removing his hands, he stared at the doors and could see that two of the auras had slightly pink hues which indicated they were likely Tiona and Ais.

As expected, Tiona, Ais, Tione, and Lefiya entered the room and saw Vahn leaning over Loki’s unresponsive body. Tione and Lefiya gave him strange looks while Tiona and Ais had slightly varying reactions. Tiona seemed genuinely happy to see Vahn, and a smile appeared on her face as she made her way over with a spring in her step. Ais, however, stared at Vahn’s hands with a bit of interest in her eyes since she was the most aware of everyone present about what Vahn was doing.

Since he had stopped his hands, Loki managed to regain a bit of clarity as she looked toward the four girls that had entered the room. She stretched out her right hand and said in a slurred voice, “Shhaaave meeee~. It won’t stooooop~” Even now, Loki’s body still vibrated with the reverberations of a twenty-minute long continuous climax. She had severely underestimated Vahn’s ability and now wanted to escape from his clutches before she lost her mind.

Tiona immediately began laughing at Loki’s cry for help as she said in a teasing voice, “Looks like even Loki-sama can’t stand up against Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana].” She laughed like she had discovered something interesting as Ais walked over and poked Loki’s powerless body and said, “Justice.” Since Loki had often teased people and would occasionally try to tease and grope her, Ais felt like Loki had finally got her just deserts.

Lefiya, who had a fierce blush on her face, heard Ais’s words and stared at the body of Loki with a bit of vindication. Since she was the easiest person in the main group to tease, she was often the victim of Loki’s shenanigans. Her breasts had been groped so many times at this point that she couldn’t even begin to count. Seeing Loki on the couch at the mercy of Vahn made her respect him a little bit more.

The only person that seemed genuinely confused about what was going on was Tione who looked at the entire scene with a perplexed expression. She turned her gaze from Vahn and Loki before settling on her sister and asked, “Tiona, what is going on here?” Tiona, hearing her words, looked at Tione and said in a humorous tone, “Vahn has an incredible massage technique~! With just a single touch, he could probably make even an Amazon purr like a cat person~!”

Though Tione had some doubts, she saw that Ais immediately nodded at Tiona’s claim. With a bit of intrigue in her eyes, she turned her vision back to Vahn’s hands and stared at Loki who had yet to recover even after a few minutes had passed. She was very curious if Vahn really was as skillful as purported. Unfortunately, though she wasn’t aware of it at this time, Tione would later look back on this moment with the desire of warning her past self for her curiosity.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Godhand Returns’,’How to Tame a Trickster Goddess’,’Justice’)

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