Chapter 264: Temptation

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As he had bathed alone, Vahn was finished long before the girls’ side had even started washing their bodies. The warm feeling of the water continued to permeate through his body and Vahn was enjoying the sensation, even though he could have emulated the feeling with his [Heart of the Eternal Flame]. Since they always bathed right before bed, Vahn trudged his way up the stairs and entered his own room before laying down. The idea of relaxing had been reiterated so many times that Vahn suddenly felt somewhat lethargic and wanted to sleep early.

Nearly a half hour later, Vahn detected several presences and saw the girls were splitting up to go to their individual rooms. Mikoto was staying with Haruhime and Vahn released a relieved sigh since he imagined she might try to sneak into his room. Milan and Tina stayed in their room with Preasia and Fenrir while Ryuu also went to her own room. Vahn was a little sad because he was looking forward to spending time with Ryuu every now and then. Since they had already progressed to the point where they were comfortable being naked around each other, Vahn had some expectations that they would sleep in the same bed one day.

Because the twins were in the downstairs room near the kitchen, that left only one person left within the pool of people that might join him. Since her aura was much larger than a normal person’s, Vahn knew Hestia had the intention of sleeping in his bedroom since she was approaching the room from the left side of the hallway. Her room was directly opposite his, so if she intended to stay there she would deviate more towards the right. As expected, Hestia neared his room a few seconds later and opened the door before stepping inside without announcing her presence at all.

Hestia was aware that Vahn tracked people’s auras, so she had dropped the habit of announcing her presence to him long ago. Vahn already let her enter his room whenever she wanted anyway, so she had no inhibitions as she made her way over toward the bed in the dark room. After removing her gloves, ribbon, and hair ties, Hestia crawled into the bed alongside Vahn and snuggled up against him. As per usual, Vahn hugged her body gently without them having to exchange words at all. Other than the nights other people slept in the bed, Hestia and Vahn had spent every other night together so it was habitual for them at this point.

While Vahn was relaxing, he heard Hestia whisper, “Good night Vahn…” He then felt a small feeling against his cheek and turned over to see Hestia closing her eyes as she rested her head against his shoulder. Vahn could see she was behaving in a much more docile manner than normal and understood she was trying to allow him to relax properly. Even though she would probably climb on his body when he was asleep, Vahn was happy to see how thoughtful she was acting. It reinforced the idea that he should be relaxing so Vahn quickly released the tensions from his body as he fell asleep once again.

Even though Vahn slept in an alert state, he wouldn’t typically respond to the movements of other people if he had come to expect their actions. This allowed Hestia, when Vahn had been asleep for a while, to sit up and stare at his sleeping face with a contemplative look. There was a slight glimmer in her lake-like blue eyes and she stroked his face affectionately. She liked to watch him sleep because he always looked so defenseless even though she knew he was actually on high-alert. The only reason he ignored her actions was that he genuinely trusted her and it made Hestia feel happy inside her heart.

After a brief period of hesitation, Hestia straddled Vahn’s body and stared down at him from above for a while. She took a few deep breaths before her clothes began to dissipate into petals that arranged themselves around their two bodies. After a few seconds passed, Hestia was sitting atop Vahn’s stomach in nothing but her panties. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but Hestia also wanted to be closer to Vahn in the moments they shared together. Since it wasn’t that often she got to sleep with him alone, Hestia decided to take a small step forward.

For a few minutes after, Hestia sat atop Vahn and felt the slight chill coming from the room that was a stark contrast of the heat coming from Vahn’s body. She felt a slightly giddy feeling in her stomach the more she focused on the warmth and regretted not asking Vahn to sleep without his tunic on. Though the fabric was thin, it felt somewhat abrasive due to the texture of the cloth against her bare skin. Even though she didn’t want him to wake up, Hestia had a bit of expectation and wondered how he would react if he saw her now. Though she knew he wasn’t the type to lose control, a small part of her wished that Vahn would wake up, see her sitting on top of him in just her panties, and then attack her in a brutish manner.

Releasing a short sigh, Hestia looked down into the gentle sleeping expression of Vahn with a small amount of resentment coloring her deep blue eyes. Even though she knew it was her own hesitation that kept him from doing anything, Hestia wished he would be more proactive instead of worrying about pressuring her. After more than twenty minutes passed, Hestia gave up because she was unwilling to wake him by her own efforts. Instead, she leaned against Vahn’s body like normal and tried to calm her heart as she fell asleep while enjoying the warmth from his body.

While Vahn was asleep, he felt like he was floating in a warm space as a subtle pink aura spread through his mind. It was a very pleasant, almost tantalizing feeling and Vahn could feel the warmth spreading through his body and calming his mind. Vahn didn’t often dream while he was asleep, so it was an interesting and new experience that Vahn found very enjoyable. He wondered about the origin of the aura and how it had come to affect him within the space of his own dreamscape. Since it didn’t seem threatening at all, Vahn let the feelings spread through his body because they made him feel happy…

As he continued to enjoy the feelings, Vahn lost track of time until the pink aura diminished by a large amount. Vahn felt saddened, almost like he had lost something for a moment even though he didn’t understand what he had felt. The pink aura still remained, even though it wasn’t nearly as prevalent as before, and Vahn wondered about its origins as he closed his eyes within the dream and entered a strange meditative state. Though he couldn’t make out what was said, Vahn felt like there was a sequence of nine words playing through his mind…

After a long time, Vahn felt an itchy sensation in his heart as his mind began to buzz inexplicably. He opened his eyes in the dreamscape and saw a hazy pink aura clouding the area that continued to affect his mind. As if compelled by some primal instinct, Vahn lifted his head and smelled the pink haze and it instantly spread through his mind like a hammer striking an anvil. It was an incredibly aromatic scent that was eerily reminiscent, almost like it was something he had been exposed to often yet was never able to identify. Though he felt a bit of anxiety, Vahn continued to sniff the pleasant aroma as if he was trying to identify the source…

When Vahn awoke the next morning, he felt his heart was racing a bit and he was still sniffing even when he left the dreamscape. Even though he was awake, Vahn could still smell the powerful aroma except now he was able to identify it somewhat. It smelled strangely of honey and lemon with a subtle, almost robust, smell. Opening his eyes, Vahn couldn’t help but swallow at what he saw and realized what he had been doing in his dazed state for the last few seconds.

He didn’t know how it happened, but Hestia seemed to have inverted her body through the night and he was only a few inches away from her butt at the aromatic mound that was concealed by a thin white cloth. His heart began to beat faster in his chest because Vahn realized he had actually been tilting his head forward because he was drawn by the scent. Though it wasn’t nearly as powerful as Hephaestus, Vahn could smell Hestia’s aroma and could even see, with his enhanced vision, the briefest hint of moisture through the fabric.

To make matters worse, since he often hugged Hestia while he slept, Vahn had been supporting her body around her waist and had been holding her still as he complacently smelled her panties. He wasn’t sure how long she had been awake, but Vahn could see Hestia’s pink aura fluttering like a flame as she continued to remain silent. Though he realized she had probably done something to try and entice him, Vahn still felt somewhat embarrassed alongside the feelings of excitement welling up inside him. There was no way Hestia had accidentally inverted her body and the fact she remained silent even while awake seemed to confirm his assumption.

Vahn felt incredibly conflicted at the moment because he was drawn to the sight in front of him almost as though it had a magnetic attraction. He had never seen a girl from this angle and it was a strangely tantalizing sight to behold. Since Hestia was incredibly soft, to begin with, Vahn felt very tempted to lean his face forward just to see how far Hestia was willing to feign ignorance. Everything was so close that it wouldn’t take any effort at all for him to take decisive action…

Releasing a sigh, Vahn saw the cloth flutter a bit and he could feel Hestia’s body tremble slightly as her aura wavered for a moment. However, as if to refute the small lapse in intensity, her aura expanded marginally and burned with greater fervor after the fact. When Vahn moved his hands slightly, he suddenly realized what was different than normal. Since all he could see was her rear and legs, Vahn hadn’t noticed that Hestia wasn’t wearing her dress before now. He could feel the heat of her body on his palms and he became absolutely certain she was trying to appeal to him.

Vahn felt like he was on the precipice of something and didn’t know if he should take the next step. However, he didn’t want to leave Hestia hovering between her own uncertainty either since it must have taken a lot of courage on her part to even go this far. The fact that her aura expanded when it momentarily destabilized told Vahn that she was pushing herself but wasn’t willing to give up just because she was scared. To answer her courage, Vahn hugged Hestia’s waist tighter as if he was pulling her body into a hug and leaned forward with his nose just enough to contact the fabric.

He could feel a slight moisture on his nose and notice that the heartbeat of Hestia was transmitted through her large breasts all the way to his stomach. Her aura turned chaotic, but it didn’t collapse and continued to burn a vibrant pink as Vahn inhaled her scent with a long and deep breath. From the moment he started until the moment he exhaled, Vahn felt like his brain had begun to melt from the stimulating aroma. Even though he traditionally had perfect control over his own body, Vahn felt a powerful impulse to lose control.

From Hestia’s end, she had teary eyes and was biting her bottom lips as she drew short and powerful breaths. She had braced herself for Vahn’s actions but still felt incredibly embarrassed when he actually began sniffing her panties. To make matters worse, he took an almost impossibly long breath that made her heart begin to race with an increasing intensity. By the time he was done, she had turned cherry red and her eyes widened at the sight that appeared right in front of her eyes. Though she had heard the rumors before, it was Hestia’s first time seeing Vahn get an erection even though it was through his loose sleeping trousers.

Hestia felt incredibly intimidated but continued to push herself further as she felt spurred onwards by Vahn’s actions. She had heard from Haruhime that this was an intimate position that was favored by both guys and girls, and Hestia thought she would be able to tolerate things if she didn’t see Vahn’s face. Now that she managed to get a ‘rise’ out of him, Hestia felt a minuscule amount of confidence build up from somewhere deep inside of her as she reached forward and gingerly opened the button on Vahn’s trousers.

Vahn suddenly felt exposed and his eyes widened as he took short and shallow breaths through his nose. The more he inhaled Hestia’s scent, the greater the feeling of excitement in his own body as an anticipation grew inside of him. Since he hadn’t originally intended to get erect, Vahn though Hestia would have shied away instantly but, against all expectations, she actually continued to push herself even further. After a few seconds, Vahn felt a small hand grab around his p**** and he began breathing hard enough that he could see Hestia’s body rise and fall with the expansion of his lungs.

Though she felt an incredible amount of anxiety at the sight of Vahn’s erect p****, Hestia didn’t shy away and instead inspected its form with her eyes. After a few seconds, she reached forward and touched it with her fingers before testing its girth with her hand. She was surprised because she was barely able to touch the tip of her index finger to her thumb. If not for the fact she had seen the two girls herself, Hestia wouldn’t believe something like this could enter a girl. She had a bit of confidence as a goddess and her own durability, but it seemed almost hopelessly impossible.

After contemplating for a bit, Hestia decided to proceed further along the steps mentioned by Haruhime and raised her body a bit after placing her arms and Vahn’s hips as support. From behind, Vahn peeked up over Hestia’s butt and saw her back with a look of intrigue and expectation in his eyes. Though he never mentioned it to anyone, he had seen something similar to their current position previously and had taken a brief glance before looking away. He assumed she must have learned something from Haruhime, but Vahn wasn’t sure how far she was willing to go before she backed down.

Hestia could feel her body rise and fall with Vahn’s breaths and also felt his heart beating powerfully as a heat spread through her thighs. She knew he was very excited and it pushed her rabbit-like heart even further as she moved her drooping hair to the side and lowered her head to the tip of Vahn’s p****. Before going any further, Hestia stopped her motions almost as if she were kissing the tips of the glans even though it was actually a result of her hesitation. After a few seconds passed, Hestia gingerly licked forward with her tongue and pressed it against the swollen glans as if testing its taste.

Though it tasted slightly salted, Hestia couldn’t help but swallow a bit of saliva as her heart began to increase to an unimaginably fast rhythm. Because of the ‘salty’ taste, the saliva in Hestia’s mouth began to build up and, since she was already known for drooling anyways, the moisture dripping through the crack of her lips and slid down the side of Vahn’s p****. Hestia had followed the drool with her eyes and felt both embarrassed and stimulated at the same time. Without waiting any longer, Hestia began licking the tip of Vahn’s p**** while doing her best to ignore her own discomfort.

Other than Hephaestus kissing his glans, this was the first time Vahn ever had a woman put the tip of his p**** in their mouth. It was an incredibly moist, hot, and stimulating experience that made his legs shiver a bit every time Hestia’s tongue came into contact with his member. However, Vahn felt like it was strangely frustrating that she kept repeating the same action even though it was very pleasant. Since he knew she had never done anything like this before, Vahn was unwilling to say anything and thought he should do something on his end to encourage her forward.

Because her legs were spread to the sides of his body, there was no way for Vahn to easily remove Hestia’s panties. Instead, he reached his hand under her belly and grabbed the fabric with the thumb of his left hand before pulling it to the side. Hestia’s actions immediately stopped and her aura became increasingly unstable as she felt the hot breath of Vahn tickling her exposed genitals. Vahn didn’t say anything at all and just continued to stare at the slightly ruddy mound that had a small trickle of moisture coming from the nearly flawless slit. Almost as if it were reacting to her breathing, the line would open slightly every now and then and gave Vahn the briefest glimpse of the interior of Hestia’s v*****.

After several long seconds passed between them, Hestia seemed to have made a decision and began licking Vahn’s glans again while her legs tensed up a bit and began to shake. Vahn had a small smile on his face as he used both thumbs to open the slightly puffy vulva and peered at the pink interior that had become incredibly flushed from the increased blood flow through Hestia’s body. At the base of the vulva, or the top if she were upright, Vahn could see a hooded nub but decided to ignore it for the time being as he traced his own tongue for the first time against the l**** of a girl. Vahn noticed that taste of the juices coming from Hestia were distinctly different from the smell and it was somewhat lighter than he expected. It was somewhat sweet, honeylike, but it had an almost tart taste at the same time that was hard to describe.

Hestia felt like her heart was going to explode from the foreign stimulation coming from her v*****. Though she had masturbated out of curiosity before, there was never a time where she had experienced something else touching the interior. She hadn’t even grown enough courage to do anything the more than fiddle with her own sensitive bead a bit in the past. It was both a pleasant, yet ticklish, sensation that made her body contract all the way up her abdomen every time Vahn licked the interior. She tried to distract herself and stop Vahn’s actions by gripping his p**** with both hands firmly as she continued to lick around the top of his p****.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Hestia realized she was running a race where she was at a significant disadvantage. Since she was completely inexperienced, she had no idea how to stimulate Vahn further while he earnestly broke through her defenses without any resistance at all. Instead of just licking, it was almost like he was ‘savoring’ her insides as he pressed his tongue into different areas and gauged her reaction. Every time she clenched up more than normal, he would press into the area with his tongue before gently rocking his head. During these times, Hestia couldn’t even do anything as she pulled away from his p**** and tucked her body low to his abdomen. The only thing she could manage was licking near the base a bit as she continued to suffer from Vahn’s ‘eagerness’ and curiosity.

Around seven minutes in, Vahn began to get immersed in his actions until he noticed a marked increase in the amount of moisture coming from Hestia as her insides began to writhe about slightly. Vahn knew from experience that she was approaching climax and considered if he should push her a bit further to see how she would react. After a brief period of hesitation, he noticed that Hestia was trying to reposition herself to continue her efforts and Vahn felt slightly emboldened. Though not nearly as much as what he had done to Ais, Vahn inserted the slightest amount of energy into his thumb as he leaned forward and lapped against the slightly larger hole while pressing Hestia’s tiny bead.

Hestia suddenly felt a powerful fear overtake her body before a shock ran along her spine that seemed to collide with her thoughts and shatter them into tiny pieces. Unable to hold her own voice down, the only thing Hestia could do was try to cover her mouth as her body arched like a shrimp against Vahn’s abdomen. She could feel a ridiculously pleasant feeling spreading through her body as a lightheadedness clouded her mind. It was way more stimulating than anything she had ever felt and Hestia wasn’t able to rationalize what was happening to her body. The only thing she knew was there was a comfortable heat underneath her and she could feel Vahn’s arms firmly wrapped around her hips, almost like they were trying to prevent her body from flying away…

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