Chapter 453: Reflection

Vahn could feel his brows twitching when Tiona began nibbling playfully on his ear and tracing her hands along the front side of his body. It could be because he wasn’t used to the stimulation, but it felt like women were far more sensitive than men when it came to being touched. Vahn also considered it was just a trait of Tiona’s, but that wasn’t something he could deduce at the moment because of Tiona’s antics. He had been wearing a grey tunic over his body but now Tiona was tracing her palm around his stomach so Vahn broke free from her. Just like when he was with Tsubaki, Vahn felt awkward to be on the receiving end of such acts, especially when he didn’t know how to deal with the sensations of his current body.

Tiona had a somewhat embarrassed look on her face as she placed her hands behind her back and said, “Sorry, Vahn, I just thought it would be interesting to try it out…after all, it’s not often you get to have a woman’s body, especially mine…” Vahn pat his chest in order to calm his fluttering heart and said, “There are big differences in how men and women experience pleasure, and I don’t think it would be ‘healthy’ if I got accustomed to such things…” As he spoke, Vahn felt a bit of peculiarity in his own words because he was, in fact, very curious about such things. However, seeing the long orgasms experience by some of the girls, Vahn was somewhat concerned about his own mental state.

Hearing his words, Tiona showed a small smile but Vahn could see the dejection in her demeanor. She had been exceptionally playful ever since he assumed her form and was probably just curious about a few things herself. Tiona was one of the people Vahn disliked seeing ‘upset’ more than anyone else, as anything but a cheerful and excited expression didn’t suit her much. Even when he saw himself in the mirror earlier, Vahn felt like he ‘needed’ to smile or it would simply be strange. Since he hadn’t actually had many inhibitions about it, Vahn released a sigh and said, “I don’t mind ‘playing’ around for a bit, but I don’t really want to be on the receiving end that much…besides, I didn’t think you had bisexual tendencies?”

Tiona’s smiled had brightened a fair amount at Vahn’s words and she simply waved her hand dismissively at the last sentence as she said, “I wouldn’t feel like this if I didn’t know it was you that I was with, Vahn. It’s very interesting to see my own body, but it’s only because you’re the one that took the form. I thought it would be something ‘fun’ we could experience together since there aren’t any other girls present right now~.” Vahn showed a wry smile at her words before unequipping his own clothing and climbing into bed in a mechanical fashion. Due to her excitement, it didn’t take Tiona long before she had messily discarded her own clothing and leaped into the bed.

Vahn felt a bit of anxiety welling up inside of him and wasn’t quite sure how to get things started until Tiona closed in on him like a predator and pushed him down and sealed his lips. A primal instinct awakened in Vahn and he quickly rolled over and pinned the ‘aggressive’ Tiona instead. She didn’t make any effort to resist him at all and just began laughing as she reached out and prodded the pale buds on his chest. Vahn felt a shiver pass through his body as Tiona said, “My breasts might be small, but they are actually really sensitive. I wonder, how does it feel to you~?”

Feeling his own heart begin to race at the foreign stimulation, the corner of Vahn’s eye twitched and he performed a similar action against Tiona, with admittedly greater skill. Tiona began laughing once again and the intonation in her voice slowly changed into a more sensual tone. She didn’t have the benefit of Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana], but Tiona understood her own body well so she began to stroke Vahn’s stomach and laughed as his expression broke somewhat. She wasn’t entirely sure of the reason herself, but it always felt very exciting to have her lower abdomen rubbed by Vahn in the past.

Even though he was sure she was experiencing more than he was, Vahn found himself losing the momentum very quickly since everything was new to him. Simply moving around was somewhat awkward so, now that he was being ‘teased’ by Tiona, Vahn found that his own mental preparations were sorely lacking. Instead of his mind buzzing as usual, almost like there was a pressure building up, Vahn found his body was actually trembling instead and it was almost like a current was running through his abdomen. It was almost like his entire body was an erogenous zone and Vahn realized he would likely end up losing out in the end if he allowed Tiona to seize the initiative.

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Unfortunately for him, even though he was the one on top, Tiona quickly got an advantage and, since it wasn’t her first time doing lesbian play, ended up causing Vahn’s hips to drop against her’s when she opened her legs. Vahn had been straddling her earlier, but Tiona managed to force him down as he tried to escape her caress against his lower abdomen. When he fell, Vahn released out a high-pitch moan that caused his face to blush a great deal as a result. Even when he was a man, other than a few grunts and heavy breathing, Vahn had rarely ever made any audible sounds of pleasure and he found his own inability to resist the reaction of his body to be very embarrassing.

Realizing Vahn’s condition, Tiona smiled in a mischevious manner and asked, “Do you want me to take over, or did you want to try something different~?” He might not have realized it himself yet, but Tiona could feel her own body trembling as Vahn slowly grinded against her as he furrowed his brows. When he heard her words, Vahn’s frown deepened and he was very tempted to call it quits since it didn’t seem like he would be able to keep going for long. There was a somewhat ‘scary’ feeling beginning to well up inside him and it triggered danger signals in the back of his mind.

Though it was a bit shameless, Vahn activated his [Will of the Emperor] to forcibly calm his body down as he looked into Tiona’s brown eyes and said, “This is more difficult than I expected…I don’t think I can adapt to the situation easily if things progress much further…” Tiona titled her head sideways and asked, “Are you afraid to experience how a woman feels an orgasm? I know it can be pretty intense, but it’s actually very satisfying…I think you would regret it if you didn’t experience it at least once~?” Hearing her words, Vahn ground his teeth a bit because he knew she was right. He didn’t really have sex to experience the pleasure aspect, for the most part, so Vahn couldn’t easily rationalize why he didn’t want to have an orgasm other than ‘instinct’.

Seeing the conflicted look on Vahn’s face, Tiona showed a bit of concern in her expression before asking, “Vahn…you trust me, right?” Without considering the meaning behind her question, Vahn nodded his head and habitually replied, “Of course…” Tiona smiled in a cheerful manner after hearing his immediate response and said, “Just leave things to me then, okay~? I won’t even tell any of the other girls what happened if it bothers you too much. I just want us to have something that is uniquely ours~!” Vahn, seeing the look in Tiona’s eyes, and feeling the fluctuations of her aura, eventually caved into her insistence as he said, “Fine…”

Tiona’s smile widened as she easily swapped positions with Vahn and had him lay against the bed before turning around atop his body. Before she leaned forward, Tiona said, “This might be a little intense so just focus on trying to make me feel good, okay~?” As it wasn’t Vahn’s first time in such a position, he knew exactly what Tiona had in mind and it made his body tremble just thinking about it. However, he didn’t want to back down after having made his decision so he grabbed Tiona’s hips and pulled them toward his face as she bent down, flush against his body.

Vahn felt an invasive and hot feeling against his lower body and instinctively closed his thighs together, something Tiona had already anticipated and prevented. Every time she moved her tongue, Vahn felt a tingling sensation run up his body and it wasn’t until Tiona sat up and said, “My bottom is feeling a little lonely…” that he realized he hadn’t actually started on his own end. Pushing his [Will of the Emperor] a little more, Vahn grabbed Tiona’s hips and began attacking her weak spots in a skillful manner. He could feel Tiona’s body tremble and now knew exactly what kind of reaction she was having since a similar sensation was passing through his own body.

Without the support of [Will of the Emperor], Vahn didn’t think he would have lasted for more than a minute, even though Tiona’s actions were somewhat sloppy. It seemed like she was trying to learn from him, but there was a vast difference in their experience and technical prowess. Unfortunately, his advantage wasn’t nearly as evident as usual and Vahn found himself ‘clinging’ to Tiona’s hips as he scrunched up his toes in an effort to resist the approaching ‘wave’ that felt like it was beginning to rise up in his body. At this point, it was like his abdomen had started to vibrate in a strange manner as a feeling of impending doom gripped his mind.

Feeling the changes in Vahn’s body, Tiona took a deep breath before spreading about the fleshy and pliant mound and peeled back the masking cap that covered her own little bead. The fact that she had been essentially fellating herself was something that had been hoving in Tiona’s mind and she couldn’t help but apologize to Vahn in her own mind since he was going to be the victim of her curiosity. Without any real hesitation, Tiona gently nibbled on the small bead before flicking it with her tongue in an awkward manner. She could feel Vahn pulling down on her hips as he nails dug into her backside but it wasn’t really that painful so she ignored it and continued her assault…

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Vahn adamantly refused to release any cries but he couldn’t do much about his body’s instinct to cling to Tiona desperately as the reverberations in his own body increased to the breaking point. The sense of impending doom in his mind ‘collapsed’ and Vahn felt his legs spasm as electricity ran up and down his legs rapidly and he lost his ability to hold onto Tiona’s body. With the collapse of his mind, Vahn felt like he couldn’t do anything except simply ‘experience’ the moment as his own mind began to wander in a murky abyss. If not for Tiona weighing him down, Vahn felt like he would have drifted away into that abyss and lost himself in the moment entirely…

Tiona was very surprised by Vahn’s reaction and her own body felt giddy as she watched his legs tremble rapidly. Even though it wasn’t really her body, Tiona could see her insides writhing around and she couldn’t resist the temptation to prod the contracting walls and feeling their vibrations. It was a very ‘familiar’ feeling against her fingers but also something entirely foreign because Vahn’s reaction was decidedly different from her own. It was somewhat amusing so Tiona kept feeling around his insides as she ‘patiently’ waited for him to return from his trip. To her surprise, Vahn had been gone for nearly two minutes before he began releasing shallow breaths that tickled her own moist bottom.

Vahn lay in a daze under Tiona and just stared up at the tantalizing mound and the perk brown buttocks that dominated his vision. He now understood exactly why the girls around him were so ‘satisfied’ by his treatment because the pleasure he had just experienced was on the precipice of being called ‘awe-inspiring’. It was so far beyond Vahn’s expectations that he actually had trouble processing exactly what had happened since the vast majority of the experience had passed by as he was left unawares under Tiona’s warm body and pleasant weight. He could still feel Tiona poking around, each touch sending jolts through his body, so Vahn decided to return the favor before bringing this ‘dangerous’ experience to an end…

Without hesitation, Vahn traced his hands up and down Tiona’s back as he buried his face into the moist mound and began his own assault against her defenses. He had decided to make full use of his [Hands of Nirvana] so Tiona quickly dropped her entire weight against his body as she released sensual moans that tickled his ears. Vahn had done his best to stifle his own moaning earlier, though it felt like he might have failed at the end, so he found her reaction satisfying. She was obviously able to resist the urge if she tried, but her actions showed Vahn that she wanted him to hear so he listened to her cries as if they were an accompanying tune to the reverberations of her body.

Tiona could feel Vahn’s ‘earnest’ efforts to gain the advantage against her and did her best to try and resist but found that she was unable to even hold out for more than ten seconds. It was a little ‘unfair’ that Vahn could make use of such methods but Tiona didn’t really mind that much at all. She got to see Vahn’s first climax as a woman and it made her feel a strange sense of accomplishment in having done so. She now had another one of Vahn’s ‘firsts’ and it might even serve as the catalyst for future firsts they could experience together. The other girls seemed somewhat resistant against Vahn taking on the form of a woman, but Tiona didn’t care at all since he was still the boy she fell in love with. Even though it was slightly different, all of his actions were performed with the same attention as always and it made Tiona’s body flitter about like a leaf caught in the wind as she allowed him to blow her away once again…

As a result of his own unwillingness to have ‘lost’, Vahn ended up teasing Tiona’s body for nearly forty minutes before giving her a reprieve. He knew it was a bit ‘mean’ to do so, but he felt like he had to do something or he wouldn’t be able to cover up his own embarrassment. As for why he continued for so long, it was because Tiona would eventually ‘adapt’ to his movements and start her own assault anew. Vahn discovered that his own body was even more sensitive than it had been previously and knew that, like he had been doing to her, Tiona would be able to ‘trap’ him if she managed to get any momentum of her own. The first climax had been something beyond Vahn’s expectations so he was especially afraid of experiencing something even more intense…

After ‘surviving’ his assault, Tiona had cuddled up against Vahn and hugged his body tightly as she intertwined his legs with her own. They were precisely the same size as each other so it was very easy for them to overlap their bodies and be even closer. With a flushed expression and slightly glazed eyes, Tiona muttered, “Even though you’re in a different form, I’m glad we got to be together without using the ‘Fallen’…” Vahn simply stroked her slightly damp hair in response and said, “I should be able to reach Level 4 during the expedition, or at least sometime after. Once I reach that Level, there is a fair chance I would be able to overpower you with the assistance of Haruhime’s magic…”

Tiona put a bit more strength into her embrace and kissed Vahn’s lips in a passionate manner for several minutes before saying, “I think it would be a good idea to put off having children for another year or two…I don’t want to have any overlap with the first batch of kids and I know you’ll be somewhat distracted by them when they are born. Since you’ll probably enter into a dispute with the Amazon Queen after we get pregnant, I want to wait until our power has increased much more…” Vahn had noticed that Tiona said ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ so she was likely including her sister in the equation. He knew she was correct to put off having a child until later as now was simply not an opportune time.

Vahn nodded his head after contemplating the matter a bit and said, “I think I can reach Level 5 or 6 within two years, and there is a fair chance I will be able to learn magic from Eva in the time frame. Once I’m strong enough, I can even give you a flame seed and then we can both increase our strength in preparation of the future…” Tiona’s smile widened at Vahn’s words before she nuzzled her cheek against his and said, “The future looks brighter every day I’m together with you, Vahn~.” Vahn also displayed a smile of his own as he began to think about other methods to improve the strength of their group in the future.

The key to everything seemed to be learning from Eva, but Vahn suspected there were plenty of other ways that he already had access to and simply hadn’t considered…after all, ‘The Path’ was inherently without limitations and the only real restriction was Vahn’s understanding of it and willingness to exploit its functions. Just as he had decided to be more proactive in his relationships with the girls, perhaps it was time to seriously consider expanding his knowledge of his own capabilities in the near future…

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