Chapter 494: Changes at Home

The smile on Vahn’s face had frozen up a bit but he eventually managed to thaw out and say, “No, it’s fine, you don’t have to worry about it. However, I may…ask for your assistance in the future?” Vahn knew Terra would eventually have to relieve her body of the relatively valuable fluid and he was wondering how the organ functioned in her dragon form. It was a very awkward part of the body to obtain the sap from, but it wasn’t as though Terra was actually a human so he would have to get over his discomfort eventually. For the time being, however, Vahn would ask for the assistance of Riveria or…

As Vahn was thinking about the reliable High Elf, he could feel a cold sweat on his brow as Sis immediately said, (*I’m sorry, Vahn, I completely forgot about that matter…*) Though Sis was very reliable most of the time, she was still part of Vahn and could make mistakes and oversights on occasion. She had been analyzing data for Vahn earlier and had forgotten to remind him that he promised to let Riveria observe the naming ceremony. He had been so ‘intent’ of taking care of it right after reaching the surface that his confidence had thrown her off. It happened very rarely, but this wasn’t the first time Sis had made a mistake, not that it was actually her responsibility to remember things for him. Vahn would have to apologize to Riveria tomorrow when he introduced her to Terra…

After shaking the image of Riveria’s cold gaze from his mind, Vahn gave Terra one last pat on the head before pulling his hand away. The corners of her eyes twitched slightly and she had a somewhat sad expression on her face before smiling gently. Vahn returned her smile and said, “Don’t worry, I treat my Familiars like my actual family, so I will pamper you a little in the future…” Terra’s ears twitched in response to his words and Vahn’s eyes were drawn to the pointed ears that were actually lined with leafy-green scales that made them blend in with her hair. They were so similar that Vahn had completely overlooked them earlier because of how curly and long Terra’s hair was. It extended nearly to the middle of her back, stopping just before her wings sprouted, and even her bangs nearly reached her brows.

Terra was a very ‘interesting’ woman, but Vahn would wait until she was more comfortable in her form, and had more loyalty toward him before he approached her in a studious manner. For the time being, he would let her adapt to the changes in her life while trying to ensure she can enjoy the peace she sought as the Green Dragon. Looking toward the other girls, who had slightly dazed expressions Vahn laughed and said, “Okay, I think it’s time for us to return home. Remember, Terra is part of our family from now on, so look after her until she matures. She’ll need everyone’s help for her education, and make sure you don’t teach her anything strange!” Though Vahn had already said it once, he felt like he needed to emphasize it seeing Haruhime’s ‘mischevious’ smile.

Afterward, everyone climbed on Fafnir’s back to prepare for the return trip, everyone except for Terra that is. As she watched the others climb aboard Fafnir, Terra actually felt a strange emotion that made her a little anxious, especially when she saw Vahn board as well. She didn’t understand the reason, but it felt a little lonely and she was somewhat envious of the ‘happy’ look on Fafnir’s expressionless face. Though other people might not be susceptible to its emotions, Terra could see through it and Fafnir was obviously very ‘proud’ to be giving everyone else a ride.

As Vahn turned to look toward her, Terra’s frown turned into a smile and she said, “I haven’t had the opportunity to spread my wings since obtaining this form. I’ll follow behind, though please don’t fly too quickly until I get used to things. My body feels a little unbalanced in my current state…” Hearing her words, Vahn’s brows raised slightly before an intrigued expression appeared on his face and he asked, “Are you sure you can fly in that form?” Though her wings were 4m wide, Vahn didn’t think they would be able to support Terra’s weight. Because her bones weren’t hollow like a bird, Terra was actually much heavier than her appearance might indicate. He hadn’t verified it himself, but she was likely close to 170kg, much heavier than a normal person.

Terra didn’t seem to be worried at all and simply spread her wings and the ‘feathers’ began to rustle slightly before she spread her arms to stabilize herself. Without actually needing to flap her wings, much like Fafnir, Terra lifted off the ground and Vahn could see mana flowing in a loop underneath her wings to allow her flight. Seeing that she was actually capable of replicating the feat in her human form, Vahn’s intrigue was ignited and he began considering making a ‘wing-suit’ in the future. He could imagine the twins, Maemi and Emiru, flying around the sky in the Valkyrie armor he was going to forge for them and it was an awe-inspiring sight, even though it was just in his mind.

After wobbling about for a bit, Terra flapped her wings once and lifted herself nearly 30m into the air in an instant before spread her wings wide to stop her acceleration. Though she had shot above them, her voice still carried easily as she said, “It is very strange, but I think I’ll be able to get used to it with a little bit of practice…” Vahn had noticed her speed was actually quite fast, which made sense considering she was a Level 4 monster evolved by the Akashic Tome. He wasn’t sure how the two records influenced her growth, but she was already very powerful even without the blessing of a god. With her human form, she would be able to obtain the blessing in the future and this would promote her growth even further, at least in theory.

Vahn stroked Fafnir’s back, as it had been focusing its gaze on Terra in the sky with a somewhat competitive glint in its eyes. Fafnir seemed very fond of Terra, but it also had the natural ‘pride’ of a dragon that often shone through. It was a little concerning to think about, but Vahn felt like it had been influenced by his tendency to show off a bit, even though they didn’t interact that often. During the exhibition, Fafnir had even gotten a little carried away and had taunted Riveria quite a bit, something Vahn had lectured it on later on. Now that it had a companion, one which wasn’t that much weaker than itself, Fafnir’s competitive spirit was burning even stronger.

With Vahn’s signal, Fafnir spread its own wings and sent out a powerful gust before shooting up into the air with a fierce momentum. However, as Terra had requested, it didn’t actually fly that fast and their pace was closer to a ‘glide’ than accelerated flight. Fafnir could easily reach upwards of 4,000km/h, but their current pace was less than 350km/h. Terra seemed to be able to keep up, but her hair was obviously getting in her way since she couldn’t control her own wind barrier properly. As she was still adapting to her body, this included her control over her own energy and she couldn’t form an energy barrier to prevent her hair for fluttering about chaotically.

Vahn watched her flight with a bit of concern as she held both of her hands to her face to prevent her somewhat long sideburns from poking her in the eyes. Since she wouldn’t be able to hear him otherwise, Vahn sent her an order to use the ‘wake’ of Fafnir as a shield since it created a somewhat calm cone of air behind it as it cut through the wind. Following Vahn’s advice, Terra flicked her wings before tumbling through the air as she dropped into position behind Fafnir in a surprising display of skill. Even though she wasn’t used to her current form, it was obvious she was very accustomed to flying as even her Green Dragon form had allowed her to do so. She seemed to realize that having a smaller body increased her mobility even further and, now that the wind wasn’t battering her so strongly, she began to smoothly fly behind Fafnir with a smile on her face.

From his right, Vahn could feel someone tugging at his tunic and turned to see Lili with a somewhat concerned expression on her face as she asked, “Do you really prefer girls with tails and big butts so much, Vahn?” Vahn’s smile twitched several times until he eventually released an exasperated sigh and hung his head a bit as he responded, “Though they are certainly interesting, I don’t think I have any kind of preference like that Lili. There are things I like about everyone, and I never really consider things like that…” It was true as, even though Vahn was fond of girls with plump butts, it was mainly because he thought they suited the women that had them very well. He couldn’t even imagine a Hephaestus or Tsubaki with a thin butt, so Lili’s question wasn’t something he was really fond of hearing.

Lili realized she had ‘hurt’ Vahn a bit and she could see the tired expression on his face as he spoke honestly, even if it was in an exasperated manner. She felt guilty and hung her head before looking around at everyone else to see their take on things. Haruhime had the same ‘annoying’ look on her face as she tried to act like an elegant lady, while Mikoto was gripping the handle on Fafnir’s back with a pale expression. Naaza had a slightly troubled expression and showed a wry smile when their eyes met while Fenrir simply gave her a stink eye for ‘upsetting’ Vahn. Turning her head up, Lili saw Vahn’s expression had softened as he reached out his hand and said, “It’s okay, Lili, just remember that I have my reasons for liking everyone. I don’t compare any of you, at least not intentionally…just be who you are, that is enough.”

Vahn’s words made her feel even more guilty, but she also felt happy at the same time so she showed an apologetic smile and said, “Sorry, Vahn…and thank you for being so nice to me.” As he stroked her hair a bit roughly, Vahn chuckled and said, “You’re welcome, Lili…” For the remained of the shot short flight, things were relatively peaceful and Vahn just kept looking back to make sure Terra was okay. Even if she fell from the sky, she wouldn’t hit the ground with enough force to actually do any harm, but Vahn was still a little worried about her. He had no way of knowing what would happen if she landed badly, as it was easy to break limbs if the joints were twisted with enough force. Even Vahn didn’t have any confidence landing on, for example, his fingers. He would probably survive easy enough, but there was a fair chance he would stub one of his fingers or potentially fracture one. Terra had very wide wings, so Vahn could imagine them getting twisted up a bit if she hit the ground fast enough.

With their speed, they reached the West Gate of Orario after around ten minutes before landing just outside the gate after everyone else trying to enter spread out in a panic. Terra landed behind them by flapping her wings several times to break her speed as she landed nimbly on the ground. Vahn could tell that the short flight had helped her increase her proficiency a great deal and she looked somewhat elegant with her wings folded up behind her. They were similar in color to her hair, albeit much shinier, so it almost looked like her hair reached near the ground as a result. Vahn wondered if this had been an ‘intentional’ design, but he couldn’t be sure since he had no understanding of how the Akashic Tome decided their final forms.

Though some people looked disgruntled, none of them had the courage to step forward because the auras emitted by Fafnir and Terra were quite frightening if you weren’t a seasoned Adventurer. Even though she was a peaceful dragon that embodied the Earth and Nature, Terra was still a True Dragon and carried herself with a certain dignity that made it hard to match her gaze. Besides, there wouldn’t be things like natural disasters and the ‘wrath’ of mother nature if the earth wasn’t capable of bringing about calamities. Beneath her elegant exterior, Terra possessed an incredible amount of power that could probably topple an army in a defensive fight. Her offensive power was somewhat lacking, but from the moment her enemies entered her territory with ill intent, she would be a monstrous force to contend against.

Just as before, the Gate Guards didn’t delay Vahn’s entrance into the City, though they did ask some questions about the ‘new addition’ to the party. Vahn explained that Terra was another one of his tamed monsters, just like Fenrir and Fafnir, to which the guards could only nod their heads to after seeing her rather large wings and the tail sticking out behind her robe. As there was no entrance fee required for ‘pets’, Terra was allowed to enter the City freely, though Vahn still had to register her with the Guild in the future. Since Eina, Rose, and Misha could file the paperwork, Vahn mounted Fafnir with the girls and they slowly flew towards the Hearth Manor with Terra following closely behind them.

If not for his impeccable knowledge of the surrounding area, Vahn wouldn’t have believed the massive Manor that appeared beneath them was the Hearth Manor. As the two drastically different buildings shared the same plot of land, Vahn knew it was indeed the newly renovated Manor and it was very surprising just how many changes had occurred in the twenty-six day period. Instead of a Central Building with two Wings and an Annex, the Hearth Manor now made a huge square-shaped loop with a large empty area in the center where the bath and training areas were located. To the east of the Manor, there was now another small residence where high walls had been erected and concealed in a natural manner. Vahn presumed that would be where he met with various goddesses in the future so he turned his attention to the other changes instead. There was now a staging area on the west side of the Manor, with a path leading around to it, and a small building with the Guild’s emblem affixed to the top.

Overall, the Manor was more than twice the original size and Vahn was wondering how they had managed to ‘finish’ things so quickly. However, when they landed in the courtyard, Vahn saw several signs of construction and there were more than thirty presences located beneath the Manor itself. Using his [Eyes of Truth], Vahn could see people working away to build a large underground network that even extended beyond the walls of the Manor in some places. He was very interested in the layout they had decided upon because it was obviously an improvement upon his own designs. As Hestia was a goddess of architecture, she had probably changed up a variety of things after discussing it with the gods and goddesses of the various Familias that had been contracted for the work.

Almost immediately after she crossed his mind, Hestia burst out of the front door of the Manor with an incredibly excited expression on her face before she leaped toward him like a missile and clung to his neck shouting, “Weeeelcome home, Vahn~!” Before Vahn could return the greeting, Hestia gripped the sides of his face like a vice and began kissing him in a somewhat forceful manner as she greedily seized his tongue with her own. Vahn’s hands naturally moved near where most girls’ waists would be as he gripped Hestia’s soft and plump butt with both hands, effectively triggering an explosion of red and pink from her aura. Though he knew her very well, Vahn often ‘forgot’ Hestia’s diminutive size and had walked right into a ‘trap’ set by the affectionate goddess.

Fortunately, Hestia returned to her senses a bit when the others began to arrive and eventually climbed off Vahn’s body with a flushed and excited face as she turned to the other girls and said, “Welcome home, everyone…” As she stood out a great deal, Hestia found her eyes drawn to Terra and almost immediately noticed the abnormalities with her body. Terra simply smiled in return and said, “Greetings, my name is Terra, a dragon that serves my Master, Vahn Mason.” Before they could begin questioning him, Vahn raised his hand and said, “Let’s talk inside; I’ll make sure to explain everything in detail.” Having a group of nearly twenty people congregating in the front yard was a bit strange so Vahn wanted to move into the interior of the Manor.

Before they went inside, Vahn comforted Fafnir and allowed it to sunbathe in the yard and fly around as long as it didn’t wander too far. Fafnir was pleased by this revelation and nuzzled against Vahn with enough force that it crushed him into the ground slightly. Afterward, Fafnir walked around in a circle for a little while before plopping down near the staging area and laying down with its wings spread out to absorb more sunlight. Vahn watched its actions for a short while before following the others inside. The interior, at least at the front of the Manor, hadn’t changed much and Vahn found that the study they commonly used was also the same. It was more appropriate to say that the Manor had expanded several sections, whereas the original structure hadn’t been changed that much.

As Ais, Tiona, Tione, Riveria, and Lefiya were all at the Twilight Manor, the only people present were Hestia, Tsubaki, Syr, Ryuu, a glowing Aki, Milan, Tina, Shizune, Maemi, Emiru, Preasia, Haruhime, Mikoto, Naaza, Lili, Fenrir, and the newly added, Terra. Hephaestus was taking care of some of her work, but she had already been informed of Vahn’s arrival and would most likely stop by after lunch. As for Eina, she was sleeping in her room since she had done the night shift for the Guild office on the west side of the building. They had to maintain it 24/7, as it was the Guild’s policy, so it was a bit difficult with just three girls. Mona had actually taken a crash course in Guild affairs and was now apprenticing with Rose to help out. As for the girls from the Hostess of Fertility, they were all working presently while Anubis and Nanu had simply yet to show up yet.

Though there were several ‘eager’ looking girls present, Vahn’s side ended up being claimed by Tina and Shizune, the first of which was hugging his body tightly. She had been waiting for Vahn’s arrival every day since he left and had prayed for him every night hoping for his safe return. Tina had lost her own father within the Dungeon in the past, so it was somewhat difficult for the young girl to imagine Vahn staying in the Dungeon for nearly a month without hearing any news. As for Shizune, she simply took advantage of her small size and association with Tina to claim Vahn’s right leg as her own.

For nearly three full hours, Vahn explained what had gone on in the Dungeon, including the events related to the expedition, the growth of himself and the girls, and the speculations he had about their enemies’ capabilities. Hestia and Syr also briefed him about the changes that had been taking place while he was away, including several underground chambers, a small prison, and the completion of Vahn’s ‘massage parlor’ and spa. As he had expected, the residence to the East was for meeting with goddesses and holding negotiations with diplomats and gods. As Hestia didn’t even want male gods in the Manor, they had set up a secondary area for such things and there was even a passageway connecting the two buildings.

During the long discussion, Anubis and Nanu had eventually shown up at the Manor and made their way inside after Fenrir went to retrieve them. Hestia and Vahn also took the time up update the Status Boards of the girls that had gone into the Dungeon and it had eased a burden off of each of them. Seeing that they were the only ones still at Level 2, Maemi and Emiru had resolute expressions on their faces because they knew Haruhime had gotten ‘ahead’ of them by a fair amount. There was even the addition of a new girl at Vahn’s side, one that was far more ‘exotic’ than themselves.

When the topic had turned to Terra, Vahn explained that she was the same Green Dragon that he had subordinated back in the Dungeon during their expedition to hunt Bloodsaurus. The fact that she was a girl was something she had chosen for herself and Vahn also informed them that she had a ‘dragon form’ that reached nearly 14m in length. Since she was young and uneducated, Vahn entrusted her care to everyone present and also explained some of the ‘benefits’ she offered to smooth things over. Curious of Vahn’s claims, Hestia went through the induction ceremony to accept Terra into the Familia. Seeing her completed Status Board, Hestia relaxed a bit because she could tell that she would be a great asset toward the protection of the Manor in the future…

(A/N: I was originally just going to put Terra’s Status here, but I expect everyone would appreciate seeing the updates of everyone else. Btw, Vahn’s won’t be shown for a little while since his board takes up a massive amount of space and there have been no major changes.)



Name: Terra Evergreen

Race: True Dragon

LV. 4

POW: G293

END: C629

DEX: H144

AGI: D572

MAG: C696

Skill: [Avatar of the Earth:B], [Guardian of Nature:C], [Healing Sap:C], [Aroma Therapy:B]

Magic: –

Development Skill: [Pacifism:C]


(A/N: Vahn has no way of knowing Terra’s base parameters per level until he gets an approximate idea from how her growth develops.)



Name: Sanjouno Haruhime

Race: Renard

LV. 2->3

POW: 440+(C798)->(B801)->(I0)

END: 648+(B825)->(B828)->(I0)

DEX: 698+(S902)->(S911)->(I0)

AGI: 1053+(S940)->(S949)->(I0)

MAG: 1548+(SSS1258)->(SSS1266)->(I0)

Skill: [Inari:E], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A], [Heroic Strike:C], [Featherfoot:S]

Magic: [Uchide no Kozuchi:B], [Kokonoe:B], [Icicle Edge:A]

Development Skill: [Moon Priestess:Innate(sealed)], [Spirit Healing:A], [Hunter:E], [Mage:I](new)




Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 2->3

POW: 887+(SSS1236)->(SSS1243)->(I0)

END: 941+(SS1001)->(SS1006)->(I0)

DEX: 676+(C669)->(C672)->(I0)

AGI: 598+(B757)->(B759)->(I0)

MAG: 811+(SS1040)->(SS1044)->(I0)

Only allowed on

Skill: [Artel*Assist:B->A], [Atlas: Innate:F], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A], [Oniyuri:C]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:A]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:E], [Spirit Healing:I](new), [Spearman:(sealed), [Swordsman:(sealed)], [Crush:(sealed)], [Fist Strike:(sealed)]




Name: Naaza Erisuis

Race: Chienthrope

LV. 2->3

POW: 457+(D572)->(D574)->(I0)

END: 434+(C636)->(C641)->(I0)

DEX: 615+(SS1040)->(SS1049)->(I0)

AGI: 722+(S907)->(S909)->(I0)

MAG: 378+(SSS1137)->(SSS1145)->(I0)

Skill: [Bow Mastery:B], [Eagle Eye:B], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A], [Critical Eye:I->H]

Magic: [Awen:Innate(sealed)], [Darbh Daol:A]

Development Skill: [Mixing:B], [Spirit Healing:I](new), [Mage:(sealed), [Archery:(sealed)]




Name: [Fenrir]

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POW: 1302+(A811)->(A852)->(I0)

END: 1305+(B768)->(A809)->(I0)

DEX: 1639+(SSS1129)->(SSS1169)->(I0)

AGI: 1543+(SSS1304)->(SSS1322)->(I0)

MAG: 388+(B701)->(B719)->(I0)

Skills: [Insatiable Hunger:Innate(-)], [Lunar Cry:A], [Freezing Roar:A], [Chainbreaker:C], [Devour:SS], [Huntress:SS], [Endeavor:B], [Severing Claws:B]

Magic: –

Development Abilities: [Chain Attack:C], [Mimickry:I](new), [Fist Fighter:(sealed)], [Acrobatics:(sealed)]




Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Elf

LV. 3->4

POW: 421+(G294)->(G298)->(I0)

END: 692+(A913)->(A933)->(I0)

DEX: 1281+(B798)->(A811)->(I0)

AGI: 1459+(S908)->(S912)->(I0)

MAG: 1998+(SSS1708)->(SSS1893)->(I0)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:A], [Concurrent Chanting:E], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:C], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I], [Mage:B], [Abnormal resistance:F], [Spirit Healing:I](new)




Name: Yamato Mikoto

Race: Human

LV. 2->3

POW: 634+(C647)->(C651)->(I0)

END: 628+(C620)->(C623)->(I0)

DEX: 740+(SSS1209)->(SSS1218)->(I0)

AGI: 722+(SS1003)->(SS1015)->(I0)

MAG: 531+(S941)->(S945)->(I0)

Skill: [Yatanokurogarasu:B], [Prometheus’s Blessing:A], [Battōjutsu:G->F]

Magic: [Futsunomitama:B], [Apocalypse: Innate(sealed)]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:C], [Acrobatics:I](new), [Swordsman:(sealed)]


(A/N: I lied. After getting this far, I figured I might as well update everyone’s o3o. RIP Info Dump.)



Name: [Vahn Mason]

Age: 15

Race: Human, *sealed*

Parameter: [Danmachi: 1-4]


-Power: 2746+(I0)->(I28)

-Endurance: 3325+(I0)->(I69)

-Dexterity: 2746+(I0)->(I31)

-Agility: 2859+(I0)->(I19)

-Magic: 6297+(I0)->(G275)(A/N: Vahn’s Magic would make him the equivalent of a Level 7 Mage.)


Soul Tier: 3 (Lord Soul)

[Karma]: 9,435->9,561

[OP]: 4,113,548->5,628,058

[Valis]: 643,884,901

Skills: [Will of the Emperor:SSS], [Rakshasa Body:E], [Keeper of the Akashic Tome:B], [Eyes of Truth: B],[Bow Mastery:S], [Stealth:B->A], [Chainbreaker:S], [Heart of the Eternal Flame:SS], [Prometheus:A], [Call of the Reaper:A],[Yggdrasil’s Favor:S], [Veil of the Traveler: S], [Featherfoot:A], [Hands of Nirvana:S], [Metallurgy:B], [Fist Strike:A], [Friend of Spirits:A]

Magic: [Thria*Mimos:B], [Shundo:B]

Development Skills: [Wound Transfer:S], [Well of Spirit:I], [Swordsman:A], [Master Smith:H], [Mixing:C], [Mentor:A], [Petting:D->C], [Mage:C]


(A/N: Yo dawg, I heard you like Status.)



Name: Tiona Hiryute

LV. 5

POW: 3577+(G208)->(F317)

END: 3439+(H185)->(G221)

DEX: 3161+(H137)->(H184)

AGI: 3199+(H151)->(H191)

MAG: 0+(I0)->(I0)

Skills: [Titan Virga:Innate(sealed), [Magic Devouring King:Innate(sealed)], [Berserk:B], [Intense Heat:B]

Magic: –

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:A], [Diving:B], [Abnormal Resistance:C], [Crush:C->B]




Name: Ais Wallenstein

LV. 5

POW: 2241+(F305)->(E403)

END: 2182+(G290)->(F384)

DEX: 3293+(E447)->(D543)

AGI: 3266+(E433)->(D529)

MAG: 3600+(E480)->(D571)

Skills:[Sylph Queen:Innate(sealed)], [Progenitor of Wind:Innate(sealed)], [Avenger:A]

Magic: [Void Sword:Innate(sealed)], [Ariel:B]

Development Abilities: [Child of Destiny:Innate(sealed)], [Hunter:B], [Abnormal Resistance:C], [Swordsman:A], [Spirit Healing:A]




Name: Tione Hiryute

LV. 5

POW: 3273+(H191)->(G268)

END: 3069+(H163)->(G250)

DEX: 3130+(H144)->(H187)

AGI: 3128+(H145)->(H192)

MAG: 788+(I74)->(H103)

Skills: [Titan Bruna:Innate(sealed)], [Wrath:Innate(sealed)], [Berserk: A], [Backdraft:B]

Magic: [List Iorum:E]

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:B], [Diving:A], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Healing Power:D]


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