Chapter 537: Pampering

When they heard Vahn’s words, Maemi and Emiru started taking deeper breaths through their noses before releasing hot breaths as they rolled onto their backs. As Vahn had expected, it was more comfortable for them when their tails rested between their thighs and he thought the girls were very cute. Unlike the others, their tails were actually slightly longer than their legs were and the bushy tips wiggled about playfully around the girls’ feet. Vahn extended his hand out to Emiru and placed his palm against her belly, feeling the increased temperature of her body through the soft fabric of her silky pajamas. However, though he had touched Emiru, both girls twitched simultaneously and even moved up their right legs slightly in response to his touch.

One of the things Vahn found the most interesting between the twins was their bond and he really did want to understand it in greater detail. The fact they could almost perfectly share their senses, even if they were far away from each other, was a strange phenomenon that he figured would be the key to instantaneous communication if he could crack it. For now, however, he just wanted to see how they reacted under various stimulus while doing his best to ‘pamper’ the two of them properly. As he already had his left hand on Emiru’s stomach, gently tracing it across the silken fabric, Vahn moved his right hand to the partially revealed collarbone of Maemi and slowly traced his finger along it as a white light discharged from its tip.

Maemi’s lips were twitching as if she didn’t know what kind of expression to make as similar sounds tickled Vahn’s ears from both sides as they mewled, “Maaauuuuuu~” and began to move to ‘evade’ his finger. Vahn could tell that, though he was teasing them a bit, the excitement of both girls was increasing rapidly, just like when he was with Anubis. As they had fantasies about being ‘maids’ and ‘servants’ even when they were young girls, it showed that they were somewhat submissive by nature and enjoyed being teased. Vahn couldn’t quite understand the mentality himself, but he didn’t mind pandering to a few of their fantasies.

To guide the ‘play’ along, Vahn looked over to Emiru and asked, “Emiru, can I touch you directly~?” Her only response to his words was, “Maaaster~” as she hiked up the edge of her blouse a little bit higher than Vahn required. He could see small protrusions cresting toward the sky as a result of her excitement but didn’t mind them as he traced his index finger down the line of her abdomen. Both girls’ bodies immediately displayed goosebumps on their skin as a result of his touch as they rubbed their thighs together. Even without transforming into his Báihǔ form, Vahn could smell a ‘warm smelling’ musk radiating from the girls’ bodies. He had noticed this in the past, but the ‘fragrance’ they emitted was somewhat more pungent than normal and had a ‘warm’ and ‘robust’ smell that was hard to describe.

Though it was a strong aroma, Vahn didn’t find it unpleasant at all, just a little distracting since it made him feel light headed. To compensate, as he wasn’t trying to use [Will of the Emperor] to dull the experience, Vahn breathed through his mouth and placed his palm against Emiru’s abdomen. Not forgetting Maemi, Vahn traced his hand down her body before coming to a stop near her lower abdomen, ‘dangerously’ close to the origin of the aroma. Maemi’s eyes shot open and her pupils contracted as she stared at Vahn’s hand like a wanderer that had just seen an oasis after being lost in the desert for weeks. Eventually, she turned her eyes to match his because Vahn had stopped moving entirely as he watched her with a small smile.

Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, Vahn moved his hand with incredible precision and started to move under the fabric of Maemi’s blouse while warm energy began to radiate from his left hand into Emiru’s abdomen. Vahn had activated his [Eyes of Truth], trying to discern anything he could catch notice of and was surprised to that, though her skin didn’t indent like Emiru’s, the muscles and nerves around her abdomen triggered at the same time as her twin sister’s. At this point, his hand had ‘crept’ into her blouse but, instead of going up, Vahn slowly rotated his hand and traced his fingers under the band of Maemi’s pajama bottoms. Though it was already ‘unbearable’ for them, Vahn’s fingers began to emit white light as he slowly stroked his hand from side-to-side.

Something very interesting started to happen at this point because, similar to Cat People, Snow Leopards shared many traits including the almost instinctual desire not to stay on their backs. Vahn knew the girls were pushing themselves a bit at his request, but their knees slowly began to bend as their feet were pulled closer to their butts. The most surprising thing, however, was that their tails had started to curl toward their bellies and it almost looked like they were trying to do an abdominal crunch as their bodies began to arch forward. Vahn suspected they might even ‘attack’ his arms if he kept going, but he thought it was too interesting to simply stop without finding out…

A few seconds later, Vahn smiled widely because both girls flinched and grasped his hands ‘urgently’ and ‘pinned’ them as they scrunched up their bodies to prevent his attack. Because of how flexible they were, the girls could contort their upper bodies to the point where they could nearly press their chests to their pelvis which meant they scrunched up into a very small form when they had grasped his hands. As if they weren’t satisfied with just using their arms, they even squeezed their knees around his forearms to stop him from moving as Maemi even tried to ‘bite’ him. Vahn figured he had gone a little too far and ‘slipped’ his hands out of their grasp as they eyed him like predators that had just spotted their prey.

Vahn laughed playfully and said, “Sorry, sorry, I got a little carried away~.” as he held up his hands in a ‘surrender’ posture. Maemi and Emiru remained silent for a little while before looking towards each other, clearly having a private conversation amongst themselves. Vahn watched this interaction with interest before ‘interrupting’ them by saying, “How about you lay on your stomaches this time…?” The two looked back at him and cocked their heads at inverse angles before saying, “Master, do you like teasing us?” For a very brief moment, Vahn considered their question before saying, “I feel like the two of you want me to tease you…though, perhaps I do have the habit of teasing girls…” Vahn recalled all the times he interacted with girls in the past, especially those with Elven blood, and it seemed to be the case that he liked to get a rise out of them.

In response to his words, the two looked at each other once again as thoughtful expressions appeared on their faces. Truth be told, they weren’t actually that fond of being teased as it made them feel very ‘frustrated’ knowing that things wouldn’t develop any further for the time being. Though Vahn wasn’t ‘wrong’ in assuming they were somewhat submissive, it was more like they enjoyed ‘playing’ the role of submissive girls while their actual nature was more proactive. This was why, when they became Maemiru, their disposition became very obvious because their enhances senses and emotions couldn’t be contained as easily. Thinking that Vahn was ‘misunderstanding’ an important part of their character, the girls nodded their head before turning toward him and crawling forward.

Vahn’s brows twitched slightly until Maemi said, “Master, we don’t mind if you tease us…” as Emiru continued, “But we also want to service you at the same time…” Then, after placing their hands against his chest and shoulders, both girls said, “If it’s just being teasing, it makes us feel very frustrated…we want to be closer to Master, not played with by him…” Their words finished, Emiru and Maemi leaned forward and kissed Vahn’s cheeks simultaneously as they began to trace their hands around his body this time. They envisioned life with a Master that ‘told’ them what to do so they could service him with their hearts and bodies, not just receive his affections one-sidedly. That type of ‘play’ made them feel incomplete because they wanted to go further but knew they weren’t ‘allowed’ to go further…

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Though he didn’t fully understand the context of their words, Vahn could tell the twins weren’t as simple as he previously believed. He thought he would be able to make them ‘happy’ by teasing them and stroking their bodies, but apparently, that was only part of the equation. If they didn’t have a way to release the tensions of their bodies, it would slowly become ‘discomforting’ instead of pleasant and Vahn realized he had erred slightly. He had some expectations but, in order to prevent further mistakes, Vahn murmured, “Okay…then tell me what you want me to do…”

Hearing Vahn’s words, both girls’ ears flickered simultaneously as a period of silence fell over the room. As if they had come to a decision, the twins nodded at each other before saying, “Master, can you hold us from behind for now…?” Vahn wasn’t entirely sure what they meant, but they pressed their palms against his chest and he allowed them to guide him back until he lay against the thick layer of pillows. As if demonstrating what they meant, Maemi and Emiru laid against him with their backs before saying, “Master…your hands…” and reaching out for his free hands. Then, outside of his expectations, the two brought his hands up to their mouths and began sucking on his fingertips.

After a few seconds, the girls released his fingers with a hot sigh and said, “Master said we can’t have sex…that’s fine with us…but we want to have an experience we can always remember with Master. Please indulge us, just this once…then you can tease us as much as you want…” It was somewhat strange hearing two girls panting in sequence with each other, even having the same breaks in their sentences. However, it was important to not keep them waiting on such things so Vahn considered their words before saying, “As long as you don’t go overboard, I’ll indulge you this time…” He wasn’t quite sure what they were up to, but he knew it was somewhat sexual in nature even if it didn’t involve actual intercourse.

As if demonstrating what they wanted, Emiru and Maemi licked his fingers one by one as they said, “We want Master to hold us…we’ll take care of the rest…” Vahn’s heart began to beat a little quicker as he nodded his head silently and moved his fingers around gently in the girls’ mouths. Remembering the incident with Ais in the past, he even infused a little bit of energy into his fingertips, which caused the girls to extend there somewhat ‘dry’ tongues and wrap them around his finger creating a small suction cup as they gentle nibbled his fingers. What followed was somewhat along the lines of what Vahn had expected and it was quite a stimulating sight even though he couldn’t see everything clearly from this position.

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Though they didn’t like to be on their backs, laying against Vahn brought them some comfort and the distraction of his fingers made them very excited, especially with the tingling sensation spreading through their mouth. Reaching their hands into their pajama bottoms, the twins partially lowered their pants and arched their knees as they began working to comfort themselves and, as a result of their connection, each other. They had actually grown very accustomed to this in the last month and, though they hadn’t told Vahn about it, it was one of the ways they had increased their synchronicity. The fact that they were able to experience each other’s pleasure had brought the girls much closer together and they knew exactly how to make themselves feel the best…

This actually wasn’t the first time Vahn had watched girls masturbate, as he had been ‘educated’ on it in the past. Knowing how they pleasured themselves made Vahn’s ability to bring the girls pleasure even greater. Since he was naturally inquisitive and prone to bouts of intrigue, Vahn had ‘studied’ it a fair bit in the past, specifically with Loki, Hestia, and the equally curious, Ais. However, this was his first time having a girl, much less two, laying against his body as they ‘comforted’ themselves. Being unable to see what they were up to sparked his intrigue and the pungent aroma wafting through the air invaded his nose while the mewls of the girls tickled his ears. Though he could have stopped it, Vahn allowed his body to react naturally and it caused their movements to slow to a crawl for a brief moment as they watched the large tent rise near his lower body.

Vahn turned the girls’ heads toward him, fingers still in their mouths, and kissed their foreheads, saying, “Sorry, but I don’t want to go back on my word if I can avoid it…please be patient and continue to work hard. I believe in both of you…” Both girls nodded their heads slowly before turning back, gazes firmly planted on the rather oversized tent that had been pitched. As if drawn to it, they lowered the leg closest to Vahn’s member and angled their bodies slightly as their practiced finger movements became something more intense than they had been previously. Vahn knew they imagination was probably running wild, but the most peculiar thing was that their aura, which had been twining around him, had now ‘shifted’ toward his lower body and, though he couldn’t actually feel anything from the aura, Vahn felt the illusion of a passionate heat spread through his trousers.

A few minutes after they had started, somewhat fewer than Vahn had expected, the girls ‘kicked’ against the bed and arched their back as their hips convulsed slightly. Though it wasn’t enough to break the skin, they also bit down on his fingers a little and Vahn remarked that he would have to be careful when he kissed them in the future. Though they weren’t too developed, Maemi and Emiru had six small canine teeth in their mouth, four on top, two on the bottom, and their incisors were somewhat sharp. Fortunately, though their orgasm was somewhat intense as a result of their shared feelings, it subsided quickly and the girls laid limp against his body. Vahn removed his fingers but they continued to move their tongues for a few more seconds before closing their mouths.

After taking several deep breaths, the girls turned sideways and pressed themselves against him to the point where Vahn could feel the heat from their lower body near his hips. They then brought up their slightly moist fingers and asked, “Has Master ever tasted a girl before~?” Vahn realized what they were intending so he smiled slightly before opening his mouth, causing them to give him a fiery look. At the same time as they reached up to let him ‘sample’ their flavor, Vahn reached his hands down to their sides and hugged them close to his body. The first thing he noticed was that the two girls had a somewhat bitter taste mixed with a subtle salty aftertaste. However, after getting used to the flavor, it actually started to taste somewhat sweet…?

Vahn was a little distracted at first because it was truly a very peculiar flavor, somewhat different than he had expected from the two girls. Every woman had their own flavor, some better than others, but Vahn hadn’t found one he wasn’t fond of. The only ones that truly stood out were Hestia’s and Syr’s, but Vahn was also fond of Ryuu’s while having great expectations for Terra. They all had somewhat syrupy and sweet tasting ‘nectar’, especially Syr, but Vahn didn’t mind the more robust taste of some of the more mature girls and the peculiar taste of the various different Beast Humans. It could be a result of their various pheromones, but there was always an ‘exciting’ feeling stirred up inside of him whenever he was with one of them…

Before he had realized it, Vahn was cupping the butts of the two girls and pulling them up close to his body so that they could comfortably rest in the nook of his neck. They had given him permission to tease them, but Vahn wasn’t going to go out of his way to ‘torment’ them if they didn’t actually enjoy it. It seems like they are more the type to enjoy reciprocative action so, until he was willing to cross the line with them, such actions would only stress them out. He knew there was one way to bring them comfort, however, so Vahn embraced them tightly before leaning over and giving Emiru a kiss on the lips. She eagerly entwined her somewhat dry tongue with his and Vahn enjoyed the somewhat ticklish texture for a few seconds before turning to Maemi and doing the same.

If they enjoyed being touched while also doing affectionate and intimate acts, Vahn knew a ‘safe’ action to take and had decided upon kissing. At the same time, he began to move his hands up and down their sides in an alternating manner since it theoretically allowed him to stimulate four points at once. Whenever he moved his hand down Maemi’s side, Emiru felt it, while the inverse was true as he moved his hand up Emiru’s body. Vahn could feel their hard little protrusions poking his chest through their think pajamas as he alternated between kissing the girls as they rubbed their lower bodies against the sides of his waist. He could feel a hot and damp softness spreading through the fabrics but didn’t pay it any mind at all while pressing around at various pressure points on their backs and sides to give them greater pleasure…

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