Chapter 548: Mischievious

Though it was rather early, Vahn wasn’t going to push Shizune too hard given that she really had done her best in the earlier fight. Mental fatigue was one of the biggest factors when you were first starting out and there were very few people that would push themselves beyond that point just to get a little stronger. Besides, there wasn’t a great difference between 19 and 28 Goblins as far as general exilia gained was concerned. Depending on the mentality of the person, that is what decided how their parameters developed and, if Shizune felt like this was her current limit, that was good enough for real growth to take place.

After helping her body calm down from the effects of her battle, Vahn bent down and allowed Shizune to climb onto his back. She happily did so and Vahn once again realized how small she was as her almost negligible weight pressed against his back. He was a bit worried that her butt would peek out while he was carrying her, since she wore a very short kimono with spats, so Vahn materialized a cloak and had Chloe put it over her. Shizune laughed at Vahn’s concern and teasingly asked, “Do you not want other boys to stare at my bottom, Vahn~?”

Vahn released a small sigh and said, “You can say it that way if you’d like, but I might make you walk back if you continue to misbehave.” Shizune gave a bit of an awkward laugh and said, “Aya, I’ll behave, I’ll behave~.” as she rested her head on his shoulder. Chloe watched this from the side and held her finger to her chin before saying, “Make sure to hold on properly, and don’t actually go to sleep Shizune. We never know when an enemy might attack, so keep your guard up until we reach the Manor properly~nya!” Shizune opened her amethyst-like eyes and looked at Chloe, seeing the seriousness contained behind her relatively playful words. At the same time, she tightened her relatively weak grip around Vahn’s neck and focused her mind…

Even if their enemy didn’t attack today, it was a fact that both Chloe and Vahn had sensed a hostile presence on their way to the Dungeon. Though many people gave them strange looks, some containing anger, envy, resentment, and a variety of other negative emotions, there was a big difference between the people that ‘thought’ about hurting them and the people that ‘wanted’ to hurt them. Chloe’s instincts had been honed since she was a child while Vahn’s were like an instinctual trigger from The Path itself that allowed him to sense danger. He had even been able to detect the Juggernaut in the past, during a time when his domain wasn’t that large and his perception was rather weak. The fact that they both had sensed something was a testament to the hostility that was directed toward them by their yet unseen pursuer.

As they hadn’t progressed that far into the Floor, the trio reached the surface in less than ten minutes using Vahn’s map as a guide. They could have gotten back even faster, but Vahn wasn’t in a particular hurry and was sending out indiscernible pulses of energy to try and detect any invisible enemies that may be present. He didn’t know if the person following them had been the earth mage, but there were few people that could avoid his detection and it was typically only through the use of powerful obscuring artifacts. The only exception to this had been Ouranos himself, but Vahn felt like this was just a difference in the level of their existence or some other secret that Ouranos had.

Without any major incidents, Vahn carried Shizune all the way back to the Manor with Chloe walking cheerfully at his side, almost as if she didn’t have her guard up at all. However, other than a random Adventurer nearly bumping into them after exiting an alleyway at a fast speed, there weren’t any actual threats, or even hostility, detected on the way back. Chloe had sent the rather unfortunate woman careening through the streets after quickly diverting her course, but that was the end of the matter…

Once they were inside, Hestia was waiting for them with a big smile on her face as she said, “Welcome home, Vahn, Chloe, Shizune~!” in a happy tone. Vahn set down Shizune before walking over and giving Hestia a momentary embrace and a quick kiss before asking, “Anything happen while we were away?” Hestia had a ‘loose’ expression and a happy smile on her face before she resumed her normal appearance and said, “Nnn, there hasn’t really been anything? You weren’t really gone that long, after all.” Though it wasn’t really directed at her, Shizune’s ears drooped a bit and she said, “I’m gonna go find Tina and maybe take a nap…” as she tried to run off with a pitter-patter of footsteps.

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Vahn quickly reached out and snagged the collar of her kimono and picked her up, as the tension was around the obi wrapped around her body and wouldn’t cause her any real discomfort. Shizune had a startled expression with a mixture of confusion until Vahn explained, “I need to update your Status Board before you run off. You should also take a bath unless you plan to go play and exercise when your parameters increase.” Realizing she had forgotten about that rather ‘important’ aspect, Shizune showed an uncharacteristically bashful smile and said, “Sorry, I forgot…” The truth of the matter was, Shizune actually had to use the bathroom quite badly but she was too embarrassed to bring it up right now.

After moving to the study, Shizune loosened her obi and lowered the back of her kimono, displaying her relatively small back for Vahn to trace a line of blood down. The blood vanished like evaporating liquid as the Hestia Familia crest appeared with a subtle magical light emerging from the hieroglyphics contained within. Hestia herself watched with interest, as she was always amazed to see how Vahn was able to do something that was previously unique to the gods. There were no real differences from her own method, so Hestia was a little confused about how Vahn could discern information her eyes were unable to see…



Name: Shizune Yuel

Race: Kitsune

LV. 1

POW: I17->I40

END: I14->I36

DEX: I26->I73

AGI: I36->I97

MAG: I15->I26

Skill: [Tamomo: Innate(sealed)], [Featherfoot:I]

Magic: [Moon’s Prayer: Innate(sealed)]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance(sealed)], [Insomnia(sealed)]


Vahn filled out Shizune’s parameters on a piece of paper before handing it over to her and documenting her growth within a magenta colored notebook. Shizune had a small smile on her face after seeing how much she had grown, but quickly gave the paper to Hestia and ran off wearing nothing but a loose kimono and spats. Vahn was a little confused by her actions until Chloe said, “I think she needed to go to the bathroom; no peeking, Vahn~nya!” Because he was wondering what she was up to, Vahn’s eyes had turned blue, a sign the girls had recognized to mean he was seeing much more than they would like at times.

A small amount of heat reached Vahn’s cheeks and he showed an apologetic expression, saying, “I think I’ll go work in my workshop for a bit. It’s still pretty early and I don’t want to start salon treatments before the others start returning.” Right now, the only people within the Manor were Vahn himself, Hestia, Tsubaki, Chloe, Shizune, Milan, Tina, Aki, Syr, Arnya, and Preasia. Terra was also present, but she was most likely in the garden and well outside of Vahn’s current detection radius. As for Hephaestus, she seemed to be at her own workshop dealing with her clients and would likely be back before noon.

Hestia seemed to have intended to take a bath and relax with Vahn for a bit, but she showed a smile and said, “Okay, I’ll let you know if anything happens~!” before giving him a kiss on the cheek and heading back to her own room. She had been able to spend the night with him and also got to receive his massage previously. Though it never really felt like ‘enough’, Hestia didn’t want to pressure Vahn as she did in the past. Ever since Hephaestus started living in the Manor, she had calmed down a lot because it was easier when there were friends she could vent to. Even Syr was a good listener and Hestia had even had something akin to a slumber party with them both in the past.

Chloe didn’t seem intent to let Vahn get away so easily, however, as she tilted her head to the side when Hestia left and asked, “Do you mind if I come with you~nya? I’ve never really been inside your workshop and it could be interesting~?” Though she had a very composed look, Vahn could see the pink and subtle red contained in Chloe’s aura. He couldn’t quite understand what had ‘activated’ her, but Chloe’s body seemed to be heating up a bit and she was clearly seeking his attention. Thinking it had been a while since he spent time alone with her, Vahn smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll show you around a bit and maybe you can help me…?”

Though they had originally made their way towards his workshop, Vahn and Chloe had been passing through the corridors of the East Wing when she leaned against him and teasingly said, “Nyahaha, we’re in the East Wing, does that mean we can play~?” Vahn felt like his heart was being scratched by a cat as he asked in a quiet voice, “I don’t mind, Chloe, but are you okay? What’s making you act like this so suddenly?” Seemingly, Chloe found Vahn’s words very interesting and showed a thoughtful smile on her face before saying, “Well~, we’re rarely alone like this, and I’ve been a little tense since I saw you give ribbons to Milan and Tina. There is also the bloodlust we felt earlier, and I was feeling anxious watching Shizune fight~nyahaha.”

Because she had been in a combat-ready state and hadn’t been able to cut loose, Chloe was feeling a little bored while the tensions of her body had been steadily increasing. Though she hadn’t minded it too much at first, the moment she realized there was an opportunity to have Vahn to herself, Chloe felt like she needed to seize it. Even before she brought it up, her body had already started ‘preparing’ and she couldn’t deny she was feeling very excited.

It was a bit strange, even from her own perspective, because she didn’t remember being such a ‘needy’ girl in the past. In fact, she cared more about Vahn’s mental health than simply being with him at first…it was interesting seeing how hearts and minds could change. Though, if she had to give a real reason after thinking about it seriously, Chloe couldn’t deny that the information she received from the Divination was probably the biggest reason for her change in behavior. She didn’t want to be the girl that caused Vahn to go down a lonely road and she had been thinking about all kinds of things she wanted to do before she actually died, matters she hadn’t considered much in the past…

Vahn could tell that Chloe wasn’t being entirely truthful with him, but he didn’t really care since her desire to be with him was more than enough reason for him to take action. He could tell that her reaction was ‘normal’, meaning she wasn’t under the influence of an external source, so Vahn pulled her close to him and embraced her tightly, saying, “Your body seems very hot…let me help you cool down a bit, Chloe.” As if to emphasize his words, Chloe released a hot breath against his neck before casually licking the spot with her dry tongue. Vahn had grown fond of the sensation as of late, but he didn’t want to stand out in the corridor and ‘stall’ so he picked up Chloe in a princess carry and moved into one of the nearby rooms where they could enjoy some privacy.

Once they reached the relatively empty room, Vahn pulled a bed from his inventory and plopped it down in the center of the room before laying Chloe against it. She was still wearing her Adventurer’s attire, but that actually just made things a little more exciting. Vahn was actually very interested in different types of clothes and outfits, something he had ‘discovered’ when he had gone shopping with the girls, so seeing her in ‘combat’ attire made his tensions increase a bit. Chloe realized this as well and decided to entice Vahn a bit as she rolled over to her hands and feet, looked over her shoulder with a playful smile, and asked, “What do you think of my outfit, Vahn~nya? Does it suit me?”

Because she had to dress distinctly different than her ‘Black Cat’ alias, Chloe wore a dark-blue sleeveless tunic that ‘proudly’ displayed her navel and a relatively thin breastplate that only covered the front and back side of her heart. Instead of the small white shorts, she used to wear, she now wore a somewhat loose pair of light-grey shorts with visible spats underneath them. She had also traded in her two small brown pouches on the sides of her legs for two tan-colored ones that rested on her backside, similar to Aki. She had on matching tan gloves and boots with a pair of stockings that were the same color of blue as her tunic. Overall, she didn’t change her style that much, but the color palette had undergone a swap and she looked more lively than previously.

With her butt pointed toward him, Vahn could see the blue ribbon firmly tied around Chloe’s tail as well as the small gap between her thighs where her secret garden was protected by two relatively thin layers of fabric. He habitually swallowed a bit of saliva as he walked forward and stroked her butt, to which she responded by rolling onto her side and laughing mischievously. Vahn could feel his heart itch a little more at her antics but he was effectively triggered when she relaxed her body in a lazy pose and said, “I believe you owe me a massage~.” A smile appeared on Vahn’s face and he nodded his head, saying, “Yes, and much more…” as he reached out and rubbed her belly, causing her to laugh as she rolled away a second time.

Chloe skillfully kicked off her boots and unbuttoned her tunic, showing off her relatively modest breasts that had a skin-colored ‘tape’ protecting her dignity. She then began peeling away her gloves as Vahn crawled into the bed after her, prompting her to ‘discard’ the freed articles toward him as if she was fending off an attacker. Vahn reached out very quickly with his hands and grabbed the pouches on her backside before the belt around her waist loosened and, in a single swift motion, Chloe freed herself from the shorts. She also tossed her tunic back into Vahn’s face, leaving her wearing nothing but an extremely thin pair of spats and dark blue stockings. With her raven black hair and green eyes, she looked especially tantalizing to Vahn and he wanted to pamper this mischievously little kitten until she mewled loudly in satisfaction…

Leaving the ‘last line of defense’ on her body, Chloe laid down against the bed and supported her upper body with one of the pillows as she kicked her feet playfully and waited for Vahn. Knowing what she had in mind, Vahn discarded the majority of his clothes as well before moving over and grabbing Chloe’s playful feet and laying them against the bed. She looked back at him with mock confusion on her face and asked, “Nyaa? What are you planning~?” as Vahn straddled the back of her thighs. Rubbing his hands together, Vahn showed a smile and said, “Though I want to help your body cool down, I figured it would be better to fight fire with fire so you’ll be more satisfied later on. We’ll start with a massage and, when you’re nice and warmed up, I’ll pamper you as much as you want~.”

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Chloe laughed cheerfully as the temperature of her body steadily increased to the point that small drops of sweat began to emerge from her pores. Vahn leaned over her and placed his hands at her sides before slowly tracing them up her body with a bit of pressure. Chloe took in a deep breath and released a sigh at the sudden wave of energy and the ‘heavy petting’ method of Vahn. Because he had enough Power to move around much heavier objects than the relatively light and lithe Chloe, Vahn was able to lift up her torso with his movements. Chloe arched her back to match his actions until Vahn’s hands came to a stop around her relatively modest breasts and he gave her sensitive little protrusions a light pinch as a thread of energy tickled the underlying nerves.

Though it was only the prelude, Chloe released a stifled ‘nyaaa~’ that tickled Vahn’s ears as he let her body come to rest against the bed once again. Next, he ‘molded’ her shoulders and neck with his thumbs and helped ease any tension she felt in her muscles with a deep tissue massage to loosen up her body. He then traced his thumbs along the lines of her scapula and pressed into the pressure points around her trapezius muscles and the rhomboid muscles beneath them. Slowly working his way down, Vahn pressed into several points around her spine before drawing his index finger slowly down the line of her back, all the way until he reached her tail.

As if she understood what Vahn was thinking, Chloe turned her head to the side and gave him a deeply affectionate look just as Vahn began to fiddle around with her tail. Her body tensed up as a natural response to the action and she tried to curl up her legs while pressing her face into the pillow beneath her. With Vahn sitting on her thighs, she couldn’t move too easily but Chloe was strong enough to lift him completely when Vahn gripped her tail a bit firmly. He had somewhat expected this to happen, as his own weight really wasn’t that much compared to Chloe’s significant strength, so Vahn ended up behind Chloe as she raised her butt up and pressed her head to the bed.

Other than various seated positions, the next favorite position of many of the Cat Girls was being taken from behind. It was also a fact that Vahn found the pert little butt of Chloe being hugged by the black spats especially tantalizing. With his left hand gently holding Chloe’s tail, Vahn used his right hand to stroke her butt as he traced his thumb along the somewhat hot and steamy mound near his waist. Other than the spats, Chloe wasn’t wearing any actual underwear so Vahn could see a perfect outline of her v***** after it had become damp with her own love juices. As he was only wearing a pair of thin underwear himself, Vahn pressed his hips to the hot opening and caused Chloe’s body to tremble slightly.

After taking several deep breaths to ‘compose’ herself, Chloe looked back and had an incredibly seductive look on her face as she said, “Vahn, I want it, nyaaaa~” Vahn felt like Chloe was being far more forward than normal and activated his [Eyes of Truth] out of concern as he slowly probed against her backside while massaging her pert little rump. Chloe gripped the bedspread tightly and wiggled her butt against him at the same time but, no matter how much Vahn looked around, he couldn’t see any abnormalities in her body at all. He suspected it could be an aspect of her Innate, [Cheshire], but he had no way of knowing at all since even Chloe had no idea what it did.

Deciding there were more important matters to worry about right now, Vahn unequipped his own underpants before grabbing the extremely thin fabric protecting Chloe’s garden. Without much hesitation, Vahn pulled the fabric apart with his hands and, as a result of the very stretchy nature of the fabric, it ‘snapped’ and created a large hole in the previously skin-tight garment. Chloe’s body tensed up in expectation as Vahn placed his ‘scalding’ hot glans against her steaming hot v***** and began rubbing it to stimulate her vulva while lubricating his p****. She had long adapted to his size, but it didn’t mean it wouldn’t cause her any discomfort if he suddenly forced himself inside of her. However, with the massive volume of fluid being produced by her steamy insides, Vahn was ready almost immediately and deftly found the correct angle before his long session of spoiling Chloe began…

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