Chapter 581: Master

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Seeing Emiru and Maemi almost perfectly mirror each other’s movements as they stripped away their clothing made Vahn’s brain buzz in excitement. He made no effort to conceal his intrigue either, so both girls were putting more effort into their actions as they turned their backs to him and unfastened the bodices of their dresses, allowing the loosened fabric to fall from their shoulders, revealing their fair-skinned backs to Vahn. The fabric caught against their tails and remained on their hips as they loved of their shoulders and smiled in a seductive manner before ‘wiggling’ their butts free from the clothing along with their inordinately long and fluffy tails. Vahn habitually licked his lips before sucking in his bottom lip and biting it with his teeth as his heart began to ‘itch’ in anticipation.

As he had expected Maemi and Emiru were wearing their ‘victory underwear’, so Vahn got a clear view of their unblemished mounds when they poked their butts out, clearly intending for him to see. Along with the somewhat ‘dangerous’ underwear, the twins were wearing a thin strapless bra that was covered in frills to match the color and design of their panties. As was the case with most Beast Humans with a feline heritage, the twins were very lithe and had thin and fit figures. Their breasts were rather small, only around an AA-Cup from Vahn’s previous measurements, but the curve of their bodies leading into their pert buttocks was very beautiful. They were somewhat pear-shaped with their marginally wider hips and Vahn always marveled at how wonderful the butts of girls with tails could be. Because they had more complex muscles around the area, the shape was often very appealing and seeing two ‘identical’ posteriors made Vahn feel a pressure in the bridge of his nose.

With their dresses removed, the only clothing left on their bodies were their cute and ‘ornate’ looking bras, their incredibly ‘dangerous’ and revealing panties, and the garter belt/stocking combination that greatly enhanced the ‘balance’ of the seductive outfit. A playful look appeared in the eyes of the girls at this point as they turned toward each other and pressed their bodies together in a manner reminiscent of the first time they had appealed to him. Instead of trying to earn his pity, however, the twins had amorous looks on their faces as they looked directly at him for several seconds. Vahn watched as they hugged each other’s bodies and traced their hands along each other before slowly drawing their faces together…

Vahn’s eyes widened slightly and he couldn’t stop himself from swallowing as he watched the distance between their lips reach a near-zero distance. However, just before they made contact with each other, Emiru’s body vanished in particles of light leaving the giggling and seductive Maemiru behind, saying, “Did Master want to watch two sisters making out with each other? How naughty~.” Vahn’s mental faculties came to a slow crawl that matched Maemiru’s approach as she traced her hands around his shoulders and whispered, “We’ll show you plenty of interesting things later…” before licking his cheek in a single slow lapping motion.

Since he knew they would want to take care of it themselves, Vahn had left his clothing on but was now ‘regretting’ his earlier decision. Though it was very obvious they were pushing themselves a bit, as maintaining their fused state was very taxing, Vahn appreciated their efforts and was feeling a bit ‘eager’ himself. However, he did his best to remain calm and just loosely held Maemiru’s waist as they slowly peeled away his clothing while periodically licking his body. Vahn was making sure they had enough energy to sustain the form since it would likely break much faster when they began ‘exerting’ themselves. They could last nearly fifty minutes if they were completely relaxed, but had never managed more than four minutes during actual combat. Sex wasn’t as ‘intense’ as combat, normally, but it would definitely put a burden on their body since they were still a virgin.

After removing his tunic, Maemiru paused for a while before nuzzling into his neck and deeply inhaling Vahn’s scent. He didn’t mind it at all, as it wasn’t uncommon for the Beast Girls to get ‘drunk’ off of his scent when they were excited. Though they weren’t exactly the same as Cat People, Maemiru’s Snow Leopard heritage was a derivative species so their bodies experience ‘heat’ in a similar fashion. When they were excited, especially during their first time, the girls would be very affectionate and often rubbed their faces and bodies against their lovers for a long period of time before they actually had sex. Strangely, this would be followed by a short period of ‘avoidance’ after the fact, though Vahn didn’t think that would be the case given the twins’ natures.

Once they had gotten their fill, Maemiru pulled her face away from his neck with a hazy expression in their eyes as they said, “Master…smells nice…mauuufuuu…” Hearing their sensual verbal tick. Vahn’s own breathing began to increase as Maemiru pulled her body away slightly and began unfastening his trousers. They had previously been moving their hips against his bulged and his dark-grey pants already had a stain on them that caused Maemiru to blush slightly as she pulled down his zipper and saw the thin fabric of his briefs. For several long seconds, they stopped and just stared at his ‘tent’ before making Vahn’s heart race when they leaned forward and began affectionately stroking their face against his lower body.

Doing his best to maintain his rationale, Vahn displayed his own affection by stroking their hair and ears without reprimanding them for losing themselves in the moment. Vahn had long grown fond of how affectionate his various ‘kittens’ could be and it made him feel a greater attachment to them when he saw them behaving like this. Maemiru’s emotions were always at a hyper-elevated state compared to Maemi and Emiru and their sense of smell was also greatly increased. At this point, it seemed like they had completely forgotten their ‘play’ and were ‘drowning’ in the moment as a result of the sensory overload they were experiencing. Even their aura, instead of ‘clinging’ to him, writhed across his body as if it was stroking against him in the same way as Maemiru herself.

After several minutes of this rather peculiar experience, Maemiru began to make low and drawn out ‘mau’ sounds and Vahn could tell they had completely lost themselves and couldn’t move forward on their own anymore. Vahn put a bit of strength in his palm movements and pulled the ‘drunken’ looking Maemiru away from his waist. Instead of showing any signs of dissatisfaction, Maemiru eagerly pressed against his palm and rubbed her own face and head against his hands. Vahn eventually held her head with both hands, causing Maemiru to released a muffled ‘mauuu~’ as her body wriggled around. Pulling her face toward his, Vahn leaned forward and kissed Maemiru on the lips to ‘guide’ her further up his body. They eagerly returned his kiss as Vahn slowly pulled his head back, causing the girls to ‘chase’ after his mouth and crawl up his body.

At this point, more than forty minutes had passed and they hadn’t even progressed to the climactic moment for the fused girls. Vahn was very interested in their current behavior and was tempted to ‘spoil’ them a bit but wanted to move things along since there was plenty of time for such things later. He was greatly enjoying this moment, but Vahn’s own tensions had already been drawn taut and he was feeling a bit ‘impatient’ and ‘eager’ in his heart. One of the things that had changed in his relationships with the girls was the fact that he had been learning to enjoy sex both physically and emotionally. He had his own urges to needed to be sated and the girls’ actions and behaviors had riled him up a great deal at this point…

For several minutes, Vahn continued to tangle tongues with Maemiru as he infused her body with energy to keep her form stable. There was a very real chance that something could go horribly wrong and, if their body split while he was inside them, he would probably suffer a very grievous and traumatic injury. Though he would undoubtedly recover, Vahn wanted to avoid that somewhat nightmarish scenario so he remained patient until they were completely stable. Like Cat People, they preferred the seated position for their first time and Maemiru had already been eagerly grinding against his hips with her tail affectionately coiling around his waist pulling them closer together.

Vahn separated from Maemiru, watching as they absentmindedly stuck out their tongue as if they were looking for his own before their eyes snapped back to awareness and they tried closing the distance on their own. Instead of kissing them again, Vahn hugged Maemiru’s body close to his own and allowed them to adapt to the change as she began licking around his neck and shoulder. The moment he began moving their waist, Maemiru’s body began to react and they became easy to move just by guiding their lower back with his palm. Since they had failed to finish undressing him, Vahn unequipped his own clothing, causing his hot glans to shoot up toward their steamy mound and cause their body tense up.

Fortunately, their evolution deviated away from biting so Maemiru just tucked her head tight against his body and ‘squeezed’ him with their long tail. Vahn reached his hand between their thighs and positioned himself properly, probing into their hot vulva with his glans before finding the entrance of their v*****. Maemiru immediately coiled up their body even more but Vahn noticed that their lower body remained completely relaxed as an instinctual protective measure to make it less painful for them. He had noticed this phenomenon in the past, but the slow buildup with Maemiru and the potential ‘dangers’ entry posed made Vahn very aware of everything that was happening.

After firmly pressing himself against the entrance, allowing his glans to penetrate into their v***** slightly. Vahn moved his hand to Maemiru’s backside and began infusing energy into her nerves and muscles to ease any pain they might feel while enhancing their pleasure receptors. With a slow and firm pressure, Vahn began forcing Maemiru’s hips down, gently rocking them from side-to-side so that he could probe even deeper into their tight and hot depths. Since she was in heat, Maemiru’s body temperature had skyrocketed and her v***** had ‘fallen’ slightly to meet his glans earlier than he expected. Barely after he was halfway inside her body, Vahn felt the ‘back’ of Maemiru’s v***** but noticed that it was strangely elastic, something that usually only happened after their body had adapted to entry.

Maemiru hadn’t even flinched when he broke their hymen, but they began to release a low and groaning moan when he pressed his hot glans against their cervix and began pushing against it. They began to breathe very rapidly and Vahn could feel their heartbeat accelerating quickly through their rather small breasts. Even now, Maemiru was still wearing their bra but Vahn could still feel the softness underneath the smooth fabric and the two firm beads scratching against his chest. Vahn did his best to comfort Maemiru as her body slowly adapted to his entry and she sunk lower against his hips by wiggling her own lower body, similar to how Aki and Chloe had done in the past.

By the time the resistance of their v***** had increased to an insurmountable extent, Vahn was around 70% inside Maemiru, which wasn’t bad for their first time considering their petite and lithe figure. Once things had reached this point, Vahn could feel the heat in their body increasing even more as their cervix ‘massaged’ against his glans as it if was trying to suck the fluids from his tip. Vahn knew it was very ‘difficult’ for those with a feline heritage until he ejaculated into them for the first time so he began to rock Maemiru’s hips when she had gotten accustomed to his entry. Maemiru seemed to have a very high pain tolerance, or perhaps she was still ‘drunk’ from her earlier actions, since she began to ‘mau’ in an adorable fashion that made Vahn’s brain buzz.

Equally as adorable was how Maemiru used their tail as an extra limb and she would ‘pull’ her own body against his every time she lowered her hips slightly. He wasn’t doing any major pistoning, as he didn’t want to cause her any discomfort, and just continued to poke against her cervix which followed his movements in a strangely eager fashion. Even when he moved out of her v***** slightly, her cervix would descend as if it refused to separate from his glans and it made Vahn smile as he affectionately stroked Maemiru’s head. They seemed to have completely forgotten about kissing him and was just ‘clinging’ to his shoulders while taking rapid breaths and ‘mau-ing’ in a quiet and sensual manner.

Vahn felt that moments like this were very precious and he greatly enjoyed the ‘slower’ sex he had with individual girls compared to the ‘events’ he had with entire groups. Maemiru felt so small and adorable in his arms and each of their reactions was fresh and exciting, making him feel a greater affection for them. Being able to hug them like this while stroking their body and gently moving their hips was a very fulfilling experience and Vahn felt especially fond of them at this moment, greatly desiring to prolong things if not for the fact they ‘needed’ him to finish sooner. Fortunately, his tensions had already been very high from the start and Vahn made absolutely no attempt to delay things, allowing Maemiru to feel relief after a short eight minutes.

Feeling the hot substance enter their body, Maemiru’s dazed expression turned into an almost ‘agonized’ look as they tilted their head back and squinted their eyes slightly, letting two beads of tears drop down their rosy cheeks. They weren’t feeling any pain, their eyes had just been very watery from their overwhelming emotions and the sudden ‘gentle’ climax that ran through their body was unlike anything they had felt before. It was very satisfying and made them feel complete and full as their body trembled and they relied on Vahn’s embrace to keep from falling backward. Vahn had a gentle smile on his face and affectionately stroked their body while feeding energy into their abdomen to keep them from spontaneously splitting apart. He had no idea what would happen if they were impregnated while fused together, but Vahn wasn’t going to ‘escape’ at the last moment and did his best to remain calm and collected even during his own ejaculation.

At nearly the same time, Vahn and Maemiru both released sighs after her body had settled down and she limply lay against his body while he embraced her tightly. Since she was in ‘heat’, Maemiru was definitely ovulating and there was a high chance they would get pregnant unless they took preventative measures. Vahn knew they didn’t actually intend to have babies so soon, as they wanted to increase their strength a lot more before then, but he was still curious about how Maemi and Emiru would be affected by Maemiru’s pregnancy. He wondered if the egg would be split, effectively leading to a miscarriage, or if their body would produce two eggs at a time, allowing them to both get pregnant together. There were many unknowns so Vahn felt it was better if they got pregnant the ‘normal’ way instead of while being fused together.

After several minutes, where Maemiru just lay in a contented daze, they suddenly raised up their body and Vahn could feel their aura shrinking rapidly as it became placid and gentle. This was the moment when they would typically show ‘disinterest’ since they were successfully impregnated but Maemiru had returned to her senses at this point and didn’t try to ‘escape’. Instead, they showed a gentle and loving smile on their face as they simply muttered, “Master…” Though they had often referred to him as Master, this moment was distinctly different from previous instances because there was an incredible sincerity to their words and an ‘annoying’ notification from the system.

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//Unique Entity [Maemiru] Wishes To Become Your Subordinate: (Y/N?)//

Given the fact that the notification occurred, Vahn knew it was their actual desire to become his subordinate so Vahn didn’t try to talk them out of it. He had learned from his interactions with Lefiya that it had actually made her feel a little less confident when he had ‘warned’ her so many times in the past. Since it wouldn’t appear unless it was their actual desire, Vahn accepted without overthinking the situation and just caressed Maemiru’s face, saying, “From now on, we will always be together…thank you for choosing me as your Master, Maemiru…” Maemiru’s eyes glowed with a fervent light and Vahn heard a shocking number of ‘pings’ within the system as their Loyalty parameter showed a shocking value of 24,226. The individual Love parameters of Maemi and Emiru had only been around 4,000 each, so it was somewhat unexpected to see the five-digit number.

Maemiru lifted their hands up and framed Vahn’s face before showing a deeply affectionate smile that strangely ‘radiated’ a sense of loyalty as they said, “We will become the strongest weapon and the most durable shield if it means our Master can be happy…no matter how far you go, we will always follow close behind to protect your back…this is our eternal oath…the truest expression of our love…” With their words finished, Maemiru brought their lips close to Vahn’s and gave him a very ‘tame’ kiss that felt far more passionate than anything they had done earlier. Though it was somewhat different than the normal oath, Maemiru had essentially just made an ‘Eternal Vow’ with Vahn and sealed the contract with a kiss. An invisible and awe-inspiring force spread through the room and Vahn could feel his connection with Maemiru become as solid as the chains of his [Enkidu]…

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