Chapter 623: Eva’s Orb (2/3)

After more than an hour, Eva was sitting in Vahn’s lap with her back to him, holding his member with her own hands and grinding against it slowly. She had already climaxed several times at this point and it had given her greater ‘relief’ than she had expected, causing Eva to become a little ‘needy’ under Vahn’s care. Since she had waited for him for more than a thousand years, Vahn didn’t mind at all and simply did his best to comfort her until she was satisfied. Fortunately, she was actually very mature and calmed down a bit when Vahn himself ejaculated, sending a stream of vital fluid shooting nearly three meters and staining the bed.

When she saw this, Eva had a mildly incredulous expression on her face before smiling and leaning against Vahn with her full weight, saying, “One day, I want us to be able to have normal sex…” Eva knew her ‘real’ self would likely become attached to Vahn, especially if they were able to fuse together in the future. She was looking forward to the day Vahn could truly take her as his woman, allowing them to walk on the shores of eternity together. Though her immortality had been a ‘curse’, Eva felt somewhat grateful at times like this as, without living such a long life, she would never have been able to meet him…

Vahn let his own body ‘relax’ after seeing that Eva calmed down, pulling his hands up and embracing her loosely around the abdomen, kissing the top of her head at the same time. Eva tilted her head up and stayed quiet for several long seconds before saying, “Vahn…I love you…” with a blush appearing on her face. Smiling, Vahn leaned around and tilted her chin up before saying, “Eva, I love you too…that is why I will never give up on making you happy. Thank you for being so patient with me…” At the end of his words, Vahn gave a relatively tame kiss to the small vampire but it didn’t do anything to diminish the emotions contained within. Sometimes, keeping things simple made the words more impactful since it wouldn’t be ‘overwritten’ by more passionate action.

Since they had worked up a bit of a sweat, Vahn carried the naked Eva into a side chamber where an ornate tub was located, made for use by a single person but easily accommodating both of their bodies. Eva typically liked to be close with Vahn, at least when he wasn’t working, so all of their baths were in the relatively small tub, meaning she typically sat in his lap or laid against his back. Their baths usually lasted for well over an hour because Eva’s hair took a very long time to wash. It was long enough to reach the back of her knees and, though it was generally very silky, it would become a bit messy after they ‘tumbled’ around for a bit.

While using a white jade comb on her long ‘golden’ locks, Vahn also explained what he had been up to in the real world. Eva didn’t really like when he talked about other girls but she had been very curious and asked for all of the details regardless. She believed that she would have to get along well with the women in the future so, though they had never met, Eva was trying to ‘accept’ them being with Vahn. She was already impressed by girls like Hephaestus, Hestia, and Eina, but was also fond of the ‘goddess’ named Loki, as Vahn had talked about her a fair amount. Since she was involved with many of the ‘major’ events in Vahn’s life, he actually mentioned her quite a bit and always had a fondness that showed through in his words and actions.

When he was finishing up his recounting of events, Eva tilted her head to the side and said, “So, you’re going to be going into the Dungeon to build a base to allow for further exploration…mmm. Honestly, it irks me a little, knowing that you’re leaving behind all those pregnant girls in the Manor just to go off and do other things…but I’m guessing you have all worked it out in your own way. That Alliance sounds pretty interesting…hmmm. Well, at least you’ll have plenty of time to train with me instead of getting distracted like last time.” Vahn had also explained his intent to open up a school so Eva was already thinking of how to properly teach him the basics so he could pass them on to others.

He might not realize it himself, but Eva could see that Vahn was definitely not ‘normal’ in regards to his talent and affinity for magic. She could tell he had a special constitution that likely gave him the relatively rare ‘Omni-Elemental Affinity’. Since his energy seemed ‘pure’, without any alignment at all, Eva believed he would be able to learn any kind of magic. However, the way he used it often defied common sense a bit so she knew he wouldn’t really be able to teach others too easily. She had originally just planned to teach him some of the more advanced spells and then give him the trial scroll for Magia Erebea when he had better control.

After collecting her thoughts, Eva placed her hands around Vahn’s chest and tapped her fingers against him in a playful manner as she said, “You’ll have to compensate me properly if you want me to teach you how to use magic from scratch. My duty was only ever to test people to see if they could learn Magia Erebea, not teach people the basics…since it’s a special service, I’ll be expecting a few liberties in exchange for my cooperation. Also, since you’ll be learning magic from me, you’ll have to call me Master and listen to all of my orders when we’re training…” Eva leaned in close to Vahn as she was speaking and licked his chin in a seductive manner when she was finished.

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Since Eva really was his ‘Master’, at least in regards to Magic, Vahn didn’t really have too many inhibitions about referring to her in such a way. The only thing that bothered him was the fact that it would be difficult to discern when their ‘training’ ended and when their ‘fun’ began. Since Eva would probably get a little carried away during training, Vahn was a little worried about having to refer to her as ‘Master’ in the bedroom. Deciding he would simply deal with it when the time came, Vahn nodded his head and said, “Thank you…I’ll be in your care, ‘Master’ Eva…” Vahn noticed that Eva actually flinched a little when he called her Master but she didn’t really have time to think about it since he stole her lips once again, this time starting a very passionate kiss as ‘punishment’…

After their bath finally came to an end, Eva showed Vahn around the redesigned castle and he was able to confirm that she had indeed been ‘active’ while the orb was sealed away. When he asked about it, Eva explained, “I had to wake up every few years to make sure the repairs were running smoothly. I also used that time to make some changes to the castle and maintain the garden…you’d be surprised how disorderly things can become if they aren’t tended to properly…” When she said this, Eva gave Vahn a look of ‘blame’ and pouted for a few seconds before returning to normal. She sometimes felt like Vahn was a ‘bully’ because he would tease her instead of treating her with the respect she deserved as his Master…

Eva led the way to the garden and Vahn immediately understood what she had meant since some of the trees were more than 30m tall at this point and there were even large decayed trees laying in some places, looking more like an ancient forest than a garden. Seeing his confusion, Eva explained, “I altered a bit of the ‘laws’ in this place and used the materials you provided as a template to allow the orb to experience changes…here, I’ll show you…” Eva grabbed Vahn’s hand and began to fly towards the sky, pulling him along with her so he could see the castle from above. Vahn was surprised by what he saw when they got a few hundred meters above the castle because he could actually see the ‘horizon’ now, instead of an endless white void.

Though the sky overhead was still pitch black, the white floor had actually been converted to ‘land’ at this point and it seemed to stretch around for a few hundred kilometers instead of ‘infinitely’. Below them, there was now a forest that had actually grown far beyond the castle walls and it looked like the orb had become a small island floating in an endless black void. His workshop had actually been completely ‘reclaimed’ by the forest, even though he could tell that Eva had ‘salvaged’ most of his materials and safely stowed them away. Since several decades would pass during her ‘sleep’, there wasn’t much she could do to prevent the workshop from getting destroyed by the natural passage of time.

Once they reached around 300m, Eva began explaining, “Originally, this space was comprised mostly of Ice, Light, Darkness, and Space elemental energies. The reason you can generally use any type of magic is that you exist as a spiritual body within this space and aren’t really using magic…well, that is how it is supposed to be. You’re very ‘abnormal’ in that regard because, even though you’re a spirit right now, your mana is very dense and is functionally similar to ‘real’ mana. Since you’re also able to bring physical objects into this space, your energy has influenced the space and I was able to make some modifications to allow for natural energy to permeate through the orb…” Many of the things regarding Vahn were borderline ‘impossible’, but Eva had already grown largely immune to such things and simply accepted it as being a part of him.

Vahn was looking around at the various forms of plant life below and found it far more appealing than the infinite white space from before. If there were animals within the forest, it would have been even better, as it was somewhat ‘eerie’ to see a forest completely devoid of animal life. Unfortunately, he couldn’t really bring animals into the orb and lacked the ability to purchase them through the system. Thinking till here, Vahn remembered an important matter so he said, “Ah, there is something else I wanted to run by you. I’m certain you remember Fenrir…” Hearing Vahn mention the ‘troublesome’ Kobold-turned-Wolfgirl, Eva felt like she wasn’t going to like what he wanted to talk about.

Seeing her reaction, Vahn chuckled before saying, “She has actually become a very well-behaved girl these days. I think the two of you could get along much better than when she was still a Kobold. Also, there is another ‘person’ I’ve brought along with me that I think you’ll be able to get along with even better…” Since Eva actually liked gardening and stuff, Vahn imagined Terra’s presence in the orb would be very welcome. Terra was also very intelligent and had a gentle disposition that got along well with ‘most’ people. There could be a bit of tension between her and Eva at first, considering that Eva’s affinities were Ice and Darkness, but Vahn believed they could get along after spending time together.

After landing, Vahn pulled out the magic cores containing Fenrir and Terra, deciding to call out Fenrir first since she wasn’t fond of staying inside the core for very long. Focusing his mind, Vahn infused his energy directly into Fenrir’s magic core and, after consuming about 40% of his source energy reserves, the core formed into rainbow-colored dust before a naked Fenrir appeared before them. Eva raised her brows and asked, “You let her run around naked now~?” in an amused tone, knowing that she probably just couldn’t keep clothes inside the core. Since it seemed like Vahn wanted her to train Fenrir, Eva figured she would teach her how to create clothing with magic in the future to avoid situations like this…

Hearing Eva’s words, Fenrir furrowed her brows and materialized her [Nezha Lady’s Togi] before asking, “Master, give Fenrir her shorts…” She wasn’t really the type to feel ‘shame’ in the past, but Fenrir had been learning about things like dignity and maintaining a sense of propriety. Though she could tell Eva was just teasing her Master, Fenrir was still a little upset since it felt like she had embarrassed him. Instead of lashing out, however, Fenrir bottled it up because she knew it was necessary to exercise better control if she wanted to ‘mature’ properly. Eva was going to be teaching her and Fenrir knew it was ‘important’ to behave and listen to the people that taught you things or they might stop teaching you…

Vahn pulled out Fenrir’s panties and shorts, causing Eva’s eyes to widen because she saw the ‘Vahn-print’ on the panties as he was helping Fenrir wear them. Her face immediately flushed bright pink and she averted her eyes from the scene, feeling confused, confounded, and flustered at the same time. She didn’t think Vahn was the type to make girls wear a cartoon version of his face on their panties and it had likely been Fenrir that asked for them. Still, seeing the boy she liked on the panties of another girl was very vexing, especially since part of her was strangely envious of the fact she didn’t have a pair. Fortunately, she could make clothing of her own…thinking till here, Eva clutched her head and had a silly smile on her face as she struggled with her own thoughts.

Though he noticed Eva’s behavior, Vahn really didn’t know what to say to her without potentially ‘triggering’ her in the process. Since she was very cute, Vahn just decided to ignore it and began infusing his energy into Terra’s core while also pulling out a [Turbo Ether] and several weaker potions. Fenrir only took 40% of his reserves, but Terra was closer to 230% as a result of her large size and massive mana pool, the result of her being a True Dragon. This time, instead of a naked woman appearing, the dust formed into a massive cloud before a beautiful and elegant green dragon appeared.

Eva noticed the new arrival and immediately smiled as she said, “Nice, you got a new dragon. This one seems a lot more mature than the last one…and her affinities are nature…?” Though it was a little difficult to sense, as Terra was comprised of source energy, Eva could see that energy in Terra’s body contained a very pure and ‘natural’ feeling. Since her affinities were Ice and Darkness, Eva felt a little unnerved by Terra’s existence but wasn’t really that bothered by it as Terra was ‘much’ weaker than she was. There was also a very calming aura coming from her body and, after smelling the fragrance in the air, Eva was able to relax as memories of her first time meeting Vahn emerged in her mind…

Terra looked around the space after Vahn ‘summoned’ her, curious about the nature of this strange world she found herself in. The ‘link’ she had to the planet didn’t exist here and it made her feel a little insecure and lonely but, as there was a surprising amount of natural energy in the environment, Terra was able to calm down after looking around. Turning her head toward the entity she believed to be Eva, Terra squinted her eyes slightly because the ‘small’ figure wasn’t quite what she expected. Her Master often spoke of Eva as being some incredible Mage but, from what Terra could see, she looked more like a little girl than anything.

As if she had sensed Terra’s thoughts, Eva’s eyes became sharp and an incredible amount of mana radiated from her body in an instant, putting pressure on everyone present, even Vahn. With a ‘scary’ look in her eyes, Eva asked, “Were you just thinking something very rude, little dragon~?” Eva had seen the somewhat ‘condescending’ look in the eyes of the dragon, even though the aura she emitted was gentle. Since many ‘good’ entities often had that kind of attitude, Eva wasn’t really that surprised and just wanted to ‘remind’ the dragon that they weren’t on the same level at all. As a result, Terra was actually pressed to the ground and felt like all of her bones were creaking as a cold sensation began to pass through her body…

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Vahn frowned slightly and raised his arm to obstruct Eva’s view of Terra, causing her to startle slightly before she blushed and said, “Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to supposedly ‘good’ existences…” When she had been on the run in the past, the majority of the people that hunted her were those that claimed themselves to be ‘good’ and ‘righteous’. Since one of the very first ‘hunters’ that came after her actually tried to seal and **** her, even though he belonged to the Church, Eva was easy to trigger when ‘good’ things looked down on her. Even if Terra didn’t mean any harm, Eva ‘couldn’t’ let herself suffer undeserved grievances and would rather go on the offensive from the outset.

Terra realized she had inadvertently offended Eva and had severely underestimated the ‘danger’ posed by the small girl. Her Master was already an entity completely beyond her and, as he often talked about how incredible Eva was, Terra realized she should have treated his words seriously. Transforming into her human form, Terra showed an apologetic smile and bowed slightly as she said, “Forgive me, Eva, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was simply curious about the woman my Master spoke so highly of…I was surprised to see you were such a beautiful young woman…” Eva was surprised when Terra transformed into a ‘human’ but practically spat when she heard Terra’s words, saying, “That’s a nice spin you put on it…you’re a thousand years too young to try and fool me, little dragon.”

Hearing Eva’s words, Terra realized she probably wouldn’t be able to get any advantages against Eva without understanding her better. From the earlier outburst, Terra understood she wasn’t even close to being a match for Eva since, even now, it was like there was ice in her joints that made her body ache a little. Fortunately, her Master had helped her and stopped Eva’s ‘attack’ before there was any real harm done…

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