Chapter 63: Monster

The moment Vahn cut his arm off, the pain receptors in his body began sounding alarms. The pain almost caused him to lose consciousness, but [Rakshasa Body] kicked in and prevented him from passing out. Due to the massive damage he had taken, his form began to change slightly and the stump of his arm tried to seal itself.

Before the skill took full effect, Vahn put the second part of his plan into action. He exhaled before sucking in a deep breath and activate his [Wound Transfer] on the unconscious girl. Red strings of light began appearing from her body as the wounds rapidly began to heal. Thankfully, even her arm began to grow at a noticeably fast rate.

As the lines began to infuse with his body, Vahn fell to his knees and supported himself with his only remaining arm. Everywhere the light touched, puncture wounds and mangled flesh began to appear. The pain was so intense that, even if he wanted to, Vahn was unable to faint. He couldn’t rely on [Rakshasa Body] to divert the pain as intentionally activating the skill would transform his body and close his wounds.

Vahn vomited when a hole opened in his stomach. His blood began to flow out rapidly, but he still managed to maintain his awareness. He noticed that the arm was healing at a slower pace and he wouldn’t be able to last long enough for the process to complete. Using his final [Skill Enhancement Scroll] Vahn increased the rank of his [Wound Transfer] from B to A.

The increase had an immediate effect and Vahn could see the arm regrowing at a much faster pace than before. Fortunately, the increase in the skill level even mitigated some of the pain he was feeling so Vahn was able to withstand the process throughout its entirety. Now was the most important part of his plan, so he couldn’t afford collapse yet.

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He picked up his severed arm from the ground but dropped it as the result of an impact to his back. Vahn coughed a mouthful of blood as he turned his head and saw a Frog Shooter who had just fired its tongue into his back. He could feel that several of his ribs were broken, but he managed to reactivate [Will of the Emperor], which had deactivated when he was wracked with pain, preventing the monster from attacking again.

Withdrawing the dagger he obtained when he first entered this world, Vahn threw it directly into the eye of the monster. The shockwave created a large cavity as it passed through the body of the monster, and the dagger continued until firmly rooting itself into the dungeon wall. Due to the exertion and his current state, Vahn nearly collapsed, vomiting another mouthful of blood.

He quickly reached the location where he dropped his arm and attached it next to the mangled remains of his right shoulder. As he couldn’t continue without a spare hand, Vahn ended up having to lay on the ground next to the severed arm. He withdrew [Heal] from his inventory and began channeling his energy full force into the staff.

The magic circle expanded to an area of 5m around Vahn and began to mend the wounds on his body. His arm, that was still detached, was also within the area of effect and the two disconnected parts were slowly trying to reattach themselves. The moment the flesh started to mend, he began to channel the full effects of all of his abilities including, [Yggdrasil’s Favor], [Rakshasa Body], and [Heart of the Eternal Flame].

The three skills, in conjunction with the use of [Heal], began to rapidly regenerate his damage tissue while also modifying his body. Vahn could feel the muscles in his body become stronger as the ‘molten’ bloody pumped through his veins. Hair began growing on his arms and legs, including the previously severed arm. The hair on his head grew slightly longer and he could feel all of his senses increase in efficacy. There was even a strange discomfort coming from his lower back.

After several agonizing seconds, the pain slowly receded and Vahn became far calmer. The pain was relieved by [Rakshasa Body]’s effects and he managed to stand upright. He tried moving around his right arm, and even though there was a strange numbness, he was able to move and feel all of his fingers. After that, he inspected the source of discomfort on his back and found that likely due to his skill, he had actually grown a light grey tail with white stripes.

Vahn didn’t have the type of pants that allowed for a tail to run through, so he bought a pair from the system. Luckily, the system seemed to account for the change in his natural state and allowed him to purchase the same type as his current pair, but they had an elastic band allowing a tail to pass through.

Inspecting the rest of his body, Vahn noticed his forearms and legs had grown a dense assortment of light grey and black striped fur. His hands had turned into claws, though they still retained their human shape. The thing he found most peculiar, every so slightly, he could see a subtle pad-like skin emerging on his palms and the tips of his fingers. The pads were soft to the touch and turned out to be more sensitive than he expected.

Suddenly, and without warning, an arrow had entered Vahn’s detection range. He managed to evade it before following the path of the arrow to find it’s origins. A group of adventurers had just entered the room and, seeing the bloody carnage and Vahn’s transformed state, they determined that he was the cause and began attacking.

The group of five immediately split to surround the ‘monster’. One of the adventurers, an elf that had fired the first arrow, began to rapidly attack Vahn from a distance. Due to his enhanced attributes and [Will of the Emperor], Vahn was able to evade the incoming attacks and tried speaking out.

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“Why are you attacking me!? I’m the one that killed all the monsters and saved the girl!” Vahn continued dodging the attack. At this point, the other members of the team had created a formation around him and were trying to attack his blind spots.

The man from his front, a tall brown-haired man with a muscular physique wielding a combination sword and shield, shouted in response. “Silence you vile creature! You expect us to believe the words of a monster!?” He swung his sword at Vahn’s legs, trying to force him back towards his allies.

Due to his training with Tsubaki, and the fact he could sense the men in his surroundings, Vahn decided to advance instead of retreat. He used his gauntlets to deflect the blow before trying to disarm the man. In response, the man used his shield and slammed it into Vahn’s upper body to force him away.

The man’s companion, a short female cat person with purple hair, used the opportunity when Vahn was off-balance to try and stab him in the side with her daggers. Without a better means of response, Vahn swiped his left hand and impacted the girl directly in her face. He could feel a small distortion in his hand that made him feel uncomfortable.

After receiving the blow, the girl was flung back and landed unmoving on the ground. She was still breathing but had been knocked unconscious by Vahn’s counter. The three remaining melee fighters shouted and simultaneously charged Vahn who had blanked slightly after sending the girl flying.

“You bastard, you killed Tallim!!!” A young man with red hair, similar in age to the cat girl, used a skill and stabbed towards Vahn using his spear while shouting out the demise of his still living companion. The other two men used their swords to try and cut off Vahn’s path of escape.

Vahn was seriously pissed off. Even though he hadn’t done anything and tried to explain the situation, the party of five completely ignored him and kept attacking with the intent to kill. A coldness spread through his mind as all the inhibitions he had begun to fade away into nothingness.

His domain began to spread out and started glowing with a golden light which caused the men to wince, but didn’t stop their attack.

Without dodging, Vahn allowed the spear to penetrate his gut while he used his hands to block the blades of the men. He used the moment immediately after the collision to perform an instep and grab the two men by the neck. The spearman twisted his spear and pulled it back to prepare for a second strike, but Vahn spun and slammed the body of his companion directly toward the spearhead while using the second man to block an incoming arrow.

At this point silence completely overtook the atmosphere as Vahn continued holding the struggling man in his right hand to block the line of sight of the archer. The red-haired boy who had inadvertently stabbed his own ally let go of the spear and they both fell to the floor. The victim of the stab, a blond-haired Boaz with a lean figure, clutched the spear in his stomach to try and stimy the flow of blood.

Vahn, using the momentary silence, spoke once again. “I said I didn’t kill anyone. Don’t make me have to take back my words.” He coldly looked at the man in his hand and then dropped him to the ground. The man struggled for breath as he motioned for his elf companion to cease the attack. They were no match for this ‘monster’, and if he was willing to spare them, they would be better served to stop the fight.

After seeing the men stand down, Vahn approached the collapse cat girl. The red-haired man tried to say something, but the man Vahn assumed was their leader had him deal with their companion with a spear penetrating his body. The elf was still keeping an eye on the situation, and he seemed to be waiting for Vahn to drop his guard before beginning the attack anew.

Vahn arrived at the girl’s side and saw that her jaw had shattered from his attack. Her pretty face had been completely distorted by his counter and he felt slightly guilty about it. Removing [Heal] from his inventory, he began treating her injuries. After the bones had been reset, Vahn stopped healing her to prevent the party from recovering their full strength. He expected that, if he helped heal them completely, they would probably try to attack him again with more caution.

The men had relaxed somewhat after seeing Vahn heal their ally. They began to suspect he had been telling the truth and thanked their lucky stars he was compassionate enough to spare them even after their accusations. The leader, who had been trying to treat his own wounds, spoke up to try and ease the atmosphere.

“We’re sorry for wrongly accusing you stranger…but if it isn’t any inconvenience, could you use your magic to heal Jared? A wound that pierces the body isn’t easy to treat. He could die if we’re unable to get to the surface fast enough…” As he asked the question, his voice became lower and lower as the ‘monster’ began glaring towards him.

Vahn walked towards the writhing man and then glared towards the red-haired boy. The boy, seeing the terrifying look of the ‘monster’, immediately abandoned his ally and made his way towards the still unconscious cat girl.

Staring down at the man named ‘Jared’, Vahn bent down and grabbed the spear from the front and back side of the wound. Using a twisting and jerking motion, the spear snapped and Vahn was able to pull the two halves out of the wound. He had decided that yanking it out the full length would just complicate things so he took a more direct route. This way the enemy had one less weapon if they tried attacking him again.

Jared immediately writhed in pain and vomited the contents of his stomach. A foul smell began to spread in the air, and Vahn noticed the man had pissed himself due to the pain. Grimacing at the disgusting sight, Vahn quickly used [Heal] until the wound had mostly closed. The man was still laying on the ground in immense pain but tried to show a thankful smile after Vahn’s treatment.

At this point, just as the atmosphere began to turn tense, the sleeping female chienthrope awoke. She looked around at the chaotic scene before staring lazily at her right arm. Before she had passed out, she had given up all hope and was certain the limb had been lost. Looking around once again, she spotted a figure that looked similar to the boy that had saved her. The only difference was, instead of dark hair and a handsome face, he now had white hair with black undertones. His arms and legs were both covered in fur, and he seemed to be fighting a party of adventurers.

After a few seconds, she realized what was going on and tried moving her body. She was surprised to notice the expected pain never came and she was easily able to stand. After giving herself a cursory glance, she turned towards the group and shouted at the top of her lungs.

“STOP! That boy is the one who saved me!”

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘I’m not a furry, it’s just a phase’, ‘Try me bitch’, ‘You got knocked the F*ck out!’)

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