Chapter 688: Heavy…

The hundred hours he spent inside the orb with Alex made Vahn feel like he had been completely refreshed. When the time for their parting came, Vahn gave his ‘youngest’ child a large number of books, not just pertaining to the history of Danmachi, but the history of the world Eva originated from. After all, Eva was considered one of Alex’s ‘Mama(s)’ so Vahn wanted it to know all sorts of things about both worlds. Since there was a great deal of information on scientific developments, modern society, and the histories of both Earth, Mars, and Mundus Magicus, Vahn figured Alex would enjoy them greatly. Alex, of course, had been very excited to receive a veritable library worth of books, safely keeping them away in its pocket dimension before hugging Vahn’s neck with a surprising amount of strength…

After returning to the real world, Vahn found Fenrir patiently sitting at his side while Terra had returned to sunbathing on her perch. Noticing his awakening, Fenrir produced a small smile and repeated the magic words, “Welcome home, Master…” in a soft voice. Vahn smiled, lifting his body to aimlessly stare at Terra’s naked form for a few seconds before turning to Fenrir and saying, “I’m home, Fenrir.” She nodded her head in response, rising to her feet in the process and dusting off her skirt as she said, “I’ll be in my room for a little while. Don’t forget your promise with Lefiya and the others. She had been very worried about you the last few days…” Lefiya, as a result of the order he didn’t know he gave her, was always paying attention to the link they shared. Other than Hestia, Fenrir, and Hephaestus, Lefiya had been one of the most affected by his emotional turmoil over the last few days.

Vahn had been about to respond to Fenrir but, before he formed the words, she had already disappeared from Terra’s Garden. Though he couldn’t see her figure, Vahn followed the direction Fenrir had moved to with [Shundo], wondering what she was thinking about. As if answering his question, even though she didn’t say anything, Terra tapped her tail against the ground. Vahn looked toward her, seeing that she had been peeking towards him with slightly parted eyes. Then, once again without saying anything, Terra just closed her eyes and pretended as if she had fallen asleep. Vahn somewhat understood what both she and Fenrir were trying to tell him so, without waiting around any longer, he used [Shundo] to make his way towards where he expected Lefiya to be…

Perhaps they had arranged it previously, or just had a good understanding of his character, but Vahn found Lefiya sitting in the waiting area near his salon, dangling her legs back-and-forth with a ruminating look on her face. She didn’t even react to his presence all the way up until he was standing right behind her, only coming to her senses when she detected a sudden ‘shadowy’ figure. With speed faster than what would be expected from a Mage, Lefiya turned around with a guarded look until she realized exactly who had snuck up on her. With a light blush on her face, she pouted by saying, “Mooooou, Master, you shouldn’t sneak up on me like that~.” As they were alone, and Lefiya’s ‘Loyalty’ was now sitting at 16,439, she defaulted to her ‘preferred’ way of addressing him.

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Vahn smiled in return, sitting down on the expensive marble bench before patting the spot next to him. Lefiya, though still showing a fake pouting expression on her face, walked over and sat next to him, slightly closer than the spot he had actually indicated her to take. She even, unprompted, leaned against his arm and placed her head against his shoulder as the expression on her face slowly softened. Not minding her behavior in the least, Vahn reached his hand around and rested it on Lefiya’s waist, causing her face to flush a little redder without refusing the intimate gesture.

For several long minutes, the two just sat in silence with each other, enjoying the quiet atmosphere before Lefiya broke the silence as she mumbled, “Ano…I wanted to use my ‘Heavy Petting Coupon’. I don’t want to keep the others waiting for too long…so…ummm” According to the ‘plan’, Lefiya was supposed to send Vahn to the forest clearing after they were finished here. The coupon was good for an hour-long session but, expecting things might take longer, she had been given two hours by the other girls. Lefiya didn’t mind just spending the entire time sitting in silence but, the longer they sat together, the more her mind began to wander to less than ‘innocent’ thoughts.

Vahn had an amused expression on his face as he slowly brought his left hand over to lift Lefiya’s chin, bringing her crystal clear dark-blue eyes into view. She had a flushed face and, even though they hadn’t done anything, Lefiya was breathing a little heavier than normal. In truth, Vahn didn’t think someone that had yet to reach ‘adulthood’ should have been able to make use of the coupon. After all, in their agreed definition of what ‘heavy petting’ entailed, it evolved somewhat erotic contact and, in many cases, direct stimulation of the erogenous zones. Though their age wasn’t that different between each other, making it somewhat acceptable in the eyes of society, Vahn still felt a little hesitant about things.

As if she could read his mind, Lefiya’s blush grew steadily darker as she muttered, “Ano…I never really knew my date of birth, only the day I was dropped off at the orphanage. So…umm…” According to the date of birth documented through her stay at the orphanage, Lefiya still had a little under two months before she was supposed to be an adult. However, considering she may have been a few months old by the time she had been dropped off, Lefiya was trying to make an excuse that she was already an adult. It was a logical argument, even if it sounded like a very ‘convenient’ excuse to bring up in the heat of the moment. Judging by the somewhat ‘blank’ expression Vahn was making, Lefiya felt extremely embarrassed and couldn’t help but cover her face as a result.

For several seconds, Vahn wasn’t quite sure what to say about Lefiya’s given reason but, after considering the lengths she had gone through to assure him things were ‘okay’, Vahn just shook his head with a small smile as he said, “Then I guess I’ll give you an early, or perhaps I should say ‘late’, birthday present~? I wonder why my cute little disciple wants…?” Just as Lefiya was thinking of how she wanted to respond, only managing to make a ‘wawawa’ sound for a while, Vahn began nibbling on her long ear. Lefiya tightly closed her eyes in response while biting her bottom lip, almost as if she were in a lot of pain but betrayed by the fact that her aura was a mixture of pink and red.

There was a dark-blue ribbon tied around Lefiya’s blouse that kept her collar neatly arranged in a prim and proper manner. Vahn began to pull at the edge of the ribbon as he prepared to ask Lefiya one last time what she wanted. However, before the words left his lips, Lefiya opened her eyes slightly and asked, “Can I tell you want I want as my birthday present…?” Vahn blinked, confused for a brief moment before nodding his head, urging Lefiya to continue. She bit her bottom lip hard enough that Vahn was afraid she would actually draw blood. Just as he was about to help her calm down, Lefiya drew slightly closer to him and hesitantly stated, “I want Master to order me to express how I really feel for the next hour…”

Lefiya was worried that, even if she was able to go through with using the coupon, she would just freeze up as things got progressively more ‘intense’. Though she might be somewhat delusional at times, she had absolutely no misunderstandings about how things might develop if she continued forward. From this point onward, there would be almost no stepping back since she would never be able to face Vahn again if she panicked and ran away. When she felt an ever so subtle fluctuation in the link between her and Vahn, Lefiya almost released a sigh of relief as a smile appeared on her face. The next moment, Vahn nodded with a firm yet gentle expression on his face as he whispered, “Lefiya…I order you to be honest with me for the next hour. Tell me how you really feel…don’t keep anything hidden.”

For a brief moment, Lefiya felt like her mind was wandering but she hadn’t actually been able to form any thoughts. It past in an instant but it was almost like a part of her mind had been ‘unlocked’ or, perhaps it would have been more accurate to say, ‘unburdened’. All of her anxiety felt like it had melted away and, while all the feelings of nervousness were still present, Lefiya felt like they were almost illusory now. It was like Vahn, the Master she had dedicated herself to, became the only focus for her mind within the world. Lefiya felt strangely liberated as grabbed the hand her Master was using to tug at her ribbon, helping him to pull it away while staring into his expansive black pupils that seemed like they could devour her completely…

In a light mutter, while continuing to stare into Vahn’s eyes, Lefiya said, “I really wouldn’t mind if Master ate me…” Vahn felt like a part of his ‘sub-process’ mind snapped but, fortunately, he was able to keep his sensibilities intact and just smiled in response to Lefiya’s words. Tilting her chin up a little higher, Vahn gave Lefiya a very brief kiss on the lips before saying, “That will have to wait until next time. For now…let’s take it slow and enjoy the moment…” Lefiya nodded her head but, contrary to her actions, said, “Uuuu, how regrettable…I at least want to experience something to keep me ‘satisfied’ until then…” Vahn, though not exactly regretting his order to Lefiya, felt like a part of his mental defenses was slowly getting broken down every time she said something outside his expectations.

Before Lefiya ended up ‘breaking’ through his defenses, Vahn guided her into the salon since it would be embarrassing for them both if she suddenly cried out in the waiting room. Once they entered, Vahn nearly tripped when Lefiya looked around with an anticipatory look in her eyes before asking, “Master…can you undress me? I want to experience what it’s like to have a man take off my clothes while looking at all my secret places…” Vahn, finding his footing, scratched the back of his head with a wry smile on his face as he said, “Sure, I don’t mind.” Lefiya brought her hands together and gave a radiant smile that seemed to cause the room to light up slightly as a result.

What followed was Vahn removing each piece of clothing covering Lefiya’s body, starting with the ribbon he had pulled loose previously. She was wearing casual clothing, consisting of a pale pink blouse that was almost white in color, a dark pink frilled skirt, white stockings, and red shoes. When Vahn pulled the ribbon free, Lefiya’s breathing began to grow ragged as she watched each button of her blouse slowly peeled open by Vahn’s nimble fingers. Beneath to pale pink blouse, Lefiya had on a creme-colored blouse and, the moment Vahn stared at her breasts, she said, “Master…please tell me what you think as well. I really want to know…”

Considering that Lefiya ‘had’ to tell him what she was thinking, Vahn decided it would be somewhat unfair if he remained quiet the entire time. With an appreciative look on his face, Vahn looked at the two small bunnies contained by Lefiya’s bra, commenting, “They’re growing well. I think you may even be able to reach a C-Cup in the future, though I’m not entirely sure if that’s possible for an Elf?” Presently, Lefiya’s breasts were just cresting the peak of an A-Cup and transitioning into the territory of a modest B. With how slender her body was, they actually looked much larger than normal and, given the fair complexion of her skin, her breasts were very appealing to look at.

Lefiya released a moderately hot sigh in response to his words, muttering, “I like it when Master praises my body…uuuuuuuuu~” Realizing what she said, Lefiya felt very embarrassed but, as if her entire purpose in life were to be contradictory at this moment, she simultaneously stepped a little closer, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her two small rabbits against his chest. Lefiya’s breathing continued to accelerate as she said, “Master, I think your order for me to be ‘honest’ isn’t just affecting my words…” As she was speaking, Lefiya brought her lips near Vahn’s neck and released another hot sigh before trying to nibble on his collarbone.

Vahn was beginning to consider if he should change the nature of his order but, once again, Lefiya was a step ahead as she said, “No, I like it like this…please don’t make me change…” This time it was Vahn’s turn to swallow since Lefiya’s upturned and watery gaze was a very ‘lethal’ attack when she had her soft breasts pressed against him. Nodding his head, Vahn gently pushed Lefiya away and said, “We should hurry or you won’t be able to get the full benefits of your coupon…” Lefiya’s smile turned radiant as she laughed, taking on a slightly mischevious look as she slightly opened her half-buttoned blouse. Vahn finished undoing the remaining buttons, allowing the blouse to part at the sides to reveal Lefiya’s thin waist and cute navel.

Remembering her earlier request, Vahn smiled, tracing his finger near her navel as he said, “You know, I’ve always found something appealing about exposed navels. I wonder if you’ll wear lighter clothing after you get your own crest later on~?” Lefiya’s eyes widened slightly, not out of shock, but almost as if she was very excited by the prospect. With a happy smile on her face, Lefiya began to trace her fingers around her own abdomen with a smile, saying, “I was actually a little jealous when I saw Riveria-sama and Ryuu with their crests…since I’m Master’s, I wanted something to show off to everyone else…” This time, Lefiya didn’t bother to clarify her own status, outright saying she was ‘his’…

Doing his best not to let her words ‘shake’ him, Vahn nodded slightly as he softly whispered, “Having you follow this kind of order…is a very dangerous thing. I’m a little worried about the future.” Lefiya giggled, grabbed Vahn’s hand that had still been wandering around her navel. While stepping closer to him again, she moved his hand around to her waist, saying, “There is something Master should know about me…though I believe you’ve been aware of it for a long time. You see, I often get carried away in my thoughts and, though it is very embarrassing to say…I think I’m actually a little bit of a lewd girl…” As if to emphasize the fact, Lefiya’s face became beet red as she guided Vahn’s hand to the latch holding her skirt firmly to her waist.

Without any great hesitation, Vahn flicked the small clasp, not breaking eye contact from Lefiya as the deep pink skirt fell to the ground. Now, other than an open blouse, creme colored underwear, and white stockings, Lefiya had nothing to protect her dignity. In fact, if anyone were to ask him, Vahn would have said that Lefiya looked more appealing clothed like this than if she were completely nude. As for her claim about being a ‘lewd girl’, Vahn was very aware of this fact so he leaned near her ear, whispering, “I know…I think, as long as you don’t get carried away…the lewd Lefiya is very cute…” With his words finished, Vahn licked Lefiya’s earlobe, earning a small squeak from the bashful Elf as her ears started ‘wagging’ up and down.

Enjoying her adorable reaction, Vahn brought her face down to Lefiya’s exposed collar, emulating her earlier actions by nibbling on her collarbone. Lefiya grabbed his head, almost as if she were clinging to him while stifled sounds of frustration and pleasure escaped her lips. While he was nibbling around her collarbone, Vahn let his hands wander around Lefiya’s body, stroking her side with his left hand while tracing his fingers around the band of her panties, letting them slide around slightly into the silky fabric without going much further. He was, in fact, teasing Lefiya a bit while simultaneously making use of his [Grooming] skill and, while only the slightest amount, his [Hands of Nirvana].

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After a few minutes had passed, marked by Lefiya’s body trembling as she leaned into his chest, Vahn decided to advance things a bit. Picking up her very light body, Vahn moved to a nearby sofa, explaining, “I’m making a bit of an exception by treating you in this manner, but you’ll still have to wait until your ‘documented’ birthday before we do anything too serious. Don’t worry, though, I’m going to give you a memory you’ll never be able to forget…” Lefiya nodded her head, ears now drooping powerless as a wave of pleasure beat around her insides, almost like it was crashing against the shores of her rationality.

Vahn sat down on the sofa, allowing Lefiya to sit in his lap with her body facing him, thighs spread as she straddled his hips. It was… an almost dangerously erotic sight, something that made Vahn doubt if he hadn’t already crossed a line and was just putting on a pretense of control. Shaking his head to clear the thought, Vahn let Lefiya rest against his chest while bringing his right hand to various points around her back, infusing various different types of energy into the various pressure points of her body. While this was going on, Vahn gently stroked Lefiya’s very soft, albeit somewhat small, butt. She was slowly recovering her faculties to the point where she was able to form words while also managing to loosely wrap her arms around his neck and shoulders. With an almost pained look on her face, Lefiya pitiably said, “I know…I know…but…uuuuuuu, Master, please~.”

Tempted as he was by her words, Vahn squinted his eyes in response to Lefiya’s plea, surprising her somewhat as he softly stated, “Lefiya, that is my decision as your Master. Besides, are you doubting my capabilities…?” As he spoke, Vahn broke Lefiya from her momentary stupor as he brought his thumb near the fabric covering her left nipple, inserting a stimulating thread of energy that made her clench her teeth in an agonizingly sweet moan. When she recovered, Lefiya was breathing even heavier as she said, “Master…I’m…sorry…please…don’t be mad…” In response, Vahn smiled with a gentle expression while shaking his head, bringing his hand up to move a few strands of Lefiya’s golden-yellow hair as he said, “Lefiya, with how adorable you are, I’m not sure I can ever be truly mad with you. Just be patient for now, okay?”

Lefiya, staring directly into Vahn’s eyes with her deep blue irises covered in a layer of moisture, nodded her head and said, “Then…” This time, anticipating Lefiya’s request, Vahn brought her face closer to his, sealing her lips in what would become a very long and passionate kiss. At the same time, Vahn worked his magic on Lefiya’s body, allowing his fingers to dancer around as he poked, prodded, gripped, and rubbed various areas, increasing her sensitivity all the while bringing her sensual cries several octaves higher. By the time their session, which lasted well over an hour, had come to an end, Lefiya no longer had any doubts that her Master could make good on his promises…

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