Chapter 745: Eirene

Making his way over to her side, Vahn pulled Eirene into his embrace, allowing their bare bodies to touch against each other before gently kissing his lips. He kept things relatively tame, as it was obvious that Eirene wasn’t used to anything more ‘advanced’, but still enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest. Though they weren’t quite as soft as Hestia’s, who seemed to possess an Innate giving her the softest breasts among both gods and mortals, but they were still very pleasant and deformed nicely while he held her close. The fact she made no efforts to resist him at all, simply allowing him to do as he pleased, made Vahn feel a strange desire to not betray the trust she had placed in him…

Guiding Eirene to the bed, which had been completely replaced since the time he had been with Freya, Vahn slowly lowered her to its surface. Eirene’s ‘complacency’ actually unnerved him a little, especially since she was watching him with an unwavering gaze filled with trust and undisguised infatuation. Then, when she had been laid against the bed through his efforts, Eirene smiled lovingly and opened her arms, clearly inviting him into her embrace. Vahn blinked, somewhat confused about how things were developing but, never one to refuse the embrace of a woman, he leaned over of her body and allowed her to pull him close.

The resulting embrace last for a few minutes, during which time Vahn just absentmindedly enjoyed Eirene’s comforting touch while she hugged his face into the cleavage of her breasts. She didn’t seem to mind his weight against her body at all and, even though there was a startlingly hot object pressed against her abdomen, Eirene continued to hold him closely before framing his face and saying, “You’re a good man, Vahn…thank you for letting me prepare my heart…I’m ready now.” After saying her piece, Eirene gave him a very brief kiss before relaxing against the bed and slightly parting her legs. It was looking like, true to the rumors involving her, Eirene wanted to keep things very simple, something Vahn actually found rather refreshing.

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Since Eirene was actually ‘more’ than ready, contrary to her rather demure behavior, Vahn deftly found the correct angle, marveling at how Eirene’s flesh seemed to simultaneously envelop him with both a gentle, yet snug, pressure. When he inserted himself inside of her, Eirene released a small sigh before producing a smile and musing, “I’m glad I took Loki’s advice. Without the medicine, I’m not sure if my body would actually be suitable to receive you…haaaaa…” Hearing this, Vahn felt that same strange sense of pride dance around in his chest, bringing a smile to his face as he said, “You’re doing well, Eirene, just leave everything else to me…”

Nodding her head, Eirene then wrapped her arms around his back and loosely held onto his body without making many movements of her own. It was just him, slowly pistoning his hips without stressing Eirene’s body too much, as she gave Vahn a feeling as though she were very delicate and fragile. She didn’t seem to derive too much pleasure and enjoyment from sex, instead focusing on his reactions and ‘supporting’ him with random compliments. It was a little strange, especially considering he wasn’t doing much at the moment, so Vahn eventually slowly his already slow movements, asking, “Eirene, do you not enjoy having sex…?”

Eirene gave a simple smile in response before explaining, “Well, it certainly feels good, but I don’t think its that healthy for people to seek excessive pleasure. There are many things in the world that can give your life greater meaning than simply indulging in sexual pleasures. I’m sure you’ve experienced such things, especially after your children were born, yes…?”

When he heard her explain it like this, Vahn fell into thought for a moment before nodding his head in affirmation. However, he knew there was something ‘wrong’ about Eirene’s words so he then said, “That may be true. In fact, the time I spend with my daughters…I can’t really imagine anything more fulfilling. However, during moments like this, when two people are coming together to form a singular bond…I believe it is important to enjoy it. Even if you don’t place much emphasis on the act, ignoring anything complex like plays, the emotional connection is very important…you see, it makes me happy when I’m able to make the women I’m with happy. In many cases, seeing me happy, also makes the girls even happier, effectively creating a loop where we can share each other’s happiness. I’m not really sure if that makes sense…it just feels right…?”

Hearing Vahn’s explanation, Eirene chuckled lightly, bringing her hands to his face with a loving smile on her’s as she said, “Vahn, know that I am already very happy. However, if you want to try to make me happier…who am I to stop you…? Please, do whatever you like…I may be inexperienced, but I will do my best to make you happy as well…” Eirene had already decided to let Vahn do as he pleased, even before they began. Seeing him so concerned for her made a gentle warmth spread through her heart and, though she couldn’t exactly agree with everything he said, she knew he meant well.

Vahn could tell that Eirene wasn’t really convinced by his words so he decided to try and show her through his actions. Knowing she might not enjoy anything too intense, Vahn decided to slowly ease her into things but using his [Grooming] to begin stroking various parts of her body. So she would be able to focus on each sensation, he didn’t begin kissing her and, very gently, began kissing around her neck, shoulders, and collarbone. He noticed the Eirene’s body twitched slightly whenever his hands would pass over her soft and delicate skin. It was strange, especially since he knew she often fought and captured criminals, that Eirene’s body seemed so frail…

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It took a bit longer than he expected, but Eirene eventually released a much hotter sigh than before, making the demure and soft sighs from earlier seem exceptionally tame. Realizing it herself, Eirene lightly chuckled and said, “If it’s like this, I can understand a little what you mean…you’re so gentle, yet everything you do is effective…I’ve never really experienced anything like this before…” It was at this moment that Vahn gave Eirene a short kiss, still keeping things tame for the moment, before he pulled away to say, “Things can go much further than this…one day, when you are truly open to the idea, I will show you…the bonds between people that love each other are what give moments like this their significance. It isn’t the sexual act itself, but what we give to each other that matters…just as you’re allowing me to do as I please…while I’m trying to make you comfortable and satisfied…if we didn’t both want to give the other something, this would be nothing more than a means to an end…serving no greater purpose at all…”

This time, Eirene’s eyes opened a little wider, slightly taken aback by the content of Vahn’s words. They were much more convincing than what he had said previously and, though she couldn’t completely agree with each part, Eirene knew there was a great deal of truth to his words. If one side simply gave to the other, without an exchange of emotions, the party giving would be nothing more than a glorified prostitute. Even if that wasn’t the case, they both had a reason to be here, at this specific moment, which was so that she could conceive a child. If she simply allowed Vahn to do as he pleased, without taking any more proactive measures, it would almost be like she was letting him do what he wanted in exchange for a child…which was an awful thought to have.

Keying in on a few select words Vahn had stated, Eirene mustered up her courage, just like she would do before leading a raid into a den of criminals, saying, “As I said, Vahn, I’m not very experienced with things like this…however…I want you to show me how far things can go. I have already given you my trust and, even if things get a little out of hand, I believe you will not stray from the path you have chosen to walk…so show me, the strength of the bond between two people…I want to know how strong it can become.”

As if they had traded places once again, Vahn’s eyes widened at Eirene’s words, thoughts racing through his mind as he tried to process their meaning. Just like her comment about ‘doing it from behind’, Vahn wasn’t sure if the meaning behind her words matched with his understanding of them. The one thing he knew was, by simply looking at Eirene’s calm and determined gaze, she had completely entrusted things to him. How far he pushed her, what they experienced together, it was up to him to decide when things would come to an end. Depending on his choices, he could completely reshape how Eirene treated the relationship between men and women…

Suddenly realization hit Vahn’s mind, causing a smile to appear on his face as he reached out his hand to gently stroke Eirene’s aqua-blue hair. He leaned down, kissing her exposed forehead before saying, “Since you’ve given me your trust, I will give you my everything…it might be a little scary, though, as it would require you to do the same…” This time, Eirene’s chuckle turned into a light laugh as she said, “Very well, Vahn…I know I’m not the first goddess whose heart you’ve managed to reach…I trust you. Come, if you want my everything, take it…” As she spoke, Eirene opened her arms in a gesture as if she were offering herself up to him, no hesitation at all present in her expression and actions.

Refusing to let down a woman who had placed her trust in him, goddess or not, Vahn threw away his own hesitation and began expanding his domain before contracting it to surround the bed. Then, just as he had done with Hephaestus and Loki in the past, Vahn began allowing his domain to mix with Eirene’s aura, drawing out her divine power as the energies between their bodies began to meld together. For a brief moment, there was an unbridled surprise on Eirene’s face until, much like Vahn, such thought seemed completely irrelevant. Just as he could feel her everything, Eirene could feel Vahn’s entire existence, simultaneously small, frail, and weak, while also being insurmountably large, indomitable, and mighty. It wasn’t the presence of a mortal and, though it wasn’t as powerful as a god, Eirene couldn’t help but feel like Vahn was far beyond any gods she had ever met before…

Without any regards for time, Vahn melded with Eirene as a rainbow hue, intermixed with an ocean-blue radiated from their bodies. They were so taken by the passion shared between them, which seemed to infinitely compound upon itself, that, by the time the light began to fade away, nearly eight hours had passed, with them changing positions more than a hundred times. When everything was said and done, Eirene just lay there in a daze while Vahn held her body from behind, gingerly kissing her neck while the now familiar presence spread her insides to their maximum capacity.

Eirene didn’t know what to think right now, as the experience she just shared with Vahn was far beyond her expectations. She actually felt like her existence itself had ‘expanded’ slightly, in a way she couldn’t even begin to comprehend. The mortal boy holding her, his warmth, his scent, his presence itself, seemed to be permanently embedded in her thoughts, heart, and even her soul. Strangely, though this should have filled her with confusion and insecurities, Eirene knew Vahn hadn’t kept anything from her, just as she had been unable to keep anything from him. They had given themselves to each other completely, something she hadn’t even thought possible earlier, even when the words had originally left her mouth…

Feeling Vahn slip out of her, Eirene experienced a sudden sense of loss, instinctually uttering, “Ah, no…” before realizing what she just said. Vahn just rolled her over to face him, an action she couldn’t bring herself to resist at all. When she saw his face in close proximity to her’s, Eirene felt her cheeks become hot, especially when she saw his gentle and ‘knowing’ smile. As he came in to take a kiss from her, Eirene absentmindedly opened her mouth to receive him, feeling her mind start to numb when his tongue invaded, caressed, and intertwined with her own. Just as she had done during the previous eight hours, Eirene found herself reciprocating his kiss, even escalating things slightly when she tightly clung to his head with her hands.

When Vahn pulled away, he saw Eirene’s red face and smiled once again, asking, “So, I know my words might not be very convincing, but I believe you should understand now…how about it, Eirene, can you feel the love I have for you now…?” He might not have had much before, as Eirene was more like someone he had respected as a friend, even while appreciating her beauty and fully intending to impregnate her. After melding with her Divinity, however, Vahn felt like there was no part of Eirene he didn’t know, even some parts she herself hadn’t be aware of before. At the time their existences seemed to have fused together, even though he lost his senses, Vahn felt his feelings intertwine with her’s, bringing them to an absolute zero distance where nothing wasn’t shared between them.

Hearing his words, Eirene found herself breathing heavily and, inexplicably, the heat on her face continued to rise as she sheepishly muttered, “I…I under…I understand…I…I…I…” Reaching out his index finger, Vahn placed it against Eirene’s lips, smiling in the most loving manner he could manage as he confidently stated, “I know…” At this moment, Vahn felt like he knew ‘everything’ about Eirene, at least on an emotional level. She would probably struggle with her thoughts on what happened for a while after today but, once she came to accept the reality, Vahn ‘knew’ she would be happier for it. He had felt how happy she could be, something Eirene didn’t seem to be aware of herself, and she wouldn’t be able to ignore that feeling anymore.

During the moment when Eirene had entered a daze, Vahn gently lifted her right leg and, bringing her back to reality, slowly inserted himself into her again. Unlike the past, where she simply released a sigh of relief, Eirene released a throaty moan, writhing around slightly in his embrace with a flushed expression on her face. She immediately began breathing faster before locking eyes with him when he brought his hand back to her face, saying, “It’s time…” Then, to answer Eirene’s unasked question, golden chains began to appear from the void as they slowly snaked around her body. This time, Eirene’s breathing became loud, labored, and excited. Even though she could feel the restrictive force coming from [Enkidu], Eirene managed to smile, tracing her palms across his chest as she said, “Vahn…I love you…”

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