Chapter 76: Tyrannical Might

Vahn spent the night within the corridor connecting to the stairs. Though he thought about exiting the dungeon and returning home for the night, Vahn decided to temper himself by staying. As he had previously intended to leave only when he was unable to progress, Vahn was determined to stay for as long as possible.

Over the last few months, his mastery and use of [Will of the Emperor] had increased greatly. He was now able to maintain his domain without any conscious effort as long as his internal energies didn’t run dry. Since he had skills like [Spirit Healing], [Yggdrasil’s Favor], and [Heart of the Eternal Flame] supplementing his energy recovery, Vahn was able to maintain his domain without any major energy consumption as long as he wasn’t active.

When Vahn awoke the next day, he made his preparations for clearing the 7th floor. This was the point where he had made the furthest progress previously and he was curious to see how far he had grown since his last visit. Though he still had items like [Plague Mask], [Nullifying Mantle], and his [Mithril Poniard], Vahn didn’t equip them since he wanted to continue developing what he referred to as his ‘eternal flame domain’.

Though the monsters of the 7th floor were annoying to deal with in normal circumstances, Vahn was able to make smooth progress through the Horned Rabbits and Purple Moths. However, things weren’t always as planned and Vahn had a bit of trouble with the Killer Ants. They were somewhat resistant to his flames and whenever they entered the domain they would screech and release pheromones that caused any nearby Killer Ants to gather en masse.

Vahn was nearly overwhelmed by a large number of Killer Ants but the more damage he took the easier he was able to deal with the situation. Though he wasn’t unaware of the effects Vahn was still surprised with the boost he had started receiving from [Rakshasa Body]. The longer he fought against the ants the more prominent his transformation would become until he had achieved the state he was in when he saved Naaza previously.

It was at that point things began to get odd because, as Vahn suffered even more damage, a second change began to occur in his body. The hairs on his arms started to compact and take on a bluish-onyx hue. His tanned skin began to darken and a strange tattoo began to spread from his forearms to the rest of his body. Wherever the tattoo spread his muscles became dense like iron and the jaws and attacks of the Killer Ants started having little effect.

Vahn was ecstatic seeing change and nearly entered a maddening fit as he tore his way through the tide of Killer Ants and retreated towards safety. His laughter echoed through the caverns of the dungeon as he left a swath of death and destruction wherever he passed. It wasn’t until he managed to break the encirclement and reach the safety of the stairway leading down that Vahn finally managed to reign in his emotions.

Though he had never really panicked, the moment he started getting surrounded made Vahn feel slightly anxious. He was able to evade the attacks of the Killer Ants for a while, but no matter how quickly he culled their numbers, there always seemed to be two more to replace every one he killed.

If it wasn’t for the changes caused by [Rakshasa Body] there was a real chance he would have sustained serious injuries trying to escape.

Vahn inspected the current state of his body and even unequipped the majority of his clothing to observe the full effects. The previously white/black fur had joined together to form a series of scale-like protrusions on his body. The scales were dark black, but whenever they caught the light they reflected a bluish hue. The biggest change was how the skin around the scales had become much darker and the tattoo Vahn had noticed previously had spread throughout his arms and torso.

The tattoo had the appearance of strange runic formations that coiled, intertwined, and overlapped on Vahn’s biceps, back, collar bones, and pectoral muscles. Curiously, the tattoo reminded Vahn of a snake and the patterns seemed to come alive with this thought. Vahn thought they were very cool, but he was still a little worried about what other changes had occurred. He took his standing mirror from his inventory and tried to get a better look at his body.

The first thing he noticed was that the tattoo extended all the way to his face, or more specifically the area around his eyes and forehead. They came together to make a strange shape similar to a dragon’s head that made Vahn’s face look wrathful even when he wasn’t particularly angry. He also noticed his hair had changed to match the hair on his arms and also had the dark color with blue sheen. Lastly, he caught sight of the tattoo on his back which had formed a gigantic yin-yang symbol surrounded by a series of eight strange line-like formations.

Enough time had passed while Vahn was inspecting himself that the transformation began to recede. After about thirty seconds it had disappeared entirely, including the effects of the white-tiger transformation. Vahn stared blankly at his normal state and inspected his body for any lingering effects. He was happy to see there were no longer any changes he had to concern himself with, so he decided to ask Sis about the new form.

(*The first form is that of the white-tiger or Báihǔ, while the second form seems to be representative of the black-turtle or Xuánwǔ. The white-tiger change offers you increased strength and agility while the black-turtle form seems to greatly increase your endurance.*)

Vahn nodded, it would be hard to ignore how he was able to resist the attacks of the Killer Ants using just his body. If he didn’t realize his endurance had increased, he would begin to question the function of his brain. (“What about the strange tattoo and symbols on my head and back?”) Vahn was curious if they were also a part of the black-turtle transformation.

Sis was silent for a while before responding, (*My analysis shows that the tattoo on your face is indeed the product of the black-turtle form, but the symbol on your back is present even during your white-tiger change. It seems to be the core structure of the [Rakshasa Body] and it’s current effects haven’t been cataloged yet. Since it is an innate skill, I am unable to determine it’s functions at present.*)

Vahn considered her words as he sat down to rest. Like every time he relied on [Rakshasa Body], his stamina had drained severely. It wasn’t too bad when he just used the white-tiger form, but now that he had progressed to the second stage the burden on his body was quite intense. It was almost like he had just finished one of his sparring sessions with Tsubaki. Luckily, his natural regeneration had been increased to the point where he only needed twenty minutes to recover.

After resting, Vahn continued downwards to the 8th floor. This was now the deepest he had gone into the dungeon and he could feel anticipation begin building within. Entering the 8th floor, Vahn noticed the dungeon immediately changed its layout. The walls had now become dirt-brown while the overall size of the corridors increased. There was also a patchwork of dirt and short grass along the ground while green bioluminescent lights shone down from the 10m high ceiling.

Vahn’s excitement continued to build as he delved deeper into the 8th floor. With his domain, he was able to sense things within a 68m range, and he quickly came across the first signs of life on this floor. Wielding his [Lion’s Pride], Vahn made his way towards the direction where he could detect monsters and nearly fell down after he saw what was before him.

Around the corner of the corridor he just exited, Vahn saw a group of nearly twenty…goblins. Vahn felt like he had been cheated and immediately pulled out his bow and fired explosive arrows into the unsuspecting group. After they were all slaughtered, Vahn released an annoyed sigh before asking Sis why there were goblins so deep into the dungeon.

(*Its not impossible for other monsters to appear on different floors other than the one they spawn on, however, the monsters that are most commonly seen on the 8th and 9th floor are, in fact, goblins and kobolds. However, the compendium also indicates they are at the peak of Level 1 and even some rare Level 2 elites will be present.*)

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Vahn was a bit let down at hearing the response, but he hardened his resolve so as not to get distracted. Even though he looked down on goblins and kobolds due to his current strength, he did almost die to both of them in previous incidents. This was a good opportunity to get a bit of revenge, so Vahn kept his bow and set out to clear the 8th and 9th floors.

The number of monsters that spawned on these floors was much greater than the previous levels. The hallways connecting rooms were much smaller and there were several obstacles that the monsters could use to maneuver around and try to attack unsuspecting adventurers. As Vahn had his domain, all of the ambushes were futile as he continued making progress before clearing both floors in less than three hours.

Taking a short break for lunch, Vahn decided to check his spoils and the growth of his stats. After that intense battle with the Killer Ants, Vahn suspected he had broken through his limits once again.

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Name: [Vahn Mason]

Age: 14

Race: Human, *sealed*

Parameter: [Danmachi: 1-4]








Soul Strength: Tier 2 (Hero Soul)

[Karma]: 1,022

[OP]: 151,870

[Valis]: 171,630


The increase wasn’t that great, but Vahn noticed his [Rakshasa Body] had leveled up from G to F so he was pleased. His innate skills were his most important assets, so any change in them was of great benefit for his future growth. After Vahn had learned from Sis that there were two more beasts similar to his prior transformations including, a vermillion bird and an azure dragon, he had started to look forward to unlocking their potential.

After finishing his lunch, which was, of course, seafood crepes, Vahn crossed the threshold separating the stairs and the 10th floor. Once again, the layout of the dungeon had changed. Though the walls and floor seemed the same as the previous two floors, they looked aged and covered in ash. Visibility was severely reduced as the entire floor seemed to be covered in some kind of mist that was cold to the touch.

Vahn decided to perform an experiment to deal with the mist and began channeling [Heart of the Eternal Flame] into his domain. He wasn’t trying to concentrate it to absorb fire elements, he just wanted to see if the change in temperature would clear up the mist. Vahn was happy to see his intuition had been correct as he now had an entire 60m of clear space revealed around him. Within this area, he was able to identify monsters that had been hiding in the mist waiting for their prey.

There were several behemoth sized creatures with pig-like features. They were nearly 3m in height and looked as if they weighed several hundred kilograms each. Within their hands, they carried a variety of weapons like trees and stones that had been strewn about the 10th floor. Accompanying these large creatures, which Sis had identified as Orcs, were several small monsters that looked like atrophied goblins. Sis informed Vahn they were called imps and he had to be especially careful of their quick and low-angled attacks.

Vahn nodded in response as he drew his [Lion’s Pride] and began sprinting towards the nearest Orc. When he was at an optimal range, Vahn kicked off the ground hard enough to leave cracks in the hard dungeon floor and launched himself parallel to the Orc who had just tried to swing at him with its tree/club. A terrifying red arc traced through the body of the orc following the path of Vahn’s sword and separated the Orc’s upper and lower body.

The monster cried out, and Vahn noticed the characteristic regeneration of the Orc was repressed by the burning effect of his attacks. He showed a cruel smile before stabbing the area containing the magic core and releasing the wailing monster from its misery. Knowing that his attacks denied the Orcs of their greatest strength, Vahn turned towards his next victim and accelerated to his maximum speed.

Though they had immense strength, the Orcs were incredibly slow. They relied on their endurance and regeneration to deal with adventurers, but both of these were absolutely pointless against Vahn’s attacks. Vahn danced around the group of Orcs while severing limbs before moving on to his next target. During his onslaught, the imps had tried to ambush him on several occasions but were denied success because of Vahn’s perception. No matter how sneaky they tried to be, he was always able to track their movements and intercept their attacks with his blade before continuing his tirade against the Orc horde.

After all of the imps were dead, Vahn turned towards the wailing Orcs he had left still writhing on the ground. As it was too difficult to target their heads due to their height difference, Vahn decided to most optimal strategy was to simply cut off the legs of the Orcs. Now they writhed on the ground while still trying to approach him to enact their vengeance. Vahn shook his head before a cold look flashed in his eyes as he began to execute each and every Orc.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Whoa there, Calm down kiddo’,’Killer Ant Hydra’,’Vahn go hard’,’I wonder how stressed out Hephaestus is with Vahn’s constant slaughter and excitement’,’Unstoppable Momentum Part 2′)

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