Chapter 875: Yggdrasil’S Heir

Back on the 50th Floor of the Dungeon, enough time had passed for Vahn to use his [Keeper of the Akashic Tome] once again. He had talked with Yggy about it beforehand and she was more than a little excited to have a ‘true’ name, especially since it was the same as her previous one. As a result, Vahn ended up ruffling the adorable Spirit’s hair while a small crowd, consisting of Fenrir, Haruhime, Lefiya, Ryuu, Arnya, Mikoto, Lili, and Riveria. She had come down for a short visit to witness Yggy for herself and, with how ‘important’ a Tree of Life was for the Elven People, Riveria knew she needed to at least build some rapport with the adorable little Spirit. Thus, with everyone gathered, Vahn looked down on Yggy with a smile and said, “From this point onwards, you should be known as Yggdrasil Lion Mason…”

Though they had witnessed Vahn’s ‘naming’ several times, seeing a 10m tall tree suddenly become encapsulated in a vortex of magical energy was quite surprising. Eventually, it had formed into an emerald green sphere that became completely stagnant, emanating a powerful vitality that made everyone feel refreshed and full of life. Then, after fifteen minutes had passed, the light slowly began to retreat but, instead of losing its vibrancy, the emerald green glow became even brighter. By the time it had formed the outline of a tree, the light was so bright that it seemed to illuminate the entire Floor before slowly dimming into a natural and serene green, tinged with a golden hue. Yggy’s bark now seemed to be covered in a layer of glowing moss while nine golden vines coiled around her trunk. Curiously, her height didn’t increase much but now, amongst the gem-like leaves, there were a few pure green ones that had swirling gold patterns present on their surface…


[Yggdrasil Lion Mason]

Age: 0

Race: Spirit of the World Tree, Yggdrasil(sealed)

Level: (-)

Loyalty: Eternal Loyalty

Soul Strength: Tier 3 (Great Spirit)

Karma: –

State: [Active]

Skills: [Spirit of the World Tree: Innate: SSS](new), [Yggdrasil’s Heir: Innate: SSS](new), [Sacred Dew: Innate: SS], [Haven: Innate: SS](new), [Sacred Light of Purification: SS](new), [Rampant Growth: S], [Terraforming: S->SS], [Vital Soul:H](evolved from [Endless Vigor], [Healing Rain: A->S] [Spirit of the World Tree]

Rank: Innate(SSS) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Passive: Allows the user to adapt to any and all environments, purifying them and strengthening the life essence contained within. So long as one of the nine ‘Sacred Hearts of Life’ remains, those possessing this skill will live eternally.

Active: Allows the user to self-propagate eight times by planting their ‘Sacred Heart of Life’ in any medium. In total, the user will be able to exist as nine bodies, each linked together irrespective of distance.

[Yggdrasil’s Heir]

Rank: Innate(SSS) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Only allowed on

Passive: Grants the user limitless vital energy and allows them to infuse it into other sources.

Active: Bestow [Yggrasil’s Champion] unto a single target via a kiss. This skill can only be used once for each main body the user has created.

[Yggdrasil’s Champion]

Rank: (-)

Use: Allows the user to draw upon the energy of [Yggdrasil’s Heir], giving them nigh-inexhaustible

energy and endless vitality. So long as this skill persists, the user will possess eternal life and the

ability to purify all negative energies.

[Sacred Dew]

Rank: Innate(SS) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Passive: Produce a single drop of Sacred Dew each month. Those that consume this Sacred Dew will have all their wounds healed, all sicknesses recovered, all curses removed, and, for the period of 1 year, be immune to any ailments. Consuming ten Sacred Dew can increase the longevity of the recipient by around 10% of their basic lifespan while also giving them a constitution that is immune to sickness.

[Haven](A/N: This is a Unique Innate, even though the effect is similar to Sanctuary (UwU)…)

Rank: Innate(A) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Passive: Create a domain of purification that increases the growth rate, natural recovery, and spiritual development of everything within. Has the effect of negating negative energy, purifying poisons, preventing the spread of miasma, and damaging entities recognized as a threat by the user.

[Sacred Light of Purification]

Rank: SS

Use: Causes a radiant light to emanate, dealing persistent damage to enemies based on the purity of their soul. Against familiars and mana constructs, this ability can completely destroy any entities beneath the Level of the user.

[Rampant Growth]

Rank: S

Use: Convert vital energy into the natural energy to stimulate explosive plant growth.


Rank: SS

Use: The user is able to passively change the environment to be more hospitable for recognized lifeforms. Able to create ‘ecospheres’ with isolated habitats that can last indefinitely, so long as the user is still alive.

[Vital Soul]

Rank: H

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Use: Massively increases the replenishment of stamina, mental energy, and spiritual energy. Increases the natural recovery of all friendly entities near the user.

[Healing Rain]

Rank: S

Use: Convert vital energy into clouds that will rain down indiscriminately, healing all within this abilities range.


Seeing how much Yggy had changed, Vahn was truly awed but, unfortunately, as naming her had consumed almost the entirety of his energy, he wasn’t able to take in all of the changes just yet. Unable to remain standing, Vahn fell forward and landed softly in a bed of thick grass and flowers that had practically bloomed in an instant to catch him. A bright light flashed from his side before condensing into the figure of Yggy, unchanged except for the fact she now seemed to ‘glow’ with a golden hue. Then, unexpectedly, the little Spirit leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead, causing a flood of energy to flow into Vahn’s body as his own reserves began to steadily replenish.

Watching her Papa slowly regain his strength, Yggy smiled so radiantly that it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine all evil creatures in the world flinching at that moment. Just as he often did to her, she began to pat his head while softly uttering, “Papa is really amazing…even though I feel so much stronger than before, my energy is only like a small stream compared to yours…” As Yggy had just given her Papa the [Yggdrasil’s Champion] Skill, it should have been able to revitalize him in an instant. If he were a ‘normal’ person, it would be almost impossible for him to ever use up more energy than she was feeding into him through their bond. How Papa completely defied this logic, however, as she was feeding what felt like an ocean of energy into his body only for it to ‘slowly’ replenish…

Vahn sat up and traded roles with Yggy, now stroking her hair with a proud smile on his face as he said, “You’re amazing yourself, Yggy…I can’t wait to see what you’ll grow up into. Make sure you study hard and get along with everyone, okay~?” Right now, though it was incredibly gentle by comparison, Yggy’s presence actually exceeded Terra’s by quite a bit. This was because Terra, as powerful as she was, had only reached the very early stages of Tier 3. Yggy, however, was so close to Tier 4 that the only thing limiting her, other than her age, was a proper comprehension of how to use her skills. Once she matured and broadened her horizons a bit, Vahn knew Yggy would break into the Tier 4 very naturally, like a flower blossoming in the sunlight…

After Yggy ‘evolution’, Vahn sat around in the verdant meadow that now existed, talking with the girls about his plans. He would be venturing into the Dungeon very soon but, now that these new changes had occurred, there were other things they needed to discuss. Though it would have been easy to talk about them back at the Manor, Vahn wanted Yggy to be present during the discussion that directly related to her. She now had nine total [Sacred Heart of Life], one of which served as the core of her current main body. The other eight were inactive and Vahn was discussing where they should be planted in the future, both for Yggy’s benefit, and their own.

The Hearth Manor seemed like the most obvious place to plant Yggy’s second heart as it would allow her to play with everyone back on the surface. Though it would certainly cause quite the stir, as her body no longer had a ‘limit’ to the size it could grow, Vahn didn’t want Yggy to be stuck in the Dungeon all the time. If necessary, they could even expand the Hearth Manor until it encompassed a much larger region of the Alliance’s territory. However, when he brought up this idea, it was rather quickly shot down because, after a few thousand years passed, Yggy would ‘outgrow’ the City itself. Anywhere she was planted would essentially become a central gathering point for Civilization in the future and it was actually a ‘problem’ that one of her bodies was now constrained to the Dungeon…

Yggy’s diameter was always half of her height, meaning that she would eventually grow to a point where her canopy reached the ceiling, more than 2000m above, while her trunk would have grown larger than the region they had cleared for her. Though it would take as long as 400,000 years, Yggy would have actually grown wider than the 50th Floro itself, having a diameter of more than 200km with a height that was over 400km…meaning she would have a canopy that had already grown to the surface and spread across the entirety of Orario by then. This was actually a rather terrifying thought but, as Vahn knew he would realistically live forever, and there were already entities several hundred million years old, it would eventually come to that point…

Fortunately, when the discussion got to this point, Yggy chimed in, saying, “Don’t worry Papa, if I start to get too big I can just move a part of myself into the void. I can grow there as much as I want while keeping only a piece of myself in the Dungeon~.” Hearing this, Vahn was more than a little surprised, asking, “How will you do that…?” Yggy, with an absolutely innocent expression, just giggled as she said, “It is easy~!” before hopping up and pointing to her main body and shouting, ‘Eiii~!’. When she did so, the rather awe-inspiring tree actually started to shrink until it was barely the size of a sapling, even though the massive aura that now covered a large part of Haven, persisted.

Vahn was immediately reminded of Terra’s Space Magic, shrinking down objects so they could be carried around in his Inventory with greater ease. Yggy, however, was able to emulate that ability Innately, without having to use a complex magic circle at all. Seeing this, Vahn remembered Eva’s lessons about how Magi would study the ‘rare magic’ and ‘superpowers’ of others to create new Magics of their own. He wondered if the first person to make spatial compression magic had seen someone use an ability similar to Yggy’s, as he himself now felt inspired to look into it a bit. There was a lot he could learn just through observing the effects of Innates, even though he admittedly slacked on his own at times…

With Yggy’s rather fantastical display, the problem of her size wasn’t really a problem at all, meaning she could easily be planted within the Illusory forest of the Hearth Manor without issue. Terra would need to give her permission but, considering she would greatly benefit from the nigh-infinite amount of natural energy that would be present, the odds of her refusing were astronomically small. He could already see the two of them getting along splendidly while Alexa may even become similar to a ‘big sister’ to Yggy in the future…

Yggy herself didn’t seem to mind where her other hearts were planted but, knowing she would be able to stay on the surface and interact with everyone whenever she wanted, the Hearth Manor was more or less confirmed as her next home. The third seed would very likely be planted within the Elven Forest, allowing the Sacred Trees there to grow without requiring sacrifices and the like. Vahn may have already provided a solution to the Elven infertility issue but there was no harm in making sure other problems didn’t pop up in the future. Though the Elves would probably become a very friendly and ‘outgoing’ people in the future, as an overabundance of natural energy was a mild stimulant for them, their bodies would adapt with time. Future Elves would likely be far more powerful than their ancestral king, bathing in Yggdrasil’s energy since birth and increasing their potential to greater heights…

The location of the other six seeds would have to be debated in the future, as there were currently no ‘ideal’ places to allow Yggy to grow. Vahn definitely wanted to plant one on the Dark Continent, allowing it to slowly turn into a more hospitable environment, but that would have to wait until later. Other than there, he had the idea of planting one near the bottom of the ocean, as there were no limits to where Yggy could be planted, while another could potentially be planted in the Southern Sands. The climate there was very harsh and the lives of its inhabitants had struggled to survive for thousands of years…Vahn remembered this his Emperor self had somehow turned the Southern Sands into fertile plains and there was a fair chance Yggy had been involved. It was either that or, by having Yggy help with his research, Vahn had learned [Terraforming] for himself…?

As for the final locations he had in mind, at least for the moment, Vahn was tempted to plant one of Yggy’s hearts within the chaotic energy of space. She didn’t require a physical medium to grow into and, even if he planted her in the ‘air’, Yggy would be able to sprout a main body without any issues. This allowed her to be planted in some rather exotic places and, though there wasn’t a physical sun and moon within the record of Danmachi, Vahn felt it shouldn’t be impossible for him to affect the celestial artifacts that represented them.

Artemis would likely be able to help him reach what was known as the ‘Moon Palace’ and, though Apollo would probably hate him for a few thousand years, Vahn knew he would meet Amaterasu in the future. She was one of the principle Goddesses of the Sun and would probably help him plant one of Yggy’s hearts on the Celestial Sun Palace in the future. Other than that, Vahn had thoughts of trying to plant Yggy’s hearts within Hades and Heaven one day, linking the three Realms and potentially allowing him to move between them once she reached Tier 4. The only problem with that was, if Yggy did end up in a realm where the gods weren’t restricted, her ‘indestructible’ nature may be brought into contention very quickly…

Ultimately, for the time being, Yggy ‘offered’ up her eight hearts to Vahn and allowed him to place them into his Inventory. Then, back in the Manor, Vahn went to discuss the matter with Terra and quickly got her permission to plant Yggy within the clearing of the illusory forest. Once the seed was planted, an exact replica of Yggdrasil’s body in the Dungeon was created on the surface. Each of her bodies were linked together, meaning they shared the same age and rate of growth as all the others. By the time she had reached her full size, another radiant light emerged from Yggy’s trunk before a duplicate Spirit body was produced. Then, rather unexpectedly, Vahn found himself getting another forehead kiss, feeling the amount of energy flowing into his body doubling as Yggy laughed happily, face full of childish innocence and the desire to receive praise…

(A/N: The last paragraph is to show that, even if an ability reached SSS(the peak of the record), that doesn’t mean it can’t grow even further. Though SSS is the highest rating something can have, the difference between SSS can vary greatly. Remember, Vahn’s [Will of the Emperor] has been SSS from the start, yet its power and efficacy have grown alongside Vahn. However, if he were to enter into a higher record, the skill may no longer be SSS at all. The rank is entirely based on the record itself, and this applies to items as well. If he took [Enkidu] into a Tier 9 record, it probably wouldn’t even be a C-Rank item. Btw, anyone else like how Yggy essentially became Vahn’s most powerful ally in the course of a week xD…?)

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘One day, having the name ‘Mason’ will give a person great power…’,’That is one OP Tree Spirit (O______O)…’,’Yggy be like, “Papa, take my hearts, *mwah*~!”‘) <-(p.atreon link)

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