Chapter 4: Karma

(I am Klyscha, the Goddess of Dreams.)

The woman had a gentle expression as she looked into Vahn’s eyes. He could see infinite darkness, similar to the abyss that had encroached upon his ‘memories’ previously. Within that infinite darkness was countless images like stars floating within, like an amalgamation of events creating a view similar to a nebulous galaxy.

(Vahn, I cannot deny you lived a very tragic existence, but know that the love and hopes your mother entrusted you will now become your power.)

“What do you mean, ‘my power’?” Vahn asked in a confused manner.

(You see Vahn, everything that a soul experiences in their life result in an accumulation of Karma. This includes all events, both good and bad. The decisions they make, even how they deal with thoughts and memories during moments of introspection. Though you experienced a lot of ‘negative karma’ from others, it did not increase your own. In fact, because you were the victim of the circumstances it resulted in a positive gain for you. And I know it may have been the cause of your suffering, but your unique bloodline had resulted in a total of 1,317,042 total lives saved over the course of fourteen years.)

Vahn was shocked. Even though he had learned to hate his own existence and inability to take action; even though he had blamed his accursed blood; even though he felt he was just a tool to be used at the convenience of others; he had in fact saved over a million people.

“A million people….me?”

(1,317,042! You shouldn’t overlook the 317,042 lives Vahn. Each and every one of them is an entire life credited to your existence and your mother’s love for you.)

The child, Vahn, looks down at the ’empty’ ground, seemingly lost in thought.

“I understand…”

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Klyscha looked at the child who seemed to be in deep contemplation. He was so small and frail…it shouldn’t have been his ‘burden’ to save so many people.

(As I was saying Vahn, even though you may not have intentionally done so, you were able to save 1,317,042 lives. Saving a single life could generate you a large amount of positive karma, and even true heroes typically only accumulate several thousand over the course of their entire lifetime. Because of this, you’ve accumulated far more than the required karma to obtain benefits after your death. It was because of this fact that I was able to hear your prayers and summon your soul to this space when you died. It’s also the reason you have been able to persist in this space for the last three years without being pulled back into the cycle of reincarnation.)

Vahn’s ears twitched at the word ‘reincarnation’.

“You mean people get to reincarnate?”

The Goddess smiled at the boy’s interest in the subject.

(Certainly Vahn. Every soul, including the bad ones, is able to undergo the cycle of reincarnation. Generally speaking, when the soul passes through what we Gods refer to as ‘The Gate’, their memories are wiped after being reviewed through the ‘Kaleidoscopic Wheel of Karma’. Depending on the accumulated Karma the soul would then be reborn among a variety of creatures, or sometimes even inanimate objects. For those who have accumulated a lot of positive karma, such as Heroes, Saints, and other Legendary figures, they are able to retain part of, if not all, of their memories.) (A/N: This sentence has a legendary amount of commas)

The child’s eyes seem to light up somewhat, as he looked towards the Goddess with expectation.

“You mean to say that I’ll be able to be reincarnated, and keep all of my memories?”

(Indeed Vahn. In fact, because you accumulated so much positive Karma, there are a variety of benefits you have access to.)

“Benefits?” he asked, confused at the Goddess’s words.

(Yes. You see, in most cases, the cycle of reincarnation happens automatically, as it is one of the fundamental principles governing the multiverse. It is only in very rare circumstances that a God or Goddess personally overseas a soul going through the cycle. It requires the soul to have accumulated more Karma than the grade of the soul being assessed. As you come from the Mortal plane in the 3rd Dimensional web, you are graded as having a tier 1 soul. Generally speaking, a tier 1 soul cannot accumulate positive Karma exceeding 100,000 points.)

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“And how much positive Karma have I accumulated?” Vahn asked inquisitively.

The Goddess, Kylscha, showed her biggest smile yet as the images in her eyes seemed to become more vibrant.


Vahn was shocked, “173 million!? I thougtht you said I only saved 1,317,042 lives!”

The Goddess giggled with her hand covering her mouth.

(That is indeed correct Vahn, and it’s good that you’re including the entire number when you speak. You see, even performing a simple act of kindness to someone can accumulate positive karma, so of course, saving a life would give you more!)

“A-ah…I see. Yes. That makes sense”

The Goddess fixed her demeanor and continued.

(Certainly. And now let me explain the ‘benefits’ I mentioned earlier. When a soul accumulates enough karma they are given the opportunity to meet with a God/Goddess before they reincarnate. Which god shows up depends on the desires of the soul, which in this case gives you me, Klyscha, the Goddess of Dreams! Because you had a powerful dream and constantly prayed, your voice was able to reach me. Now I can use my power to grant you a wish and give you the opportunity to select various benefits before your reincarnation into the next life. So tell me Vahn, what is your wish?)

Vahn paused for a moment and began to seriously consider his options. He thought about having various superpowers like flight or the ability to walk through walls. He thought about having an absolute strength or having the power to dominate others. As various thoughts went through his head, Vahn realized that many of his ‘desires’ reflected the negative experiences that he dealt with his entire life. He wanted abilities that allowed him to escape…abilities to punish the people that hurt him….abilities that would enable him to do whatever he wanted for the first time in his life…


(Is something wrong Vahn?) asked Klyscha, a grim expression on her face.

The child looked directly at her with a deep hatred in his eyes. She could see in him, this child that has not an ounce of negative karma in his soul, an endless potential for darkness. A concern for this child’s future began to deeply implant itself into her soul…until the child’s expression suddenly relaxed. The darkness that seemed to permeate his entire existence seemed to have faded away, in its place a deep loneliness.

“I wish my mother were alive.” said the child, looking deeply into her eyes as hope began to sprout in his.

The Goddess sighed, helpless to answer the child’s desire. Following this, she observed as the boy developed a solemn expression.

(I am sorry Vahn, but it is outside the right of any soul to request the alteration of a soul other than their own. Even though time passes differently for entities within this space, your mother has already returned to ‘The Gate’. Everything that was her can now only be found within you. I cannot even see where she has reincarnated to, nor can I alter her fate to allow her to be with you again. I can promise you this though. Since she had given birth to you who was able to accumulate so much positive karma, she likely achieved the level of Saint upon her death. She is likely living happily in another world with the hopes that you are living a healthy and happy life.)

After her speech, Vahn seemed to relax, almost as if a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“I see. I am happy as long as she is happy…The only thing I can wish for other than my mom is…I want to be free. I want the opportunity to live the happy life my mother would have wanted for me. I can ask for nothing greater.”

The Goddess smiled once again, with a gentle, almost reminiscent look on her face.

(I am proud of your decision Vahn. I will grant your wish and give you the most powerful tool to help guarantee your freedom.)

She reached into space and pulled an ancient looking orb out of the void.

(This is an artifact called ‘The Path’. It is the core comprised of my divinity as the Goddess of Dreams. With it, you will have access to all words that exist within the dreams of creatures throughout the multiverse. That includes all the anime and manga you were so fond of.) She said with a chuckle.

“You mean I will be able to go to any world I want to!?” The boy could barely contain his excitement.

(Eventually, yes. But, it will need time to grow alongside you. As you pass through various worlds you will be able to accumulate strength. That strength will be transmitted into ‘The Path’ and allow you more of the freedom you desire. One day, ‘The Path’ may even take you to the very time and place your mother resides.)

Vahn was awestruck and couldn’t even ‘breathe’ for a few minutes. It almost seemed like his brain had completely shut off.

(Your time here is almost up Vahn. The reason I had broken you from your earlier reverie was because the time available before your soul forcefully reincarnated was approaching.)

“I…I see,” said Vahn. “Can I choose the world I reincarnate to?”

The Goddess nodded in affirmation.

(You just need to place ‘The Path’ into your heart. Once it merges with your soul it will give you the power to choose your destiny.)

Vahn took the orb and placed it on his chest. Upon contact, it seemed to dissolve into his body and a warm feeling spread through his ‘soul’.

(*Synchronizing with Host: 1%….37%….100%. Initializing ‘The Path’ in accordance with Hosts ‘records’: 1%….19%….90%….100% *Ding* ‘Records’ verified. Please confirm ‘records’ by thinking key phrase ‘Display Records’.*)

Vahn could hear an artificial voice speaking directly into his head. It was a very peculiar feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced. Before he was able to inquire, the Goddess Klyscha interrupted his train of thoughts.

(Your time is up Vahn. You will now be taken to the space contained within ‘The Path’. I pray you are able to find happiness in your journey.)

He was shocked at her sudden announcement, but before he was able to respond-

(*Detected Host within *unspecified*. Forcibly removing host to prevent dispersion of soul*)

And with that notification, Vahn disappeared from the endless white void.

Klyscha stood silently staring into the space previously occupied by the child called Vahn. She issued a silent prayer to gods greater than herself, hoping that his journey is able to heal the wounds within his heart.


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