Chapter 13

“Yao Yao, wait until I can embroider a big one then you teach me, okay?” Yang Le Le looked at Ning Meng Yao with expectation.

She had learnt not little things from Ning Meng Yao and she had not mastered all of them. The thing that she should do now was to strengthen them. When the time comes for her to embroider a big one, she could learn other needle techniques again.


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Ning Meng Yao agreed to teach Yang Le Le because she and Yang Xiu Er were not the same kind of people. She knew what she should do and what she should not do, not greedy and acquisitive like Yang Xiu Er, looking at something then wanting to seize that things, something Yang Le Le could not. Yang Le Le would ask to learn new things only when she could do all the things she was taught before. This was also the reason why Ning Meng Yao was willing to forge a deep friendship with Yang Le Le.

Once Yang Le Le heard it, her heart jumped happily, “ Wa, this is too good.”

“Next time you can use towels for covering the pillows for embroidery,” Right now, Yang Le Le could only embroider pouch, handkerchief and the likes, but her hand crafts was enough control something not big not small like the towel covering pillow.

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“Good.” Yang Le Le’s words to Ning Meng Yao were no suspicions kind of trust. Ning Meng Yao only need to say and she would believe it.

Both of them spoke and laugh at the courtyard, completely putting the matter of Yang Xiu Er leaving at the back of their mind.

“Mom, I had just known that Ning Meng Yao actually still has many things, I want her to teach me but she’s not willing,” thinking of these, Yang Xiu Er would feel her heart on fire, wanting to roast her dead.

Madam Luo looked at her own daughter in astonishment, asking almost unexpectedly, “How can this be? What is the reason?”

Yang Xiu Er coldly hmph, “Can there be any other reason? It’s entirely Yang Le Le that slut’s fault.” On the outside, Yang Xiu Er behaved like an obedient, understanding and polite child, but she was secretly tart and mean.

“Disaster from the mouth, although Yang Le Le is not good, but she is the village head’s daughter. If other people know, do you still want to live well?” Madam Luo immediately covered her own daughter’s mouth.

These kind of words if spoken inside one’s own house was alright, but if other people hear it, then they would not be able to stuff it and walk in a wrap.

Yang Le Le was spoiled in her own house, not only the village head and his wife, but even her older brothers and aunts also spoiled her.

“Mom, I’m not convinced.” Yang Xiu Er knew that she had spoken wrongly and unhappily said with a cold face.

In which part was she not better than Yang Le Le? She was more good-looking than Yang Le Le, her embroidery was better than Yang Le Le’s. On what basis that Yang Le Le’s family was better than hers thus she could live better than her?

“I know, as long as you can learn all of Ning Meng Yao’s hand crafts, can earn money, and when the time comes, marry a good person…” Once Madam Luo thought of these, she felt very high. Her daughter was talented and she was benefited from association, people would know what kind of woman she was.

Yang Xiu Er shyly nodded her head, but when she thought of Ning Meng Yao’s attitude, there was some disappointment, “But Ning Meng Yao was not willing to teach me better needle techniques, she said not willing to teach outsiders.”

“She said not willing to teach outsiders then she won’t teach outsider? We’ll think of a way to let her obediently teach you,” Madam Luo reassured her daughter, totally no considering that an orphan could have much skill.

Yang Xiu Er looked at her own mother, not really trusting Madam Luo’s words.

But Ning Meng Yao’s outstanding embroidery, she indeed wanted to learn. After learning it, she would have more skill, could earn more money, that was why the matter of Ning Meng Yao teaching her embroidery cannot be delayed.

Before she did not know Yang Le Le and Ning Meng Yao’s relationship was that good, but now that she knew, she was worried. Ning Meng Yao distanced herself from her because of Yang Le Le. This way the loss could not be compensated, that was why she needed to think of a way quick.

When Yang Xiu Er thought of how she should make Ning Meng Yo teach her, Ning Meng Yao was mentoring Yang Le Le’s needle techniques on her own screen.

“Yao Yao, is it like this?” Embroidering some, Yang Le Le raised her head to look at Ning Meng Yao in a mentally perturbed way.

She was afraid that she embroidered it wrong and ruined her screen.

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