Chapter 35

Ning Meng Yao was made happy by Yang Le Le’s attitude of ‘this treasure is tricking you’and patted her: “Fine. What are you pretending for? Uncle Yang, Auntie Yang, you’ve blamed Yang Le Le wrongly. She had returned some to me.”

“En? Le Le, tell mother how much money did your embroidery sell for this time,” Madam Yang looked at her own daughter and opened her mouth in curiosity.

Yang Le Le proudly raised three fingers.

“Three silvers?”

Yang Le Le’s face blackened: “Mother, am I that bad?”

“Auntie Yang, this time, Yang Le Le’s embroidery sold for thirty liang.” Ning Meng Yao smiled as she could not bear to continue watching.

This made not only Madam Yang, but also Madam Qiao and Yang Zhu and Yang Yi father and son to widen their eyes and looked disbelievingly at Yang Le Le.

Madam Qiao walked to Yang Le Le’s side and she was moved, asking, “Le Le, is this true?”

“That’s right. I returned Yao Yao twenty liang and brought some things, there is six liang left. This is for you, mother.” Yang Le Le gave the remaining money to Madam Yang.

After giving the money to Madam Yang, Yang Le Le started to distribute the goods. There were Yang Zhi’s brush, ink, and papers; Madam Qiao and Madam Yang and Yang Zhu’s clothes, while Yang Yi was only given food and medicine.

Yang Yi looked at his sister with a pitiful look: “Little sister, how about mine?”

Yang Le Le took the bones and fishes to Yang Yi: “Big brother, these are yours.”

Yang Yi was stunned and the rest could not help but laugh.

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Madam Qiao looked at her little aunt and her heart felt a bit envious because she knew that Yang Le Le’s embroidery could be sold for such a high price was because Ning Meng Yao was teaching her.

Even though her heart was a bit envious, but she had no other thought. Besides, little aunt was talented, she herself could get some benefit since her relationship with little aunt was not bad.

Rubbing the cloth embroidered with flowers, Madam Yang was very happy: “You silly girl. How can mother wear such excellent clothing? It is better if you are the one who wear it instead.”

“Mother, Yao Yao will eat at our house today, why don’t you prepare the dishes?” Yang Le Le’s scalp tingled and pointed at Ning Meng Yao then spoke out.

Once Madam Yang heard this, she took the groceries her daughter bought to the kitchen after saying, “Meng Yao ah, go play with Le Le for a while.” Her voice had not disappeared and she had already rushed to the kitchen.

“Using me as a shield?” Ning Meng Yao teasingly stared at Yang Le Le.

That kind of gaze made Yang Le Le’s heart pulled cold strings and her eyes moved from right to left and repeating it again. In the end, she pulled a pitiful look to look at Ning Meng Yao: “Isn’t it because I have no other ways left? Yao Yao, don’t be angry.”

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Ning Meng Yao was actually not mad and only saw that kind of Yang Le Le was somewhat funny. Now, seeing that Yang Le Le was truly worried, she could not help but shook her head.

Reaching out her hand and patting Yang Le Le’s head, Ning Meng Yao said, “You ah….”

Touching her head, Yang Le Le smiled dumbly while feeling embarrassed.

If she did not do so, she won’t know what her mother would do.

Although their family conditions were better than other families’ these past few years, but it was only slightly better. If compared with those well-off families, their family could not be said to be better. In addition, Madam Yang and Yang Zhu gave the best of their things to Yang Le Le and Yang Yi. Now that there was Yang Zhi, they gave the best things they had to their grandchild, Yang Le Le was not given.

She currently possessed this skill; of course she wanted to let her parents to live in a better way. At least better than how they were before.

Ning Meng Yao saw that this family was warm and cared for each other, a smile blossomed on her face. This was how family should be. “Uncle Yang, I have a proposition.” Ning Meng Yao looked at yang Zhi and suddenly said. Seeing that they were using puzzled expression to look at herself, she continued: “Yang Zhi is a talented child. You can send him to the town’s private school to study.”

Yang Zhu and Yang Yi was stunned once they heard this. These past few days, Yang Zhi always diligently studied under Ning Meng Yao. They only wanted to let him to have more skills and did not think that Ning Meng Yao would say this.

“Yao Yao, is this true?” Compared to the father and son duo, Yang Le Le was more happy than surprised. Her nephew liked to study and if he could pass the provincial or county level of imperial examination, they as a family would be so proud. Their family was discretionary before but now it was different. She had confidence that her nephew could do it.

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