Chapter 470: Break Whichever Hand That Did It

Every time, except for taking food, he would not come back, and he returned, he would punch and kick Madame Luo as if she was his enemy. All this was caused by that tart Ning Meng Yao.

But that woman is doing so well now, look at the way she’s dressed compared to me. The more Madame Luo thought about it, the more hatred she felt. 

She went to the workshop to find work to do, but the people there said that she had involvement in cases of theft, so she couldn’t work in the workshop. This annoyed Madame Luo. Who were they to say that she couldn’t work there?

“I killed her? If it wasn’t for her misbehavior and having collusion with inappropriate people, thus causing herself to be abandoned by them, would Yang Xiu Er have died? No, she would not. As the saying goes, a child’s attitude depends on his parents. Her result today is because of you as her parent.” She really didn’t like Yang Xiu Er.

Originally, she didn’t want to target anyone, even if they had made a mistake, she would forgive them if they changed, but Madame Luo was different. She heard that Madame Luo secretly stole the sauce that was prepared at the workshop. Such an offense had annoyed Jiang Shu so much that he directly fired her.

“Very well, we’ll put that aside. Then, why don’t you let me work? You’re doing this intentionally, right?” As long as she could work in the workshop, she was not afraid whether that useless man would return or not.

Ning Meng Yao smiled scornfully: “If I remember correctly, Uncle Jiang gave you a chance, but on the first day, when you went home in the afternoon, you secretly stole the sauce from the workshop, right?” Madame Luo did this to herself, yet she had the audacity to talk nonsense in front of her now, she really was shameful.

Madame Luo’s expression changed. She was certain that Ning Meng Yao did not know about that incident, she did not expect that the supervisor told Ning Meng Yao about it. Now she had no other choice.

“It is not because I didn’t give you a chance. I did but you did not cherish it.”

“What is the point of talking to this vile woman? Let’s go, you must be tired after walking for so long.” Qiao Tian Chang frowned. They had been walking for a long time today, she must be tired by now.

Her feet used to sore in less than half an hour. She had been out for more than half an hour today, so it must have been unbearable for her.

Ning Meng Yao also felt a bit uncomfortable, so she turned to Qiao Tian Chang and nodded: “Let’s go.”

Watching them pass by her, Madame Luo was pissed off that she was scolded by them. Without hesitation, she pushed Ning Meng Yao hard from her back.

Ning Meng Yao’s footsteps stumbled. Fortunately, Qiao Tian Chang held her tight, otherwise she would have fallen.

He turned his head and glared at Madame Luo with bloodthirst eyes. In split seconds, he grabbed hold of Madame Luo’s hand that she used to push Ning Meng Yao, and warned coldly: “I’ll break whichever hand that you used to push.” With that, he twisted Madame Luo’s hand hard and she screamed out loud.

“Qiao Tian Chang, let go of me. How dare you hurt me. You must reimburse me.” Madame Luo endured the pain from her arm, and demanded angrily. She felt offended being blindly hurt by other people. If he did not want to pay him money then there would be no end to this.

Qiao Tian Chang laughed at Madame Luo: “You want silver? I do not have silver, but I can let you reunite with your daughter for free and enjoy everything she once enjoyed. I think there is still a place in the county’s prison. “Qiao Tian Chang said without a tint of concern.

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When Madame Luo heard it, her body shivered. Her daughter was killed in that prison. She did not dare to risk it.

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Holding on to her painful and uncomfortable arm, Madame Luo stumbled and ran home. After entering her home, she locked the door from inside, afraid that Qiao Tian Chang would come after her.

Qiao Tian Chang sneered. She really thought that was over? It was impossible to recover Madame Luo’s arm.

Sure enough, when Madame Luo went to see a doctor on that day, all the doctors said that her hand could not be saved. In fact, she would most likely become a disable. Madame Luo was astonished by the news, she could not believe it.

“That’s impossible, how could my arm be disabled.” Madame Luo yelled at the doctor. If her arm was disabled, then that would give that man more of an excuse to leave her.

Having this thought, Madame Luo shivered, she could not let this incident off so easily.

I must look for Qiao Tian Chang.

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