Chapter 506: Get Out Of Our Family

Qiao Tian Chang left Yang Su Yun, he did not have the slightest pity towards her.

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Ning Meng Yao narrowed her eyes at Qiao Tian Chang. She then walked towards Qiao Tian Chang. She sniffed him to see if there were other scents before leaning into Qiao Tian Chang’s embrace: “This place is mine, you are also mine, mine alone.”

”Yup, I’m yours,” Qiao Tian Chang was feeling really happy with Ning Meng Yao’s possessiveness. Since his wife definitely did so because she loved him, that was why she was so possessive. He was feeling more than happy to it.

Ning Meng Yao hummed: “Stay further away from other women in the future, I don’t like it,” Ning Meng Yao looked at Qiao Tian Chang in a dissatisfied manner.

”Alright, I’ll listen to you,” No matter what Ning Meng Yao said, Qiao Tian Chang would nod his head and agree, the way he doted her was driving Yang Su Yun crazy from jealousy.

What did Ning Meng Yao have? Other than being married before, she was not inferior to this woman in any aspect. She was beautiful, she had a good figure, why couldn’t she obtain that man’s favor?

”Elder Brother Qiao……”

”I will pull out your tongue out if I hear you calling me like this one more time,” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Yang Su Yun with a cold expression.

One minute, he was as gentle as water, the next minute, he became a man akin to a devil. Yang Su Yun’s body was trembling, there was a voice in her heart telling her that this was the true Qiao Tian Chang, but she did not dare to believe it.

Qiao Tian Chang was not bothered with what Yang Su Yun was thinking, he looked at Ning Meng Yao and said softly: “Yao Yao, are you tired? Should we head home?”

”Alright, I’ve come here very early, I’m really a little tired,” Ning Meng Yao had headed to Yang Le Le’s home after waking up, she had been busy until now, she was really a little exhausted and sleepy.

After the two of them left, Yang Su Yun stood at her original spot, she was filled with resentment, it was that woman’s fault, if not for that woman, she would not have lost this great opportunity.

With such thoughts, a vengeful smile appeared on Yang Su Yun’s face, but there was nothing she could do about Ning Meng Yao.

Yang Le Le was in the room looking speechlessly at the man who had just woken up, she shook her head in a helpless manner: “It seems like you’ve become a sly fox.”

”I would be drowned in wine if I do not pretend to be drunk,” Lei An chuckled and said, he did not want his wedding night to pass just like that.

Yang Le Le furrowed her brows, she seemed to be worried, it caused Lei An to feel doubtful: “What are you thinking about?”

”I keep having a feeling that Yang Su Yun would cause some sort of trouble.”

”Tonight is our wedding night, you intend to let me pass it just like that? We’ll talk about it after tonight,” He pressed her to the bed after speaking, he then covered her tiny mouth which still wanted to say something.

Yang Su Yun followed her parents back to Yang Zhu’s family home, she was feeling dissatisfied and said: “Uncle, why is my cousin helping outsiders instead?”

Yang Su Yun’s complaint caused Yang Zhu and the others to frown. She was their daughter, it was not other people’s turn to criticize her.

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”I wonder what Le Le did to make you think this way?” Yang Zhu glanced at Yang Su Yun and calmly asked.

”She did not help me get Qiao Tian Chang,” Yang Su Yun said as a matter of fact.

She did not notice the ugly expressions of the two families.

They never expected that Yang Su Yun would actually cause trouble for their daughter during her wedding, their expressions immediately became gloomy.

Madame Cheng almost fainted from anger, she glared at Yang Su Yun and had a pale expression.

She met Qiao Tian Chang and Ning Meng Yao today. They were a beautiful couple, doesn’t her daughter feel shameful saying such words?

Elder Brother Yang clenched his fist, he kept telling himself to endure it, but he was simply unable to endure it when he looked at Yang Su Yun acting that way.

The way she looked was as if Le Le owed her.

Old Master Yang glanced at Yang Su Yun: “If you want to interfere in other people’s relationships, then get out of my Yang Family, our Yang Family does not have such a shameless young lady like you.”

Yang Su Yun looked at her own grandfather: “Grandpa, what’s wrong with me pursuing my own happiness?”

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