Chapter 514: News About Ya’er

Bai Mo shook his head: “I’m not too certain, I have always been searching for news about Ya’er ever since she disappeared and only received this news recently. I went to Ling Empire to find you and couldn’t find you, they said you came to Xiao Empire, I came over to try my luck, I never expected that I would really find you here,” There was a happy smile on Bai Mo’s face.

Ning Meng Yao sat by the side and listened to their conversation, she kept feeling there was something amiss but was unable to pinpoint what it was.

After thinking for such a long time and unable to figure it out, Ning Meng Yao stopped thinking about it. She sat by the side and listened to their conversation.

”Which part of Miaojiang is Ya’er in? I’ll go with you,” Nangong Yan gave some thought and looked at Mo Yan before saying in a serious manner.

Ning Meng Yao wanted to say something, but she saw Qiao Tian Chang sitting opposite her shaking his head at her. He seemed to be telling her not to speak.

Although she was feeling doubtful, she still nodded her head obediently. She sat by the side and did not interrupt Bai Mo and Nangong Yan’s conversation.

It was already two hours later when they finished discussing, during the whole time, Ning Meng Yao was getting more and more curious towards that man called Bai Mo.

Based on Nangong Yan’s attitude, he really trusted this man in front of him.

Bai Mo stood in front of the window as he looked outside, the corner of his mouth curved into a faint smile, it was as if he saw something interesting.

At that moment, Ning Meng Yao dragged Qiao Tian Chang back to their room, she furrowed her brows: “Tian Chang, I feel something’s not right.”

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, his sixth sense on the battlefield told him that the man called Bai Mo was more dangerous than any of them over here, he was at least ten times more dangerous.

How could such a dangerous man be father-in-law’s friend? What went wrong?

Qiao Tian Chang said in a soft voice: “Keep an eye on Bai Mo during this period of time, but do not display it.”

”You’re saying that father really wants to leave with Bai Mo?” Ning Meng Yao was currently most worried about this.

Nangong Yan and her mother’s relationship was very close, she was unable to deny that, but she did not trust Bai Mo, she was not at ease letting him follow Bai Mo.

Qiao Tian Chang sighed: “Father-in-law would surely go.”


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”If I’m father-in-law, my lover had been missing for a few decades and there was suddenly news, even if it was contradicting news, I would still go,” Qiao Tian Chang said in a serious manner.

Because he loved her to such an extent, when he received the news, he really wished that he had wings so he could immediately fly there.

He felt Nangong Yan was too rational, shockingly rational.

Ning Meng Yao kept quiet and did not say a word.

Indeed, if it were her, she would also do the same. Even if there was very slim hope and she would have to pay a heavy price for it.

”Don’t worry, father-in-law isn’t weak,” Everything was fine if that man called Bai Mo really came to find Nangong Yan to tell him this. If not, don’t blame him for not being polite.

Ning Meng Yao was still at a loss, she did not wish for Nangong Yan to go.

Indeed, a few days later, Nangong Yan really mentioned his request to leave with Bai Mo.

”Father, must you leave?” Ning Meng Yao felt that it was very dangerous. She did not wish for him to leave.

Nangong Yan smiled and nodded his head: “Yes, father wants to go find your mother, I’ll bring your mother back to see our child after I find her.”

Ning Meng Yao glanced at Bai Mo by the side, she could only nod her head in a helpless manner: “Alright then, father, you must be careful.”

She had never met her mother, but she was greedy for the fatherly love Nangong Yan gave her, causing her to feel reluctant to part.

Nangong Yan smiled and nodded his head: “You are so long-winded, be careful that Tian Chang finds you annoying.”

The two of them chatted for a while longer, Nangong Yan then mounted the horse. During that time, Ning Meng Yao appeared in front of Bai Mo, she said in a tone where only the two of them could hear: “It’s best you do not have any ill motives, or else I’ll tear you to pieces.”

Bai Mo’s eye twitched: “What other motives can I have? I’m just here to find an old friend,” Bai Mo still had an impeccable smile on his face.

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But such a perfect smile caused Ning Meng Yao to find it strange.

There were hidden dangers in things that seemed too perfect.

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