Chapter 665: Coming To Beseech

In their eyes, Bai Mo could certainly bring their king back if he wanted to.

Bai Mo sat on the chair with one hand supporting his chin, he was not surprised by their arrival, he calmly swept his glance at the crowd: “Is there something?”

”Imperial Tutor, the King has been missing for a long time now,” One of the priests, who normally discriminated against him the most, spoke first.

The high priest stood by the side as he watched the crowd coercing Bai Mo, he sneered in his heart, what a fool.

Bai Mo glanced at the priest, there was doubt in his eyes: “He’s not around?”


”So?” Bai Mo looked at the other party and asked in return.

That priest thought for a while and spoke as if it was a matter of course: “We’re hoping that you’ll be able to find him.”

Bai Mo looked at the straightforward priest in front of him and said with a smile and yet not a smile: “And if I refuse?”

”You are Miaojiang’s Imperial Tutor, something has happened to Miaojiang right now so you have to help,” That priest seemed to be dissatisfied with Bai Mo’s reply, he glanced at Bai Mo and said in an inevitable and right manner.

Bai Mo chuckled: “I think you’ve mistaken. That’s right, I am Miaojiang’s Imperial Tutor, but nobody dares to order me like this. I can bring Miaojiang to where it is right now, and I can also bring it back to what it was in the past. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me.”

He had gradually lost patience towards these old things. He did not really like those who didn’t open their hearts to him.

The high priest suddenly spoke up at that moment: “The King had mentioned at that time, the Imperial Tutor does not need to heed anyone’s order, his authority in Miaojiang is higher than everything else. Second High Priest, by ordering the Imperial Tutor around right now, are you trying to be disrespectful towards him?”

The priest who the high priest called Second High Priest had a frighteningly gloomy expression.

He knew that the reason the current King of Miaojiang was able to obtain this current position at that time was because of Bai Mo’s help in secret. He had indeed helped him a lot.

At that time, the king’s intentions were simply to gain some benefits, but the king seemed to have been bewitched and actually gave Bai Mo such authority.

Bai Mo looked at the Second High Priest and said with a cold smile: “Second High Priest, it seems you’re really dissatisfied with me.”

Even if he was really dissatisfied, he would not bring it up at this moment, he was not truly foolish. Offending someone while needing their help was something he wouldn’t try or do.

”Imperial Tutor, you’re thinking too much,” The Second High Priest said dryly.

”Imperial Tutor, please help us find the King. The others are unaware right now, if they find out……” They were unable to bear such results.

There were many people in Miaojiang who wished to obtain that position, they were not short of one, perhaps in the eyes of the others, the King’s disappearance was great news for them.

”I get it,” If possible, Bai Mo really did not wish to be bothered about this matter, but he could not, it was because he was controlling that King of Miaojiang well. If someone else became the King of Miaojiang, he was afraid that person would not give him full control of Miaojiang.

With such thoughts, Bai Mo said: “I’ll send people to search, I do not hope for anyone to spread the news during this period of time. Otherwise, I’m sure all of you are aware of the consequences,” Bai Mo glanced at them and said coldly.


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Other than the Second High Priest and his followers, the others quickly replied with a yes.

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The Second High Priest had a really ugly expression after leaving Bai Mo’s courtyard. Bai Mo’s retort and the others nodding their head and agreeing was obviously smacking him in the face.

”Intolerable,” The Second High Priest slammed his palm on the table by his side, the table was unable to bear the force and crumbled to the ground.

The person by his side looked at him, he then furrowed his brows and said: “He is basically controlling Miaojiang in the dark right now, so what’s with you?”

”Why should a person from the Central Plains control our Miaojiang? Why should he interfere in our Miaojiang’s matters?” The Second High Priest had a face filled with rage the moment it was brought up to surface. How he wished he could remove Bai Mo from existence. 

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