Chapter 68

The arrival of Qing Xue and the rest made Ning Meng Yao a bit relieved. When Qiao Tian Chang came, the five of them used an inspective gaze to look at him which made his heart felt strange.

His heart felt as if he had offended them.

“That… Have I offended you all?” What kind of things had he not seen? But when he saw Qin popo and Jiang Quan gazed over, Qiao Tian Chang had a feeling of wanting to escape in front of them.

Seeing Qin popo and the others used an exploring and vigilant gaze to look at Qiao Tian Chang, and seeing Qiao Tian Chang’s very cautious demeanor, Ning Meng Yao could not help but laugh: “Alright, Qin popo, he is my friend, also the person I am working with about the workshop.”

Qin popo looked at Qiao Tian Chang, her pair of eyes were sharp as if shooting arrow: “Work together? Young miss, this person is bearing ill intention, you should distance yourself from him. Moreover, man and woman should not be too intimate, doesn’t he know this?”

Ning Meng Yao almost puke blood because of what Qin popo said: “I really have nothing with him. Big Brother Qiao is a good person, he helped me many times.”

“Alright. Qin popo, young miss knows what she is doing. Do not be vigilant to people as if they are thieves. I feel that this man is good.” Jiang Quan saw that Qin popo still wanted to say something so he immediately cut her off.

“That’s right, Qin popo, he is guest who came over, you cannot stop him from entering, right?” Qing Zhu smiled at Qin popo.

Being refuted by a group of people made Qin popo embarrassed so she walked to Jiang Quan’s side and out busying.

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Seeing Qin popo leaving, Ning Meng Yao heaved a relieved sigh. She told Qiao Tian Chang in a demeanor of not knowing whether she should cry or laugh: “Big Brother Qiao, I am sorry for earlier.”

“It’s nothing. Are these the ones you’ve brought today?” Qiao Tian Chang lifted his brow to the leaving people.

If he had not seen it wrong, these people were very good to Ning Meng Yao and did not have any feeling of unfamiliarity. This was only something people who knew each other long could have.

It seemed that this girl was not ordinary orphan.

“Yes, Qin popo is like that. She is only worried about me.”

“I can see that.”

But this Qin popo was skilled. That gaze made him thought of those old women who taught etiquette.

Ning Meng Yao was discussing things with Qiao Tian Chang at one side while at the other side, Qin popo was staring at Jiang Quan: “Jiang Quan, is letting young miss alone with that man fine?”

“Can you not see it? Young miss’ relationship with that youth is good.” Jiang Quan looked at Qin pozi helplessly.

He could understand Qin pozi’s worry since she thought of her as her own daughter.

When she first knew about Ling Luo and young miss’ relationship, she had spent a very long time to accept it. She had felt that Ling Luo was not a good person and did not deserve Ning Meng Yao.

At that time, they all thought that she was thinking too much but now, it seemed that she did not think too much, that man was truly not qualified their young miss.

“I know. There was that Ling Luo, I am afraid that young miss will be fooled.” Qin pozi frowned as she unhappily spoke.

Although Qiao Tian Chang grew up good and their young miss also like, but she could not rest assured.

“Qin popo, we know that you are worried for young miss, but why don’t you think what kind of personality young miss have? Since she can get along with that person well, then that means she had accepted him.” Qing Zhu told Qin popo earnestly.

“That’s right. Moreover, popo, can you feel it? Young miss is very relaxed in front of that youth. This had not happen in front of that heir.” Qing Shuang was very discerning as she spoke with Qin pozi.

Hearing the two people saying so, Qin pozi thought back and felt that it was true. When young miss saw that youth, the smile on her face was very relaxed.

“Since it’s like that, then we will observe.” Qin pozi was a bit dissatisfied.

Jiang Quan looked at Qin pozi, not knowing whether to cry or laugh as he shook his head: “You ah, you’re like this. I really do not know what to do with you.”

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Qin pozi sent Jiang Quan a scornful gaze: “Young miss is such a good person. We naturally have to find the best son-in-law, especially after experiencing Ling Luo’s matter.”

One Ling Luo had made her burn down the courtyard she like, if there was another happening, what would young miss do?

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