Chapter 854: Worry

Xiao Ren led his people to carefully check the traps at various places. They must make no mistake.

He took his people and left with confidence after carefully inspecting each place and making sure all traps were perfect. As soon as he walked out of the jungle, he saw Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang walking towards his direction.

Xiao Ren quickly waved for everyone to leave and walked over: “Miss, Master, why are you guys here?”

“Oh, nothing. We came to see if there’s anything we can help.” Ning Meng Yao explained with a smile.

“It’s okay, we can handle it. It’s just that outside…”

“Uncle Ren, don’t worry. We have people outside to contain the attack, there won’t be any problem.” Although Ning Meng Yao also had some uncertainties, she could only comfort him that everything would be okay.

Xiao Ren could not help but nod. He thought of the situation on the other side now, their sneak attacks had relieved them from a lot of burden.

Ning Meng Yao chatted with Xiao Ren for a while, then she left with Qiao Tian Chang after she was certain that they were not needed there.

Ning Meng Yao kept frowning on the way back: “Tian Chang, where do you think Mother and the rest went?”

“I don’t know. Our movements can’t be obvious at this time, it would be bad if we caught their attention.” Although Qiao Tian Chang also thought about asking his people to look for them, it was indeed a sensitive time right now. They would definitely attract the attention of their enemy if they made too much of a movement. By then, the other party would know their whereabouts.

Ning Meng Yao naturally knew the consequences but she was still very worried about Xiao Cheng Ya. She did not know where Bai Mo took her to.

While Ning Meng Yao was worried about Xiao Cheng Ya, Xiao Cheng Ya was looking at Bai Mo worriedly: “Are you alright?”

If Ning Meng Yao was here right now, she would definitely not recognize that this man in front of her was actually the gentle and elegant Bai Mo.

Bai Mo was looking like a mess now. His face was dirty, and it was abnormally flushed red. He was obviously having a fever.

Bai Mo struggled to smile: “Ya’er, don’t worry about me, I’m sorry that I’m so troublesome.” They could not go outside at this time, so they could only wander around at this place, but they did not have food or anything that they could use, he also had nothing, he felt like a burden to Xiao Cheng Ya.

Xiao Cheng Ya glanced at Bai Mo dissatisfied: “I’m going to get angry if you’re going to talk about this nonsense.”

The reason why Bai Mo was heavily injured like he was now, was to protect her. He would not be injured if it was not for herself. And now he dared to say that he was a burden to her, how would she feel okay about it?

If he wanted to talk about burden, then she was the true burden to Bai Mo, not the other way round.

Bai Mo smiled a little: “Now we have no way to pass a message to Meng Yao, we can only pray that she could sense something is wrong and come for us immediately.”

“But… can Yao’er really do it?” Although Xiao Cheng Ya knew from Bai Mo that Ning Meng Yao was powerful, she still frowned worriedly.

Bai Mo nodded gently, and patted Xiao Cheng Ya’s hand: “Don’t worry, Meng Yao is very powerful, and she has many other powerful people around her. Another thing, Tian Chang will be fine.”

“I’m still worried. I’ll go find some herbal medicines to treat your fever first, you have some rest now.” Xiao Cheng Ya said then left the place.

This place was just a small cave that they found. Fortunately, there were no beasts around, and there was also water, so they were not living in total mess.

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“Ya’er, no need, I’m fine.” Bai Mo was worried that something would happen to Xiao Cheng Ya if she was alone.

Xiao Cheng Ya smiled at Bai Mo: “I’m fine, you know, I’ve studied medicine before.” Although her study was not much, she still knew how to look for herbal medicines that could treat fever.

Bai Mo could not dissuade Xiao Cheng Ya, so he could only watch her leave.

Bai Mo hated himself so much at this moment. If only his power was stronger, then he would not have to let Xiao Cheng Ya suffer with him.

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