Chapter 948: When A Person’s About To Die, The Person’s Words Would Be True

Old Hei was stunned for a while and then he nodded. How did Xiao Qi Feng come to know of his own health condition?

“Look at me. I am like an ordinary person now. In fact, I know that my body has already reached its limit.” These past few days he had suffered too many physical problems; his chest would hurt in the middle of the night, making him feel like dying immediately, and there were many other signs.

He had not told anyone else about this. Perhaps in the eyes of those people, he had no more value if they knew, then his life or death was no longer important to those people.

“Is what you said, really all true?” Old Hei still could not believe it.

Xiao Qi Feng looked at Old Hei’s doubtful expression with a wry smile.

“A dying person would always tell the truth.”

“I will help you inform Tian Chang but I think you also understand that regardless of Tian Chang taking or not taking action in this matter, they will not continue to stay afterward.” Old Hei said seriously to Xiao Qi Feng.

Xiao Qi Feng was stunned but he nodded.

“I know. They will leave this place.”

“Then, you…”

“(Cough)!” Xiao Qi Feng’s intense coughing interrupted Old Hei. Old Hei looked at him coughing non stop in a golden handkerchief.

Although he was holding the handkerchief to cover his mouth, the blood was still dripping to the ground along his fingers.

After a while, Xiao Qi Feng’s coughing gradually subsided. He took a bottle of medicine from his sleeve pocket, poured out a few pills, swallowed the pills, and then he cleaned the blood on his palm silently.

Old Hei looked at him. If it was not for his pale face and the bloodstain on his hand, Old Hei would think that he was actually faking it.

“Are you okay?”

“I won’t die for now. I still have to help Qi Tian deal with Xiao Empire’s affairs. Only then can I die peacefully.” Xiao Qi Feng said with a blank expression as if his life and death was not important to him anymore.

“Although this cannot make your body better, it can make you feel a little bit more comfortable.” Old Hei took out a bottle of medicine from his medicine box and handed it to Xiao Qi Feng.

“Thank you.” Xiao Qi Feng squeezed the medicine bottle tightly. This was enough for him.

“I will send a letter to Tian Chang and the others. During this time, you…”

“You only need to help me to take care of Qi Tian. I will go and deal with the things that I should. I’ve waited for a long time already and I can finally get it started.” Xiao Qi Feng’s expression was ruthless and eager, it was obvious that he could not bear with hiding anymore.

Old Hei watched Xiao Qi Feng in silence. He was really not used to his attitude.

“When are you going to tell Qi Tian?” This was such a big matter. He could not possibly wait until the day he was going to die to tell him, right?

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Although it was not much different now, it was still better than telling him when he was at his final breath.

“I’ll wait for him to recover from his injuries first.” Xiao Qi Feng thought for a while and then made a decision.

“Alright then. I’ll write a letter to Tian Chang and the others now.”

“I will ask some people to send it for you.”

After Old Hei left, Xiao Qi Feng’s eyes became firm. No matter what, he would not let anything happen to them. It was worth exchanging his life for them to live peacefully.

Old Hei wrote the letter and sent it with an eagle. 

In the evening on the second day after, Ning Meng Yao received the letter. She was completely shocked after reading it and she could not believe what was written in it.

“Tian Chang, Grandpa Hei wrote this. Take a look at it.” Ning Meng Yao took the letter and went to the ranch to look for Qiao Tian Chang. Then, she handed the thick letter to him.

“Yao Yao, what happened? You don’t look so well? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Qiao Tian Chang asked quickly when he saw her unpleasant expression.

“I’m fine. Take a look at this first but you have to promise me not to worry, understand?” She did not dare to imagine what kind of expression Qiao Tian Chang would have after reading the truth.

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“Understood.” Qiao Tian Chang took a deep breath as he suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and opened the letter to read it.

After reading it, his hands trembled non stop. He looked at Ning Meng Yao with shock and disbelief in his eyes.

“Grandpa Hei said Qi Feng has only three months left to live?”

“Yes, that’s indeed what Grandpa Hei said. Isn’t his health condition written in the letter along with the reason for his deeds?” Ning Meng Yao really could not believe what she had read. The man who had become their enemy actually did all those things just to protect them.

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