chapter 151 – fall like dominos

There is some debate about the largest monster in the Dungeon. For me, I can’t understand the obsession most scholars in this field have with labels and lists. “Dungeons most deadly monster”, “Biggest monster in the Dungeon”, “Top five most horrifying undead in the Dungeon”. Published works such as these seem more interested in grabbing peoples’ attention  rather than serious academia. A blight on the profession if you were to ask me, which nobody ever does.

I myself have only been drawn into this topic since there is no clear answer, making the research at the very least interesting, if not worth public attention. I know you are something of an expert on the Time of Rending Orlus so I wanted to write this letter to consult you on a few points. In the Dungeon explorations it isn’t too hard to get reliable figures on monsters in the first two strata, even if some sound exaggerated.

Among the largest of these I’ve been able to confirm is the “Mega Death Python Emperor” at 250 metres long with a diameter of six metres. This monster has been confirmed and documented over six times in the last century alone. If we were to say length is not equivalent to height in our search for ‘largest’ we could highlight the tallest monster I’ve been able to find on record, the “Twilight Cyclops King” which was recorded in the same expanse in the second strata three times one hundred and fifty years apart. According to those reports the monster stood no less than fifty metres tall.

Both of know that these monsters, as enormous as they may be, are nothing compared to what legend says walked the surface during the Cataclysm. In the far east they say that one monster created a mountain range simply by pushing its head up through the ground. My frustration is that no records exist of these monsters at all! As far as I can tell there hasn’t been a single sighting of such a creature in the thousands of years since. You’ve read much more on the subject that me Orlus, if you could give me some direction I would be eternally grateful.

“A letter to Orlus on the subject of monster size” sent by Scholar Scipio of the Imperial College.


Apparently the Queen has achieved the class of “Royalty”. Once the restrictions have been met a person can set their class to this one, the restrictions in this case are fairly self-explanatory. First, one must be royalty, second, that’s it.

Humans and the other intelligent species on the surface all use a class base system as opposed the evolution process the monsters go through. Apparently each class gives unique stat bonuses, unlocks specific skills and can even be levelled up in different ways. A [merchant] can level up through trading and making money whilst a [farmer] levels up from growing crops. As long as the pre-requisites are met then a person can change their class to whatever they want, but most of the best classes are difficult to attain.

For example, to become a swordsman a person must meet the minimum physical stat requirements as well as achieve a certain level of skill with a weapon. This means that hard physical training, lessons in weaponry and experience battling monsters are necessary to make the jump from [villager] to a base fighter class like [swordsman]. For an ordinary person to aspire to the even more powerful classes like [apprentice mage] or [soldier]? Difficult.

The Queen, given her class bonuses, enjoys incredibly high levels of oratory skill and persuasiveness. Apparently she levels up by inspiring her citizens and making the kingdom prosperous. Every year she spends four months touring her kingdom in order to give speeches to the common folk, visiting every town and village within her borders at least one every two years.

I hadn’t quite believed her when she said the people would recognize her on sight but on the evidence I have to say she was right. Her punishing schedule has also allowed her to push her class level extremely high. According to her, she is fairly useless in combat but when it comes to governance and speeches her abilities really shine.

Looking at the stunned faces before me I have to agree. Her powerful words are already beginning to sway the people to our side!

The priest is too stunned by these revelations to properly react. The people in the crowd have listened to his tireless exhortations for days now, in their minds anointing him as their spiritual leader. Now their actual leader, the monarch they have lived under for decades is here before them telling them something different.

Don’t kill the ants?

Let the ants assist against a different foe?

Too confusing!

Only allowed on

At this point Enid steps forward to lend her voice to that of the Queen. Thankfully the mind magic connection is still active and the Queen passes on the gist of what is being said to me.

[“Her majesty speaks truly! I went into the woods a few days ago and found her majesty living amongst these monsters as they supported her to protect our kingdom”]

The Queen once again spoke regally. [“These monsters have been delivered to us so safeguard our nation from that which currently threatens it. You are the chosen people to assist in this crusade. Will you answer the call? Will you help us?”]

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On those final words the force of her presence becomes overwhelming, before they even realise the people nearby have fallen to their knees in respect. When the first few fall the rest are like dominos toppling.

The priest is the last to be on his feet. Bleary eyed he stumbles through the crowd as if in a dream, his eyes feverishly locked upon me the entire time. As he draws nearer I start to wonder if I need to book it, even if such an action would mean the Queen would fall flat on her face and ruin this moment. This crazy guy already smacked me in the head once, is he going to go nuts on me again?!

Eventually the maddened priest is standing right before me, clutching at the stump of his lost arm. Just when I think he’s about to leap forward and try to do something weird like eat me, he begins to tremble and then falls to knees, openly weeping and crying out in a great voice.

Sounding somewhat stunned the Queen passes on what he says.

[Oh great one, I have sinned against the messenger of the System! Forgive me for striking you foolishly and failing to acknowledge your message of salvation!]


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