chapter 185 – the surge

Almost as if the air were rushing towards us I can feel a wave pressure roll up the tunnel and press against my face.

It… isn’t comfortable.

[“Something is coming up. Get ready to fight”] I warn my crew.

Vibrant and Crinis huddle carefully on my person. Tiny stands to his full height, his head brushing the roof. He can also sense something is coming. His silver fur starts to rise off his frame as electrical sparks begin to shimmer and zap across his frame.

Ohhhh he’s pumped up! I’m also keen to see what he can do now that he’s evolved. That massive frame isn’t for nothing, I’m sure I’ll see something interesting when he goes at it. Now that I think of it I should also start making some preparations.

My two sub brains are well rested now and ready for action. It’s time to put them to work. Wanting to test their strength I task each of them with a separate spell, one Gravity Bolt each. Best to begin with the basics and work their way up.

As the pressure continues to build and roll against us like waves from the tunnel before us I sense internally as my two little helpers get busy shaping the spells. Independently they draw on the gravitational mana stored in my gland and begin to shape the spells.



Chuckling to myself with glee I then begin to shape a third spell with my main mind. Not double the spells, TRIPLE the spells! This is the true, awesome power of my Divergent Mind! The sub brains are not as quick nor as capable as I was in my last evolution. They lack the force of will to shift the mana as rapidly and the cunning to weave the shapes as deftly, but even if it takes them twice as long, being able to independently cast their own spells makes these sub brains so damn useful!

Now to unleash the fearsome might, the unparalleled force and the extraordinary dexterity of my newly upgraded main brain!

After all, most of the extra juice I pumped into my mental faculties was spent on this, in terms of will or cunning I’m nothing like I was before! Behold!

With force and precision I draw on the gravitational mana to rapidly weave it into a Gravity Spear, the long body of the spell with its surrounding intricate engraved circles take shape at record pace. Incredible!

My ability to use magic in combat situations has absolutely shot through the roof! I’m more than satisfied! With my next evolution I may spend a little of my budget neatening up the edges but I don’t think I need much more juice in the mental department. I’ll be ramping up my physical stats until the same size as Tiny!

Once the spells are formed I hold each of them ready, one mind for each, and prepare myself to face whatever is coming up the tunnel.

Tiny is so excited he’s practically fidgeting. Calm down, oi!

Gradually the sounds from the tunnel build in volume. From a whisper to a murmur and then rising into a crescendo of sound. Roars, screams and the pounding of feet fill the air, rattling my nerves. I STILL can’t see anything coming?! Where the heck are they?!

This sounds like a freaking stampede of monsters!

Just when I’m starting to reconsider our frontal approach the edges of the horde come into  view. My first impression is a wave of teeth rushing towards us at full speed. The second and third impressions are much the same.

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What the heck is this?!

Dozens of monsters, hundreds even, are charging towards us with mouths gaping and claws rending the air! What’s going on?! They aren’t fighting each other at all.. This is weird! Gandalf? Any advice?!


Dammit you beardy faced pile of senility!

[Tiny! This is going to get rough! Go all out!]

Why the hell didn’t I get a Gravity Bomb ready?!

I see all sorts of monsters mixed into the onrushing horde. Shadowy monsters, Imps, pigs and even some of the mobile plant types are in the mix! I just can’t understand why they are all cooperating…

And the formless pressure is still building, pressing down on us like an unseen hand.

No time to hesitate, let’s do this!

Experience the power of my ant soul!

Gravity Spear! Gravity Bolt! Gravity Bolt!

All three spells are launched simultaneously, streaking through the air like glittering purple arrows. The monsters have no capacity to dodge, as packed together as they are. The leading shadow beast is speared directly through the chest and the creatures around him are instantly wrapped within the expanding circles as the spell activates.

The second the pull is applied over ten monsters are dragged towards the target. Not expecting the sudden force they are thrown off their feet and stumble, only to be smashed into the ground by the pounding feet of the creatures behind them. Some other monsters trip and fall, only to meet the same fate as the others under the heels/claws of their brethren.

[You have slain…

[You have slain …

No time for that!

The two Gravity Bolts smack into another two monsters and drag them down to the ground. These are also quickly crushed. With five or six monsters dead the size of the coming monster wave hasn’t even diminished!

Going to need to bring out the big guns!

I spin up the backup singers and task them with preparing the much more complex Gravity Domain. With the two of them working in tandem they should be able to handle it! I don’t want to chip in with the main mind right now, I need my wits about me!

Tiny is getting increasingly riled up, the electricity is crackling all over his frame by now, stinging the air around with frequent flashes of light. In the face on the onrushing monsters he doesn’t flinch but rather smashes his chest with his mighty fists and roars! His powerful bellows and shrieks are so loud they even rise above the cacophony of the beasts coming at us!

He doesn’t stop there! Having issued his challenge the ape begins to charge forward, smashing the tunnel floor with his knuckles as he picks up speed! He’s not content to wait at all, he’s going to take the fight to the enemy!

Dammit Tiny!

[“We’re going in with him! Hold on!”]


I spring forward with Tiny, hurtling ourselves to the onrushing horde. As I get closer the thousands of teeth and claws grow larger in my sight until there is nothing else I  can see. This is madness! What is happening here is sheer madness!

How’s that domain coming?!

Still not ready?!


Like a cannonball Tiny smashes into the front ranks of the wave, fists flying. Monsters are catapulted into the air and smash into the walls as he continues to propel himself forward, bellowing his challenge as he goes.

The enemies are endless! As Tiny moves forward he is quickly surrounded, the monsters latch onto him with claws, mouths tentacles and whatever else they have available, lashing the ape again and again.

Oh no you don’t!



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Pouring out my stamina into the bite I manifest jaws of light over two metres long and rip them closed. The Savage Mandibles display their ferocity, tearing my enemies apart and crushing them in the same breath.

The horde of monsters is endless. Is this the true Wave? I feel like I’m battling the tide!


I lash out at the monsters closing in around us but as quickly as I crush them they are instantly replaced by more. Tiny doesn’t seem to care, he keeps pushing deeper, sending waves of monsters flying with every lashing of his fists. The electricity on him is still building! It’s started flashing out and lighting up the monsters around him like Christmas trees but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to stop there!

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