chapter 299 – the stuff of nightmares

What exactly has my mana become? What is it that I have unleashed?! The Gravity Bomb that I unleashed is smaller than my previous efforts but is far more menacing. Reality itself seemed to groan under the weight of this, thing that I had made, this small rotating orb that drained the light from its surrounds as it moved through the air.

Even the monsters who were the unfortunate targets of my orb of death seemed to sense something wrong was headed their way. Fear, terror, even, gasped overwhelmed the poor beasts. As my spell descended, a dark avatar of air rending death, they scrambled to escape its path, climbed over each other, clawed and tore at those who got in their way.

And all the while the dreadful shriek emanated from the Gravity Bomb as it pulled the atmosphere, as if a whole had been punctured in the sky and the world rushed to fill it.

What the heck is going to happen when it hits?

Come to think of it…

[Tiny, Crinis, brace for impact! And maybe back up a bit.]

I heeded my own advice and scrabbled back a few steps before the spell finally impacted. The monster who was my primary target, looming large over its smaller followers, thought fast, snatching up a smaller Garralosh Infant in two of its four claws and in a horrific feat of strength hurled it through the air to take the brunt of the spell.

I didn’t hear if the Croca beast made a noise before it was consumed, so deafening was the wind that whipped around us, stirred the grass and sent the trees to creaking. The moment the spell impacted against the unlucky croc, it expanded, swallowing it whole. In a flash the Gravity Bomb had manifested its full glory, a near black, revolving sphere that dragged its victims within to crush them into a particularly spicy meat ball.

There were a few changes this time. Deep in the mediation skill I observed the destruction impassively. The energy of the Gravity Bomb was greater than any I had cast before. Flickers of black lightning emanated from it, almost invisible as they appeared and vanished so quickly is was hard to say if they had existed at all.

What I can see, can feel, is the horrific pull of the spell as it attempts to consume all within its reach. The grass swayed towards the sphere as the wind rushed to fill it. I resisted its force, hunkered low and digging my claws into the dirt with all of my strength.

Belatedly, I reach out to Morrelia. [Hold on! You don’t want to fall into that!]

[You think?!] she roared back, looking rattled.

[Yes! Yes I – oh you were being sarcastic.]

The monsters haven’t fared well. The spell was set off before it landed in their midst but it was close enough that most cannot resist its dreadful pull. They struggled with all of their might but to no effect, one by one they were dragged into air and fell into the Gravity Bomb.

They made not a sound once they were caught in the spells grasp. If they did, it was snatched out of their jaws by the howling wind. Once within the sphere itself, they vanished, not to be seen again.

Well, not looking quite the same, at any rate.

Though it felt much longer, the revolving sphere lasted only a minute before it flickered out of existence, leaving a core of crushed material suspended in the air that promptly fell to the ground.

Due to its quick thinking and powerful physique, the Commander-Croca is still standing, but it’s detachment of followers has been reduced to a few Titan-Crocs and a mature Dragon-Wolf hound.

These Gravity Bombs are becoming serious business.

It seems I’m getting closer to getting myself consumed by the spell each time I cast it.

[Can you hit it with another one of those?] Morrelia queried as she readied her blades.

[Nope. Takes a bit of time to charge it up and friendly fire is a real issue. Once we start fighting it’ll be impossible to cast it safely.]

[Well then] her eyes narrowed as a fierce expression seized her face, [time to take the fight t this child of the beast.]

That’s another thing I liked about Morrelia, she seemed to hate the Croca-Beasts just as  much as I do.

[Tiny, Crinis. You guys remember how it went down last time we took on one of these things. It wasn’t great. We all nearly died and my backside was reduced to clear. Let’s be a little more careful this time. Tiny, I want you to hit and run, you gotta stick and move. You stay too close to him you’re going to get torn up. Crinis, stay sneaky, wait for your moment, then hit the arms like you did last time. We’ve trained for this people. Be careful!]

[Yes Master! I won’t fail you!] Crinis declared passionately.

[Hrn!] Tiny grunted, his eyes alight at the oncoming challenge.

He’s not listening is he…


[I’ll stay back to start with and join the fray later. Try not to die] I tell Morrelia, but she isn’t listening either. I can see from her expression that she has begun to work herself into the rage she needs to unleash the benefits of her class. Possessed by her anger and bloodlust she walked towards the towering Croc-commander, blades gripped in her hands.

Here we go…

The Croc and the last if its retinue have begun to make moves. Having sensed the oncoming conflict they have spread themselves and begun to approach us. The Croc-Commander’s steps thundered in our ears and caused the ground to tremble with each tread of its feet.

Before it can get too close I prepared to unleash my ranged barrage. My sub-brains whir into high gear and begin to draw out gravitational mana independently as they each weaved a gravity bolt. Sunk deep into my mediation they constructed the spells at a rapid pace as I lowered by body, arched my abdomen high to present my famed commercial district.

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Have a taste of what your sibling couldn’t stomach!


A jet of acid streaked through air to splash against the Croca-Commander’s scaled hide. The monster didn’t wasn’t bothered to deflect or avoid my strike, not threatened by it in the least. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop!


Along with this salvo of acid, the first two gravity bolts streaked forth, another two entered production the moment they were released. Again, whether through confidence, arrogance or stubbornness the Commander refused to dodge, it’s body splashed with acid that hardened even as it burned.

Likewise my two bolts stuck home on the beasts left leg, the force of gravity would be increased on that one side, perhaps enough to slow the beast. If it wasn’t enough, no matter. If two bolts aren’t sufficient then I will shoot two hundred!

[Enhanced Precise Shooting (II) has reached level 2]

Nice! I like this skill since it’s applied to both my spells and my acid. Double value!

I slowed the pace of my acid barrage and allowed my main mind to form gravity bolts also. I’m unwilling to invest my attention to create condensed bolts, since I need my wits about me for the fight. Just like the last time, quantity will need to win over quality in this contest.

As I peppered the commander with magic and acid, Morrelia had circled to the right as she sought to cut off the remainder of the goon squad whilst Tiny circled to the left, for once not listening to instincts and closing in at the first opportunity.

No, wait a second. There he goes.

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Dammit, Tiny!

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