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Chapter 4-4

I was way too straightforward when I said that that even I was stunned myself.

However, there was no way I could retract my words as he clearly heard them too.

“I think that he likes my hand. He grabbed my hand and even kissed them at every opportunity present despite saying that he would be treating me as a commodore. It was more like being treated as a princess.”

After gulping, I summoned my courage and said in one go.

Leon-sama was silent. But he was still sniffing.

For some reason, I was getting upset. All I had in my mind throughout the day was about this(?).

Just what is this person thinking about? In the first place, this person…


“—Isn’t that behavior weird? And while we’re at it, Leon-sama, you were weird, too.”


Finally, his eyes were looking at me.

His expression was unreadable, but inside that golden pupils of his, my angry face was reflected.

–Right, I was angry with some reasons.

At Leon-sama for not stopping Duke Odile. And although he wasn’t here at the moment, at Orgueil as well.

“There, I was the one with the weakest position. Though his rank was lower, Orgueil was out of question. I am a newcomer. No matter what, I wasn’t prepared to go against the basic rules. But…”

I had been touching Leon-sama’s collar decoration all this time—it was a wonderful pin decorated with reddish pure gold and yellow gold diamond—then I pulled his collar. I was trying to tell him to not shift away his gaze, please look at me properly!

Leon-sama  didn’t stop my rude hand and waited calmly for my next words.

“—But Duke Odile’s behavior was weird. His distance was too close. Right, it wasn’t even a princess treatment, he was way too sticky! Then, that and Leon-sama…”

I stopped, unable to continue.

The most important words were completely blocked by Leon-sama’s lips.


In no time, his tongue slipped into my oral cavity.

I tried to immediately reject him by putting more strength to my tongue in order to push away Leon-sama’s tongue, but my tongue was eluded within my mouth, and my tongue ended up being lifted by his tongue from its back, causing me to be flustered. I wasn’t sure what I should be doing after that, so I could only turn my face away like a naive girl. But in actuality, I couldn’t face away at all. Leon-sama’s two hands that were supposed to be circling my waist were—before I even noticed—one of them was holding my shoulder, while the other grabbed my jaw, so I couldn’t move at all.

Leon-sama gently caressed the surface of my tongue with the back of his own, licking my palate, causing the gathered saliva around it to make a sound.

“Fuu, nn…!”

As I was washed over by the deep kiss that showed no sign of ending, I desperately scowled at Leon-sama. All while trying to let out a soundless voice.

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Leon-sama’s golden pupils that were looking down at me were very calm despite doing something that was totally the opposite of such composure. Looking at those eyes, for some reason, I regained my soberness. I was certain that this person was expecting me to get limp with the lewdness, and if possible, make me faint while we’re at it. How can I afford to lose?

That’s right, I should just bite him!

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After having such a belated thought, I launched a counterattack to Leon-sama’s tongue that was wriggling about as he liked inside my mouth.

Finally, our lips parted. How awkward. I wonder if the timing was considered right for him?

“—You did well, Rivea.”

Leon-sama said as he licked my lips for the last time and licked the thing spilling from the corner of his mouth.

Then, his lips formed a slightly nasty smile.

What did he mean by I did well? Does he think I’m an easy woman? At this very moment, I was reminded that he wasn’t only a sweet person, but he was someone who I needed to pay a special attention to.

As I was catching up on my breath and going down from his lap, I was pulled by a great strength, so I resigned myself to it and looked up at Leon-sama.

“…Don’t play a trick on me, Leon-sama.”

Perhaps my eyes were already teary and my lips were already swollen from being greedily devoured just now, but I spoke in the strictest tone I was able to do.

“I’m disappointed. At both Leon-sama and Orgueil for only watching Duke Odile’s behavior.”


“Then, why?! Besides, what’s the answer to my previous question?! Does Duke Odile like my hand?!”

“Shall we start by the talk about hands? –He surely likes it. He seems to be really into your hands.”


I was speechless after hearing him admitting it, despite the fact that I was the one who asked about it.

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