Volume 2, Character Introduction 2

Volume 2 Spoilers

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  • Ah Duo (阿多)

Thirty-five years. The emperor’s consort from the time he was the crown prince, his milk-sibling. A beauty who looks good in male clothes.

Currently stepped down from the seat of the Four Consorts, and is now residing in the imperial villa. The former Pure Consort.

  • Joga (女華)

One of the Three Princesses of the Rokushoukan. Maomao’s older sister counterpart.

  • Meimei (梅梅)
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One of the Three Princesses of the Rokushoukan. Maomao’s older sister counterpart.

  • Suiren (水蓮)

Jinshi’s former wet nurse. A middle-aged court lady.

  • Consort Rouran (楼蘭妃)

Eighteen years old, the Pure Consort after Ah Duo.
Her father is the Prime Minister, a person well-regarded since the era of the previous emperor.
Her clothing tastes are diverse. Looks like a different person every time you meet her.

  • Shishou (子昌)

The Prime Minister. Rouran’s father.

A plump and cunning man.

  • Basen (馬閃)

Gaoshun’s youngest child. Diligent in his job and unsociable.

  • Rakan (羅漢)

Tactician. Maomao’s father. Forties.
A fox-eyed weirdo who wears a monocle. Can’t drink.
In exchange for being unable to distinguish between other people’s faces, he has the insight to ascertain their role/purpose.

  • Fenshen (鳳仙)

Courtesan. Maomao’s mother. Deceased.

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