Chapter 2: The Unfathomable and Mysterious Boss

The Lei Clan of the Incendiary Hall were the ones who started to manufacture gunpowder with extremely destructive powers. In the early years, their ancestor carried out a “blade-sealing sword-shattering” ritual where he swore to rid the martial world of its two most used weapons. That was when he started his research on firearms, creating a new path of weaponry. Initially, no one thought that a clan which refused to use blades or swords would survive. However, the Lei Clan of the Incendiary Hall managed to do it. They were able to incorporate gunpowder in their weapons and created a completely new type of weapon. They became a pinnacle clan revered by all.

“We’ve already offended the Incendiary Hall, and we know there’s no turning back from that point… still, even if we aren’t their match, we can’t do nothing and wait for death!” The leader knew that there was no way the people of the Incendiary Hall would show mercy to those who offended them. His heart shook and the grip on his blade tightened.

Lei Wujie laughed and shook his head, “I simply scattered some Lightning Bullets on his blade just now. If you guys continue to be unreasonable, I’ll…”

“Charge!” The leader waved his blade and his underlings swarmed towards Lei Wujie.

“You guys!” Lei Wujie’s eyes widened and he continued, “are you guys really not afraid?”

As he was speaking, three blades slashed towards his head simultaneously.

Lei Wujie became angry and both his fists shot upwards. He broke all three steel blades with his fist and sent three of them flying outwards.

“What powerful firearms!” everyone cried out.

Lei Wujie yelled in anger, “That wasn’t firearms, It’s my Unseen Fists! Of course, if you guys want to see some firearms…” Lei Wujie leapt into the air suddenly and a black light flashed in his hand. Countless bullets were scattered downwards in an instant.

A myriad of loud blasts could be heard and the burly men started flying through the air. When they landed, blood unceasingly oozed out of their body and none of them were able to stand up.

Lei Wujie landed on the ground calmly and he folded his hands behind his back. “How’s that? Do you guys remember me now? Remember, this young hero’s name is Lei Wujie! Well, what are you waiting for? Scram!”

Once the burly men heard what he said, they looked at each other in shock. They thought that this young man in front of them would definitely take their lives. However, when they heard what he said, they realized that they would be able to keep their lives.

“Why are you still standing there? Get lost!” Lei Wujie furrowed his brows. When he spared their lives, he expected them to run away while pissing in their pants. He never thought that they would still lie on the ground lazily.

The burly men quickly scampered to their feet when they heard that. They grabbed onto each other as they quickly ran away.

Lei Wujie nodded his head in satisfaction. He rummaged for his sack in the shattered remains of the tables and chairs and picked it up. Slinging it behind him, he got ready to leave the place, however, a hand stopped him.

Lei Wujie raised his head and he looked at the elegantly dressed boss. He was clad that same fur coat and his right hand was raised. He shook his hand lazily as he stopped Lei Wujie from leaving.

Lei Wujie hurriedly cupped his hands together and said, “No need to thank me for this act of grace! It’s only right to lend a blade when injustice rears itself! That’s why there’s no need to thank me, I have to be on my way now, I pray we meet again!”

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Xiao Se narrowed his eyes and frowned. “What act of grace? There’s no need for thanks? Lend a blade?”

Lei Wujie was confused, “If not for me, those burly men would already have razed your inn. You might have even lost your life! Is that not an act of grace?”

Xiao Se raised his hand and pointed to the tables and chairs which were destroyed. He yelled, “Take a close look!”

Lei Wujie turned his body and looked at where Xiao Se was pointing. He saw several dozens of tables and chairs which had long been destroyed, their remains scattered about. He also noticed the waiter who was injured due to the fight which occured. He even saw several holes on the ground caused by the explosion.

Xiao Se pointed at the wreckage and exclaimed, “Look at my shop! Look at what you did! How is that any different than if they had just razed it? As for those people… they wish to take my life? Humph!”

“This…” Lei Wujie’s face flushed red. He didn’t know what to do.

“One hundred silvers.” Xiao Se charged towards Lei Wujie and held out his hand. His hand was spotlessly white and his fingers were slender. Despite that, when Lei Wujie looked at Xiao Se’s hand, he felt as though it was more terrifying than the steel blades he faced just a moment ago.

“I have no money!” Lei Wujie retreated a step.

“Oh?” Xiao Se’s fur coat slightly trembled. He waved his hand lightly and the doors of the inn slammed shut.

“Such martial prowess…” Lei Wujie had no choice but to admit. There was no way those people would ever be able to defeat this mysterious boss.

“But! I’ll be able to get the money soon!” Lei Wujie seemed to have thought of something as he declared confidently and a streak of light flashed past his eyes.

“Oh?” Xiao Se still acted nonchalantly but his eyes were glued onto Lei Wujie’s sack.

Lei Wujie continued, “I’m about to leave for a place! When I arrive there, I’ll be able to get the money!”

“What place?”

“Snow Moon City!” Lei Wujie said in a proud voice.

“Snow Moon City?” Xiao Se was shocked for a moment. Snow Moon City wasn’t a traditional faction in the martial world. It behaved more like an alliance. It was an organization created by several big factions and clans. As soon as Snow Moon City was established, all the rules in the martial world were decided by it. Many disciples of large clans were sent to Snow Moon City in order to train as well. After many years, Snow Moon City actually managed to turn into a powerhouse in of itself. Not only did Snow Moon City teach martial arts which belonged to other factions, it was able to teach any martial art under the heavens.

If this kid was really going to Snow Moon City, he would definitely be able to withdraw the silvers  from the city based on his status as a disciple of the Incendiary Hall. He didn’t look like a scammer either. After all, no matter how Xiao Se looked at him, Lei Wujie was a fool with nothing but his martial arts going for him.

After pondering on it, Xiao Se nodded his head and exclaimed, “Fine, but I will accompany you to Snow Moon City!”

Lei Wujie nodded his head, “Alright!”

“Also…” Xiao Se’s turned his head and looked to the side. A sinister smile appeared on his face.

Several waiters instantly felt sorry for the all brawn but no brains teen. A sigh escaped their lips.

“Since you can’t fork out the money now, I’ll have to charge you interest! Five hundred silvers!”  Xiao Se proclaimed in a loud voice.

Lei Wujie was instantly stunned and he stood rooted to the spot.

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Xiao Se completely ignored Lei Wujie and didn’t care for his response at all. Lightly waving his hand, the door of the inn opened. He looked at the snow which slowly drifted down from the sky and sighed. A low voice escaped his lips and he spoke to himself, “It’s been a while since I left this inn…”

“Come! Ready the horses!”

Two stallions, and two riders. One, clad in a luxurious fur coat which lazily snuggled himself in. The other, wore only a red colored garment which exposed his chest in the middle of the biting frost. Both of them charged into the snow fields as they made their way towards Snow Moon City.

“This horse really is a divine steed! It can even charge through snow as if it was running on the plains!” Lei Wujie couldn’t help himself as he praised Xiao Se’s horse.

“The finest horses, and the richest threads! I, Xiao Se, will only use the best.” Xiao Se turned around to look at his inn in the distance. He had already left behind a sum of money for the waiters to carry out the repair works. As for what was next, they would have to wait for him to bring more money back from Snow Moon City. However, Xiao Se had a nagging feeling in his heart that this farewell would be their last.

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