Chapter 33: Art of Gambling Lies In The Heart

Lei Wujie made his way up to the thirteenth floor again and the teen was still sitting in his spot. He held an exquisite box in his hand and he shook it around slightly seemingly lost in thought. Glancing at Lei Wujie, he faintly said, “Oh, you’re back? Is the beancurd tasty?”

Lei Wujie laughed. “Wait till I clear all sixteen levels. I’ll treat you to a bowl.”

“Arrogant.” The teen suddenly threw the exquisite box in his hand and Lei Wujie hurriedly tilted his head to dodge. After making a round in the air, the exquisite box returned to the man’s hand. A strange smile appeared on his face and he slightly raised his eyebrows, “Big or small?”

“Big.” Lei Wujie didn’t hesitate at all.

“Big?” The teen slightly narrowed his eyes and he slightly raised the cap of the box. A look of regret crept up his face, “What a pity, what a pity. You don’t have the chance to see the third roll.” However, Lei Wujie could feel that the teen used his finger to lightly tap at the bottom of the box as he expressed his ‘regret’  to Lei Wujie.

“Even if I lose, I wish to see the results.” Just as the teen was about to raise the lid of the box, Lei Wujie moved. The red clothed figure flashed and snatched the box from the teen.

The teen was shocked for a moment but he didn’t seem angry at all. “Fine.”

“This is really fine…” Lei Wujie wasn’t able to perform the tap as exquisitely as the teen but he arrogantly flicked the bottom of the box with his finger.

“You!” The color drained from the face of the teen and an expression of shock appeared on his face.

“Let me see. I’ll show you how I ascend from this thirteenth floor!” Lei Wujie opened the lid of the exquisite box. Four, Five, Five. He couldn’t control himself as he broke out into laughter. “It’s so big it really can’t get any bigger!”

The teen’s pupils suddenly shrunk. “How did you know?!”

“A friend once told me that he won a city in the Ring of a Thousand Golds in the City of Revelations. He said that your actions are mere parlor tricks.” Lei Wujie threw the exquisite box back to the teen and said, “Let’s carry on with the third round.”

Retrieving the box, he no longer had a confident look on his face. An icy-cold expression appeared on his face as he slowly shook the box. “Good job. Now, make a guess. Should you tap it or not.”

Lei Wujie was stunned.

After his trick was seen through, the board under the box was no longer a secret. However,  if Lei Wujie managed to make a correct guess the first time and the guardian of the thirteenth floor didn’t do anything, Lei Wujie would have to make a decision whether or not to tap the bottom of the box. If the teen didn’t do anything and Lei Wujie lightly tapped the box, his fate of being the winner would instantly be flipped around. However, what if the teen actually did something to the dice?”

How was he supposed to choose?! If the teen moved his finger about slightly, Lei Wujie wouldn’t be able to decide.

“The art of gambling has always consisted of tricks and schemes. A gamble will always test the mind of the parties involved.” The speed at which the teen shook the box slowly increased.

“Alright!” Lei Wujie finally became interested. With a loud shout, just before the box landed, Lei Wujie said, “This time, I’m betting on big as well! My friend told me that I just have to trust my instincts. As long as I believe that I will win, I will definitely win!”

“Are you sure?” The teen asked.

“Take away your hand.” Lei Wujie suddenly raised his leg and with a single kick, he shattered the table in front of him. He appeared in front of the teen with a single step and grabbed the box.

“Good that you’re here.” The teen tossed the box and sent a palm towards Lei Wujie.

Both of them took three steps in retreat and a wave of hot qi appeared on Lei Wujie’s body. As for the teen, a violet light appeared on his face before he sent another palm out. He smashed the box which was falling and the three dice flew out from inside the box. Snatching one of them,  Lei Wujie threw it at the wall where the face with the number six pointed towards them. “Six!”

The teen grabbed a dice as well and without even looking at it, he threw it towards the wall, “One!”

There was only once dice left.

Lei Wujie traded three blows with the teen and this time, neither of them took a step back. With their palms pressed against each other’s, true qi surged about. The dice didn’t fall but instead, it flew upwards.

“Good internal arts!” The teen commended.

“Your martial arts is stronger than your gambling skills.” Lei Wujie laughed as well.

“To me…” The teen shook his head and the violet qi on his body rose dramatically, “This isn’t a compliment!”

Lei Wujie felt the blood in his body surge and he bit down before shouting, “Blazing Arts, go!” This time, it was the first time he pushed the Blazing Arts all the way up to the Inferno Realm and he felt as though true qi was surging out from his body which almost went out of control. However, the person who was supposed to be the most amazed was the guardian of the thirteenth floor. He initially thought that Lei Wujie was out of steam and he would come out on top after giving it his all. However, Lei Wujie suddenly became much stronger than expected as he pushed his true qi up to the next level. When he traded blows with Lei Wujie, he felt a searing pain as though he was burnt by a raging inferno.

Lei Wujie’s eyes were completely red and his red clothes fluttered behind him even though there was no wind. Everytime he took a breath, it was as though he was swallowing a ball of flames. “I win this round.”

The guardian refused to retreat and the violet qi surrounding his body became weaker and weaker.

However, the dice didn’t continue to fall. Instead, it spun several rounds in the air before landing heavily on the ground.

“Six! I WIN!” Lei Wujie pushed out with body his palms as all the qi on his body gradually dissipated.

The guardian retreated seven steps and fell butt-first onto the ground. His gaze was locked onto the dice.

The entire dice already landed on the ground but the face which was pointed upwards could be seen clearly. There was no doubt about it…

Six! Six, one, six, thirteen points. It couldn’t be any bigger!

Outside the tower, almost everyone in the city fixed their gaze on the Tower of Ascension which had been quiet for too long. The news of how a red clothed man who had the looks of a God who descended from Heaven ascended to the tenth floor of the tower in a single go. The waiter in the tea shop started to brag to everyone around him about how the God-like young master who ascended the tower drank a bowl of beancurd from his store. As such, the blue robed Xiao Se also became the center of attention even though he remained indifferent.

The scholar felt the stares from everyone in the surrounding and laughed, “Now that everyone is looking at you, if I read your fortune right now, won’t I be hanging a banner on myself that reads: The distinguished disciple of Mount Qingcheng is here to pay an official visit to Snow Moon City?”

“Stop trying to hide your identity. There’s an organization in Snow Moon City called the Spiderweb. Ever since you and I stepped into the city, they were keeping tabs on us. Not to mention my little brother over there managed to go all the way up to the thirteenth level. Well, you’ll be able to see the person you wish to soon.” Xiao Se slowly sipped his tea and said.

“Why does it seem like you know everything?” The scholar dismounted.

Xiao Se sighed, “It’s just that I don’t know my fate, that’s why I want you to read my fortune.”

The attendant glanced at the scholar and scratched his head before rushing over to Xiao Se, “Didn’t you say that even though you learned the Art of Clairvoyance, you haven’t managed to find a piece of exquisite jade? This is it. Go and read his fortune.”

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“Exquisite jade?” The attendant made his way to the table and looked at Xiao Se with disdain in his eyes.

“Hurry up and do your job. You won’t be at a disadvantage.” The scholar raised the book in his hand and used it to slap the attendant on the head.

“Fate is related to the Heavenly Law. This is a heavenly plundering ary and goes against the Heavenly Law. There’s something you need to know… The more you read your fortune, the weaker it becomes. Are you sure you want to do it?” The attendant took out a bamboo tube from his robe.

Xiao Se raised a single chopstick and knocked on the attendant’s head. “Little Taoist priest, why are you speaking so much trash?”

“Not to mention that the Art of Clairvoyance from my Mount Qingcheng is different from the arts of those Taoists on the street. After reading your fortune, we won’t tell you how to deal with it. What will happen will happen, everything is up to the Heavens.” The attendant had a solemn look on his face. He was obviously just a young kid but he spoke like an old man.

The scholar sat beside Xiao Se and he poured himself a cup of tea before laughing, “Young master, please do not feel bewildered. My teacher once said that in the future, I alone would represent sixty percent of Mount Qingcheng’s fighting strength. Mount Qingcheng’s Heavenly Fortune, this kid here takes up eighty percent. Fei Xuan, help this young master to read his fortune.”

The attendant placed three copper coins into the bamboo tube. There were two faces on each copper coin and there was a carving of Nuwa in a snake form on one face. There was a benevolent yet demonic smile on her face. As for the other face, the carving of Fuxi in snake form could be seen. Terrifying muscles could be seen on the body of Fuxi. Handing the bamboo tube over to Xiao Se, he said, “Okay, throw it.”

Xiao Se received the bamboo tube and lightly shook it. The tinkling sound when the coins collided with each other could be heard.

“Heavenly fortune? From the moment we gain knowledge about it, it would already have changed.” Xiao Se lightly tossed the bamboo tube and the three copper coins flew out before landing on the table.

All three coins landed with Nuwa facing towards the Heavens.

“The first state, three faces representing the yin side, extreme yin.” The attendant frowned and the scholar dipped his finger into the tea before drawing a line on the table.

“I can somewhat understand what that means from your expression. However, Yang sounds better than Yin.” Xiao Se laughed calmly.

The attendant shook his head and said, “Extreme yin represents a changing state. I can’t read anything from a single state, you should continue throwing.”

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Xiao Se lightly shook the bamboo tube again and sent the three copper coins flying.

Again, the figure of Nuwa appeared on all three faces!

“Second state, three faces representing the yin side, extreme yin.” The frown on the attendant’s face became even deeper, “again!”

“Third state, three faces representing the yin side, extreme yin.”

“Fourth state, three faces representing the yin side, extreme yin.”

Even the scholar who didn’t bother about the fortune reading at the side wiped the smile off his face and became nervous.  His gaze was glued onto the fifth state which Xiao Se was going to toss out.

The three copper coins landed on the table and the figure of Fuxi who represented the positive side didn’t appear at all.

“Fifth state, three faces representing the yin side, extreme yin.” A crack appeared in the attendant’s voice.

“All five states are negative. It seems like my fate is extremely poor?” Xiao Se mumbled.

The attendant wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “All five states are negative. I never seen such a weird divinatory diagram before. However, five states are all over the place and I can’t see it clearly… the only way for me to pry into the Heavenly Law is for you to throw the sixth state. However, am I capable of prying into this Heavenly Law?”

Xiao Se returned the bamboo tube and laughed, “Let’s not continue.”

The scholar’s expression became extremely solemn and he said, “Fei Xuan!”

The attendant let out a long breath and pushed the bamboo tube to Xiao Se. he only said a single word, “Toss!”

“Mount Qingcheng’s Heavenly Fortune, Fei Xuan alone took up eighty percent.” It was at this instant where the scholar felt like the words the founding master had some truth in them.

Xiao Se didn’t dally as he lightly sook the bamboo tube before throwing it upwards suddenly. Three copper coins flew out and landed on the table.

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