Chapter 133: The eighth hour.

The bee onslaught continued deep into the late morning. The twin suns tried their best to pierce through the dark looming clouds but to no avail. Although it was almost noon, the skies were as dark as ever. The brackish waters retreated to the coast, waiting to surge once again.

Most of the veterans had realize the beginners had no chance again the bees. They had them group up and retreat while they themselves protected the group.

In the end, the beginners were mostly gathered at the giant stadium while the veterans were outside protecting the place.

The bees manage to push to the fifth zone.

It was a good thing the mayor demanded everyone evacuate the first ten zones or the casualties would be overwhelmingly high.

The last group to arrive was Crule’s group. Instead of a fleeing group of beginners being protected by the veteran, Crule’s group was actually holding its own against the bees.

The veterans stared in disbelief. The group even manage to take on the stronger soldier bees.

Having split into pairs, the group each protected each other’s backs in a twin formation. Their aura protecting their bodies to the extent that the soldier bees could not penetrate it.

This doesn’t mean they are impervious as instead of a violent slash, they suffer from blunt force instead. The bees still rammed their aura causing their body to be bruised and broken.

Thankfully, it allow them to survive as the beginners were not instantly killed like the rest.

The ones who messed up and failed to defend against attack usually are battered to the point of broken bones. But none died as Crule and Ming still kept a watchful eye over them.

They put in the effort to train them, they aren’t going to let it go to waste so soon.

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Soon the group reached the front gates of the stadium.

The beginners quickly entered and collapsed on the floor. Their stress levels were at a maximum but their experience tempered them.

Crule and Ming nodded at the Veterans and stood outside. The bee onslaught halted as the ground near the stadium had less sand. They could not hide in the shallow sands thus taking away their main advantage.

The veterans confirmed all the beginners who were left alive had gathered in the stadium. They let out a sigh of relief. They don’t have to focus on protecting but instead they can now fight back against the horde of bees.

The veterans were sending messages among one another. The general consensus was the Bees are a hive mind. Take out the mind, and you are left with mindless drones. Although still dangerous, they are not as deadly as before since coordination was their most powerful asset.

The younger more eager veterans were ready to go at it but they didn’t immediately leave. A group have to remain to protect the people gathered in the stadium.

Only a handful of veterans who were either tired, injured, or have family among the beginners, stayed behind to protect the stadium.

Crule and Ming were among the hunting group.

The veterans who were in the hunting group gathered and set off. Crule and Ming followed.

They traveled through the zones all the way to the first zone, where the waters still dominated. The water was shallow but it covered the entire ground.

A large sand dune peaked over the waters. From the dune, countless number of bees erupted forth in formation. They attacked the veterans.

Like circus acrobats, the veterans skillfully dodged with fineness. Not having to protect a group really removed the weight on their backs so they were all moving exaggeratedly.

The bees were killed left and right. These veterans know how to use aura but only to the point of covering their body and weapon. Their reinforced weapons stabbed into the bee’s hard exoskeleton like chopsticks into meatball.

Few knew how to apply their attribute.

The few who knew, were the flashiest. One person was roasting the bees with twin flamethrowers that spewed from his palms. The bees drop while immolated in a blazing fireball. The bees’ hive mind knew that he was more dangerous than the rest so most bees were sent his way.

Soon, he was nearly overwhelmed by them. The other veterans sighed and helped him get away from the entrapment.

One veteran said to the flame man.

[Veteran]: Don’t be so damn flashy so early, wait until we are in the hive itself. Doing it out here in the open is just screaming at the bees to target you.

He admonished the young man. With a dejected look, the young man went back to killing bees with the simplest methods, aura covered weaponry.

The group of veterans slaughtered their way to the sand dune hive.

Corpses of bees rained from the rooftops of what remained of the buildings.

Upon reaching 100 meters from the dune, larger bees started to appear. They were above the worker and soldier bees, they were the guard bees. Having two strong serrated jaws allows the bee to clamp, cut, and eviscerate enemies of the hive.

Carried on four pairs of large wings, the mass of guard bees attacked the veterans.

They put up a strong defense. Some weaker veterans were barely a match for two guard bees. The ones who could not hold their own against two bees were suddenly faced with four, then six, then eight, and so on until they could no longer hold and was ripped apart.

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The hive mind of the bees made them target the weakest link, the veterans who could not hold their own against a pair of guard bees.

Crule only shook his head and sighed. Over eagerness will only lead to death in situations like these. Do not underestimate your enemy.

With his dagger rotating in a ball of his aura, Crule made it orbit him like a satellite. The two guard bees who got even remotely close to him was immediately killed by the rotating dagger drilling holes in them.

The Bees that attacked Ming died quicker. She cause blood spikes to erupt from their heads. She then control the two corpses of the guard bee to fight with the other bees.

The jaws of the guard bee tore into each other as her new puppets destroyed two more guard bees. Taking control of more corpses, Ming built was building an army with the guard bee corpses.

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