Chapter 137: Overwhelming debut.

The large tidal wave suddenly came to stop. Such a feat was impossible in the minds of humans. Perhaps only one with the power to move an entire ocean can force such a large tidal wave to stop in place. The eyes grew larger and suddenly a giant head emerged from the wave.

Its large dark green body was covered in moss. Its huge scales twitched and moved as its body carried the head forward. It was like a giant snake with its mouth already wide opened.

From its mouth a deep laugh erupted.

[Beast]: Oh you foolish humans. Become food for the great Leviathan!

Crule nearly burst out laughing.

[Ming]: *sigh* Great leviathan my ass. That oversized snake is just a distant descendent of the great leviathan.

Crule nodded.

Suddenly, hundreds of fleshy tendrils shot from its large open mouth. It immediately impaled several unsuspecting adventurers and quickly reeled back into its mouth.

Just like that, the adventurers suddenly lost a large portion of their forces. Few were keen and was barely about to either dodge or block the tendrils.

Everyone’s faces paled. A primal fear crept up their spine sending shivers throughout their body. Many wanted to flee but their mind couldn’t react.

Crule and Ming suddenly got serious.

[Crule]: It seems our little snake here has eaten a lot more than we though.

[Ming]: Perhaps that bastard is the cause of the yearly tides, taking in more and more food each year.

[Crule]: If so, then we got a little bit of a problem on our side.

Crule sighed.

While everyone was still paralyzed by fear, Crule and Ming finally stood out. They leaped to the tallest building in the area and shouted at the beast.

[Crule]: Hey, bastard. Had your fill yet?

[Ming]: Yea! You damn glutton! You’re a pig not a snake!

The beast’s eyes glowed with anger.

[Leviathan]: Who dares mock the great Leviathan!

[Crule]: Calling yourself the great Leviathan? Ha, your ancestors frown upon your stupidity.

[Leviathan]: You…

[Ming]: Yea you stupid pig!

The leviathan who had never been insulted so much flew into a fury.

He sent all hundreds of his tendrils all at the couple.

Crule and Ming smiled.

[Crule]: Time to show off. Devour, Onyx.

[Ming]: Let’s go, Blood Valkyrie.

Countless piece of armor appeared from Crule’s storage and attached themselves around the two.

Soon both was fully armored in their mobile suits.

[Crule]: Let’s go.

The tendrils that attacked the two was grabbed by Crule in his armor. Instead of cutting them, Crule sent his aura through them like cables. It reached the Leviathan’s mouth and blinded it with hunger.

Now it’s just rashly lashing out more tendrils at Crule and Ming.

The surviving adventurers watched with shock and awe.

[Cytex]: A-are those androids?

[Veteran adventurer]: Shouldn’t be, it looked like armor.

[Cytex]: *sigh* Such power…such speed. They might actually win this.

Ming flew up with discs of blood under her feet and dashed toward the Leviathan’s mouth. Forming an extremely large poleaxe with her blood reserves, she slammed the poleaxe on the beast’s head. It was an extremely powerful blow and the shockwave could be felt in the group where the adventurers were.

Some were knocked off their feet and was now on their butts.

The blow however, was only able to shatter several of the beast’s scales.

[Ming]: Quite a tough one huh?

[Crule]: It’s eaten a lot.

Crule still pinned down its mouth by holding its tendrils. The beast was now thrashing back n forth from the pain of Ming’s attack but the attack seem to have made it regain consciousness.

[Leviathan]: You two…You DARE attack ME?!

Ming once again slashed down with her poleaxe. It once again hit the Leviathan’s head with an earthshattering blow.

[Ming]: Shut up, you pig.

[Crule]: Let’s finish this.

Crule tighten his grips on the tendrils and pulled. The leviathan lowered its head to reveal its neck.

His aura gathered around his arms.

Ming dissipated her poleaxe and formed two swords.

[Ming]: I wonder how it tastes.

She licked her lips behind her helmet.

The leviathan shivered. It had been the top predator in the lake for as long as it could remember. Never before had the thought of being eaten himself had gone through his mind.

He thought to himself.

[Leviathan]: S***…I didn’t want to use it here but I have to now…

Suddenly a light shined from its mouth.

Crule noticed the light and frowned.

[Crule]: From the energy it gives off, it should be an ancient treasure…

Crule quickly pulled the tendrils and launched himself toward the Leviathan’s mouth.

Ming was about to swing down with her swords. When suddenly a blinding light enveloped the Leviathan. She quickly covered her eyes.

[Ming]: S***, is he running away?

But before the Leviathan completely vanishes, Crule had already gotten in its mouth and stood on its teeth.

He vanished alongside the Leviathan.

Ming blinked a few times and saw the two had disappeared.

[Ming]: An ancient treasure huh? Let’s hope Crule can get it.

Ming sighed, disappointed that she couldn’t deal the final blow.

With the Leviathan gone, the tidal wave quickly crashed down.

The adventurers who were watching suddenly panicked. The wave was enough to destroy the entire port.

[Cytex]: No…

Ming casually waved her arms and an extremely long wall of blood rose from the ground. The wave crashed against the wall and was diverted. Ming made the wall lead the water back to the lake.

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[Ming]: Leaving me on clean up duty…humph. He better make me some good food when he comes back…

The other adventurers were still stunned.

[Veteran Adventurer]: S-she’s a goddess…

[Cytex]: Perhaps only a deity could perform such feats…

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Ming flew back down and landed in front of the adventurers. With a command, she dispelled her armor and it went back to its pocket dimension.

Several adventurers where already bowing down worshiping her.

[Ming]: Bunch of old fools been scared silly…

The other only watched in awe.

Finally the clouds had cleared and a powerful ray of sunshine from the twin suns pierced down.

Completely coincidentally, it landed directly over Ming.

[Ming]: Well, isn’t this a happy coincident.

The beam of light only solidified her status as a deity in the eyes of the shocked adventurers.

[Ming]: At least it’s flashy…

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