Chapter 6: Devastation and chance.

Being outnumbered two to one, the survivors wouldn’t last long. Due to the lack of food, water, and rest, the survivor isn’t in any decent shape to be fighting. But non-the-less while facing death, you either fight or flight. Knowing they could not win in a fight, they chose to run.

[Simon]: Everyone one run! We have to try to break though that wall before we all are killed.

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Simon bellowed out the order and everyone immediately ran. The people who were at the end of the group were already snatched up and ripped apart by the swarm. Their screams were further motivation for the others to run fast.

[Simon]: Go Go GO, we have to make it.

They reached the wall and people lunged at it with the pick-axe hoping to break it. They franticly swing at the wall while yelling.

It seems like the insects are now taking their time in disposing of the group. The steel pick-axes were of little effect against their sturdy exoskeleton. Their carapace has been forged by evolution to survive in the hellhole of the abyss and is strong enough to survive falling debris that falls off the edge of the abyss due to the mining. Two of their six appendages have evolved into sickle like structure allowing for ripping, tearing, and slicing. They were strong enough to slice into the tough rocky walls of the abyss to dig tunnels.

Perhaps they were the creators of those mythical tunnels that lead to the surface. The original insects from the surface evolved and tunneled down to the abyss to survive. There seems to be quite a few variations of the insects upon closer inspection. The insects that carried the group over contained thinner and stronger jaw in order to inject and paralyze their prey. They also have wings to help them transport things far distances in order to expand their hunting range.

Although there were multiple Cone hives, they were actually one entire colony. With one Queen to rule them all, they each had their jobs. There were special insects that infect the slug creatures in the abyss in order to scout out food. Since the humans ignore the slugs, they were a good hiding place to scout.

Once they have found their prey, the scout sends a signal to the hunters. The winged hunters will swoop down when the humans least suspects it and paralyze them. They are then carried away to the hive. Once at the hive, the prey was placed at the entrance of the cone. The hive insects carries them to the rooms with the larva. Some were brought directly to the Queen as offerings.

The ones in the hive are more spider like. Although they still only have six legs and cannot be classified as an arachnid, their body structure are similar. They are strong enough to carry several people at a time. They were also incredibly tough since they serve as the Queen’s guards as well. Although they lack a natural predator, nature seems to deem them unnecessary and constantly barrages them with trials. That’s why although they were at the top of their food chain, they did not multiply endlessly.

Although they live at the edge of the abyss, constant debris fall from the top as the abyss expands. Rocks as large as buildings crush their nest and kill all its inhabitants. That’s why they spread out their hives in multiple cones. Sometimes, rivers of molten metal changes their flow and somehow hit their hive. But thanks to the green goo being an adhesive as well as a fire retardant, their hive was relatively safe. Being able to evolve and adapt to the environment, they have become the top predator, and to these predator there was a Queen.

The queen was a hybrid of both types of insect as she can fly as well. Compare to other insect queens who are mostly just large egg sacks as seen in termites and ants, she was actually combat ready as well. Her arsenal of weaponry includes her paralyzing poisonous fangs and sharp sickles. With her wings, her mobility and evasiveness would be a nightmare for even the best of marksmen.


Facing against their sickles that can even slice through rock, the group had no chance. Their tools were broken immediately. Having only three people left their hope was slim. Only Simon Burnst and Crule remain.

[Simon]: S***, we still haven’t broken through.

[Burnst]: This seems like the end.

[Simon]: GOD DAMMIT!

With an enraged swing, Simon manage to bust open a small hole in the wall. Sadly it was not large enough for an adult to get through.

Simon looked at the hole and realize what he must do.

[Simon]: Crule, you must get away. Live on for us all.

Ms. Burnst realizing what Simon was thinking was astonished but realize this was the only way.

[Burnst]: It might be difficult for you to escape, but know this. You cannot rely on adults forever child. Sometimes there are things only you can do. Having hope, always move on with the determination to live.

[Simon]: Go kid, survive.

They shoved Crule into the hole and turned back to face the insects.

[Crule]: Noooo! Don’t go, I can’t do this, I can’t.

Simon proudly said while facing the insects.

[Simon]: Kid, it’s time to grow up. Live, survive, enjoy life at its fullest.

Burnst said with a gentle voice while facing the insects.

[Burnst]: Remember, that somewhere in the universe, there will always be someone who loves you, who cares about you. Know that love is the most powerful force in the world. It bypasses even the limits of death. Live on, survive, find love and cherish it.

[Simon]: Crule, look away and don’t turn back.

[Burnst]: Face the future child, and look upon the horizon with hope, that the next day will be better.

Crule did as he was told. He couldn’t stop crying no matter how hard he tried to hold it in. He crawled further into the tunnel until it was large enough to stand up and walk. He then started running.

[Simon]: I hope the kid survives.

[Burnst]: I do too, I do too.

They stood side by side as the insects pounced on them.

With strong resolve, they didn’t utter a single scream in the face of death.

They were even smiling.

To grin at the face of death, one must have no regrets or have accepted them.

The father figure whom Crule could trust.

The mother figure whom Crule could love.

They died on that day, with their back to the hole. But they knew, Crule had a future ahead of them. Their only regret is not being able to see it themselves.

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