Chapter 19- to what is sacred

After resting some more, Peter left with all haste the way he came while hoping that he didn’t send that girl to her doom. He took the time to explain the details to Dramix. That he encountered a young elf that will bring him the mark they desire and of his promise, then they went to where he described and found an overlook to the road. Dramix became worried as he saw a scouting party searching the woods. He then looked at Naleeit, knowing that they should go or be discovered. As they got up, they saw the little elf girl. She smiled at them and ran off. They gave chase into the woods and lost her in seconds.

“Do you mock me spirit?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter crossed his arms. 

“You doubt my tale Dramix? I told you the truth. If she wished us dead, you know that we would be.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Peter then came out of the eye and sat down near a tree. 

“We can’t linger here for long. You know this.” (Dramix)

Peter closed his eyes. 

“If I know anything about this elf, she will do as she pleases. We need the mark.” (Peter)

Dramix paused, then he sat down as well. 

“Point made.” (Dramix)

Naleeit looked at the two and shook her head and sat down as well. She then brought out a ration of bread and took a bite.

“She toys with people.” (Naleeit)

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Peter looked over at Naleeit when she said that, noticing she was biting air.

“Calm yourself. I promised her any price for the mark. I will honor it.” (Peter)

Dramix crossed his arms. 

“I must as well then it seems.” (Dramix)

A piece of bread then fell into his lap. 

“I was waiting for you to say that.” (Elf Girl)

Dramix picked up the piece of bread and gave it back to Naleeit, then she threw it into her mouth with haste.

“You passed. I’m the mark of the oak leaf. I’m the guide, Maple.” (Maple)

The girl flipped over the branch she was on and landed on her feet in between Dramix and Peter. 

“Another elf has already found your prince. He will be there when we get there.” (Maple)

Peter looked at her before speaking.

“What’s your price?” (Peter)

She shook her head. 

“The way can’t be bought, but you show true strength in willing to pay. In this, the people I’m bring you to will collect.” (Maple)

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Peter nodded.

“I understand.” (Peter)

He then went back into the eye, leaving Dramix and Naleeit with the elf. 

“Follow me. I’ll go slow for you.” (Maple)

Dramix could tell that Naleeit didn’t like their guide. She was a free spirit with little discipline that often picked on Naleeit. Whenever she picked a piece of fruit and was about to bite into it, she took a bite herself. When she squatted to relieve herself, her tail was hit by a branch. She would wash herself in the stream and her under garments would disappear. She bore it in silence, knowing that she shouldn’t insult the person giving them such help. As she was done washing one day, she went to her belongings and found that her armor was gone. She looked at Dramix sewing a hole up in his drawers before looking at the elf sitting on a branch. She had enough now.

She moved over to the elf and tried to grab her, but she missed. She then tried again, but had the same result. 

“You need to lighten up.” (Maple)

Naleeit made a fist when she said that.

“You get down here right now, or I will!” (Naleeit)

Dramix then yelled at her before she finished.

“You know that she muses. Relax and sit down. She’ll become bored of you. You know this.” (Dramix)

Naleeit took flight to grab her again, but it had the same results as before. This time though, Naleeit was ready and grabbed her when she appeared again, pinning her against the tree. 

“Noooo, you’re hurting the tree.” (Maple)

Naleeit dug her nails into the bark. 

“This tree is sacred to you, huh? Perhaps I should take it from you. See how mused you are when something sacred to you is taken.” (Maple)

She shook her head. 

“No, don’t. You meanie. I was only playing with you.” (Maple)

Naleeit kept her grip firm. 

“Then consider this me playing with you.” (Maple)

She looked away crying. 

“I was having fun. This isn’t fun. This hurts.” (Maple)

Naleeit looked at her sternly. 

“I am having fun right now. I finally have power over the one that has been mocking and harming me.” (Naleeit)

“Do what you will to me, but don’t hurt the trees. You will make them angry.” (Maple)

Naleeit eyed her suspiciously when she said that.

“The armor of a knight is sacred to that knight. It’s not the weapon or the steed they ride that ensures that the knight gets home. I’m a knight that has lost my family. I have lost my home. That armor is all I have left. You don’t get to play with what is sacred to me, and I won’t ‘play’ with what’s sacred to you.” (Naleeit)

She nodded hurriedly in understanding, then Naleeit let her go. 

“Meanie!” (Maple)

Naleeit pointed to where she left her armor and it reappeared there. Naleeit slowly checked it before getting it ready to be put on. 

“You said that I should lighten up. I know the threat coming to these woods better than you. It has robbed me of my loved ones and my home. It’s power is unquestionably larger than what I have to offer, but I come here offering to stand against it for your woods. When you offer your life to something, you should never do it lightly. I shall lighten up only when my life is not at stake.” (Naleeit)

The elven girl then looked at her sadly. 

“You don’t have anything to look forward to, do you? That’s so sad.” 


Dramix suddenly cut in when she said that.

“She does. If I’m around after this destiny plays out.” (Dramix)

The elf looked at him, then became ashamed that she didn’t realize it before.

“Make yourselves ready then. We’re almost there.” (Maple)

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