Volume 02, Chapter 09

Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds V2, Chapter 9

Without any further delay, I went back home and fed Misaki the flesh of the thousand yen grandma.

Upon smelling its scent, Misaki opened her mouth, and took a small bite. It slowly chewed and swallowed it down before it went for seconds.

The sight of Misaki eating the meat, reminded me of Erisa enjoying her dinner, the first time we met.

A beautiful woman eating.

[Proofreader: Just when you think he can’t get any creepier, he surprises you.]

I once heard that appetite and sexual desire were connected to the same part of the brain. Now, I’m starting to realize that it may indeed be true.

The small piece of meat I gave her which rested within my palm, seemed to disappear within a blink of an eye. It didn’t take too long for the plastic container to become empty.

The slight blush on her skin after finishing her meal, made her look as if she was satisfied with her first taste of flesh.

After assuring that Misaki ate the whole thing, weariness took hold of me, and, slipping into, I fell asleep soundly, not even a single dream.

The next morning when I woke up, Misaki’s flower had began to bloom. Inside the petals of this velvet-like flower, small particles swarmed, making the shape of akin to a sea anemone. A faint scent, similar to that of a plum blossom came from it.

What I took note of even more was the drastic growth Misaki had undergone. I I knew the Shishikuibana’s development was extraordinary, but even so, I was still taken by surprise. Misaki had gained a complete human form in an entire night! And all because of the flesh I gave her.

She formed her usual posture, holding her knees to her chest. She was not yet at her original size, nor was she as small as she was as a plant, just big enough to carry her within my arms,

That ambiguously shaped body of hers had matured and transformed into a nude adult woman. The flesh could be described as the trigger, allowing the Shishikuibana to transform like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. When I touched her elastic skin, a slight feeling of warmth was felt by my fingers. Her round bottom made from soft flesh was nailed inside the pot. Misaki’s current appearance would make any healthy young man lustful. I could totally agree with Ando’s style of life after beholding this sight in front of me.

I shut the closet door, picked my bag full of books, and left the house.

Lately, being too busy searching for fresh bodies, I left my studies behind. It was true that my mind was consumed by mere thoughts of Misaki, but the neglection of my Ronin life was the same as a rich man dissipating his entire fortune.

As I took the train, it swaying as it travelled down the tracks, I took my phone out, bringing up the contact list.

It’s been almost one month since Misaki’s disappearance now, and Isezaki was still far from giving up. At this point, it was clear that he was about to waste his first term at the university.

Our former classmates who were in daily contact with him for the first few days after he declared Misaki’s disappearance, had considerably decreased by now and are rarely responded to his messages. It felt like they were implying that they were out of interest and spare time to keep following him around.

For me who had a clear view of the situation, Isezaki seemed like an ant inside a sealed bottle, he sought to crawl out from the bottles non-existent exit.

I took out my phone again after entering the library’s lobby and went to write a message.

The instant before I pressed the send button, my finger froze.

I changed my mind and thought it would be better if I called him directly.

After i dialed his number, the phone ran ten times before he answered.

“Hello, who’s speaking?”

So my number is not registered in his contact list.

“It’s Mamesaki. I called you because I wanted to talk about something.”

“What do you need?”

Isezaki wasn’t even trying to hide the irritation in his voice. I took a deep breath and provided him with the stunning information.

“Misaki’s whereabouts.”

“What did you just say?!” He yelled, hurting my ears. I could easily sense the rising excitement in his voice. If I was meeting him personally, I could see him grabbing hold of my collar.

“She’s at my house. I’m kinda busy today so I won’t be coming back until night. Can you pass by around ten o’clock?”

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“Misaki’s alright? I couldn’t get in touch with her at all.”

“Yeah. It seems she dropped her phone somewhere, but don’t worry. She’s fine.”

“Really? Thank god!!”

Hearing Isezaki’s relieved voice, I felt a bit sorry for deceiving him.

However, I didn’t say any lie. Misaki is indeed in my house and I do actually have business to do with him. Though, I hold no idea about her phone’s location.

I told Isezaki where he could find me and cut the call.

I was half expecting him to be suspicious, but surprisingly enough, he seemed to be straightforward.

He didn’t even bother to say thanks for telling him about Misaki.

[Adm: Well, first, his gf is at your place; and second, you just lied to him, and probably going to kill him, so… why do you care?]

In the end, I didn’t care if he did. I mean, for someone who spent three years together with me and didn’t exchange the least of a single conversation besides that of class related topics, it is only natural to think about him as a stranger with no bearing on my life.

Rather Isezaki was less important than a nose wart to me.

[Adm: Outside of him having banged your unrequited love?]

[Pr:This made me smile]

The reason I gave him Misaki’s location was because he was Misaki’s boyfriend.

Leaving aside the time of my confession, it was all because of him following Misaki around everywhere that I didn’t have a chance to interact with her during all these three years.

[Pr: The ravings of a spicy NEET]

I finished my study session ahead of time, went to the home center to shop, returned back home at the usual time, and ate the dinner cooked by Rosari. After finishing the clean up, Rosari left a little before nine o’clock. And using the remaining hour, I silently advanced my preparations to welcome him.

Isezaki arrived at my place at the exact time. He, who I haven’t seen for almost three months, looked like a ghost from hell. Those abnormal thin cheeks and the black bags under his eyes, masked the cheerful expression I remember he had in our high school days.

“Misaki! Where is she?”

Without waiting for me to let him in, Isezaki dashed inside and went straight to the second floor.

“Misaki!” He called out.

He opened the doors one by one. I understood that he was in a frenzy, but I still found it quite rude.

“Misaki!” He called out again.

After taking a peek in the last room,mine, he turned toward me.

“She’s not here! Where is she?”

“Calm down Isezaki, she’s inside that room.”

“I told you she’s not here!”

I couldn’t blame him for getting impatient. Misaki was nowhere to be found in the room. It’s just a tasteless chamber with a bed, a desk, two bookshelves, and a set of impervious sheets on the floor.

“She’s inside, dammit!” I called out with a sudden fury.

Isezaki jumped to the closet I pointed to, and drew it open, only, he froze when he saw her.

“Misaki!” He roared.

As Misaki slept with her knees to her chest, Isezaki firmly grabbed her shoulders and kept calling out her name.

Hey, come on, give me a break here Isezaki. She may collapse if you strongly sway her like that, you know?

“Misaki! What the heck happened?”

Misaki didn’t respond even as he reached the point of his yells tearing the inner lines of his throat.

There was no way she would respond.

I wanted to let the emotional encounter last a bit longer, well, emotional for Isezaki, but if he kept making such noise her like that, it would nuisance the neighbors. I mean, what time do you think it is, Isezaki?

I swiftly moved behind Isezaki’s back and used the blackjack, the same one I used on the thousand-yen grandma, and hit him hard on the back of his head. I heard his skull crack, and he dropped.

I struck him once more to make sure he was out, and dragged him to the center of the waterproof sheets. He didn’t stir like the thousand-yen grandma. This time I made sure to giv a critical blow, one to reap his conciseness in an instant.

…Maybe I hated Isezaki more than I thought I did.

I wrapped Isezaki’s body in the sheets, leaving his neck exposed.

I was aware of my surprise attack being a coward’s move, but Misaki needed to eat.

[Adm: You’re getting a job done. This is not a duel. Nothing cowardly about it in that sense.]

He missed all of his classes looking for her. If she’s that important to him, he should be happy to offer his body to her, right?

It’s not me who you should begrudge, Isezaki.

If you were going to resent someone, that would be yourself for hogging her all these years.

I slid the army knife blade through his carotid artery.

[Pr: Trully a spicy NEET]


Isezaki’s torso was laid bare on the stainless table.

Erisa deeply nodded after observing the pink color peeking from the cut section.

It appears that she acknowledged this meat’s freshness.

“Who’s the boy?”

“A former classmate back in high school.”

[Adm: Don’t tell her that? Just be like, ‘that’s not need to know’]

“You killed your friend? How cruel of you.”

“He wasn’t a friend; just a classmate.”

“Ho? Could it be he was Iruse Misaki’s boyfriend?”

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“How’d you know?”

“The bruise on the back of his head, the angle of the wound on his neck, and of course, you standing unharmed despite being spurted all over by blood. These signs are enough to reason that you attacked him by surprise from the back and finished him off without giving him a chance to resist. It was simple to guess that you probably called him to your place by using Iruse Misaki as bait to attract his attention, snuck behind his back, bludgeoned him and then slit his neck after he collapsed. Am I right?”

“You say it as if you were watching the whole time. Why not just leave that flower shop behind and become a detective instead?”

“I only came to a logical conclusion given a simple observation. Calling it the reasoning of a detective is evidence of the fact that you’ve read nothing but cheap mysteries.”

“You’ve got a pretty sharp tongue, you know? Rather than a detective, you’re better suited a critic.”

“Did something happen? You seem to have changed somehow?”

“Nothing happened, and I didn’t change.”

“No, something like the ambiance you’re putting out has changed. It’s kind of wrong to describe it as it was something hidden, but your personality is as if it had been replaced in a single day.”

“You think so? I mean, I couldn’t tellf.”

“You did change. In a bad way.”

“Because I murdered an acquaintance?”

“Well, that is part of the reason, since luring someone and killing them is not something a normal person thinks about.”

[Pr: You’d think that someone as smart as her would have noticed his lack of sanity by now?]

[Adm: Or someone in her position, would notice that people would most likely change after killing and/or collecting dead human bodies for others to eat either for enjoyment or for…]

“Is that so? Personally, I think that I performed a reasonable move.”

“In any case, with this, you just gave birth to your second body. There’s no turning back now.”

“I had no intention of turning back.”

“I’m not sure about that,” she said.  “Weren’t you frightened the first time you heard that human flesh was necessary? At the time, the idea of murdering a former classmate, and on top of it all Iruse Misaki’s boyfriend, probably didn’t even rise in your mind, did it?”

“Sooner or later I was going to have him exit from my life. All I did was hasten the process.”

“You don’t have even a shred of guilt, do you?”

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“I do feel bad for him. However, what happened is simply the disappearance of a university student who was neither a genius nor a greatly beloved or known person. How could a small incident like this affect the world?”

“Hey, Kuuya.”


“As I thought, you are strange.”

No. I just got honest with myself.

[Pr: *cough* sociopath *cough*]


I could finally now agree with what Erisa  had said last time about Ando acting tough.

He most likely didn’t kill anyone.

That arrogant character he’s showed off was probably just a mask, hiding his timidness and a fear of becoming hated by others.

The classy clothes he wore, the rude attitude he puts on, and the vulgar words he excessively used were devices to make himself seem bigger in life.

The pungent smell of dismantled corpses overflowed the apartment, but the one who dismantled the smuggled kids or runaway girls was probably someone he hired.

The reason he’s building a private harem for himself is not because he doesn’t trust women, but because he lacks self-confidence.  He thinks that no woman could love him from the bottom of her heart, no matter how much money he holds.

Yet the Shishikuibana themselves don’t love him, and the auto-lock on his door makes this fact quite obvious. Despite the brainwashing, he is still afraid of they would leave him.

I have no thoughts to ridicule him about it though, rather, I’m grateful to him. He bestowed me with a new hope while I was lost in the dark, one that lead me to a method to win Misaki all for myself.

If I didn’t witness the moving Shishikuibana in his house, I wouldn’t have killed the thousand yen grandma.  Leaving aside Isezaki, I desired to have the revived Misaki for myself. I longed to be the only person in her eyes as i poured all my love and affection to bring her up.

I picked Isezaki’s flesh which was packed in a wooden box, and moved it to Misaki’s mouth.

I faintly wondered which body part she was eating.

Her sight was still gazing at empty space, however for me, she somehow seemed pleased.

Erisa brought up the talk about cannibalism being a way to express respect for the dead. Through this piece of meat, Misaki and Isezaki are adjoining currently.

[Pr: I need to go wash my brain now, my mind has been suillied]

Thinking about it in such a way made me awfully envious.

[Adm: *Cough*]

[Pr: I know not be surprised, but I just can’t help it]

By offering her flesh and blood, we get to understand each others through our souls. None is allowed this duty except me. There’s nowhere for Isezaki to force his way in.

I need to extinguish the remaining part of his ghost buried inside Misaki heart. Feeding her his flesh, I went to whispered in her beautiful shaped ears exactly like how Ando did to his flowers.

Misaki, you don’t need to think about anything unnecessary.

I will always watch gently over you.

Nobody will soil your purity here.

I won’t let anybody get intimate with you.

The flesh you are eating now belongs to no one.

The person called Isezaki Akira never existed.

You loved me for as far as you could remember.

We will be together for eternity.

I didn’t bring up anything about our high school days. The more I spoke about my feelings to her, the desires sealed within me just grew.

I want to turn Misaki back into a human.

Not as a puppet though, but a full human restoration.

The aspiration I held since visiting Ando’s place grew vividly while residing in my Heart.

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