Volume 02, Chapter 13

Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds V2, Chapter 13

Leaving Misaki’s corpse behind, I dragged my stiffened body and returned back home. Both my mind and body were extremely exhausted, having experienced such a long day, however, going to sleep in that dilapidated cabin next to her stiff body was out of the question.

Haruhito was in the living room lying on the sofa and watching TV while using his elbow as a pillow.

“Eh? I thought you were not coming back tonig-”

Probably because he noticed my depressed expression, Haruhito halted his words midway.

He then jumped up from the sofa and went to the kitchen.

“Have you eaten something yet?”

After I replied with a short,“No”, Haruhito picked a cutlet placed on the table and warmed it using the microwave oven.

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The weak sound of the turntable moving reverberated in the silent kitchen.

“Well, yeah, you see…”

Unable to endure the heavy silence anymore, Haruhito, for the first time in a long while, started talking as though in a haste.

“Life is full of wounding events. Getting bloodstained or covered in wounds is not that bad. Receiving an injury will result in a trace remaining, but that trace you see, it helps to avoid getting injured at the same place again. That’s how a person grows up. Having a lot of scars is evidence of amassed experience.”

The microwave finished and began to beep right after Haruhito ended his words.

He took the cutlet letting out steam and placed it on the table once again.

“That’s why you need to keep acquiring experience while you’re still young. Learn how to heal your wounds, because recovering gets slower the older you get. The girl I saw this morning was indeed cute, but it seems your affinity wasn’t compatible, you just had a poor chance this time. There are countless women on the earth. All you need to do is get over-”

“You’re wrong, I wasn’t rejected.”

Realizing that he hastily jumped over to a conclusion, Haruhito made a bitter smile

“A, Aah, I see! A quarrel was it? You could’ve told me so earlier you know. I thought for sure that you were rebuffed by that girl. I’m not sure what’s the problem, but don’t let it get you down. It’s much better than being dumped after all.”

Haruhito raised a cheerful voice to me who was keeping silent.

“It’s not the end of your friendship, you can think about a way to make up with her later. So yeah, don’t be dejected like that, c’mon now, eat the meal before it cools down.”

There’s no possible way for Haruhito to guess the real reason for my dejection. And I’m not planning on telling him either.

I finished the evening meal which felt tasteless at that time, dragged myself as if I was walking in a dream, and left the house. Haruhito quietly allowed me to do so without asking where I was going.

I walked through the main road, spent thirty minutes on the way until I reached a familiar western style building. Lights were still visible from its windows.

“I am very sorry, we have already closed-”

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Kanade stopped apologizing half-way through. She was facing Erisa in front of the counter and checking into the register.

“What are you doing here at such a time. I thought you were definitely spending a hot night with your girlfriend.”

I ignored Erisa’s jeering and went directly to the core of the matter.

“I want a new seed.”

Erisa gave me a dubious face at my request. Kanade considered the situation and dove into the basement.

“What do you mean? Wasn’t she healthy and all just now?”

“Yeah, she was healthy earlier. It’s just that your misgiving hit the mark.”

“So something did happen. Do you mind explaining?”

I then divulged everything about the four last days I spent with Misaki. Without forgetting the part where she tried to kill me in the cabin of course.

Hearing me out until the end, Erisa showed a face of being convinced.

“So that’s how it is. I finally understood the reason for her following me around after hearing out your story. Iruse Misaki was striving for my body.”

“Your body? What, you mean she is that type of girl?”

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“Could you tell me from where you get such foolish ideas? She assaulted you because she wanted to make a handicraft with your body, and the same thing applies for me too. When I say she’s striving for my body, I mean it literally. She’s aiming for my parts.”

“How did you arrive at this conclusion?”

“The truth is, I faked some of the details about what actually happened when she called for me. It’s not a lie, when I said that she called me out to meet her, However, the part about finding her dead was a lie. What really happened is that she tried to murder me.”

Misaki attacked Erisa?

“On that evening, when I made it to the construction site nobody was around. After I waited for a good amount of time, I decided to go back, thinking it was some sort of joke, when she suddenly appeared out of the blue raising a metal bat above her head. I was somehow able to dodge the first hit, but she made no attempts as stopping and persistently continued to attack me. I then lured her to a spot stacked up with materials, while avoiding her hits at the last moment. Fortunately, the place was shoddily managed, which lead to her unforeseen end.”

“The missed strike you dodged hit the piled up materials instead, resulting in her getting crushed beneath them. Said differently, you killed Misaki.”

Erisa made a fed up face at my conclusion.

“She arbitrarily ruined herself. Even if I was the one who induced it. But still, she was quite a beast. She didn’t waver in the least in trying to murder me. That’s why I also moved with the intention of snatching her life.”

“–Why didn’t you tell me about this in the first place?”

“Humans are living beings who only believe the things they want. If I told you the truth back then, you wouldn’t have believed me and you’d still be blindly loving Iruse Misaki in any case.”

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“You could’ve at least off-handedly made a warning or something at the time. The same applies for when we met in town. You could’ve spoken to me straight rather than leaving me hanging with your riddles.”

“Do you really think you would have believed me if I had expressed my honest opinions to you? If I warned you in a straight way, do you think you would have avoided tonight’s event?”

Erisa’s words were spot on.

Just like she said now, even if she told me the entire truth instead of concealing it to herself, I would have definitely denied it.

Besides, Erisa’s hidden truth doesn’t have anything to do with Misaki assaulting me. And assuming that I knew what was going to occur, the only change that would have taken place is me dodging the stun gun.

“I did feel a faint killing intent left in her when you both visited my shop today, but that was confirmed, along with her objective of following me around right after hearing out your side of the story. Perhaps she was planning on attacking me again this time”

Erisa’s skin was white and clear, similar to clay. For Misaki who doesn’t permit the slightest stain, it was quite hard for her to overlook Erisa who held such a refined beauty. I guess it’s safe to say that her guess holds true.

“Crafting with human materials is a long and laborious process that requires considerable knowledge and skills. For her to accomplish such a difficult job alone, she must be pretty devoted to human craftsmanship.”

Erisa moved behind the counter and sat on the stool.

“I’m not interested in the details of her work, however, her addiction and mindset are indeed intriguing. It’s not a question of ugliness and beauty, but I wonder if she understands the meaning behind using human parts as materials. Although I would like to pass on offering her my skin, I’d like to invite her to my place.”

“I don’t care about that. Tell me, are you going to give the seed or not?”

“Now that I know about her wicked obsession, I wouldn’t recommend releasing her again. Apart from that, you need to think of a way to dispose of her body. The Shishikuibana’s exterior appearance is similar to that of a human. It would be troublesome if it were to be seen by somebody else.”

I slammed my hand against the counter.

“I’d do anything if I can obtain another seed. I’d even bring a new corpse if you ask me to do so. I don’t want to abandon Misaki yet. Please, could you spare me a seed?!”

“–Would you really do anything for a seed?”

Erisa’s pupils released a very suspicious light.

Getting pressured by the unusual mood, I gulped down my saliva and nodded.

“Bring me a corpse, that is my demand. However, the corpse should meet one condition. It should be a woman who has already passed her first menstruation and has not reached her menopause. Accurately speaking, I want the ovary of a young woman. Aside from that, I don’t require anything special about their appearance or condition.”

“A young woman’s ovary……”

I recalled Ando proudly saying something about a sanitary napkin found with the body he brought for the first time. He satisfied the requirements of obtaining the seed, which is delivering the corpse of a woman able to give birth.

Erisa added, “Ah, that’s right”, as if she remembered something.

“It’s better to not ask the Mogura for help since they habitually choose the lower half for their compensation. You already know that from the time with that grandma. There’s no better feast than the legs filled with muscles and genital organs for them,”

“How am I supposed to do that then? You telling me to carry the body on my back?”

“This is not a fantasy, you don’t have to do anything like that. You can simply cut the corpse and pack into a case, just like Ando. You can even drag her alive to this shop before making any move. Do you still remember the woman who turned her husband into a Shishikuibana? She submitted to me her own ovary in order to do so. In short, If you can just bring me the ovary,  as long as it’s not rotten, I wouldn’t complain about the body’s condition.”

I bitterly regretted asking. Unlike Ando, I don’t have a fortune, nor do I have the skills of the Mogura.

All that I own is the firm resolution of reviving Misaki again.

“You said that you wouldn’t mind any woman as long as she’s young, right?”

“That is if she’s able to give birth. I’m not sure whether you happen to know one or not though.”

I have an idea about one.

The only problem left is how to successfully lure her to this place.

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It is two AM currently.

I was in a small alley somewhere inside the red light district.

Only the infrequent sound of barking dogs and the sounds of the plants ruffled by the breeze could be heard on this peaceful summer night.

Standing next to a pole, I was waiting for a certain person.

Judging from the time, she should pass by this place soon enough, but I still can’t discern her figure anywhere.

When I was about to give up and withdraw, footsteps sounds interrupted the silence around.


Calling out for her, Sari made a startled expression and stood still.

Right after she realized that the calling voice was mine, her stiffened face took back its usual look.

“Eh, it’s Kuuya! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

“I was waiting for you, Sari.”


I used a serious voice tone to speak with  Sari who rounded her eyes.

“About the time I showed you….yeah, you apparently don’t remember. My friend has died…”

“Eeh, really!?”

“I was looking for that friend this whole time until the body was discovered not too long ago.”

“I see, that must feel hard for you.”

Despite declaring the abrupt death of a person, Sari’s reaction was far too weak.

It was quite apparent that she didn’t remember the slightest thing about me searching for Misaki.

“She was a very important friend to me. A friend who trusted me and allowed me to frankly speak up my mind to her. The shock was too strong, to the point where I didn’t know what to do and left my house to walk aimlessly throughout the town.”

“It sounds painful, doesn’t it? Don’t let get to you for too long, there, there~”

Sari gently stroked my hair.

Things are not progressing well.

The plan should advance to her “comforting” me at this rate.

Were my words lacking emotions, or maybe she saw through my lie?

It would be terrifying if it was the latter. I mean, that would mean she feigns being an idiot the entire time while grasping a hold on everything occurring nearby.

I wouldn’t be able argue with Ando’s loss of faith in women if that was true.

In the first place, am I even able to cleverly lead a conversation with another woman? I felt ashamed of my hopeless love experience.

“I don’t want to go back home.”

I worked my head to finally put that much into words.

“I want to stay with someone until I settle down.”

“Someone? Who?”

“With you, till morning.”

In the end, I didn’t happen to be the type who beats around the bush. I just honestly declared my thoughts. That was my only weapon after all.

And because of its simplicity, the effect was also immediate since Sari’s eyes started to dart across.

“I will be scolded if I worked outside the store, but I will let that pass exceptionally for you, Kuuya”

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I shouted in joy inside my heart to Sari’s mutter

She then entwined her arms around mine and puffed.

“Okay then, where do you want to go?”

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The soapy scent emitted from Sari’s body tickled my nose. The sense of her touching breasts was greater than what I imagined. If her intelligence was a little bit higher, she would definitely serve as a useful honey trap, working in the secret service.

“The place is kind of far, is it fine? I can call a car if you want.”

“You’re well prepared. Don’t tell me, are you taking me to those love hotels with hired cars?”

Such hotels don’t exist in Japan to begin with.

“It’s not high class, but I thought it’s the ideal place for us to relax. A calm and peaceful location perfect for spending a single night.”

“Really? It makes me very happy to know you were thinking this far about me”

Sari believed every single word of my irresponsible lies. Forgetting about her main purpose for accompanying me,her eyes continued sparkling in excitement.

I felt bad for deceiving her, however, there was no going back at this late timing. I already cast the die.

Walking our way leisurely through the dark road, the headlight of Erisa’s car approached us.

When I glanced at Sari who was cheerfully cuddling me, somehow my heart chilled. The feeling of guilt I had when trying to persuade her earlier has significantly decreased by now.

I bet she didn’t have the slightest foresight of me soon snatching away her life. It was arranged in the previous meeting to have her enter the basement room, thrust a knife in her neck and gouge her throat by stirring it up until she dies. I considered speeding up the process to let her pass away without much suffering, but then again, she would probably forget about her death several seconds later anyway.

Watching the approaching car of Erisa, I deeply apologized for what was going to happen to Sari.


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