Chapter 146: You can take care of it, anyway (1)


Seo Ah-Young’s raging flames ascended to the high heavens.

Like the licking tongue of an insane demon, the reddish flames bellowed and erupted to her surroundings.

“Euh…. Ahh….”

Xui Feng’s jaw dropped to the floor as he stared at the ascending flames.

He was none other than the man in charge of commanding the Chinese ability users. Naturally, he knew very well how strong the best of the Chinese users were, not to mention their upper limits as well.


‘This isn’t it.’

Indeed, this wasn’t it.

What he was seeing right now could not be included within the scope of what an ability user was capable of.

Those flames could not have come from a human being.

There was no way a human could create such a phenomenon.

“You punks are really p*ssing me off.” (Seo Ah-Young)

“….What is she saying?” (Xui Feng)

Being shocked was one thing, but not understanding a word out of her mouth was something else.

An adjutant hurriedly ran towards Xui Feng and shouted out.

“It sounds like Korean!”

“It’s Korean?” (Xui Feng)

If that were the case, then she must be a Korean ability user, so…..

“It’s the Flame Witch??” (Xui Feng)

If he couldn’t recognise who she was from that completely p*ssed-off but still amazingly beautiful face, plus the ferocious flames ascending to the heavens, then he might as well resign right now and retire altogether.

“What is the Flame Witch doing here?!” (Xui Feng)

We asked for Yi Ji-Hyuk, not her!

Hell, we never, ever asked for that spinster with the infamously crappy personality!! (Xui Feng)

Xui Feng was unhesitatingly thinking of some rude things that would certainly drive Seo Ah-Young even more insane. Choi Jung-Hoon might get a good chuckle from that, though.

Meanwhile, Seo Ah-Young was feeling incredibly p*ssed off right now, regardless of what Xui Feng was thinking about.

Just from surviving in that hell-hole alone pushed her murderous urges to the limit, yet as soon as she was brought back, she now found herself in the location of a battle.

Not only that, Yi Ji-Hyuk wasn’t even here – the man who managed to utterly torture her until she was thinking of killing herself to escape from the torment.

“That son of a b*tch!!” (Seo Ah-Young)

As Seo Ah-Young continued to display her supreme levels of irritation, Xui Feng flinched grandly and issued an urgent order.

“Hey, hurry up and find me a translator.” (Xui Feng)

“But, even if we find one, what can anyone do about that, sir??”

Xui Feng’s eyes caught the sight of the flames, now resembling a eastern dragon, coiling around Seo Ah-Young as if they were getting ready to pounce.

“….It’d be better than not having one.” (Xui Feng)

“I shall find one right away!!”

Still, his adjutant had a point – what would Xui Feng do, after a translator had been found?

After shoving the hapless translator in that roiling flames, should he tell the poor sucker to translate to the best of his abilities, or just become roasted meat? (TL: There was a word play in this sentence, but I couldn’t make it work in English. My bad. The Korean words for “translator” and “roasted meat” start with the same letter, you see.)

‘Why did it have to be that woman….?’ (Xui Feng)

The one of a kind, even in that small country called South Korea.  Beautiful appearance, and amazingly potent flames, and most importantly….

‘A truly rotten personality, too!’ (Xui Feng)

Xui Feng quickly confirmed the known bio of Seo Ah-Young in his head and began to honestly worry about how to deal with her.

‘Wait, what’s going on here?’ (Xui Feng)

Now that he thought about it, never mind dealing with her, just where did this woman suddenly pop out from? And why was she throwing an almighty tantrum in this place?!

Did she not care about causing an international incident?!

How would she even begin dealing with the aftermath, then?

As Xui Feng stood there in a daze, a low, unfamiliar voice came from behind him.

“Ha-ah. That ahjumma has started again.” (Kim Dah-Hyun)


Xui Feng nearly jumped out of his skin from the shock and hurriedly looked behind him. And he found a miserable-looking young male beggar standing there.

‘Did they form an association or something??’ (Xui Feng)

First, it was that woman, and now, it was this guy.

They both looked like they had been roaming the most remote regions of Africa, utterly lost for the last three months, yet why were they so dang pretty and so dang handsome??

Of course, the one who taught the unfairness of life to Xui Feng was none other than Kim Dah-Hyun.

He might’ve looked really terrible right now, but the base foundation wasn’t going anywhere, after all!

“You should be careful, ahjussi. That ahjumma is not feeling okay right now, you see? If you get in her way, even your bones will be cooked ‘well done’.” (Kim Dah-Hyun)

‘Stop talking to a Chinese in Korean, you dumba*s!!’ (Xui Feng)

Was every Korean ability user like this??

Not one of them seemed to be right in the head!

In the meantime, a translator was running towards Xui Feng from a far.

“Talk to them. Ask them why the hell they showed up here!” (Xui Feng)

The translator said something to Kim Dah-Hyun, prompting the youth to nod his head and spoke in a straightforward manner.

“I dunno.” (Kim Dah-Hyun)


The translator stared at Kim Dah-Hyun with a pair of dazed eyes.

When Kim Dah-Hyun smiled gently and nodded his head, the translator could only relay the message with a wholly unconvinced expression on his face.

“He says he doesn’t know.” (translator)

“….What was that?” (Xui Feng)

Xui Feng quietly stared at the translator before slowly opening his mouth.

“You. You can speak Korean for sure, right?” (Xui Feng)

“Y-yes, sir. I can.” (translator)

“And you definitely relayed my question properly, right?” (Xui Feng)

“Of course, sir!” (translator)


Xui Feng studied Kim Dah-Hyun’s bright smile and spoke up.

“Ask him again why they came here.” (Xui Feng)

“Yes, sir!” (translator)

The translator looked tense as he asked.

“Excuse me, please tell us why you came here.” (translator)

Kim Dah-Hyun shrugged his shoulders.

“I told you, didn’t I? I really dunno. I also would like to know why, but what can I do, since I have no idea? I can only say that I don’t know.” (Kim Dah-Hyun)


The translator looked troubled as he helplessly stared at Kim Dah-Hyun, before relaying the message back to Xui Feng.

“He says he really doesn’t know.” (translator)

“Doesn’t know?” (Xui Feng)

“Yes, sir.” (translator)

Xui Feng wordlessly stared at the translator, before grabbing his collar and dragged the scared man close.

“Hey, you! Do you really know how to speak Korean?!” (Xui Feng)

“O-of, course!” (translator)

“In that case, here’s the thing. That man said lots of things, yet you only say he doesn’t know. How does that even make any sense??” (Xui Feng)

‘B-because, he’s saying a lot of useless things, that’s why!!’ (translator)

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“Hey you fake-a*s translator motherf*cker. If you wanna live past today, you better listen to that man’s reasons and prove it to me that you can actually speak Korean. Got that? Or else, you’ll wake up tomorrow morning eating dirt at the bottom of the Yellow Sea!!!” (Xui Feng)

“Y-y-yes, sir!!!!” (translator)

The translator, now covered entirely in cold sweat, clung onto Kim Dah-Hyun and made a desperate plea.

“Please, come up with a reason! Anything! At this rate, I’ll really be dead soon!!” (translator)

“What the heck?! What’s the matter with you??” (Kim Dah-Hyun)

How should the translator explain his situation here?

“In any case, just come up with a reason why you came here. Please!!” (translator)

“A reason, eh…. A reason….” (Kim Dah-Hyun)

Kim Dah-Hyun thought for a bit, and finally came up with one.

“If I were to put it in another way, it’s like, I got on a subway train in Seoul, but ended up in Busan, instead. It’s kinda like that.” (Kim Dah-Hyun)


The translator pondered for a bit with an unreadable expression etched on his face, before turning towards Xui Feng with clear determination.

“I found out why they are here.” (translator)

“What is it?” (Xui Feng)

“He says he’s lost.” (translator)


Xui Feng wordlessly clapped his hands. When that happened, some people approached them and grabbed the translator’s arm.

“Get rid of him.” (Xui Feng)

“Nooo! I’m telling you the truth! I didn’t lie! He really said that! Also, if I’m gone, who will translate for you? Please believe in me!! It’s the truthhhhhhh……..!!” (translator)

As the translator was being dragged away, his desperate and pitiful cries resounded out in the air. Xui Feng facepalmed in helplessness.

“Hey, bring him back here.” (Xui Feng)

The translator was freed and he ran straight towards Xui Feng at the speed of light, before standing straight up like a telephone pole.

“You being honest with me?” (Xui Feng)

“Yes, sir! He really said that.” (translator)

“But, how can this be….” (Xui Feng)

Xui Feng’s dumbfounded gaze alternated between Kim Dah-Hyun and Seo Ah-Young, before he spoke again.

“Okay, fine. Then ask him just what is up with that woman.” (Xui Feng)

The translator spoke to Kim Dah-Hyun for a bit, before relaying the message with a flustered face.

“Sir, he… Well, I’m relaying what he said ad verbatim, sir.” (translator)

“Okay, fine. Speak up.” (Xui Feng)

“He says that she’s always been like that.” (translator)



Do we have any missiles currently pointing at Korea?

These godd*mn abominable pieces of sh*t, let’s see after this crisis has been resolved! I’ll blow you all to hell!! I give you my word!!!! (Xui Feng’s inner monologue)

“Get a com unit and hail the Koreans, now!!” (Xui Feng)

“Yes, sir.”

Xui Feng’s glare sharpened by a level as he looked at Seo Ah-Young and the Chinese ability users locked in a stand-off.

Right now, there was a powerful monster approaching them, yet they had to waste their energy on this crap, too?

‘No, wait. If I look at this from a different perspective….’ (Xui Feng)

Right, our overall combat power should have risen up with these two Koreans here. Especially the Flame Witch, she can’t be underestimated at all.

With her here, it’ll definitely help us out.

That is, if only she snaps out of that state of hers, right now!! (Xui Feng’s inner monologue)

“What did you say, you as*holes?! Did you just cuss at me??” (Seo Ah-Young)

How did the words “Miss, please calm down” become cussing? What a scary thing it was, this wall called the language barrier.

“Imma just roast you all alive!!” (Seo Ah-Young)

Madness filled up Seo Ah-Young’s eyes.

Seeing her react like that, Kim Dah-Hyun began sneaking away.

After Yi Ji-Hyuk’s appearance, she had become a bit more docile than before, but that woman…. she was always like that, wasn’t she?

Once she got into that state, no one could stop her….

It happened, then.

“The call got through.”

“Who’s on the line now?” (Xui Feng)

“He says it’s the NDF. The guy answering the call says his name is Choi Jung-Hoon.”

“Choi Jung-Hoon, is it?” (Xui Feng)

Ah, right. I’ve heard of that name before. (Xui Feng’s inner monologue)

That name got mentioned quite often alongside Yi Ji-Hyuk nowadays.

“Tell him that one of their ability users is making a scene here, and if he doesn’t do something about it real fast, there will be an even bigger diplomatic problem heading his way! Hurry!” (Xui Feng)

“Yes, sir!”

When the adjutant shouted into the com receiver, the response from that side arrived incredibly quickly.

“What did he say?” (Xui Feng)

“He told me to wait.”

“What?” (Xui Feng)

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Wait for what?

Without an immediate solution to this situation, this operations area will fall into utter chaos soon! (Xui Feng’s inner monologue)

“Tell him that we don’t have the time to wait.” (Xui Feng)

“Sir, the call has ended already.”

“….Did you end it?” (Xui Feng)

“No, sir. I wouldn’t dare!”

“Are they all really f*cking crazy?!” (Xui Feng)

One had to be careful about throwing one’s weight around if one didn’t want to come across as arrogant. However, this was way past throwing around weight, and firmly into the territory of insulting the other party!

“So, that’s how you wanna do this, ah?” (Xui Feng)

Xui Feng thought of being a gracious human being, what with the variable named Yi Ji-Hyuk mixed in, but his thoughts must change now that the Koreans were acting this way.

“Let’s see if they can still mouth some sh*t about telling us to wait or what, when we rip apart and kill your figurehead today.” (Xui Feng)

Murderous intent filled up in Xui Feng’s eyes.

But then….

“Hey, get out of the way!!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


Xui Feng flinched from the voice coming from above him and looked up.

And he spotted three people falling towards him from the sky.

“Get out of the way!!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


Quickly figuring out what was going on, Xui Feng desperately jumped to the side, and those three people lightly landed on that spot.

“Next time, teleport to a lower altitude, okay?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“What? What? Don’t like it? Don’t ride on me, then!” (Jeong Hae-Min)


“What? What you lookin’ at?!” (Jeong Hae-Min)

Choi Jung-Hoon double facepalmed while listening to the two of them arguing. She said not to ride on her. Finally, even she had acknowledged her identity as a shuttle.

What was he supposed to do for her now?

“Who the hell are you as*holes supposed to be?!” (Xui Feng)

When Xui Feng roared out at the top of his lungs, Choi Jung-Hoon quickly regained his senses and hurriedly introduced himself.

“My name is Choi Jung-Hoon, from the NDF. We came here to calm the situation down after hearing that one of our agents have gone berserk.” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“Choi Jung-Hoon?” (Xui Feng)

Meanwhile, Yi Ji-Hyuk looked at Choi Jung-Hoon busy yapping on with fluent Mandarin and frowned deeply.

Sure, you’re amazing.

Waaaay too amazing for words, really.

You can speak English, you know French, and now, you can even speak Chinese, too.

If I drop him in the middle of Somalia, maybe he’ll start talking in Somali, too? (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)


Yi Ji-Hyuk quickly shook his head.

No, wait. It’s a good thing that he’s so amazing.

Well, he’s going to be my brother-in-law soon, anyway.

Right, it’s a good thing….

Soon, he’ll…. (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)


Suddenly, Choi Jung-Hoon began looking around him with an anxious expression.

What a super-duper perceptive man he was!

“I see that the current situation is as expected. First of all, please accept our apologies. Even to us, she is a bit of a handful, you see….” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“Stop talking, and do something already.” (Xui Feng)

“Ah, yes. Well, then.” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

Choi Jung-Hoon turned around and stared at Yi Ji-Hyuk.

“What now?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“Who can stop her in this place, except you? Just looking at her expression, you can tell she’s totally lost it, can’t you?” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“Hmm, is it that time of the month?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“What the hell?! Stop it!” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“Hey, man! If it’s not, it’s not, so why are you getting angry at me for?! Did I say something wrong??” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Argh, I can’t even hit this guy and all, seriously man! (Choi Jung-Hoon’s inner monologue)

Choi Jung-Hoon’s complexion alternated from red to blue several times.

“This is all your fault, you know!!” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“What did I do now?!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“She lost her mind from all the stress you caused!! Can’t you see that?!” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

“What the hell. But, wasn’t she already insane to begin with?! I mean, she wasn’t right of mind the first time I met her, though?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


What… is this? Why can’t I come up with a suitable retort here? (Choi Jung-Hoon’s inner monologue)

Just as Choi Jung-Hoon was about to say something, a powerful tremor emanating from a far distance reached him.



‘Was that…. a footstep?’ (Choi Jung-Hoon)

Choi Jung-Hoon’s gaze was shifted in the direction of the distant horizon.


He failed to understand how this was possible..

That thing was so far away, yet how could he still sense its giant-ness?

The irony of human perception brought about a sense of incongruency to Choi Jung-Hoon.

“Isn’t that thing, like, way too big?”

Choi Jung-Hoon’s words reflected the thoughts forming in the heads of almost everyone present.

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