Side story 2: Horny Goat Weed

“What are you making?” The leisurely nobleman who had the tendency to overwork asked Maomao. She knew that he was tired, but he was truly a hindrance, lying stretched out on his side with that large frame of his. Maomao added a different medicinal herb to the mortar, turning the mixture a murky green. “Medicine for impotence.” For some reason, …

Volume 9, Chapter 49: The Next Leader (Volume End)

The chapter itself has been deleted, but I thought to leave this post up because it felt wrong to delete all these comments. I also left my final words before I dropped this novel back in 2020. It’s interesting to read back on your old thoughts. AuriCa (21 May 2024) Finally, last chapter of the arc, and last chapter from …

Volume 9 Notice

Welp. Light novel volumes 10 and 11 have been released in English, so it’s web novel volume 9’s turn to go down. This is the last volume I posted here, so if there’s anyone looking for the continuation of this novel, it’s been continued here: which has the translations for all of volume 10 (equivalent to LN12). Once you’re …

Volume 8 Notice

This WN volume, Jinshi 2, is equivalent to LN9. The official light novel has been released in English, so this arc has been taken down. Now there’s one more arc left on this site (which has been split into two light novel volumes thanks to its length fyi), as bittersweet as it is. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the comments. …

Volume 7 Notice

LN equivalent of Jinshi 1 (volume 8) has been released, so I guess it’s time to take this arc down too. As always, thanks for reading. Support the official release <3 – AuriCa

Volume 6 Notice

The official English version of Volume 7 of the light novel (which is the equivalent of this arc) is now officially published as of 1st March 2023. Thanks for reading! -AuriCa

Volume 5 Notice

The official English LN6 is out as of today (11 Oct 2022) so this arc has been taken down. Once again, thanks for reading <3 -AuriCa

Side Stories: April First

T/N: I’m not evil enough to make an April Fools joke. So here’s a side story. This was written back in 2012, as a sequel to the story when it ended at the second arc before it got rewritten and expanded to arc two and arc three. So timeline-wise, it should be around this arc 4. Before the rewrite, Rouran …

Volume 4 Notice

Volume 5 of the light novel, which is the equivalent of this arc, has been officially released in English! You can get it from the usual places 🙂 As always, thanks for reading! -AuriCa

Volume 3 Notice

The LN equivalent of arc 3 has now been completely released in English (LN vol 3 and 4). It’s a little different to the webnovel version, so it’ll be fun seeing how the two versions differ <3 So, the entirety of this arc has been taken down to mark the release date of volume 4 of the LN. Thank you …