He’s At It With Another! – Devouring Heaven Sword God

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Welcome back, everyone!

With another interview, CrN is glad to present JunWeiLala and his second translation, Devouring Sword God! This is a story about betrayal, secrets, reincarnation, and traversing the heavens!

PS: the cover was just a makeshift by the JFB team to represent the novel on the site.

Now, without further ado, CrN’s L.V. brings to you an interview with Jun.


It’s nice to meet up with you, Jun. This is actually the first time we’re meeting like this, but I’ve seen your work. Can you tell the readers out there a little bit about you? I’m curious as well.

Hi, I’m JunWei, some of you might have already know, I’m the translator of Godly Student. Currently,
I’m studying for my degree and are using my spare time to become a translator.

Short, but I can work with that. So, why did you decide to become a translator?
I got to know the novel industry through a site called Wuxiaworld; one of their novel Tales Of Demons & Gods. After
reading a few more novels from their website, I realized why not use my spare time to contribute to the
community as well & of course, earn some spare cash!

What made you choose this book to translate?

Well, I have always liked Cultivation Novels. However, what I always looked forward to in a Cultivation
Novel is Sword Cultivation! Don’t you find those cultivation stories very interesting, an example of an aspect is how authors use the idea of sword intent in their stories. Therefore, when I was skimming through some of the Chinese works out there, I came across this novel
and found it quite interesting.

How did you feel when you read the book for the first time?

I’m not sure. I guess I’m like every other reader, reading through to kill some time.

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Interesting. How do you want the readers to feel while reading the book?
Enjoy the novel like I do?

Well, this brings us to something I’ve often wondered about translators. Translations can be a grey area at times considering there could be differences when having to direct meaning from a work and try to convey it to another language. Especially if there is no direct translation. With that said, do you translate every word verbatim, or do you summarize?
Hmm, usually I would try to translate verbatim. Seldom I would summarize what the author was trying
to convey as I find that by doing so, I might spoil what the author was trying to say. Even for grey areas, I do not want to be the one that alters the perception of a concept or scene.