New Novel, No1 Commander by ANormRobot Joins the fold!

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George Bakerson, marketing interviews ANormRobot on his first novel to be hosted at Creative Novels.

Q: With another week having passed us so quickly, it is time to do another interview. This time I am joined by ANormRobot. Introduce yourself to the audience.

A: Hello ANormRobot here, I like to read web novels, play games, and watch anime.

Q: That’s an interesting set of hobbies. Do you have any particular recommendations?

A: Everything, as long as it’s interesting, but if you want a recommendation from me then try watching Shirobako or reading Evil God Average/Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear if you haven’t already. They’re some of my favourites.

Q: Now, of course, the real reason you’re here is because you’re about to release your upcoming novel, Number One Commander. Mind giving the readers a taster of what it’s about?

A: My novel is a Sci-fi fantasy series that takes place long in the future where with space travel. In it, we discovered many new species, especially the ones depicted in modern-day fantasy. In my story, we have people from all around the universe grouping up together to fight a greater threat. You should check out my story to find out more!

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Q: Wow! Did something or someone inspire you when writing your story?

A: Ideas come and go, I’ve read many novels and wanted to try writing one myself. When I was thinking of an idea to use then I went with the current one right now. As for whether I will write my other ideas, you have to keep following me to find out more.

Q: Were there any difficulties when writing your story and, if so, how did you overcome them?

A: At first I was worried about how I was going to write it, so I took it slow. Originally I was writing each chapter twice a week and I gradually got better. As for my writing style I hope for it to improve with more practice.

Q: Your writing must have developed quite a bit then. Is there a certain quirk or habit you picked up when writing?

A: I try to set myself a timeframe from when I start writing. I would have the basic ideas I would want to tell already written down and immerse myself with how I feel the scene should be depicted. By the time I finish a chapter – time flew by.

Q: Any final tips for aspiring authors?

A: If you want to write a novel, just write whatever comes into your mind. As long as you start and stay consistent you may find yourself having fun writing novels.

Q: Tell us a joke.

A: I don’t do jokes, I read them. (;゚Д゚)

That’ll do haha. Anyway, that’s it for the interview. Thanks again for taking part and we hope your novel becomes a great success!