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Hi everyone! Today’s interviewee is LynneSuzuran, of “I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!” original novel fame! Fun fact: she was one of the first authors I begged bribed coaxed into joining Creative Novels! Today, she’s coming at you with a translation! A smutty reverse harem at that! 

She’s mass releasing 5 chapters of “I Woke Up Naked After Crying Myself to Sleep ~The Three Doting Dukes and The Ice Knight~” to start with! Check them out here. 

Read on for a quick interview into the mind of a busy author and TLer!


Hi Lynne! Some of our readers will obviously know you, but introduce yourself for the newbies!

Hi, everyone! I think many of you have heard about me already? I’m LynneSuzuran, a simultaneous Japanese translator and an author. I’ve been TLing and writing in various platforms, but mainly on my own site, Convallaria’s Library (in case you recognize the site name and not my name lol).

After I finished my old translation projects, I promised I’d do one smut story and one regular story for the next translation projects–so here is the promised smut story I’ll be working on :3 

I hope you will like all my work (including my original story that I’ve been updating regularly in CrN as well, please read it if you’re interested in the premise of the story~!). I’ll be happy if you guys could show up and drop some sign of presence (comments?) too, and I will eventually respond to them~! If you’d like to support me so I can spend more time TLing and writing, it’d be my honor too~! (advertising done right? X”D)

Lol you’re so cute. So tell me, what made you switch from author to TLer? How did you get converted to the dark side?

Lol what, TLer is considered a dark side? XD

I’ve been translating and writing at the same time, to be honest. Or maybe writing first, then translating later and I’ve been doing both simultaneously at my site… Now I’m bringing a translation to CrN too :3

So I’m still both an author and TLer XD I want to improve my (Japanese) language ability by TLing haha

Ahhh, that makes more sense. That’s super exciting! So tell me about your project.

Sure :3 

This new novel I’ll be translating is a reverse harem smut (R18) novel with a strong female MC who’s transported to another world. The plot doesn’t only revolve on the smut stuff (there’s a kingdom matter going at the same time) although being a smut novel, we can expect plenty of smut (lol)

And… (Kinda spoiler here) It’s a true reverse harem novel which is quite rare and which is why I’m interested in translating it! I haven’t read the whole novel but I’ve read the reviews and it looks promising.

So how did you find this novel?

I found this novel when I was on reverse-harem craze a while back (quite a long time ago)! I saw there were only a few (very few) true reverse harem novels and thought that I’d like to translate a true reverse harem novel so fans of the genre can be happy… but most are in Chinese so I can’t translate it. I asked on NUF if anyone knew of any good Japanese true reverse harem novel and someone recommended this novel to me~ At that time, I was still working on my old translation projects (close to their endings) so I put it off until I was done with them~

Ahh got it. So why are you so fascinated by reverse harems? Just a phase or is there something about it you like?

Actually, it all started when I saw many true harem novels (or novel with harem endings) and I was curious about the other way round. I discovered that there were only a few translated ones and they’re all still on-going. I’m just curious about how authors of reverse harem novels can write good true reverse harem novels. 

Since girls are more inclined to romantic stuff (which is usually found in one-on-one or devoted romance stories), I expect good true reverse harem novels to have interesting dynamics that can captivate female readers (being the main target audience?). So here I am, trying to find out about it too :3

Like breaking the stereotype? Many view harem as normal for many reasons but reverse harem is viewed as odd >< That alone intrigues me, haha

Oh, I get it! I like looking at the reverse of typical tropes too. So how do you balance authoring and TLing? It seems like a lot of work.

Now that’s something tricky X”D I’ve been doing them together long enough that it’s become a package(?) 

I like doing both at the same time because I can get rid of any boredom/block that I might experience in writing or translating, and be productive at the same time instead of focusing on one (writing/translating) and finding other activities to refresh my mind that might not be productive. Oh, but I still do other hobbies/relaxing activities in case I’m tired/stuck at both. It’s just I feel more productive and less burnt out when I balance both :3

Man, could I learn something from you. When I get bored of something I just completely drop it, which isn’t good for my productivity. So do you have any advice for readers who want to get into authoring or TLing?

No, haha, maybe we should try to learn from someone who can focus on doing one instead, I admire them, haha! :”D

My advice… just try to do your best, but don’t overbook yourself as you have to consider real life, too. Real life can be such a beach (pun intended lol) sometimes as it’s full of unexpected things. 

Also: I see TLing and authoring as something fun so it might help in case real life turns into a beach (you wouldn’t want to feel like TLing and authoring are a burden when real life already feels like one, right?) :3

Ah, that makes sense. So, this is kind of working backwards, but you mentioned that you’re using your TLing to learn more Japanese. Is there a reason (planning a trip or something) or do you just want to be better?

I have always been interested in languages, especially Japanese since I’m a huge weeb–no, since I like most of the Japanese media (anime, manga, novels) and I learned Japanese through a course before. 

But then life happened and I hadn’t used the language at all, so my language skill decreased. I thought that it’d be a waste and I wanted to get better so I could enjoy untranslated Japanese anime/manga/novels, so I decided that translating might be a good way for a lazy potato like me to learn the language more~ (I’m too lazy to learn by myself through the learning materials available)

Lol at least you’re trying. I get really motivated for about a week before relapsing for like 3 months in my efforts to learn Chinese. 

Aah, I also want to learn Chinese after reading lots of good Chinese novels, but alas, no time, and Chinese is indeed hard! 

Ok, that’s pretty much it. Do you have anything else to say to your readers that I haven’t covered?

I’d like to say thanks for the readers who appreciate what I do and who like me (eh)–and my projects XD 

Thanks a lot for sticking with me and my projects, and I hope you guys will stick around more from now on :3 I realize I’m not the best translator or author, so hearing how you guys are happy enough with me and my projects makes me happy and motivated~ {*≧∀≦}

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Aww you’re adorable. Thanks so much for joining me here in this little corner of the website! 


Readers, I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did talking with Lynne. And I hope you learned something!

If you’re into reverse harems with strong MCs, go check out “I Woke Up Naked After Crying Myself to Sleep ~The Three Doting Dukes and The Ice Knight~”!