Status Update on GITYC

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Status Update

Hey, everyone, this is Phantasma aka Immortal Dreamer. As you know, I missed releasing chapters last week due to health conditions and it only got worse after my previous announcement. I’ve been experiencing a severe migraine for the past few days and been unable to do anything much. The fatigue has me lying on the bed in a powerless, feeble state. I’ve experienced headaches before as well, but nothing as bad as what I’ve been experiencing for the past few days. If I had to blame anything, it would be my unhealthy food habits during the past 2 weeks as well as overworking myself late into the night and lack of proper sleep which was the reason for the fatigue piling up. I knew it was a migraine once the symptoms popped in due to having a previous experience a few years back and I got it diagnosed by consulting the family doctor. The doctor tells me I need to take rest or my condition will worsen.

I’ve rested a little now, just enough to come online and update a few of my friends as well as servers/sites I operate/translate at. Regarding my current series, Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation, it’s currently lagging in 8 chapters from last week and this week’s releases are yet to begin. I did try translating during the past few days while I was supposed to rest but I was only able to do 1 chapter in the duration of time in which I would have translated 4 chapters if I were in peak condition.

I’ve asked my little brother (Yes, my real life little brother) to help me with translating the novel as I’m not in top condition yet. He’ll start working with me next week (Hopefully, 7th of August) as he’ll be busy shooting a short film. (He’s a film enthusiast, while I’m obviously a novel enthusiast). So, here’s the summary-

1. Regular releases will resume at 12 pm EST on 1st August.
2. Backlog of 8 chapters from previous week will be covered on or before 4-5th August (Sat and Sun)
3. Nightwalker (Alias of my lil’ bro) will start helping me on translating the novel from 7th August in preparing a stock of chapters for a short vacation I plan to take to recuperate properly.

4. My short vacation will be a 2-week long hiatus from 20th August – 3rd September.
5. The stock of chapters prepared by Nightwalker and me will be utilized to schedule releases during my recuperation/hiatus so no releases are missed.

That sums it up. I’m still having a headache as I write this. The pain is lesser than what it was before and I hope it will get better, but only proper rest will allow that. I won’t be online much except for when I’m working on chapters or releasing them as I’m pretty sensitive to lights/sounds in my current state as it builds up nausea. Luckily, it wasn’t the worse types of migraines or I’d be really out for a while before I could get back online. I hope to see you again soon and get back to top form quickly.

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Hasta luego!

-Phantasma (T-T)